Thank you July 🥀 Welcome August 🌞

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

July is over, and we have already started on August. Like most of the months this year also July just flew away. I’m not sure why it feels like the months goes so fast, but they do 😊. At least it feels like that.

July was a tiny bit challenging, but mostly because of the missing internet in my home, and the possibility to do different things online, like for example my work. I used to many days in July to just stay home and wait for an internet technician that “never” showed up 😔. But after closely 3 weeks of waiting we got the internet service “up and running” again.

It feels a bit waist off time to just sit there and wait for someone that’s not shows up, special when there’s a kind of appointment and promise that the technician are coming on “that day and that time”. And to be honest,- it’s irritated me a bit that people can have so little respect for other people’s time ⏳. Like I feel some people have.

So this time I say Thank you July for the internet 😊,- but also Thank you for some nice days in La Cala together with my friend and for some nice and sunny days at the pool and at the beach 🏖. Thank you for the time together with my children and for my work 😊. You didn’t became the way I had planned and had in my mind, but that’s the way it is 😊.

We have also been living 4 different people, with different routines and habits under my roof in July, something that went supricely well 😊.

Now I can say Welcome to hot and sunny August 🌞. And it is hot at the moment. It is 42 degrees (Celsius) 🌡. That’s actually also the reason why my “welcome post” is one day to late this time 🙄. The heat did knock me a bit about yesterday 😅. The heat came so suddenly. Well, – I did knew it should be so many degrees, and so hot, because it was on the news. It has been warnings and remains about the heat, and how to handle it, special the focus of drink enough water 💧. But one thing is to read it in the news, an other thing is to feel and meet “the wall” of heat for real. And it feels like a wall of heat, special when you’re coming from indoors and goes outside.

It’s a bit lower temperature inside the houses then outside. And this is also the reason why the houses here in South of Spain are created and built the why they are, because of the hot summertime. There’s no isolation in the houses and they are not made of wood, but of stone and concrete. Just for to keep the temperature a bit down and lower inside during the summertime 🏡.

August is in general a very warm summer month, and it’s also the main summer holiday month for the Spanish people. I Norway it’s July that’s the main summer holiday month.

I know August is a very, very hot month, but I always forget how hot it actually can be 😅. It’s a bit strange, because I really remember how cold the wintertime can be here in South of Spain, but still not how it feels to be sweat without moving 😅.

In general there’s a lots of tourists in the area in August, and closely impossible to find a good place at the beach because there’s so many people. I’m not sure how it will be this year. The corona- situation has changed our life- situation and routines a bit, also when it comes to how to behave at the beach. And the holiday travelling as well.

I don’t know very much about what August will bring me. I know it will be warm and sunny, and I know my two youngest children are going to continue to live in my home for some more weeks, maybe even some months 😊. And I know I will have a tiny mini holiday in the end of the month. Something I’m already are looking forward too 🥰.

I also know I have a bit work to do, special because I lost some work during the time in July when we didn’t had any internet connection in my home. I’m actually not looking forward to “catch up” the lost working- hours, but it’s still necessary to to it.

What kind of changes and challenges that will shows up during August, I have no idea, but hopefully not to much of them 😊. In my own way I’m very fine with the challenges July “put” into my life, and I don’t need anything more 😊.

All I can say today is Thank you July, it was nice to meet you, but also very fine to say goodbye to you 😊. And welcome sunny and warm August 🌞. I’m looking forward to meet you 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Thank you July, and welcome August 🌞. I don’t know very much about August, and what kind of expectations I can have. I know things and stuff not always goes the way I have planned 😊. So I haven’t to many plans for August 🌞. I know there will be some very sunny days, and some very hot days where the heat closely feels like “a wall” 🌞.

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2 weeks of holiday is over for this time 🌞🏖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

My 2 weeks holiday is over for this time, – and it has been a nice holiday even a bit fare away from what I had in mind, and what I did planned. But isn’t that the way it is sometimes?

I have used to many days of my holiday to wait for an internet technician to come and fix my internet line in my home 🙄. And that has not been very fun at all, but I should been use to this now- to wait. In Spain “they” have a bad habit to put people “on wait”. I don’t like that at all,- special when they tells me that they are coming “today” or in around 72 hours, or tomorrow, or even more concrete, like Saturday at 13.00. Then I actually do except them to come. But it hasn’t been like that for mostly 3 weeks 🙄. When that’s said, – they actually did come this Saturday at 13.00,- and the only thing they needed to do was to change my router to my internet. It took them less then 30 minutes 🙄. So why let me wait for closely 3 weeks? Special also when they knew I use internet to my work? 😔

But okay,- that’s the way it is,- in Spain it is “manana- manana” ( it means tomorrow tomorrow), or in my “case” “semana-semana” (next week- next week) 😅. This is a part of the culture here, a part and a habit I really dislike and also think its very disrespectful.

My plan for my holiday was to work with my blog, and also do some freelance writing work for around 4 hours every day in the morning,- and then just enjoy my holiday. Use time on my own, use time at the pool, at the beach and together with my children and my friends 😊. But because of the “promise” that there would be an internet technician “today, tomorrow, or in 72 hours”, I have, as I told you, been home and waiting for nothing for many days 😅. But I still manage to create a nice holiday,- special because I needed to “put my self together” and try my best to change my focus from this irritating “off line thing and status” in my home. Positive focus does in general help,- even it’s not “switched over” in just one minute 😊.

I was out for dinner with the team I’m working in. Thd costumer service agent team,- and it was a very nice and cozy dinner 😊.

I have spent a couple of days in La Cala, and visiting my friend Natasja. I also did some work when I was in her home, as well as had a great time together with her 😊.

I have had some relaxing days in the sun and with the pool too 🌞. And I have enjoyed to use some times at my “secret beach” as well. “My” beach that remains me on it’s own way about the Norway as well as the summertime in Norway 🌞. A place where I really enjoy to spend time, summer as winter. To be in the sun, or just watch the ocean and the waves 🏖. Just recover and relax 😊.

I have spent times together with my children, but most because I actually do live together with two of them at the moment 😊. Not quite the “quality- time” I had in my mind,- but still a nice time filled up with joy and laughter 😊.

I have also been “flinging” a bit 😉,- together with the “fling” I started to fling a bit together with before Spain went into “lock down” in March. We actually did started to flirt and fling the 14. February,- but had a tiny “hold” because of the 9 weeks of quarantine in Spain, and also a tiny little bit because of me 🙄. I’m not ready for anything more then a “fling” at the moment. My “experience” from “the bump”/the ex” that dropped me of in Spain is deeper then I thought. So I need a lots of time for just to learn and understand that most men aren’t like “the bump”. I’m working on it, I’m working with myself when it comes to this experiences from earlier in my “relationship- life” 😊.

Anyway,- I have had some nice days together with my “fling”, eating good food, nice conversation and a lots of good laughs too, and spent time on the beach as well 🏖. But I haven’t spent as much time with some of my other friends here in Spain,- that was actually my plan. Hopefully it will be a bit more time for that when we turn around to August 🌞. And I also should been out for a coffee with an earlier colleague of mine too. I hope we can manage that some of the next days 😊.

All in all it has been a nice holiday, special when I focus on the days I didn’t waited for an internet service and technician to come, and managed to fill up my days with nice things and stuff, and create a holiday worth to remember 🌞😊.

Soon it’s back to work, and not just “work from home” , but also at the office. We are moving back to the office now, and also into a new office,- so that will be nice. I do like best to work from my home,- but as long as I like my job and my colleagues good people too, it will be fine to be at the office. I will manage to work in the office as well. I have done it before, many times 😊. And who knows,- maybe I can get the possibility to work more from my home in the future? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡

See you soon 🌞

From my “secret beach”- “my” place in Spain. A place that’s reminds me of Norway on its own way 🌞

Two weeks of holiday is over for this time. My holiday didn’t went quite the way I had in my mind 😊. But it’s still became a nice, relaxing and cozy holiday with some great memories 😊. And I have spent some relaxing days at my “secret beach” too 🏖.

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We look like ducks with flat beak and almost no expression 😷🦆

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

Here in Spain the new restrictions now is to use masks “all the time”, except from when you are in your home, at the beach and keep the correct distance, when you are doing workout outside, and when you are eating and drinking at a restaurant, cafe or bar, or if you go for a walk together with your cigarette 😉. Or even when you are totally alone somewhere like in a park, or take a walk in a empty street you need to use the mask, to cover your mouth and nose 😷.

I’m not to happy with this new mask- restrictions, but I do follow them because I don’t want to have any fee.

It’s a couple of reasons why I’m not to happy with the mask- use. For the first I think the virus will spreads the same way when you are eating and drinking at a restaurant, cafe or bar,- as when you’re not eating or drinking. And I don’t believe the virus will spreads very much to anyone when I’m totally alone some where in the “public room” like for example in a park or at the street where it’s just me. I don’t believe the virus spreads more or less either when you “fire up” an cigarette in the public room, when it’s other people around you, or if you are alone.

And there’s something about the human “expression” that diseaper when all and everyone are using this mask. It’s create “something” in the society, a kind of insecurity and also a distance between people when you just can see the eyes. It’s just half of the face to a person that’s shows and for me that’s not natural 😷. The mask also, in it’s own way, are blocking a person’s energies. And it creates an anonymity and distance between people. The first thing we in general see, looking at and judging when we meet a person for the first time is the mouth of a human being. The mouth, and eventual a smile creates trust, along with the eyes. But without the mouth it becomes something halfway with the whole impression, and it’s more difficult to create trust as well.

In a strange way we all look a bit similar now, even we are different, and even most of us are using different kinds masks. We looks like a bunch of ducks with different flat beaks 🦆.

And it’s like “something” is missing when you meet a person in the public with mask. Like for example a smile 😊.

But maybe that’s the way “someone” what it to be? Create distance and insecurity in the society? If I do believe it’s something “more” behind this mask restrictions then just for preventing and protecting all and everyone from the coronavirus and the Covid19.

You don’t see any smiles anymore,- and that’s a bit sad. A smile, just a tiny little smile can do so much for a person during a day, even when the smile is coming from someone you don’t know 😊. And the smile starts with the lips and mouth and then goes straight up to the smiling eyes, and suddenly theres a whole smiley face. That’s not the way it is in Spain at the moment. There’s not so many smiles to meet on the street, but a lots of different flat beaks without mostly any kind of expressions 🦆.

In the religious perspective I know muslims are using nikab, something that covers most of the face, but not the eyes. I’m not going to mix in religion in this text, because the mask restrictions in Spain are not based on any religion perspectives as fare as I know. It’s about to prevent and protect for the coronavirus and Covid19. Just for information.

But if this new restrictions is better then the last one,- I don’t know. I don’t think so,- but maybe we get the correct answer after some weeks or months after following this new mask restrictions ? If the mask- use did prevent and protect the way it is thought for.

In the meantime I have decided to smile to each and everyone I’m meeting on my way, in the town, at the store or any other places I’m going to and need to use my mask, as long this mask restrictions are going on 😊. I’m going to smile to people with my flat mask beaks 😷. In general I do meet people with a smile, but it’s not easy to show when I’m using my mask and not my ordinary smile with my own mouth and lips and eyes 😊.

I have three knit mask to myself so I’m using. Not all three at the same time 😅. But changing when one needs a wash in the washing machine. My masks are knit by me, with 100 % cotton yarn so I can wash them, and with a panty liner inside they protect perfectly. It’s a bit hot under the mask, but that’s the way it is for all of us 😊.

My mask without a smile, my mask with a smile and me with my mask upside down- in case I’m not to happy 😷

What I did was to draw a smile at my masks, so I actually and literally do smile to all and everyone I’m meeting now. And yes,- it has an very pleasant and positive effect and attention too 😊. People are looking at me, and people are smiling to me as best as they can under their own mask, people even comes over to me and talk to me about my smile, my happy mask, my smiley, flat beak 😊.

And, if I’m not to happy I always can turn my mask upside down and get a not to happy face, and also still be able to express myself 😷.

Well,- I think this is enough “coronavirus and Covid19” – thoughts, opinions and expressions from me for a while 😊. It will probably come more,- but I feel it’s time to take a tiny little writing- break about that subject for some days or weeks 😷.

Ps- we will now see how long my mask is approved …. because in a little while there will be new rules for what are also approved masks ….. (… will this never end 🤔- it’s like “nothing’s good enough either? 😳- what do they wan? What do they except will happen? 🙄)

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time to drop by my blog today 🧡

See you soon,- I hope 😊

Me with my smiley face mask 😊😷

I do use my mask like I’m recommended to do,- but in my mind we more and less looks like a “bunch” of ducks with flat beaks, and no personality or personal expressions anymore 🦆. So I did draw a smile on my mask,- and try my best to meet people with a happy smile now at days 😊. And it has an positive effect too….as long as it will last 😊….(because it can come new restrictions for what kind of mask that’s also are approved masks 😳)

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Evolution or conspiracy? 🧬⚗

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

The coronavirus and Covid19 have created different thoughts, discussions and opinions between many people,- and two discussion areas that goes again are evolution and conspiracy. Is the coronavirus and Covid19 a part of a natural evolution process, or is there actually a conspiracy behind? Is the coronavirus and Covid19 natural “created” because one lady in China did eat a bat, or is the virus designed?

I’m not sure what to believe to be honest,- but I think there’s something “strange” with the whole situation 🤔.

Evolution is a term in the biology and is used in relation to gradual changes to one or more species. Changes to the nature that implies, among other things, changes in the organization’s building, genetics and ecological behavior. These changes mean that new species may occur and others die.

An evolution often takes over a greater period of time. That is, either from some generations to millions of years. Slow and gradual changes in either a plant or animal cells. These change create new abilities in the individual, or make the individual dies out.

Conspiracy is something else then evolution. It is being designated as a complot or a conspiracy between powerful people.

Conspiracy theory is an attempt to explain a political, social or historical event and its underlying cause. The incident has a rear-associated cause that is secret and often decisive (and misleading). It is a social observation, and an action that is staged by a secret alliance between powerful people, and not as open activities or as a natural event.

Things that are wrong in the world are due to the fact that a powerful group in secret is commonly to their own agenda. A social observance that suppresses the truth. Different theories are therefore incorporated and extensive, and direct proof is this is difficult to find, and there is a lack of concrete evidence. In most conspiracy, it is about it for a political fight of a kind, and power.

Like I mention, I’m not sure what to believe,- but there’s something strange with the whole situation. And I do put this text a bit on the tip too,- just so you know 😊.

There are stories that coronavirus and Covid19 are created to create fear and control, and distance between people. That the virus also has a connection with 5G networks.

It’s about having control of mankind and “clean up”. It’s about census and metals in the new Corona vaccine. It’s about the perception of vaccine. A vaccine containing metals that make the 5G network can control a person who has gets coronavaxine. It’s about vaccines to young people between 0 to 15 years containing substances that stop ferrigite, which in turn will sooner to lower reproduction of people.

It’s about splitting people apart. It’s about creating fear, uncertainty, disagreement, conflicts between people. It’s about opposition. It’s about control. Create distance in between people both mentally and physically. And so much more. And name as Trump, Obama, Gates, even Justin Bieber and queen Elizabeth are mention, and some more 😳.

Well,- there’s a lots of disagreements in the world at the moment, as well as fear and conflicts too. More then it has been before, and on a different level as well. And the distance between people are literally too. We need to keep 1,5 or 2 metres distance, the masks use create also a kind of distance, and the different disargment creates a distance as well as the fear of getting the coronavirus does.

There is now hysteria, pre-emption and discrimination in relation to corona.

In terms of “discrimination” related to coronavirus, I can take an examples, a simple and stupid example, but still an example. I have friends in Norway that now will not have a visit from me if I had traveled to Norway on vacation now, and that because in the case I have coronavirus. Because I live in Spain. In my mind that’s a tiny bit discrimination, because my friends in Norway can have the virus as much as I can have, ( I have even been living much more “safer” and more protected then most of them),– but still they believe that’s not even a issue. They can’t have the virus because they live in Norway, but I can because I live in Spain.

There’s, now at days, a lots of post on Facebook, from Norway, Norwegian Facebook friends, about that travel to South of Europe on holiday now at days are “kokelimonke” (=stupid). I don’t think it’s more stupid to travel to South of Europe on holiday then fill up “everything” in Norway with Norwegian tourists. And soon, very soon there will be tourists from other countries too in Norway as well. Then what?

What is the difference between having a lots of Norwegian tourists overall close, close together on a overbooked mountain hotel, like having tourists on a beach hotel here? That’s probably not will be overbooked this year because of the coronavirus and the different restrictions we have here in Spain.

And in the same “case” this pre- emption shows up too. Because if ,in this case, a Norwegian one was on a one week holiday in Spain, and, unfortunately, this person get the coronavirus and Covid19, the sentence will be “I don’t feel sorry for you, you got what you deserve because you did travel out of the country on holiday”. But it’s not sure that’s the case and situation at all. You can get this virus “everywhere” now at days.

I do use Norway and Spain as examples because I’m related to both countries. And yes,- I’m a bit negative on purpose, I m putting this text a bit on the top. As an simple example of “disagreement and cynicism as well as criticism and split people a bit a part from each other.

This Spring Norway was so “happy” because now the Norwegians “needed” to be tourists in their own country. They even reccomend the Norwegian to be tourists in Norway. And yes I know it is for protection so the coronavirus doesn’t comes “from here and there and everywhere to Norway”. But it’s also connected to the economy in Norway. Why don’t share a bit about the economic situation and the tourists? We do anyway and already share the coronavirus and Covid19 situation. The virus will be here anyway, and a “second wave” with coronavirus and Covid19 will come too. That’s what “they” told us, or “we” already was told this Spring that a second wave was expected during this summer and autumn too. And yes,- I do know I’m a put “things” a bit the tip now too.

Norway has not been “missing” any tourists before, so why this big focus this year? There has been Norwegians that’s has travel to other countries during the summertime as well as a lots of people from other countries has traveled to Norway for a holiday and two.

And now Norway got not just a lots of norwegians that travels around in the country, in just a couple of weeks there will be a lots of tourists from other countries too travel around in Norway. Then what? The capacity is already overbooked, and the possibility for more coronavirus from “here and there and everywhere” is bigger. First it was a “hysteria” for not having any tourists, now it’s a “hysteria” for having to much tourists. And of course the reason for protecting people from getting the coronavirus and Covid19. I know that 😉.

I know that Spain at the moment are in the red zone again, and I do also know I’m a bit quarrelled, and put “things” a bit to put on the tip now. And I do understand why Norway doesn’t want to have more coronavirus- situations and Covid19 into the country. And I do understand why Norway reccomend the publication to spend their holiday in Norway. I’m just making a bit big deal of this to show an example 😊.

Any way, – if there is a conspirator around this coronavirus and Covid19 there’s already created fear and insecurity, worriedsness and a kind of “hysteria”, as well as disagreements and conflicts, and distance between people too.

I still don’t know what to believe, if the virus is a part of the evolution or if it’s designed as a part of a kind of conspiration,- but I need to admit that I have many different thoughts about the coronavirus and Covid19 situation. In my mind there is something “strange”, but I don’t know what it is.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon,- I hope 😊

A bit critical me hidden behind both sunglasses and mask so no one can get any expression from my mood, fear or happiness, joy or insecurity 😉.

I’m not sure if the coronavirus and Covid19 are designed or did “fly” into our lifes with a tiny bat. I don’t know if the things that are happening in the world are a part of the evolution or some kind of conspiracy. I just know that it’s doing something with “all of us” and not necessarily in a positive direction.

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Numbers and statistics also affecting our mind … 📈 😷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

It’s around 7 months since the coronavirus did turn the world upside down 🙄,- and for what?

There has been and still are many different theories, and different practices and restrictions in different countries around in the world for trying to minimize the consequences this virus could do, would do and still are doing.

Many people has died, some of the illness Covid19 and many because of other diseases. But for a reason they are still counting and register the death as a Covid19 deaths because they had the Covid19,- even when it was not the Covid19 that actually was the main reason for the death.

Many people have been sick because of Covid19, and even more have tested positive for coronavirus without being sick at all.  And, – there are probably also people who have been carriers of the virus without knowing it, or having been ill.

The Covid19 is a painful and horrible disease,- special when it comes to the lungs and breathing. And it’s an awful way to die of the disease because one is slowly suffocated, and the suffocation begins at the base of the lungs as bubbles that block air, bubbles that fill the lungs and that creep upwards towards the throat.  Very briefly summarized.

There are numbers and statistics to follow all over the world. How correct they are is another thing.

I have had, and still have, a lots of different thoughts about the coronavirus, the Covid19, the numbers and statistics, and the society and world- situation during this last 5- 6 months.

I have also had different opinions during this time, opinions that has slowly changed a bit during this time as well.

In the beginning of this pandemi I, for example, thought Sweden did handle the corona- situation very strange. But I have changed my mind,- I may start thinking that Sweden so fare has handle the situation better then many countries. Even better then Norway. Sweden did in it’s own way used my simple and stupid “cockroaches- example” actually. The country didn’t do very much out of it all, they didn’t put the country and the society “on hold”, but still they did protect the weakest in the society.

I have also been disagreed with the president in the USA in many different situations and cases (and yes I know his name, I just chose not use it). But there’s now one thing I may think maybe he is a bit correct in,- no matter how stupid it seems and sounds,- and that is to stop “couting” the testing for coronavirus “here and there and everywhere”. Not because I think the coronavirus and Covid19 is a joke, and not because it’s not necessary to do the testing. But because numbers and statistics does something with a human’s brain and mind. Yes, of course the statistics will goes down if we are stopping testing for the coronavirus. It doesn’t mean that the coronavirus not will be around us anymore,- but people’s mind, focus and energies will change when numbers and statistics are changing.

Numbers and statistics do something with humans, and as in this case, coronavirus, corona- situation and Covid19 disease, – and there is not necessarily anything positive.  Red and negative numbers create fear, aggression, anger, insecurity.

Who are these numbers and statistics important to?  Me?  And in case why should it be important for me to know this?  What can I do with this numbers and statistics?  Not very much.

What can I use these numbers and statistics for?  Almost nothing, except that it gives me information, information that I can not really use for anything meaningful in my life.  It tells me how many are infected, how many are sick, how many are dead.  And it’s negative numbers too. And how can I use this information in a sensible way? And another thing,- I don’t believe that the numbers or statistics are correct either. And I do believe that this negative numbers also have an negative effect on the human.

Some people find it exciting and important to follow how many people are carriers of the virus, how many are ill, and how many have died from Covid19.  But there is very little information on how many people do not actually have the virus, or who have the virus but are not ill.  Or how many have actually recovered from Covid19.  Where are these numbers?  Where are these statistics?  This is more interesting because these are actually positive numbers. This numbers will have an positive effect on the human,- so why don’t use that information instead? Or at least together?

I know that numbers and statistics are important in relation to research, and in relation to how to deal with the virus, the disease and the situation, the society situation as well as the world situation. But for the tiny little very normal human this negatives numbers and statistics just create negativity in the society, and for the human. But maybe that’s the “thoughts” behind this negative numbers and statistics too? To create negativity, worries, fairs, insecurities, aggression in the society?

I don’t know,- it’s still my thoughts about and around this “corona- situation”. I may be correct, I may be wrong. What I do know is that negativity creates negativity, and positivety creates positivety.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time to drop by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon,- I hope 😊

There’s red numbers and statistics, and there’s green numbers and statistics 📈. Some in a negative direction and some in a positive direction 📊. Both are necessary, but for different reasons. I like to focus on the green ones,- but it’s not easy when it’s the red ones that’s “shows up”.

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