Its was the last time….probably…..

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

I have been thinking a bit about this american,- and actually wonder if I m going to hear from him again, see him again, meet him again? Probably not.

Its a #week since last time we did meet,- last Thursday. And its was also then I did ‘understand,- really did understand, that we properly have different #intention with our “#relation”.

It has crossed my #mind a couple of times befor, at the same time as I know he was working long days, and also was awake at different times then me. We was at different continents. We did live different lives in different time-zones. And I m a woman, he is a man,- and we are in many ways different. And I did had a #wish for something “more” 😊.

What I dont understand is why he did ask me to wait for him, or why he told me that he didnt wanted to “share me” with any one else, and that he had miss me. And a couple of other things. Maybe it was just words without any #meaning? In a way a bit empty words?

But of course,- at the same time,- we probably did have a different understanding for this sentence too….maybe….

The #communication between a #woman and a #man its not always easy to understand 🙂. At the same time as we still do have the same “#language” and #understanding for the meaning for so many #words.

Free shiping over 69$

In one way I do miss him a bit, in an other way not. I was really looking forward to get to know him,- but he was more or less always talking about him self. So in one way I did get the possibility to get to know him a bit 😅. But he actually didnt get the possibility to get to know me 😊. Maybe thats what I do miss? 🤔 Him to want to get to know me? Its not many times during the last year he actually has asked me the simple #question “How are you?” If he had, I had probably just answare “fine, but I do miss you”. But okay,- its nothing to “linger” about now 😊.

We did have a nice time #together last Thursday,- but I did also told him that I did think we wanted different things out of the #realtion. Something he didn’t #disproved or #confirmed. And I told him that I wanted to get to know him, have a #serious relation to him. I didnt got to much #reaction on that one either 😊. And I told him that now it was up to him if we met again or not,- so in my head and mind,- now he knows “where he has me”,- at least I think so 😅. But you never know 😊. Maybe I shouldn’t said this things at all? I actually dont know,- but for me it was important to, in a way “know whats going on here, in this, for me, strange relation “.

I havent #contact him since, and I havent heard any thing more from him either 😊. And I dont think I m going to hear any more from him,- even I have a tiny little #wish deep inside me somewhere,- that he did care a bit about “me”,- just not only about the “fun under the duvet”- thing.

Maybe I feel a bit like this now at this days because I feel like a “plan-crash”? 😅 It would be nice to have “someone #special” that did or had care a tiny bit?

But I have good #friends and #family thats cares,- so I m very, very #lucky 💛. And I m not serious sick,- its just an very bad #infection that will go away after some days, or maybe a week with #medicines, a couple of #appointments and a bit #healthcare 😊.

I do think it was the last time I did meet him,- last Thursday. Im going to be very supriced if I hear from him again. Its a bit mixed feelings around “it/him” ,- but I m not “#heartbroken” 😊. I dont think or feel I have “lost something” 😊. Maybe it was supposed to be like this? Any way,- Life goes on 😊.

I wish you a healthy and great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too 💛.

See you soon 😊.

Last week’s full-moon at the beach,- nice and relaxing,- an on its own way to give “recove” 💛

This was not todays plan 🙄

Hi❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

I have spent the afternoon at the #emergency today,- and that was not a part of todays plan at all. But I havent felt very well lately at all,- just tried to create an #imagen that I was fine. But I m not,- if I have been, I have probably not spend the afternoon at the emergency today 😔. But yesterday-evening I did felt a bit like I was “back on the road” again…..well,-I m not.

Thats life,- its good days and not to good days. And its not always easy to stop up in time,- luckily the body says stop,- but its not the best way to take “a break” to let it go so fare that you end up at the hospital. Then its probably really time to “stop up” and “take a break” 😊.

I have got #infections in my body , most in my throat, ear and sinus. But it feels like it is in all my body. Its 24 degrees and I m freezing….. And its not good the infection ,- its smells bad too,- the infection thats runs through the nose and throat. Its like a combination between metal and something that has rotted 🤤.

And its painfull,- a bit all over my body. And its maybe a tooth thats the reason to the sinusitis. ( and probably stress that have “low down” my immune system the last weeks 😔 ) . Its actually 2 teeth,- one new one that “showed up” on Monday. A “wisdom- grinder”. That was a painful process too. And an other one close by this new one. At least the doctor at the emergency said so. But it can be a bit more, so he wanted me to take some x-ray one day too,- and the next medical examination will show it as well,- if there are more infections in my body.

To be at the hospital, doctors and emergency is a bit different here then from #Norway,- and what Im used to. But the health professionals do a great, great job. They just have different rutines that I m used to in Norway. Like the baja/ sick- leave and the alta/ health notice. Its not so easy to just get a sick-leave here in Spain. And its not so easy to get an #appointment at your family-docter either. Like I have told you before,- you really learn to be patience and learn to wait for your “appointment” here in #Spain.

The best is normally to go to the emergency, or you can be lucky and get an appointment the same day to your family- doctor. At the emergency you got an short controll, a paper for the controll, and then its to order an appointment at your family- doctor. But,- thing takes time,- special to get an appointment to your family- doctor 🙄.

In one way its good,- the threshold for go to the doctor and get a sick-leave is a bit high. You are really not feeling well if you need a sick- leave. And about sick- money,- you will get 75% of your ordinary salary the first weeks.

On the other hand it also not to good,- because you can wait a bit to long before you visit your doctor. Because thing takes a bit time. But,- thing takes time in the health professionals in Norway too.

Its no deductible for going to the doctors or hospital/ medical treatment here. Well,- not for the public health-care at least. I even got the pencilin for the next 5 days for free. In Norway its a deductible for doctors appointment. Both for the public sector as well the private one,- and also medications.

Its a couple of years since I was visiting my family-doctor here in Spain. But now it was time again,- or I havent been there yet 😊. Just at the emergency 😊.

But now ist x-ray, family-doctor and also #dentist appointment at the “programs” for the next weeks. I dont looking forward to that,- but its necessary.

The #dentist is similar to Norway,- its not free, you need to pay for the different “services” for your #teeth. And,- phu,- I m not looking forward to the “#tooth-services” or the payments for it. But,- I cant have it like this either anymore😊.

I just really need to be better to take a bit more care of my self,- thats for sure.

I hope your day went a bit after your plans,- even you maybe got a bit unexpected “happings” during the day too 😊. Thats a part of the life 😊. But I hope it was some nice one 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too 💛

See you soon 😊

Well,- suddenly I did got my own tiny little #farmacia at home 🙂.

A bit “back in business” again 😊📚

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today I had my first teaching lesson, with one of my students again, after the summerholiday,- and it was so, so great to be a bit back “in business” again😊📚. And my student was so happy to see me that I actually became a bit suprice. She did hug me and hug me 😊,- and then this typical spanish kisses too 😊. And,- of course I was happy to see he agsin to 😊. It was really nice start on our teaching- autum 😊.

This student is normally going to have the lessons on Tuesdays,- but my work/ teamleder did a mistake at the day-schedule yesterday. So I ended up with working 11 hours insted of 9 hours yesterday 🙄. It was a long day,- but some extra money “in the pocket” at least 😊. Its still to less people at work,- and it will even be more that are going to stop working there.

For some different reason my colleagues are applying for other jobs,- and they also get to the interviews too. Im happy for them,- and I really hope they will get the jobs they are applying for 😊. So hopefully they also will or can just get the great feeling I did get today togheter with my student ,- in their new working- situation 😊.

I was not sure if I was going to able to manage to have my student this afternoon. I m still tired, and yesterdays long #working- day was still in “my body”. But it actually gave me #energy to do the #teaching again. It felt so great to do and work with something that is a bit more like “me” 😊. To #teach 📚.

Its not totally “me” to have headsets “on my head”, and #costumers in ” my ear” all day,- so,- yes,- I repit my self now,- but it was so good to do some different kind of work. A work I can, and feel a bit #joy to do 😊…..and now I feel also a bit more ready to slowly continue to work more with my other “#dreams” too,- that has been to much “on hold” for a while, for different #reasons 😊.

Im not sure yet how many #students Im going to have during this autum. They come little by little. But its not to importen at the moment,- one is better then non 😊. I felt a bit “#alive”,- and have actually more #energy this afternoon after working 10 hours,- 9 at my ordinary job and then one teaching lesson,- then I have had for a while 😊.

Its different things in my life that gives me energy,- and I need to do a bit more of them. To #priority them a bit more,- “my things” 😊. And it is a bit more avable time during the afternoons now then it has been to give “my things” a better priority 😊.

Do you have something, a habit, a hobby or just a #daily “act” thats give you a tiny “push” with energy during a busy day and #weeks? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and reading my blogg 💛

A tiny bit “back in #business” again wirh teaching and my students,- and it feels #good 💛

To be rational and irrational 🤔

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

Its not alwasy easy this balancing act bewteen be #rational and #irrational. And unfortunately I can be irrational when Im empty for energy, tired and exhausted.

I want to be rational, but its like “everythings” stops up. And I dont even have any reactions,- its like Im a flat wheel. Theres no reaction. Its just empty. And thats not a good reaction at all, actually. Because there are no reaction. In any way. No good, no sad,-nothing. And thats not the way I m normally are, or the person I want to be.

Unfortunately I m a bit there at the moment, irrational. I do the things I need to do on “autopilot”,- like go to work. But thats in away its,- and thats not good. I know its rational to go to work, show up and do my job. And I do,- but thats probably one of the most reational things I do at the moment.

I know I have probably pressed myself a bit to hard and a bit to long,- and didnt stop up to long enough that Friday some weeks ago I needed to go home from work. Because I was exhausted.

Its not a good trait at all,- because the irrational reactions react other people that dont deserves that one at all. People deserves a good reaction, of any kind. Not a reaction like a flat wheel.

My challenge is that if I say “No” to something, or someone,- I feel #selfish. If I say “I can’t, I don’t have the energy”,- I feel on guilt and self-centeredness. And I say “Yes” insted. Something that are actually worse for both,- me and the person Im trying to “please” or help in one or another way.

I have probably learn my lesson this last weeks,- at least I hope so,- to actually say “No”,- when I know I m to tired to do something I can’t really do.

I did think I had learn that lesson a year ago when a friend of me did get a mental breakdown. Probably a mental illness that has trigged her for a while, and for some reasons came to the surface. I did try to help her for a while,- but then I just needed to “pull my self” out of the situation. It was an exhausted situation. But I didnt feel on any guilt and self-centeredness,- for the first time in my life. And I did thought I have learned to say No!”. But its seems that I was not quite there yet.

I have said to many “yes” I didnt have any energy to complete lately. And thats not good. Not for me and not for anyone else around me

At the moment I think the best thing for me is just to go to work, do my best, and then do other things slowly and try to really relax. Nothing more,- just fell up the “energy, the wheel and battery”,- slowly. Like when the flat wheel gets the air back again so its able to “drive the car” around again.

Its like I forget to stop up and take #care of #myself. But at the same time I know,- if I dont take care of myself Im actually not able to take care of anyone else either.

And at the moment I m not able to take care of my daughter’s friend for example. Its not good,- but unfortunately that’s the way it is. I wanted to help her,- but I havent any energy left anymore to do that. But she have, luckily, good friends around her, that can help her much more and better then me at the moment.

I dont know why Im like Im like that,- worrid for saying “No” when I know thats what I actually need to do. For myself and for the people around me.

But I know one thing,- and this is something I really need to work with,- to say “No”,- when Im not able to do the “Yes” anyway.

I know I m on my way,- I just need to better to use the time, be patient and learn to say “No” without feeling on any guilt and self-centeredness. The last one there will probably be the hardest,- because I actually want to “help out”.,- and this “selfishness”- feeling have a bad hapit to “crawl” into my mind.

Well,- this was a tiny Monday “heart-sigh” from me,- a rational me,- that did “take a bit over my head the lasts weeks” ,- and became a bit irrational.

Have you ever been rational in your act at the same time as you know it can come an irrational reaction?

Do you say “yes” when you know you should had say “no”?

I hope I stop doing that one,- when all comes to all,- that’s the best for everyone,- to say “no” ,- when I know I cant “complete” the “yes”.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛and you thank you for dropping by today too, and read my blog 💛

See you soon 💛

Its better to say “No,- I cant drive with a flat wheel”,- then say “Yes” and try to drive,- and also destroy the car at the same time. (yes,- its a bit symbolic…..)

You dont need Tinder if you have a “smashing” bikini- photo on Instagram 😅👙

Hi❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Im not using Tinder at the moment,- havent used it for a while,- and it seems thats not very necessary with an Tinder-account if you just “put” a “smashing” photo of your self in #bikini at Instagram 😅. “Smusch”,- there you get a lots of messege- requests from unkown men. And many of them have one or two photos, maybe five 😉 and are following a x-numbers of people,- but have for some strange #reason not so many followers them self, on their Instagram account or on their Facebook profile 😉. Wonder why? 😅

Some of this requests are #serious people that are in a way serious #interested in you or what you are doing,- but most of this requests are just “#fake” and #scam. And not worth open at all. I normally delate them, one by one with out reading them. Just checking the profile, and then its delate and block 😊.

Its a lots of scam and #fraud “out there” in the “online-dating-world”. A lot. So be #careful,- both #women and #men.

Men “fall” easly for #sensual, erotic and sexy #profiles of any kind. Thats the way it is. And the people that #creates the fake profiles to get to a man, knows that 😉. Its so easy to get a man think with his “other head”. Even in #written form with a “smashing” and lightly dressed photo “on the side” by the #text. And also be award of prostitution,- if you actually meet a woman from an online dating webpages,- and she ask for money,- just go. Well at least if you wasn’t award of it from the beginning 😅,- and it is a “part of your game too”.

Its a bit of that too in the online dating pages,- prostitution.

Clearance Event

Its strange how fare a man actully can go,- how much he is willing to pay. And yes I mean pay,- in real #money,- just for the #imagenation of that “this woman” on the #photo is “his”. But in most of the times it is just an imagination. Nothing is #real,- and many times you are actually texting with an other man too,- not a woman, not “the woman from the photo”.

And many men want to be “#chivalrous”. With that means they get in touch in on or an other #online #dating channel, with a woman that need a bit economic help before they can meet. Like money to passport, money to visa and plane ticket. And the man is sending #money to the woman,- maybe by Money Transfer and things like that. And get an other new “smashing” and lightly dressed photo as a “Thank you, see you soon,- “this” is what you are waiting for”. “This woman” are “on the way” just for you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of “online- dating” #channel you are on, or are using. There will still be fake profiles. On each and every one #website. So be careful so you dont “meet” a scam and fraud that are just going to #empty your bank-account,- and never fill up your #heart or “take care” of other of your body- parts 😉. It is all just an imagination.

And then its the women,- we are not “better” then men in this “dating- situation”,- we just “fall” for other words, words we want to hear. And we pay too, money from our #private bank-account.

We are “#emotional”,- we fall so easy for “I love you”,” I miss you” ,- and other different #romantic #phrases we “love”, “want” and “need” to hear/ read. But a man that loves you dont ask for your money- help! Special not before you even have met him! If he loves you, he #respects your no! He is a man,- and are #able to find a #solution on his “money-problem” 😉.

And an other thing,- this fake men starting using the word “love you” and “miss you” very fast, very early in your communication.

Also here,- its just an imagination! Its not real! Dont pay for the words you #miss to hear, woman!

And the “same thing happen” for “us”. After a tiny little while with #texting the man,- if he understand that the woman has “falled” for his words and photo as well, the money- requests are coming. And, unfortunately, some women are paying, to easy!

I have only #experience this one time myself, last summer, from a Tinder-account.

“Tinder-Thomas” do I call this “experience”😅. He did started to ask for money, and for “just” 50 euro! But for me it was not “just 50 euro” at all,-for me that is a bit money,- and I also was award of this things too, this fake-profiles and scam/ fraud, – so I was actully a bit “bad” and that I did “play a long” for a little while 😅,- just to “see the #game”. I did never payed anything. But I wanted to learn a bit about “the game”. And they can take the game very fare! And keep up going for a while.

This men starting to “push” on “emotional buttons” if you dont send any money. Like “why dont you love me?” “I thought you where different”, ” you dont have a heart”,” you have no feelings” ,” you dont care for me”,- ect ect. Well,- you do and you are,- both have a heart and are different! Dont fall for this!

Dont ever fall for it! Dont ever send a cent to a man or woman you have never meet and dont know! Its just a game, its just a fraud,- and you will probably #loose too,- both your money and a part of your #dignity. And never meet, see or hear from this man or woman evere again,- when he/ she a) knows there are no more money to get or b) no money to get at all. But,- they dont give up easly,- just have that on in your #mind too. They are very patients!

Men fall for sensuality and sex, woman fall for “#sweet” words and “emotiens”. And this people that create this fake profiles knows that. They know how to create it all as “#real as possible”. But,- please,- in that #moment there are coming any #money-requests,- stop and drop the #contact. For your own sake!

I know it all can #feel so #real, but it all are a very bad imagination. Just to empty your “pocket”. Its nothing more at all. They dont care about you at all,- their only “#mission” are to get your money, honey!

And I also know its difficult to understand that “this” can actually happen to you. But have in mind,- “everything that can happen with or to everyone else, can also can happen to you!

In todays #social #media channels its so easy to create something that seems so real. Its a lots of different #techniques and #technical #tools to use,- for creating a “real profile”. So be careful,- “walk away” if there are coming up any kind of money-issue.

Unfortunately this, online-dating, is not the only way people can be scammed or fraudulent by. But today I did choose to put a bit #focus on the scam and fraud on online- dating 😊.

Im not the “only one” in the world that have a tiny wish for a #relationship 😉,-and online dating can be a good way to find and meet a boyfriend/ girlfriend,- most of the times 😊. And the people who are creating fake profiles knows, they knows that there are some “lonely #souls” “out there” that are easy “to get and use”,- for only getting your money. They dont #care about you or your feelings at all! I may be a bit “tought” now,- but unfortunately,- this is the way it is. Stop all contact if there are coming up any kind of a money-request.

It is at least my advice to you 💛. I dont want you to get hurt in this way (not in any other ways either)– but this kind of fraud and scam can actually #destroy your #life, your #economic life, and your dignity as well.

So,- just be a bit award,- if you are searching for “the love of your life” on online dating,- dont pay, dont “give” and dont “help” your online date with money 😊.

Well,- that was the “lesson” for today 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening whereever in the world you are 💛 ,-and be a bit careful if you are looking for “the love” online,- and Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too 💛 .

See you soon 💛

Ps- if you think this post can be important for others to read,- you are very welcome to share 😊

I did choose a #bikini-photo today,- even the post is more about “I want your money, honey”,- its did starts with the “bikini- attention” 😊 .

So it was a bit “Friday 13th” 💚

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

#Friday 13th is for different reasons seen as an “accident day”. But like I have told you before,- #research shows that this is one of the days there are less #different kinds of accidents then during the rest of the year 😊. But that doesnt mean it still can be a “#unlucky” or “#unhappy” day.

In #Spain its Tuesday 13th thats is this “accident day” ,- so does that mean I have 2 “accident days”? Because I m #norwegian that lives in Spain? Or just one? In case,- will it be Tuesday 13th or Friday 13th that will bring me most “unhappy” “episodes ” ? 😉

Tuesday 13th of August was a very normal day as fare as I can remember. Not any big “happy news” or any “big unhappy happenings ” 😊.

And,- 13. its a bit a lucky #number for me,- evene there havent been happen any “big sparkling event” of any kind in my life with this number as I can remember. Maybe its “lucky” because its a bit “unlucky” number? 😊

But this Friday 13th was actually #mixed with both. But most with a bit “unhappiness” 😔. So probably its Friday 13th thats my “unlycky” day then?

Millie did travel back to Sweden,- and are going to stay there for a short time, before she is going to travel a bit “here and there” for the next 6 months in East #Europe where her family are from. And then…..maybe she comes back to Spain 😊.

I hope she will get a marvellous time with a lots of joy and happiness, new experience and fun ❤.

At the same time it feels a bit painful 😔. She is in a way a bit “one of mine”,- a part of the #family,- and I don’t know if she even will come back to Spain again 😔.

I wish her a lots love and joy in her life,- and it would be a bit nice if she could be back together with my son in the middle, Fabian, again 💞. But at the same time,- if their #relationship doesnt work between them it doesnt work. And then no one of them are #happy,- and I really want them both to have a marvellous life ❤.

Today I did ask for a day off from work,- I m so so tired I actually feel a bit sick. But I didnt get it ,- the day off 😔. Unlucky for me,- the luck then is that its weekend,- so I can #relax a bit 😊.

An other thing,- I dont think it will be any more “#relation” between me and this american man. I think we want different “things”. I think he are more looking for a “regular” mistress, and I want to have a relationship. For him that in a way was an relation, and thats true,- it is a kind of relation. A relation I did misunderstood. But I want to have something “more” then just a “hot meeting under the duvet” now and then. I want to meet someone I can do others things together with as well 😊.

Well,- I can have a lover, but not him,- my #feelings for him is a bit to “#emotionally” for that.

I dont feel sad, just tired 😊. But to bad for me, that we wanted different things in the “relation”. Thats life 😊.

One of the reason way I m so so tired I think, is that me, and we, Mathilde and me, havent had “our” normal life for one and a half month now. Its not easy to try to do the best when the energy is not on “tip-top”.

And of course Im tired because of #work. Its busy and long days,- and not to much time and #energy left after. But I don’t want to use to much of my energy and thoughts about my work,- its not worth it.

Well its #weekend,- hopefully a nice one too thats are in front of me,- and for you too 😊. I really hope so,- for both of us 💛. Im so ready to just relax home this weekend,-“shake a bit of me” Friday 13th,- and with not to many plans 😊. Just fell up the energy- level a bit 😊.

I hope your Friday 13th has been nice to you 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛 and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too 💛.

See you soon 💛.

This weekend is time for just relaxing a bit,- outside in our cozy outside livingroom 💛.

To the cramp takes me 🙄,- and the “egg-factory” slowly closing down 🤔

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

Its “that week of the month “…..for me and my body 🙄. Ugh! But in away Im also a bit happy that Im still “there” , where “the cramp takes me”. Then I m still in a way a bit “young “. At the same time,- that is a thruth with modifications 😅. Im not #young and I m not #old,- I m somewhere #perfectly in the #middle 😋.

But one thing is for sure,- the #menopause is just around a #corner, I have just not a clue what kind of corner 😅.

I have try to read a bit about menopause and whats happen with the #female #body (and #mind) when it comes in to this “#periode” in #life.

And I have asked some female friends, very careful, (maybe to careful?) what kind of “#experience” they have or had in this periode of their life. But I m not actually became any wiser 🤔. They are a bit diffuse with their answares.

But I want get a bit wiser,- because I want to be a bit “prepar” for what I can expect, and for what is going to happen with my body? (and my mind 🙄). And I want to learn! Becasue the body is changing in this “fase of life” too 😊. And I m also curious 😊.

Its a subject thats is in a strange way is a bit short, even the menopause- periode lasts for some years. Is it because its not to much to talk about? Or its it because its a bit shame to be older? I dont know.

What I do know its that the “egg-factory” slowly close down, and the periode disperse. Some women have pains,- but I dont know where. Some gets this hot flushes,- but thats a bit difficult the know under Spain’s really hot sun in the summertime 🌞. Its more or less like everybody has the “hot flushes” then 😊.

I know some can cry a lot for “no resaon”,- but that can happen in a “normal day” for me too. Well,- its a while since I have being crying,- but I m an emotional person and can easly cry when something “touch” my heart.

Some gets a bit moody, and irritating for a tiny little thing, and the mood can change in a very fast speed.

Then its is the health, skin and hair,- its changes a bit too. But this “things” are there a possibility to take a bit care of, slow down a bit with different kinds of products,- like food, work-out, and different types of #cosmetology.,- and also some medicine.

Btw,- Im looking around for some really good cosmetology products for women ( and men,- you want to look good too 😉 ) in all ages to recommend,- I let you know when or if I have found them 😊. I m working on it 😊.

And then there are hormone changes, estrogen levels decrease and osteoporosis increases. And its probly different from woman to #woman too.

And ,- what will happen with the sexuality? My sexuality? Im very curious about that one too 🤔.

I like and enjoy sex with “the right one”,- so I actually dont want that one to just “disappear” “out of the blue” 😉…. together with the “egg-factory “. The “egg-factory” can close down. I have done my part of “populate the world”. But I still want to have a bit “fun under the duvet”😉.

I know that the moisture in the vagina can disappear, but does it applies to all women in menopause? I dont hope so……

Well,- thats actually more or less what I know about menopause,- and thats not much to brage about. Its very general, and still with some questions.

I have been learning that women with the Mediterranean has an “easier” menopause then women in the cold north,- and the “answare” for “why” is the climate and the food in the Mediterranean. So,- I m a bit lucky with that one at the moment 😋.

I know I m “on my way” straight into the menopause,- but at the same time,-my periode is still regular, the cramps does still “takes me”,- and I m not in the best mood this days either. But on the other hand,- this month can be the last month my period is regular,- I dont know……before next month 😊.

At the same time,- the last months I have actually been a bit happy, even its a bit painful, to get and have my periode 😁. But,- I m not sure why I m a bit happy. Probably because I still know a bit “whats going” on in my body, Im still “here” in a way,- and not yet “there ” 😊.

And,- then it was the men,- you have your own “menopause”,- but I dont know very much about that one either,- just a bit 😊. Its changes in your body and mind too,- but the “baby-factory” last closly “forever” in your body…..if…the “magic-stick” is working 😉. Am I a bit rude now? No,- Im just “touching” a sensitive” area.

But I think maybe the sexuality for both women and men in the “menopause” (and hopefully for all the others too- its not necessary to know “every” tiny little detail about) its a bit sensitive and “touchy”. Something thats very understanding. Its a bit personal and private. For me as well 😊. I m probably never going to tell you to much about my sex-life,- thats private and personal,- but I can write a bit in general.

Any way,- I m on my way… the menopause ……whether I want to or not 😊. Thats a part of the life and a part of getting older 😊.

Do you have some thoughts about getting older? And whats happen with you body (and maybe even your mind?) 🤔.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are,- and what kind if “stages ” in life you are 💛. And Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too,- even I did “touch” a maybe sensitive area in life today for some 💛.

See you soon 💛

Me,- on my way to “the menopause”- a “place” Im not sure what will brings to me ,- hopefully a lots of joy and fun, and many and hopefully some new life-experience too 😊.