Put on you’r glasses, Laila 🤓😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Its different changes that happens in the body and mind, physical and mental, both on the outside and inside of the body when we get older. Some changes are coming slower then others, and some feels like they suddenly just “showed up” from one day to another 🌤.

I need glasses, and I started to need glasses for around a year ago, or maybe a bit more. But at that time I only needed glasses now and then when I was reading and writing on my phone, but not always, and also sometimes when I did read a book. It depended a bit on the size on the letters in the book 📚.

And when I was reading and writing on the sosial media channels like for example, Snapchat, I have in general not used glasses. It’s normally a photo and a very short text, so I have manage to both got the essence with me as well as write something back ✏.

I didn’t need my glasses when I was working on my computer, not at home and not at the office either for a while. But slowly I needed the glasses when I was working on my computer from my home, but still not at the office. But something has changed during the last weeks. Or maybe a bit longer? I just don’t want to admit it? 🤓 But I need my glasses all the time now when I’m at the customer service job too, and do my work from my office computer 🤓. I’m getting use to it, but it takes a bit time 😊.

I also have some glasses a bit “here and there” in my home, because I still forget to use them now and then. But I’m starting to be better 😊. I have also a couple of glasses in my handbag now because it’s nice to see what I order on the menu if I’m eating on a cafe or restaurant, as well as knowing what I’m shopping in the store 😊.

But still I take a “chance or two” to read a message on for example at Snapchat, without my glasses 🤓. Like for example some days ago when I got a “Snap” from a friend or my in Norway 🤭.

She did send me a Snapchat with a photo of her nails and a text about nails. A short text. I did understood it had something to about nails, and I thought she has been to a nail- designer and got some new one. Some new nails and some new colours💄.

In my eyes it all looked nice, so I texted her back and actually did write that to her as well. “Good, and your nails looks so nice and fancy now” 😍. And yes,- just in case, to “show” my friend that I ment it, I did put this face back/ behind my text: “😍”.

She replied very fast back: ” Put in your glasses on, Laila! I’m on my way to the nail- designer because the photo I did send you was not very nice and fancy at all 😳”. Ooppss….my mistake, and yes I needed to admit that I actually did read her text fast and without my glasses as well as reply and responded back to her fast and without my glasses 🤭🤓. And she “catch me”, she was so correct 😅,- I didn’t used my glasses when I did read her text, and responded 🤓.

She is a very good friend,- so I know there’s no hard feelings, but I need to admit I’m still a bit curious how the photo she actually did send me looked like. Obviously her nails was not “to good looking” in that photo 😊.

She send me a new photo after she was finish at the nail- designer, and her new nails was really nice. And I told her, as well send her a “proof” that I was using my glasses this time 🤓.

So, yep,- I obviously need my glasses a bit more then I want to admit,- and in my mind this “need for glasses” in more different settings and situations in my life did come a bit suddenly 🤓. But okay,- that’s the way it is, that’s a part of this “getting older process “. It’s probably better to except the changes then do to many mistakes 😊. And literally have a positive focus with my glasses on 🤓😍. But,- there’s still more settings and situations in my life where I actually don’t need and can’t use glasses, and I admit I’m very happy for that too 😍.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

I like my glasses better on the top of my head, but obviously the function is better on my nose and in front of my eyes 🤓.

Sometimes it’s just like the age and this “getting older process” are “sniking” in on me 😅. And when a friend of my told me to put on my glasses so I could see and read what I actually did reply and responded on, I just needed to admit that I probably need to be a bit better “friend” with my glasses 🤓.

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I have dressed on and up….🐕🤭

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

As a child I liked to play with dolls, babydolls as well as barbie dolls, and of course I did dress them up too. My mam and boths of my grandmams actually did knit and sew cloths to my dolls. Babydolls clothes and Barbie dolls clothes. All my dolls was in general very well dressed 👗🥿.

I put my baby dolls in the doll wagon, and my barbie dolls had their own tiny small doll wagon to the barbie baby dolls. I went for a walk with my baby dolls, and I did play that I went for a walk with the barbie baby dolls.

My granddad did actually made a doll house to my barbie dolls, so they had their own home 😊.

But,- I didn’t just dressed up my different dolls in the dolls clothes I got from my mam and grandmams, and went out for a nice walk 😊. I did dressed up small baby cats too, and put them in my doll wagon and went out for a walk. I even did steal small baby birds from the nest and did dressed them up as well, in barbie baby doll clothes 🐥. Maybe that’s why I call my children my baby ducks? 🤭

And,- yes I know,- it was not a very nice thing to do with the baby birds. But I was just a child and didn’t knew better. I just wanted to play with them, and dress them up a bit. My mam was not to happy either when I stole baby birds, so I actually did hide them in my doll house so she couldn’t find them ( … and yes, if you wonder, the small baby birds did die, and I became a bit sad over that 😔).

In Norway there was a writer who did write stories about a wooden stick too, when I was a child. This wood stick could talk and do things, and I really enjoyed it when my dad did read for me about all the different things and stuffs this wood stick did. His name was Knerten (by Anne Cat. Vestly). And his clothes was, of course and natural enough, bark. You know what’s around the wood. 🌳.

I found my own Knerten out there in the Norwegian woods, and of course I changed his clothes, bark, to something more “fancy” like colourful leafs from the trees and green moss.

When I became older I started to look after our neighbours children, babysitting and also went to the playground and did play with them there. And yes,- of course I did dressed up the children too. But not in doll clothes, or colourful leaf, but in their own clothes from their own wardrobe 👕🧦. But I did choose the clothes 🤭.

I became a mammi for my three children too,- and dressed up my oldest son in clothes with different blue colours, my son in the middle in clothes with different green colours and my daughter in clothes with different clothes in colours of red, pink and violet.

And of course I have dressed up my self a lots of times too, in both fancy clothes, nice dresses and comfortable trousers as well 😊. Now at days I use a lots of just comfortable clothes in my home 🧦👚. But I really do like to dress me up too 👠.

When I started to work in the home nursery I needed to help sick or older people to get dressed. Sometimes I did choose the clothes, other times they chose the clothes on their own. I was not always agree with their choice of clothes but okay,- it wasn’t me that should use the clothes 😊. As long as they felt nice and comfortable that was the most important thing 🧣.

So when I do think about it,- I have been dressing on and up people in different ages as well as not people too, for s very long time 😅.

But so fare I have never dressed up a dog in my life, not a puppy or a grown up dog. Not before now at days,- and that was not a easy thing to do 😅. But I did manage it, and now I can say I have done that too, dressed on and up a dog 🐕.

There were dog paws here and there, and I was afraid I would break the paws because he waved them so much when I had to dress him. But lucky for him and lucky for me, there was not paws broken, just a fancy jacket on, and a happy and warm dog 🐾.

My son told me that his dog wanted his jacket on when we went out for a walk. I didn’t see the need because Zorro, the dog, has a lots of hair on his body. Shouldn’t that keep him warm? But I did what I was told, and dressed up Zorro too, in a fancy red jacket 🧣. Obviously he actually did like it, even it was a tiny challenge to put it on 😅.

And,- when I have been writing this text, and thinking about who I have actually been dressing on and up since my childhood, I have also been thinking if I have chosen the “wrong direction” in the work area in my life 😅 ? I don’t feel I’m overwhelmed interested in clothes, and fashion and “the last news ” when it comes to clothes. But at the same time I obviously like to dress on and up my self, as well as others, even the dog was fun to dress on and up when I manage to do it 😊🐕.

Probably not one of my most interesting textes I have been writing, but it was actually a bit fun for me to “go back in time” and remember who I have been dressing up and on from my childhood,- and it was a dog that took me on this “memorie- trip” 🐕. Just because I needed to dress him on and up for a walk, and then I suddenly remember Ihsve been doing this for many years, dressed on and up 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Zorro in his fancy, warm and comfortable jacket 🐾

When I did start thinking about it,- this was the first time I have been dressing on and up a dog 🐕. And I have obviously been dressing on and up not just children and people, also a wood stick got some fancy colourful leafs as clothes when I was a child 🍂 😊.

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Suddenly I got an sleepover 🐕🧾

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Sometimes I feel a bit like we are living in a “silent war”. Because we live with different restrictions, and also here in Spain, we need to have different paper with us now and then, special when we are moving out from our city border 🧾.

Like I mention in my last text, my oldest son and my daughter has a kind of “emergency” paper they can use in special situations to get out of their city border and come “visit” their mammi. The paper is not so special actually 😊. It just tell the police or military that they, my children, still belongs to my household, even they have their own home and rental contracts for their own homes. And this paper give them a kind of “promotion” to “come to mammi in case of a kind of emergency”. And an “emergency” can be different things, it all depends how you look at it 😊.

I’m actually glad my kids have this paper, because yesterday was “a kind of emergency”. My oldest son didn’t feel very well and needed to go to the hospital. And because of this paper he was allowed to get to the hospital close to me and not in the city where he lives, and he was allowed to border the city borders between us too. I can’t be together with him at the hospital. and I can’t visit him at the hospital either, that’s a thing the coronavirus has “fixed” for us 🙄, but it’s still good to just know he is close by 😊.

And, of course, his dog needed someone to look after him when his “foodfather” and company was a the hospital 🐕. And that someone was and is me 🥰.

So yesterday I had company from Zorro, my sons dog, and we went for a nice walk in between my jobs, and he actually needed to sleepover in my home too,- both Zorro and my oldest son 🥰. A nice surprise, even it was because of sickness and a hospital visit.

My oldest son got back home from the hospital late last night, and because of the distance from my home to his home, and also the evening and night- curfew we have here in Spain, they both needed to sleep over in my home. Very nice and very cozy 🥰. And so great to see them both again 😊.

My oldest son has a kind of infection, a cycte that is growing. So he was an x-ray as well, and got some medicines too, and did take a lots of tests. And he will be back at the hospital again tomorrow. And probably have the surgery next week, if everything happen after “the plans”. But as most of us know plan can change very fast.

I’m not worried, I know my son will be well and fine again 💙. I know he is in the best hands. He was through the same infection during this Spring, and the doctors at the hospital can treat him faster this time because they know what it is 💉. So that’s good 💊.

Of course it’s not good that my children has pain, don’t feel very well and are sick 💚. But as long as there’s a treatment thing will be fine, and as long mammi is close by it seems that that’s helping a bit too 🥰. And yes,- it was very nice to get an unexpected sleepover from them both, maybe special because things are like they are in our society at the moment 😊. You learn to appreciate different things in a slightly different way than before.  At least, I do 🥰. I try to embrace the different small daily “events” in life, the unexpected,- and it feels good 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Zorro, – my oldest son dog on a sleepover in my home 🐕

I got a tiny little unexpected guest yesterday, and suddenly a big one too 😊. I learn to appreciate different things in a slightly different way than before. 🥰. I try to embrace the different small daily “events” in life, the unexpected ones as well as the expected,- and it feels good 🧡.

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It’s soon Christmas again 🎅🌲

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s just one month to Christmas, a Christmas that probably will be a bit strange and different for many people around the world this year 🌏.

I knew already last Christmas that I was probably going to be and spend this this Christmas alone, and now I don’t mind to be alone at Christmas anymore. I think this will be the 4. or 5. Christmas I’m spending alone. The first ones was difficult and sad. But after a while you in a way get use to it, and do the best of it instead, or at least I try to do the best of it 😊.

I knew my children’s plan was to celebrate the Christmas time in Norway this year, because more and less they spend every second Christmas with me and every second Christmas with their dad. Natural enough. But there has been some changes this year, for my children’s Christmas plans. Changes they haven’t made, but the coronavirus and the situation around this has changed their plans.

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My son in the middle is already in Norway, so his Christmas plans will probably “go” more and less the way he had in mind. My oldest son and my daughter has no possibility for travelling to Norway this year. They can travel, but because of the situation they need to be in quarantine for 10 days when they arrives to Norway. This is the 10 days of holiday they have to visit family and friends, something that’s not possible when they need to be 10 days in quarantine ⏳.

And the plane tickets are also not to cheapest ones at the moment either 🛩.

I was first a bit happy for this, because that ment we could celebrate Christmas evening together. My oldest son, my daughter, maybe her boyfriend and me 🥰. We all live in Andalucia and with the different restrictions in the beginning of October we could actually visit each other as long as we didn’t travel out from Andalucia’s borders.


Then there come some new restrictions, and we are at the moment not allowed to border the different city borders in Andalucia either. What means,- I cant visit my children, my children cant visit me at the moment. And the way it is now with this new restrictions,- means, my oldest son will be alone with his dog at the mountains this Christmas, and my daughter will be together with her boyfriend in Malaga this Christmas eve. And I will be here in the town I’m living in.

I will “survive” to be alone, ” been there- done that” 😊. And,- I also know my oldest son will be okay with the Christmas- evening alone, or not alon, together with his dog, Zorro 🐕. He has been working so many Christmas evenings already in his life, so he will be fine. But of course I also know if he could choose he had probably celebrate the Christmas together with us 🥰.

I know my daughter will manage it too, at the same time as I know this will be most hard for her to not celebrate the Christmas evening together with her family. And she is “just” 20 years old. I know she is a marvellous young adult woman, but I also know she will feel this Christmas time in her heart a bit different then the Christmas- times before. And that doesn’t feel very good for a mammi heart to know 🧡. I know she will manage it. I know she will “survive”, I even know she will try her best to do the best of it with a smile….even when she doesn’t feel to good and to happy in her heart.

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I know she will have a good time together with her boyfriend during the Christmas- eve, but I know it is not the Christmas she had in mind or was looking forward too.

It’s something special with the Christmas- time and to be together with the closest ones 🧡. At the same time as there are people who have no one to celebrate the Christmas together with.

But for many people the Christmas- time is about family and friends, celebration, traditions and cultures. Except from this year. Probably will there be a bit less of celebration together with family and friends, a bit less of cultures and traditions too, the Christmas 2020 🎉.

So what to do about that? 🌲 Hopefully most will manage to do the best of this different Christmas celebration this year 🎅.

I know my daughter and my oldest son has “a just in case ticket in their arm” in case there will be the same restrictions as now in the Christmas- time too. They are both registered in my adresse and I’m their mammi 🧾. They can use this paper at Christmas, in case, but its mainly created for emergency situations. And it depends a bit about what kind of police or military person who are stopping them on their way to my home during the Christmas-time. Some will accept the paper, some will not. And of course, it depends also about my children if they take the chance to use this paper. It’s actually not an emergency situation to celebrate or not celebrate the Christmas together with their mammi 😊. And I really do understand if they choose to not try to use this paper during the Christmas- time. It’s not sure it’s worth the risk.

I’m actually not sure if I should start baking some of Christmas cakes or not 🥨. My plan was not to bake cakes this year, because I was going to not celebrate Christmas anyway. But maybe I can bake a bit? In case? Or just for myself?😊 I see what I will do, and decide. It’s still one month to Christmas- eve, and different things and changes can happen during the nexts weeks 😊. We are starting to get use to changes now at days. Different restrictions changes that in some or another way affects our life, our society, our culture and traditions too 😊.

It will be Christmas anyway in some or another way, together with my children or not, with homemade Christmas cookies or not 😊🥨🎅. It’s just to wait and see what’s happen, and do the best of it 🌲. Maybe Santa Claus has some special nice surprises this year? 🎁 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡.

See you soon 😊

I’m not sure how this Christmas 2020 will be 🌲. The plan was to not celebrate Christmas at all, but then the corona- situation changed that plan a bit to maybe celebrate together with two of my children 🥰. And then there come some new restrictions …. again, and they maybe did change the plans…. again 🎅. So it’s just to wait and see, and try to do the best of it 🎁.

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Look at this little shameful fellow 😔💛

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s difficult to not write about the coronavirus, Covid19 and the situation around “this” and us. This is something that affects us all, daily, all over the world, in some or another way.

I read the Spanish news about the corona- situation in Spain as well as about the situation in Norway. And then I try to have a tiny “overview” over the situation in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. But mainly my focus are on Spain and Norway,- natural enough. I’m from Norway and I’m living in Spain.

The situation is not good, that’s for sure. The virus is “everywhere”, many are in infected by the coronavirus. But it’s not everyone that get sick, many just have the virus and don’t feel to bad at all. And, unfortunately, they actually don’t know they have the virus either. And then they, unfortunately again, can infected other people around them with the virus. Just because they didn’t knew they had the virus.

But I do read in the Norwegian news that people feel ashamed over be sick with Covid19, and ashamed over being infected by the coronavirus. And,- the worst part, in my mind and head at least, people are bad to each other. Behave bad, says and write bad things to people who are infected by the coronavirus. Why? Why be ashamed, and even a bigger why, why behave bad?

The virus are all over the world. It can infect me and it can infect you, and we don’t always know when, how or where, even infection tracking and focus on “close contacts” is one of several measures that have been put in place and implemented. And even we use mask and try to keep distance, as well as washing our hands in a proper way.

I can be infected when I’m at the store, or even when I’m sourrende by my “close contacts”. And I don’t get the infection on porpoise, like I choose to believe that most of the people who are infected with the coronavirus haven’t done this in porpoise. And if I get the coronavirus I don’t think someone infected me on porpoise either.

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But, of course I can be wrong,- there’s a lots of different kinds of people “out there in the world”. There will always be an stupid soul and three “out there”, a “badass”, we all know that. But I don’t think most of us, and people in general get an infection on porpoise and “just for fun”, and then “give” the infection to someone else, just for fun. So why the be ashamed, and why behave bad?

Of course there has been some different mistakes during this period. Cruise ship in Norway that kept the coronavirus situation a bit secret, and different kinds of events that shouldn’t have been completed,- religious event as well as different other events and celebrations. But it is what it is,- the virus is in our society. It will not disappear much faster if we blame on each other.

And aren’t we in a time where we actually should care a bit more about each other then even create more distance to and from each other?

The coronavirus and Covid19 situation creates distance between us already with all the different restrictions, and when we “goes around” and feel about shame and on top of that, also people behave bad, we are creating even more distance.

We can all blame at each other. I can blame the person in the store that use the mask under the nose instead of over and cover both mouth and nose. I can blame one of my “close contacts” to not be to careful, and I can blame you because you didn’t see any needs for washing your hands after a toilet visit. But how will all this “blaming” help?

I read about foreigners in Norway that gets the blame, and teenagers that have secret parties, and I read about secret parties here in Spain too, so “we” aren’t any better South here. I read about people who dont want take the coronavirus test because they are worried for the result, and that an positive test can create bad behaviour when it comes to people around this person. This is, in my head, not good!

We are actually in this situation all of us, it’s affecting all of us, and it doesn’t help to be bad or blame someone else. The virus will not disappear for that reason. And there is probably a reason and two that it is such a big “flourishing” of the virus …. again ….and even more then during this Spring?

Mistakes can happen, this is a very new “situation” for all of us. To both live in in our society with a coronavirus, as we as live with so many new and different restrictions. It’s not easy for no one to “learn” all this at once, and to learn to live with “it all” as well.

And it’s not just the secret party in Madrid or Oslo that is the reason. And it’s not just the foreign that had this meeting, and it is not just this person who using the mask wrong and so on, and so on. That’s not the only reason for why the virus is “flourishing” so much again. It’s a bit more behind the “flourishing” then “just then this and that”.

The coronavirus will not disappear when we walks around and blame each other either. The virus is in our society for now, and, unfortunately, that’s the way it is. Be nice to each other instead. And don’t walk around with any kind of shame because you are positive with the virus. Maybe you feel ashame because you have been on a secret party, and maybe you got the virus from ther. But you can actually not know it for sure. Because maybe you also got it from someone in your family or your close contacts?

It’s important to follow the different restrictions as good as possible, and be nice to each other, including each other as best as possible during a difficult time. Instead of creating even more distance and a feeling of shame fulness.

I hope you are well, doing well and feel well 🧡. I hope you are following the different restrictions where ever you are,- even you feel they are “stupid”, or minimizing your “freedom” in one or another way 💚. The situation is more and less the same for “all and everyone”,- like the possibility for being affected by the coronavirus is more and less the same for “all and everyone” too.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Many people feel ashamed because they have got the coronavirus. And the reason why they feel ashamed is because of other peoples bad behaviour 😔. In the time we all are going through, I hope we can be more nice to each other instead of create even more distance that we already have. The different restrictions do already create distance. Do we need more distance then this?

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