Saturdayevening with Buzz 😊

Dear Diary 😊

It has been a nice and relaxing Saturday home- inside- it’s has been a “couples” off really big raindrops outside to day….too☔💧🌧🌪

I have done some work, and Emma and me had a new “girlsevening “😊Its not many of them- so I enjoying them when we have this time together 😊We has been eating nachos and candies…..And played Buzz😊

Buzz, nachos and candies 😊

When the children was small we had our own “weekend-ritual”💛. The Fridays we did watch a movie together and eat homemade pizza🍕🎬📽. Saturdays we did eat taco and played Buzz🖲💻🥗

Johan was not a good looser or winner. He could be a bit “crybaby” if he loose and a big big ” bitch”winner if he won.🏆😤

Me an Fabian had a more laidback to both winning and loosing- we just had it fun.😊

And “poor” Emma- she did started crying when Mr. Buzz come with some rude comments to her💛😢

But still- we really enjoyed this time together 💜

Good things has changed a bit,- now we can play together and laugh off the loosing and the winnings😅😁and still have a fun time together 💛

Emma’s wish for her birthday is a good old familyevening with just us 4, taco and Buzz💜. Hopefully I will manage to let that wish come true- I just need a tiny little help from her two brothers 💙

Thanks for a good day to day too💖

And the candle time has started = autum🍁🍂🍃

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