Time for “removing” “the winter-fur”😉

Dear Diary ☀️

The Spring is just around the corner, and it’s timd to “remove” “the winter- fur” 😉(read: start a proper “shaving”on the body here and there).

I m a bit better to “shave” legs, bikini-line and under my arms during the Spring, Summer and Autum…..and also when I m in a relationship 😊😃

I have been a bit “lazy” this winter with this kind of “activities”, also “shaving- activities “- but it has been a cold winter and I did need my fur😅

Last time I did remove my hair / “fur” on my legs I was sooo cold….❄…my legs felt so “naked”, so it was a bit okay when “the fur” was back😄…and a bit warmer on my legs 😉

Now the Spring is coming, its barefoot in the gras, its shorts and skirts, its t- shirts, tank- tops and bikini. 👗👙 And its soft summerwind- and to be honest- I think its a bit uncomfortable when the wind is blowing soft in my hairy legs🤣

And I feel better without to much “fur” during the Spring and Summer, – and its not so hot- during the very warm summer here in South Spain ☀️🌻😊😃

Spring and flowers, and barefoot in the gras🌻☀️

Worthy removing the fur for?🤔

Tomorrow I m going to a date. Im going to meet a swedish man, but I m not going to “remove” my “fur” on my legs today- nope- first Im going to see if he is worth the “work “😅….and if- well – then I need to make a plan- then it is about when Im going to see him again, and when are the next time Im going to take a sunbath☀️…..and…then again …when and if and…..just kidding 😅

Complicated? No- its not to bad😅….because I m actually doing this for me and my self, and not a man…normally….. (but….if I had done it for a man- its because it feels so much better when he touch my soft legs than my “fury” legs😅- honestly),- but mostly I do it for my own comfy and self-esteem 💛

Shaving= in a hurry, wox= for my legs and bikini- line, cream= under my arms…..(and some of my “winter-fur”….not nice🙄…but thats the way it can be sometimes 😅)….for many of “us” during the winter- Im actually the only one😊

Why, where and with what?

Like I said- its not so complicated – and I do shave and remove some of my body hairs here and there because I feel better, a bit more sensual and tiny more sexy without a “winter- fur” 😊….and it feels a bit more comfortable without the soft summerwind “blowing” on my “hairy legs”🌬

Its also very very hot in South of Spain during the summer- so a big “fur” can be a bit to much warm 😅. Also it’s bit heavy to swim with “fur”, and I can drown when “the fur” get heavy from the water, and drag me to the bottom – I cant risk that😄

Im just kidding…..a bit…..😋… exept when it comes to the “feel better”- point😊. And like mostly people, also I like to feel nice, well and comfortable with my self😊.

Normally its my legs, under my armd and my bikini- line that get the “treatment “😊

And normally I actually dont shave, I use wox and cream- its only if I m in a “hurry” to feel and look well, and sexy – I m shaving me “here and there”👗👡

So- lets see if “the date” tomorrow is worthy removing the “winter- fur” for,- or I can just wait a couple of more days to the sun is a bit warmer, the clothes are bit shorter and it is a bit more comfortable for taking sunbathing☀️👙

A little bit of this and that to “remove the winter-fur”😊

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