My Easter-egg is on the way 💛🐣🐥☀️from Seagarden/Norway

Dear Diary 💛🐣

Its Easter and many got nice Easter- eggs with a lots of sweet and tasty candies🍥🍭🍬😊,- and I m going to get my Easter egg tomorrow,- and that is 4 boxes with Marine Collagen from Seagarden 😍…directly from Norway’s best West Coast💛. Marine Collagen is “candie” for me, my mind and my body,- and I m really looking forward to get my Easter egg tomorrow 😍💛

Easter egg with Marine Collagen from Seagarden 💛

Seagarden Collagen

I did started with this product for around 6 months ago, and one of the reasons why I did started with it is my age- Im not getting any younger,- and also have got some nice lines in my face….😋…and my little sister in Norway did recommended to try Marine Collagen. So I did😍and I dont regret that😊.

I have now used Marine Collagen every day for the last six months, and I take it every morning- its a good start on my day☀️,- and it helps- in several ways- I will tell you in a bit 😊

Its important to take it regularly,- if not,- the good effects will not show “off”, and be as good and effective as they actually are. After just a few weeks, when you take it regular, you will see and feel the great effect and the good changes the collagen have on your body and mind😊

Marine Collagen from Seagarden

What is Marine Collagen good for?🤔

Im not going to have a long, big “scientific lecture ” about Marine Collagen,- just a short “summary” what collagen is good for.

Collagen is a very importen protein in the human body ( and also for animals) (its actually 25% of the total protein weigth in a body). Collagen does a lots if different and importen things for your body. Its support the body’s tissue, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bones and dentures. Its also importen for bloodvessels, cornea and lens, skinstructure and strength, and your mind 😊

Collagen is much used in relation to various medical treatments of bones and skin, as for example treatment of burns.

Collagen is also good in relation to prevention stress, good for digestion, and energizing, and also for your hair, and the hormonbalance in your body.

Its used as an supplement, and in different kinds of plastic surgery. (And a lack of collagen can lead to various diseases.)

Unfortunately, the production of collagen get less, smaller and slower in the body the older one becames. Something thats again causes wrinkles in the face, the body-skin becames less elastic and the same goes for the muscles, tissue, bones and skeletons.

Marine Collagen from Seagarden 💛

Why do I use Marine Collagen?

Im getting older, but I still want to take care if my mind and body. And I did try this, and it has had different good effects for me. I do regret I didnt take some “before”- photos and some “up- dated”- photos from my nice line in my face, my body- skin, my nails, the skin of my elbows and my sin on my feet. 😔 It had been so much easier to show the differents with a photo. The physically changes. Because it is changes- nice changes, – also when it comes to energy and stresslevel.

But I didn’t think the changes should be so much, and do a different 🙄,- but it did and does 😊I was actually a bit suprised 😊

My nice lines i my face is been softer, my nails are stronger and grows faster, my body-skin is softer (my bodyskin has always been very dry- before I needed to use babyoil in my skin, now I can use normal bodycream), my skin on my elbows is soft, and the skin on/under my feet is soft 😊. I also had been struggling with exhaustion, and that is also much, much better😊. My energy level is higher and I handle stress better ( its has been some stressfull weeks in the end of March/ beginning of April- but so fare I m still dtanding in my feet😥😊). Now it’s just my hair left😅. I hope that can grow thicker- fast😅👒.

Im so happy for this product💛,- and both men and women can use it- its not just for women😊

I recommend you to try it,- and you will be very postive suprised when you see and experience the different good effects and changes in will do to you and for you😊☀️ Just remembered to take a “before”- photo, so you really can see the different changes😊and also remeber to take it regularly😊

Do you want to try it?💛

You can order it here:😊

Im looking forward to my Easter egg tomorrow 😍💛😍

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