Lunch in La Cala and ice cream in Arroyo de la Miel ☀️🌬☔

Dear Diary 😊

It seem like this week will be a bit about Spanish culture and history ☀️. Its like that when we have guestes from Norway,- its nice to show them around in “our area”☀️. Its a lots of nice and cozy places here, and also different things to do,- but this time it will be to visits small, nice and cozy places, villages and towns. The reason is because of the weather- it can change fast from sun to rain in the Springtime here. An other reason is ,- I need to work😁😘 (yessss- its work thats waiting for me- and Im feeling lucky and greatful for that💛).

Any way- its easier to take “history- and culture ” trips in the Springtime, and take “bigger” events when the weather is a bit more stabil😊☔☀️.

A nice day with a bit history and culture 😊

Tasty lunch in La Cala

We did start the day with a trip to La Cala. This is a small and very cozy, old fishing village, with white washed houses. The village is close to the seafront and the beach. Its “straight away ” to the Mediterranean. You can see over to Africa on clear days. The village is still small, but after the Spanish tourism boom in the 1960’s its has get a bit bigger.

La Cala is a historical place of defence, fortified with 4 different towers a long the coast. From the towers it was possible for the people to see when the enemy ships did try to approach wether is was to Marbella, Fuengerola and Benalmadena. It was easier to try to stop the enemy, and this was one of the favourite places that the Berbers really did like to attacked. It was easy to travel / come by the sea, and also more or less the only way. And eith the towers it was easier to stop the enemy as well😊

White washed houses and one off the tower, the Mediterranean and La Cala’s charm

Its differents things to do in La Cala,- even its a small village. Its golf, bicycling, safari with ATV, scuba diving, and of course be at the beach- the very nice frontline in La Cala. Every Wednesday and Saturday its a big market there where you can buy fresh fruits, flowers, clothes and a lots of other things.

La Cala is not big, but its a very nice and peaceful village.

The lunch at Casa Barella 🍔🍶

Its many nice and cozy places to eat in La Cala,- but my favourite place is Casa Barella 💛. Its a very cozy café, with english food- tasty food and a lots of food. Great people- you feel so very welcome.

Its a good place to start the day with a good breakfast, or realx with a tasty lunch, and in summertime its perfect for cozy family dinners💛😊

We always eat here when we are in La Cala,- and I hope you drop by for “a bite” when you are in La Cala.

Casa Barella in La Cala 😊

We did take a walk through the village, enjoyed the seafront, did take some photos and had a very nice and tasty lunch at Casa Barella today 😊

Ice cream in Arroyo de la Miel 🍨

After the lunch, the trip went back to Arroyo de la Miel, in Benalmadena.

One of my favourite places for ice cream is in Arroyo de la Miel, and my favourite ice cream is pistachio and chocolate 🍨(home I also use banana, more chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles 😀).

My favourite ice cream with pistachio and chocolate 🍨😁

Arroyo de la Miel is a small modern town with distinctive charm. Its one of three district that constitutes the city of Benalmadena. Its between Benalmadena Costa and Benalmadena Pueblo. Arroyo de la Miel is “our town”- where we belongs.

Arroyo de la Miel did strated grewing allready in 1748 when they started use the muscatel grapes in the wine. It makes a very tasty wine.

The town did grew a bit bigger in the 1960’s – of the same reason as in La Cala- the Spanish tourism boom in the 1960’s.

Its also many nice and cozy places to eat in Arroyo as well🍶🍔

Painting of flamenco- dancers (painted by me), cozy places to eat, cava and candies from the market

Its a couple of things to do in Arroyo as well. Its a big market every Friday, its cable cars, Tivoli, the Paloma Park, Selwo Marina – and a Barbie Museum with over 800 different barbie- dolls.

The Barbie Museum in Arroyo de la Miel

We did have a nice and relaxing time in Arroyo as well,- but like I told you, the weather can change from sun to rain in just a couple of hours. (sometimes is just like minutes).

A very very empty street in Arroyo when hen the rain suddenly can😅

Not any “big” events today,- but still a very nice day togheter with a good friend, and some of the Spanish history and culture in the Southern of Spain💛

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