Mijas pueblo, donkeys and the world smallest chocolate factory 😍

Dear Diary 😊

Its not many days left before my friend is travelling back to Norway. She has not been very lucky with the weather,- its has been a “nice” mix between wind, rain and some sun this week🌬☔☀️

Yesterday the trip went to Mijas Pueblo. Mijas is actually one of the biggest municipalities in Spain, and Mijas Pueblo is a small and charming mountain village. The village is 482 meters above sea level, and is also one of the most popular and “famous” whitewashed villages in Andalusia.

Its a very charming village with a lots of history, culture, also some museums and small, cozy cobbled streets. Its nearly no space for a car in the streets 🚗.

Mijas Pueblo has a long history back to Roman times, and is also a good example of the Arabic history in Spain, and its a lots of the typical architecture that characterizis many ancient cities in Andalusia. The livelihood in Mijas pueblo was agriculture until the tourism “industry” in the 1960’s.

A cozy place to rest in between the different things to explore in Mijas Pueblo😊

Its a lots of different things to see and explore in this little charming mountain village 😊…..and I have “hidden” the best to the end 😉….one of the best thing I like 😅 😉🍫🍦

A little bit from Mijas Pueblo


The donkes has become a symbol for Mijas, and also a tourist attraction since 1960’s. The donkeys ( and also horses) was, and still are, used as taxis,- and its a nice way to use this “taxis” to get around in the village, specially since the streets are so small.

The donkeys are working animals and draft animals, and soooo stubborn and actually unshakeable if they just dont want to do nothing at all 😅.

And thats for sure that the donkeys in Mijas Pueblo are stubborn every time I m visiting Mijas Pueblo 😅. I have so fare never meet a donkey there, just some horses. When I m in Mijas Pueblo the donkeys are on holiday, resting, have a “timeout” or have actually went to bed (at 19.00 in the evening)😅🙄💤. One thing is for sure, the people in Mijas Pueblo take good care of theier donkeys💛.

I like donkeys, I actually think its a bit funny that this in a way small animals can be so stubborn- if they dont want to walk, they just dont walk- no matter what😅.

Two donkeys “borrowed ” from internet, one photo I have borrowed from a friend, and the photo of the horse is my photo😊

Miniature Museum

In Mijas Pueblo it is different kinds of museums. The bullfighting area in Mijas Pueblo was built in 1900, but is now an museum. Bullfighting has been an importen tradition in Spain.

The bullfighting area in Mijas Pueblo is an attraction in it self because it’s one of the few bullrings in Spain that is square and not round. We didnt visited the bullring😊,- but we visit the Mijas Wagon ( a miniature museum )- one of the largest collections of the smallest things. It open in 1972, and its not vey big. Small thing dont need very much space😊.

You can see “The seven Wonders of the world ” on a toothpick. “Virgen de la Pina” on a drawin pin. “Mijas donkey” on a grain of rice. Lincoln painted on a pinhead- and a lots of more things. Its over 360 pieces of great, small mini”art” in tbe museum.

Miniature Museum in Mijas Pueblo 💛

And its also “White man’s head” shrunk by the Jobaron Indians,- unique in the world.

I did like this museum, and I was also a bit fascinated of “the head”😊

“White man’s head ” in the Miniature Museum in Mijas Pueblo

Saints and Guardian Angeles

Its differents saints and guardian angeles in Spain, and all have a history or legends.

In Mijas Pueblo is the Sanctuary of the Virgen of Rena. This is an old temple and a big tourist attraction in the village. The temple was built around 1550, after the village people has seen a white dove sitting on the rock for 3 days. (in 1538). A carpenter checked the rock and found a cavity. Inside the cavity there where various of religious things. And the Virgen Maria did show her self for the carpenter and asked him for building a little temple at the rock.

From that, and still, every year, on 8.September, Maria, the pueblos guardian angel, is celebrated in the pueblo. Its a colourful celebration. 🦋🌺💐🥀

According to the legend, it should hang a picture of the saint inside in the temple’s “dark inner”. (Im not sure if it is a picture of Maria or the carpenter- he was also, in a way, a saint)💛

Sanctuary of the Virgen of Rena in Mijas Pueblo

The statute did reminded me a bit of the statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil 😊

And “the sweets” to the end 🍫🍦

Magan Monkey Mijas Chocolate Factory! 😍🍫 The world’s smallest chocolatefactory in the world, and the name is inspired by the ancient maya- and aztec civilisations. The history tells that cacao and chocolate was a nice, sweet, tasty and healthy mix in the food for this civilisations for over 1000 years ago 😊🍫

You can create your own chocolate, or you can be at different courses and learn to make chocolate, or you can enjoy the tasty ice cream at the factory 🍦,- or just eat different kind of chocolates,- like I did 😍🍫😊

Mayan Monkey Chocolate Factory in Mijas Pueblo 😍

It was a lovely day with history, culture and tasty, sweet chocolate 🍫💞

And the amazing view from the Mijas Pueblo “all over ” the Mediterranean,- just that is worth the trip to the little, charming mountain village 🏡🏘⛰.

The Mediterranean

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