Bodycare- Mindcare 💙

Dear Diary 😊

Its actually 2 year since I did painted my 3 flamenco-dancers on the patio- wall to Natasja and Klaus. Wow! The time goes so fast- a bit to fast.

Im a bit proud over my wall- painting,- it is so happy and colourful,- and it made my very happy when I did create it 😍

Me and my 3 flamenco-dancer on the patio- wall 🎨

Mindcare 💭❣

Mindcare, “timeout”, relaxing time or refill for the soul is also a importen part of the bodycare and selfcare,- as well as to work out 🤸‍♀️. Work out is both good for the body and the mind,- but its also good to do other things to “take care of the mind”,- and we all prefer to do different things. I like to do a couple of various things to “refill my soul” and “take care of my mind” 😊❣

Painting 🎨

I really like to paint,- its one of my “mindcare”,- but unfortunately I dont have so much time to paint as I want to at the moment. The reason is,- I forget the time,- totally! Im in the colors,- and its like time and place don’t exist. And at the moment I cant effort to “loose” or forget the time,- that means I will forget my work😅.

Insted I do some other things as “mindcare” now at days 😊

I have always like drawing and colouring. At school I did draw in my writtingbooks, and when my childrens was very young I did color in theier colorbooks after I had put them to bed for the evening🎨.

It was a nice way to get “my breath back ” after a busy day 😊

I have some of my paitning outside in my patio. The paintings in theier own way gives me “my breath back” now at days,- after a busy day. Special when I need to put the painting a bit “on hold” for a while😊

Some other of my painting I have in our guestroom😊

Reading, knitting, writing 📚📝

I have always like to read, and before I could read my daddy did read different fairytale-storys to me in the evenings. I have done the same thing for my children,- read stories and fairytale before theier bedtime 📚

To read is liķe to travel in time, to other places, in the history and cultures, meet new persons and different lifes. Its like to give the book life when you read.

And I really like to relax with a good book, mostly all kind of books. Im very lucky,- because one of my students work at the airpor, and he is sample in books to me,- norwegian and english books,- and give them to me when we have norwegian lessons. Its books that the stores dont sell anymore, or travelers have left.

I also like to knitting,- and my grandmammi did teach me knitting when I was around 11-12 years old. Since then I have knitted a lots of different things. Sweaters, babyclothes, blankets, handbags, scarfs ect.,- but still not wool socks 😅. I need to learn that one day. My next knitting- project, maybe?😊

Its nice to just put together colors, and I can also watch a good movie at the same time when I m knitting 😊

Colors in the books and create colorful clothes 😊

And I really love to write❣ I did learn to write when I was 7 years old,- and I did started to write a book back then😊📚. I still remeber it, the story and my book. It was dark green on the cover and my daddy gave it to my,- to write in. The tittle was “The glove hand in the window”,- and it was a kind of crime-thriller😊.

I have been working with different kind of textes as a freelance writer for different companies since 2006. I call it my “Jobby”,- because its a job at the same time as it is a hobby,- for me. My dream is to could live of just writing,- hopefully that can be possible one dag😊 At the moment its not,- so I have some students, take some extra shifts in the homenursery, but mostly at the moment is a chat- job. Like an online social worker,- more or less.

So,- then I did started with the “blogging” / “dear diary” ,- for create my own “space and place” to write and have a “time out “, my “mindcare”-place😊📚📝

Any way,- when I am in front of my computer and are ready to start on new written tasks I just feel my shoulders lower. Im so ready to write and for me its so relaxing to write, create and give the different textes colors. It doesn’t feel like a job,- its like a timeout with salary💖📝

I Love to write📝😊

Unfortunately its a bit few written taks to take at the moment,- so I m working as a online “social-worker” at the moment (but hopefully not “forever 😔) Im chatting with lonely people.

The working-time is when some one is online and need some one to talk with,- so it is a bit unstabile. Its most chat in the early morning, afternoon, evenings, nights and weekends. It is that time people feel most lonely. So its not easy to start to paint and forget my work if a lonesome soul need someone to chat with 😊I m a bit “stand-by” in this work 😊

In this kind of work I actually need to have some other things to “refill my soul ” with, take care of my mind and a “time out”. Its very much the same the chat is about, but at the same time different people with different thoughts in life. So then I read, watch a move and do some knitting,- write in my blog😍,- or just enjoiyng time with my friends and family💖-with homemade food of different kinds😊 Something that also is a big refill for the soul 💖

Time with family and friends, good food and good drinks 💛

So,- I prefer to do different things as my type of “mindcare “, and this is some of them. I do other things too, but them I can tell you about an other day🌞

What do you prefer to do when you need a “timeout”, have some “mindcare” and refill your soul?😊💛

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