“Make”-ing me “pretty” 💄💍👗

Dear Diary 😊

Emma has wanted to do my make-up for a while,- and this afternoon I did let her do my make-up😊”Make”-ing me “pretty”😅.

Its actually not to easy for others to do make-up for me, because my face is a bit more non-symmetric than for some other people, special around my right eye. The reason is,- I was in a car accident when I was 18 years old, and some parts of my right side in my face was damaged. The doctors that “put me together” at that time did a good job. But now, when I m getting older- the different in my face showes a bit better.

And then others have a tiny little challenge to make the make-up as symmetrical as they want to😊.

But this afternoon I did let Emma try to do my make-up 💄, she made me “pretty”,- and she did a good job😊. Unfortunately we did forgot to take good profile photos (but something to remeber if it will be a next time😊), and my eyes also did get i bit red on the photos. I did try to fix it, but I gave up😅. Little by little, step by step- it will be better💛

Me- looking good and ready for the Friday evening in Spain 🌞

The mascara and me 😊

Me and make- up is actually a very easy “session”. I like my mascara, and I use my mascara daily. If I m going out, to the store or something like that,-I take on a bit extra mascara on, and feel good😊

Me,- before “the make-up” session this afternoon😊

I have considered eyelashes extends,- it has been a bit easier😊. But normally the eyelashes extends last for 4-6 weeks,- and then its needs for some new one. Or I can have less eyelashes for a while,- but I dont want that 😅. Some eyelashes extends can take my naturally eyelashes with them when they fall of,- and then its not very much eyelashes to take mascara on for a while- I cant risk that😊

My mascara- one of my daily “fashions ” ritual 😊

In the summertime, when I m at the pool or at the beach I use waterproof mascara. So I dont look like a sweet panda when the mascara goes “here and there and everywhere ” in the heat, sweat, sun and water.

I was better to use make- up 10 years ago, but I still use some make-up when I m going to meet friends, go to a party or something like that.

Some of my favourites perfumes, my make-up,- and something I should learn to use a bit more 😊

I should maybe learn to use foundation (is that correct?🤔), and I m not sure what consiler is?🤔. But I know what primer is,- and I use this when I use eyeliner, eyeshadow, and also fixing my eyebrows. (its my eyebrows that is tbe “biggest” challeng when it comes to make-up).

My make-up is: mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fixing my eyebrows and a a lip- gloss with a “touch” of color, and some of one of my favourites perfumes 😊,- and then I m ready to go 😊👠👗. Very easy 🌞

Eyebrows 👀

Its lots of nice eyebrows,- and some surprising eyebrows🙄. Im not sure why some one want to look suprised out all the time,- but okay,- if they feel comfortable and nice with that look- so why not 😊.

Like I did mention,- my eyebrows is my biggest challenge when it comes to the make-up 👀. Here the symmetric or non-symmetric, shows very good, special when some one else has done my make-up. Thats also why I choose to use as less make-up as possible, and do the best of it😊. I do my eyebrows my self, colouring and fixing,- if not I don’t feel very comfortable.

Before colouring, under colouring and after colouring- home, done by me😅

This is me, one year ago, May’18,- and some one else has done my make-up. The photo in the middle is before the make-up session. As you can see,- its i different between my eyebrows 😊

I know it maybe can be corrected with plastic surgery,- but I don’t have “the tool’s” for that. So I hope “mother nature” is going a bit slowly and nicely with me when it comes to my aging- process 😊. In the meantime,- I just try to do the best of it 😊

Emmas make-up work, and before my last “touch” of the mascara 😉 (…and as you see- its still a different between my eyebrows 🙂).

When I was pregnant (its 19 years ago🙄) with Emma I did take permanent eyeliner and lipliner. It should last for between 5-7 years, and it probably did 😊. I did this because,- with a baby, a 3 year old boy and a 6 year old boy,- the time for me and my make-up was a bit “amputated”. I was very happy with that solution, and had proberly did it again. But this time with some other colours then I did use and choose 19 years ago 😊.

The colours I did use 10- 20 years ago in make-up dont suits me at the same way anymore. I think it has something with the age to do, Im just getting older 😊.

Its the same with some of my clothes and shoes, even the bikini. I have “growing up ” or “away” from some type of styles. Its like this for me, but its not sure other woman in my age feel it in the same way 😊

Me,- ready for a nice Friday evening in Spain 🌞

This dress is actually 24 years old, but I still use it. I did buy it in Paris in the summer of 1995 😊. But I still feel pretty in this dress 😍

Ready for a nice Spring evening in Spain, and I do feel pretty and nice😊

Thanks Emma for the make-up 😘

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