“Cruising” around in my wardrobe 👗👠

Dear Diary🌞

The summer is here, I have waxed my legs, “put” on some weight😊, feel a bit great, and are ready to meet both the Summer and my good friends, and maybe even some new people in my life 😊

Im ready to dress up in summer- clothes like short skirts, nice tops, lovely summerdresses, and some sweet sandals 👡

But first I need to find them 😅. We don’t have the “biggest” wardrobe,- so I change my clothes from summer to winter and back. At the same time I do this I also have “a clean up” in my clothes. It is a bit like “shopping” for free because I find clothes I have forgot I had. And I give away the clothes Im not using any more. I did actually find a black, long skirt. I have never used it, but I m not sure if I should keep it or give it away. Maybe it can “pop-up” an occasion I can use it in? I never know 😊….so I think I keep it for a while😊.

The black skirt,- never used and I dont know how long I have had it 😊

I like to find good and nice clothes Im not using any more and give them away to “second-hand”,- and hopefully someone else can enjoy them. Or I give them away to friends if they are interesting 😊

Emma and me love to get “second-hand-clothes”💛. Thats also like free suprice- shopping. We dont know whats in the bags, and normally we get happy supriced😊

All my clothes on my bed, and after nicely in my wardrobe 😊and a bag with “give-away-clothes”.

Like many “put” away clothes “in case” they lose weight, I “put” away some clothes “in-case” I “put” on weight😊 (and, unfortunately, I also have hidden away some clothes in case Im lose weight. If “the life” is stressfull I lose weight very fast, to fast 😔, but I still need to have some clothes to “put” on my body 😅).

I need a couple of nice, new summer-clothes as well. Some clothes that fits me as the person and woman Im, clothes I feel a bit pretty (and sensual) in, as well as fit my age😊 And I m looking forward to that shopping-round👠👗🛍👜…..I m not sure when yet, but one day😊.

But I have already bought some nice and sweet underwear. Maybe I meet some one I can show it to?😉 Or maybe you are the first one that sees it😅. I actually also did buy “one-week-in-the-month” underwear,- because “that week” I like to feel just comfortable 😄. But normally I like to use nice and sweet underwear just for me,- its like feel nice from “indude to outside “.

I did a bit more shopping too,- I did bought new exercise- shoes. And,- oh my! they are so comfortable and easy to use. Its like flying😅 My old felt suddenly “heavy” 😃. And I also bought a couple of “work- out” shorts,- its necessary now when it getting warmer🌞🤸‍♀️

My new underwear 😍my new and old shoes, and my work-out shorts 😊

I need to start to “practice” doing more things “alone”,- and then its good to have clothes that I feel comfortable in as well as pretty in. It may be a “stupid” maybe- but thats the way I feel it,- in a way “safe”, when I also feel “well-dressed”.

I have for the last 25 years done so many things together with my 3 babyducks. They have been my “company” in so many different situations like trips and travellers, out for dinner at a restaurant, to the beach, even to the store. It was normally me an them,- my babyducks jumping around me, and behind me 🦆.

Then one started to do thing on his own, and the next one,- and now its just Emma left. But she is also doing more and more thing with out me, (of course- its natural ), and insted together with her friends. 😊

So now I need to learn to take my self out for dinner at restaurant 🥗 on trips and travellers🛫 or to the beach 🏖 and different other thingd. And then I will feel comfortable in the different “new” situations,- and yes! for me,- is one of these things is actually how my “outfit” is 😊and feels for me.

I have very good friends I can do these things together with,- but they have husbands or boyfriends. And of course make plans with them. An other thing,- its not always “fun” to be ” the 5.wheel on the wagon” rather. (I will tell you a bit more about beeing singel and excluded,- in an other post, an other day 😊).

Any way,- my wardrobe is summer-ready, and so am I 🌞, and ready for warm summer-days ☀️and soft summer-evenings 🌛🌟 ,- and it’s also room for some new summer-clothes too😍

Not any “show-off” of summer-clothes today,- just me trying out my skirt😊….and maybe ready for a soft summer-evening 🌟🌛

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