Today,- Lifestyle 🎨😊🏖

Hi 😊 So nice to see you 😊

Today the “keyword” in the 5-days Insta-challenge was “lifestyle”,- and whats importen for me in my life, working-life 😊.

Its has been so easy if it was just to “explain” my lifestyle. Like my living, diet, work-out, daily rutines, social- living ect. I do work-out, I eat normally healthy, I go to bed at 23.00, wake up and start my day at 07.00 and so on. At the same time- its actually a part of what Im doing in my blog- tell you about my “lifestyle” in Spain 💛.

My “lifestyle” for the last 25 years has been a more or less a “mammi-lifestyle” to following up my children, taking care of them, give them a lots of live, and do my job so we did have what we needed to have- like a place to live, food, water, different kind of experiences and so on 😊.

And “suddenly” Im going to find a lifestyle just for me…..even maybe my “dream-job-lifestyle” in my life- wow! 😊.

Freedom is importen for me,- but “freedom” can be defined diffrent from person to person. For me “freedom” is in three parts- the possibility to work where I want to work,-and when I want to work, and thst it is a income/ a salary. I love to work from my home- in my patio, under the sun-umbrella 🏖- close to the pool 😊.

Here is my favourite place to work with my blog 😊Outside in the sun 🌞

Freedom for me is also to be able to choose my working-time,- and I actually normally like to start work in the morning, do my work-out first, eat my breakfast,- and then “go to” work 😊- and I also like to work in the evenings when Im working with “my own products” -like my blog, my painting and my knitting. But not for others- like I need to do at the moment.

But freedom for me is also the “income”, a salary that can pay the bills and bring food on the table. If this part is on a “non-existent” level,- I don’t feel I have any freedom at all- even when I can work from my home at the times I want to work….its still no freedom as long as there is not “pay-out” for my work.

This is not freedom for me- to work, but not to get any “income“.

So,- at the moment I need to, its really necessary, that I have an other job besides when I m working with my dream-job- blog,- and my goals- my blog….and hopefully it will come more time to my painting as well. Now its busy, its hard- its a “lifestyle” I dont like at all- but hopefully it will bring up something very good and positive after a while – my lifestyle I m dreaming of- and working for to get💛. Hard work can “pay off” 😊.

This is my “office-corner” in our living room,- at the moment I do work for others company here- online 🤔,- but I just want to have this “corner” as my painting-space 🎨….and hopefully it will be like that.

And my “sales-product” is me 😊. My life in Spain, my days in Spain, my experience about living in Spain as well as my experience in life in general. My thoughts and opinions about “this and that” ( and I have a lots of things in my mind sometimes) ,- and Im not kidding when I tell you “I was left in Spain with a couple of kids in the suitcase”- but that is a story I will turn back too. Its actually a story to tell some day- because of different reasons I couldn’t just “turn my nose” back to Norway at that moment rather. I actually neede to try to do “the best of it” the 10 months that was the plan 😊 ,- and I did-I did the best of it- but it has been hard, a rollercoaster. A lifestyle to learn a lots of! And thats why my blog is called “mybumpyshininglife”- it has been bumpy with a lots of sunshine in 🌞.


But I can not tell you “everything” in just on post,- so I hope that my readers little by little will be more and more curious about “me”.,- and then become my followers. I hope you will be curious about- Who is this norwegian, mature woman in Spain?

What can she teach or learn me? How can she inspired me in any way? What is on her mind today? What will she write about this time? Dating? Make-up? A nice place in Spain worth to visit? Something exacting about the spanish culture or traditions? Or something else? Maybe a funny story? One thing is for sure-I cant miss it- her posts 😉.

You never know what this can brings for both you and me 😊.

So its just to read my post, follow me if you want- then you will find out 😊….and in your own way be a part of my “lifestyle” in Spain. Wouldn’t thay be funny?😊Do you want to join me on this “journey”?

And then you get to know me better as well,- and maybe see whats happen in the end of my funnel when I starting sort out my “topic” that are at the top of my funnel at the moment ,- or maybe I never do. Maybe my topic just will be me– a ordenary norwegian woman in Spain- working to get my dreams and goals “up and go” 😊….to the reach the lifestyle Im dreaming of and working for.

Me- at my normal work/ the work thst pays the bills at the moment – home in my office-corner ” 😊.

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