Getting ready for celebration 🎉🎈🍾

Hi😊 ,- nice to see you 😊

The town Im living in, the whole country actually, is getting ready for the biggest celebration in Spain,- San Juan! 🎉.

Arroyo de la Miel, a part of Benalmadena,- the town we are living in, has started to “dress up” for this big celebration.


Its nice and colorful, and a celebration so different from what I m use to in Norway. Its about celebrate the Saint San Juan, but also a celebration for “clean” evil spirits from the body and the soul. Its water and fire, its party and joy- colours and light.

Free shiping over 69$

Its like a big New Year Celebration, and in a way its actually what it is,- a celebration for “a new, fresh, clean start”.

Free shiping over 69$

The celebration of San Juan starts in the afternoon the 23.June and ends the 30 June. The spanish people like theier “fiestas”- thats for sure, – and there are many different fiesta around in the country,- local and national.

I will tell you more about San Juan,- probably on Monday. My plan its to take some photos to show you, maybe even try to film a bit (I can not promise filming- but I will try- you know- I m still a “newbie” ,- and need to expose my self in my own tempo) 😊. And I will tell you a bit more about the different traditions people do on San Juan. Its water and fire, with different kinds of purposes for the next 12 months, as well as for the last 12 months 😊.

Arroyo de la Miel is getting “dressed up” and ready for a big party 🎉🎈🍾

Day 4 of the 5-days Insta-challenge 📝😊

And its day 4 of the 5-days Insta-challenge by Gry Sinding,- and I m still going on 😊. To be honest I did actually considered to stop after day 2. But at the same time Im not a person that just give up,- and I m at the same time also a bit curious as a person- I want to see “what can this bring me” 😊.


Im still at the same “level”- and still with the same “product”- “me and my blog”- my life in Spain.

I like to have things a bit orginazied- like in different boxes with different colours and subjects 😊.

To write a blog is in a way to write a diary. Im letting you into my life as well as into my thoughts ( my head actually) ,- and yes- it is a bit scary,- but at the same time very funny.

I really like to write, and I like to take photos, and I like to put it all together- in my way.

I think I will try to create different temas (tema and subjects that are in interest for me- and hopefully my readers), for different weeks, and then “colour it” up with small and big “happenings” in my daily and weekly life 😊.We see how it goes ,- only one way to find out- is to try it out😊.

I like things orginazied- hobbies in one box, health and work-out in an other, and make- up and fashion in one box, and work, job, studies in one ect.

Today’s “key-word” in the 5-days Insta-challenge was “Sales- yourself/ your product ” and in away “inspiration” -inspiring “your customer”…… and do it with out selling….


Hmmm….🤔!! I needed to think a bit about that one- but I have found out that to write “long textes” on Instagram is not working for me.

And I also did find out that photos of me- dressed up nice (in nice dresses and fashion clothes )– or dressed down nice,- if I can say it that way (in bikini or summerclothes) did get a bit more “likes” and “comments” then an ordenary me. At the same time- this is me- an ordenary me 😊. I like to use dresses, I like to feel comfortable with my self,- also in a bikini 😊. But very ordinary photos- not so much “likes/comments “.

So okay,- that “sells”…..but Im not sure what can “come out of this”? Create more photo like that? For to get new followers and likes, and hopefully readers to my blog?

Well,- isn’t this what the online- world is a bit about- get in a kind of connection, attractions, sell a “product”? So,- again- okay 😊,- I will try and see whats happen. At the moment I need to edmite that I need to think a bit about this “photo-shoot- sessions”. I feel I already have exposed my self a bit in the “photo- area “,- and am I ready for more?

I know I need to get “live online” as well,- and it will come- it just need to matures a bit in my head first 😊.

And,- so how can I inspired my readers?

Im taking the “easy way” now 😊. You can join me on a kind of “visually/ vitural” “trip and adventure” to Spain if you don’t have the possibility to travel to Spain, or try to live in Spain ,- when you read my blog 🌞. Or maybe I can inspired you to try something you have dreamed about to try for a long time, but not yet take the chance to try. Or maybe I can just “color” up your day with my textes/ posts- its not sure it needs to be so complicated this “inspiration”- part at all 😊.

We see whats happen and how it goes- with the “sales” and “inspiration” part,- and it also gave me something to think about as well 😊.

A happy “sales-agent” ( and hopefully also for a kind of inspiration) 😅,- getting ready for both summer and the celebration of San Juan- there one of the parts is to go backwards in to the sea….

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