My “secret beach” 🏖

Hi,- so nice to see you 😊

Today me and Emma has spent some hours at “my secret beach”. Its actually not a very “secret beach” ,- but its a beach thats not “fulled” up with holiday-guestes and tourists. Its a small beach where normally natives ,- and we “forenger” use.

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It was Rafael that showed me this beach some years ago, the 31. December 2015 actually. And I have used this beach many, many times after.

Its reminds me a bit about Norway, and the long summerdays I did spend at the norwegian beachs and the rocks 🏖🏞.

“My norwegian beach” with stones and rocks 💛

Its not very often Emma and me spend time together anymore,- even we live together 😊. She is busy with her teenager- life, work, party, friends and vollyball ,- and I m trying to be busy with my life,- and find a “new way” to live it ….when there is soon not any children left in my/ our home😊.

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But today we did spend some good quality- time together. I think she also just needed a “time-out” today, to relax and just be “a part off the nature”.

Its a small, nice and cozy cafee at the beach,- so we did have a tiny, tasty, late lunch before we went home. Then I didnt needed to made any food this afternoon. It was one if my best lunch-date so fare for a long time 😅😘.

And she is not unfamiliar any more to taste new “dishes”,- and did eat her first scampy-cocktail today,’ and did like it 😊.

A nice lunch-date with my daughter. Tasty melon and ham for me, and scampy for her,- and coca cola on glass-bottles = a tiny luxus in the daily life 😍

Im a bit accomplished after 6 years in Spain,- so I dont “run” so fast into the sea like I did before. I like that the sea has got a tiny touch of the warming sun now 😊.

Imagen that,- before I didn’t mind if the water was 15 degrees or even maybe less. Im not quite there any more. But today the temperature was “perfect ” ,- even I dont know how many degrees the water had 😊.

The water was lovely and refreshing.The beach at “my secret beach” had not to much of this “tourist-attraction” like a lots of soft sand,- its a bit stones “here and there” ,- and like I told you,- its a bit “norwegian”. And it has its own sharm,- for me with a ” touch of the norwegian” I sometimes need to just feel 😊🌬.

The water was so refreshing today 😊❄🌞

I call this beach “my secret beach” because this is a place where I go to if I need to be alone, be close to the nature, get some new, positive energy, sort out some thoughts and just relax- have a “time-out”. Get some “silent” in my soul 💛☄.

I go to this place during the whole year,- not just in the Summer. In June, July and August its a bit more people at the beach,- but the rest of the year not so much.

Its one of my favourite places for a time-out and refreshing of my mind, to be relaxed and just be a part of the nature,- and get a tiny “touch” the norwegian. Even my work-out and yoga, painting and knitting gives me postive energy,- I also need “this” – “this” something special that only the nature can give me 💛☄

I havent even showed this beach to my friends and guests. Its like I in away want to have this place for myself 💛☄😊. Its “my place”.Do you have a favourite place you go to when you need a time- out, new positive energy ? A place thats just “yours” ? 😊

“My secret beach” – my “place” for a good time-out 💛☄

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