New opportunities 😊

Hi,- it is so nice to see you 😊

To say I m not a bit nervous today is a lie,- of course I m nervous. Its a new job, a new place, a new office, new people and new working-tasks. And last, but not at least- a new opportunity 😊.

Its also a tiny lie to say I havent done this kind of work, costumer-service, before. The 2. and the 3. year in Spain I did work with customer- service. And it was a stable work ( but teally boring 😉 ) for a while, but it became also changes there, and “cutbacks”. So when I did got the opportunity to work for a Scandinavian and UK- company in private homenursery I did “grab” that opportunity with my both hands- and didnt regret that 😊.

Its hard work to work in homenursery, both physical and mental,- but I like to work with people,- and I like to see positive progression in my work, with the patients, and that my job actually make a different for the person- at least most of the times 😊. In homenursery I did nornally work with 2 patients-groups. The one that was going to be better, and also with retraining,- and the one that was on the way to “travel out from” theier lifes 🕯.

But the private homenursery has also changed during the last few years here in Spain. Its not to much work there rather at the moment. I think its a mix between generation. One generation is gone, and the other one, the next one is not “come to homenursery”-age yet. People are more healthy, – and for the UK its actually also this Brexit-“agreement” thats one of the facts around the private homenursery.

Its good people are healthy,- actually 😊 ,- but its not very much work for me to do then 😊.

My homenursery- bag that I did bring with me from house to house, from home to home, from patient to patient. I still have it- in case 😊.

During this years in Spain I have actually been teaching all the time. When I did work at costumer-service, I did have students after work, in the afternoons. And when I did started in the homenursery I was also able to have some students at the daytime as well. And here I normally did see a lost of positive progression 😊. My students are great, and really work for learning.

I have also been writing a tiny bit as freelancer now and then for different companies, besides other jobs during many years. When I was living in Norway and now when I have been living in Spain. I have been taken freelance work and writing tasks since probably 2004, or maybe before,- I dont remember 😊. And when I did get the possibility to just work as a freelance writer I did “grab” that opportunity as well,- with both my hands 😅. And even the last 6 months has been hard I dont regrets it 😊.

So “costumer-service” is actually a tiny question about definition as well. I have been working with “costumer-service” as an assistent nurse, as a teacher and also as a writer 😊. I have been “served” “costumer” different and necessary “services” 😊. And from today its a “new” and other kind of “costumer-service” Im going to work with 🎧 ☎️ 💻. (…and yes the chatte- job is also a kind of costumer-service 😥 😅).

So,- as you might understand,- I m not affraid of taking chances, and I m not afraid of doing a job, and work 😊.

Some will maybe “think” I m stupid that has taken this work- chances and work- opportunities. Well,- I have “always” had some kind of work,- even I need to edmite that the chatting-job, this online “social-worker” job has been the most difficult job I have ever done, mentally.

An other thing,- we are all interchangeable in our job, and no one is actually irreplaceable rather in a job- and work- situation. Just a tiny remebering,- you never known when thing changes in your life.

Any way,- its a new day today, a new week, even a new month and a new half year has also started,- and for me its a new job today and new opportunities 😊. And I m looking forward for this different opportunities Im going to meet.

And at the same time it will be easier for me to work for my “dream-job” besides my ordenary job now. Because its more or less just me “to take care of” home in the afternoons now 😊. For just 3-4 years ago I still took care of my children and follow them up in life. But now,- the boys live on theier own, and Emma lives more or less her own life as well. So I can start to focus on my things now, my interests and my life 💛

This is going to be fun and fine😊💛

Wish me luck today,- and for the next days, weeks and moths,- and I wish you all a fantastic day, weeks and months 💛💛💛

Im a bit nervous today, but I m also very exacting for the next days, weeks, months 😊

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