3 kilos +/- 😁

Hi,- so nice to see you,- I hope all is fine with you 😊

Im still working to get up to “my” “ideal-weight” ,(and that is around 59-60 kilos) ,and slowly Im getting there 😊.

My #body loose #weight to fast, and that is actually a tiny challenge for me. And to put back on the kilos Im loosing its even a bit much more “work” for me then “loosing” the kilos.

I can easly loose 3 kilos on 2 weeks,- but get them back on again will take between 4 to 6 months with work and focus- the right work and right focus.

The first part of this year has been a challenged in negative direction,- and thats not a secret at all,- and with negative challenges its like my kilos just “run away” 😅. So the 3 hard- worked kilos I had in the beginning of this year was gone in March 😔. But I have been working with focus, food, eating regularly, and healthy- that means healthy food for me, – and do my “work-out” as regularly as possible. So slowly Im “back in business” again. I dont have very much left before I have “my” “ideal-weight”. And,– its my, and only my ideal-weight I working to reach. I m not doing this for any one else then my self 💛.

I dont feel very comfortable when I m “just” 3 kilos under the weight I want to have. And unfortunately it shows as well, to good,- this “tiny” 3 kilos thats not are there on my body anymore.

The photo with the 💗 is taken this summer,- and I m around 57, 6 kilos. The photo with the 🎵 is taken the summer of 2016,- and I m around 54 kilos.

Not the best photos to “show” you the different between 3 kilos on my body,- but its a different. And special in my mind 😊.

Sometimes I actually “trigger” my brain a bit,- because a lots sits in the brain- how comfortable I actually feel about my self.

Normally I m using to go on the bathroom-weight in the morning. After I had a tiny “trip” to the toilet, and before I eat and drink something 😊. And at the moment is shows around 57, 7 +/-. Something that is fine for me,- but if I want to feel really great about my body I use my bathroom- weight later during the day, and of course its shows a higher number,- and I actually feel super-duper 😉😊.

My morning-weight at the moment,- and my “just want to feel great weight ” some hours later 😊.

I know there are some “souls” out there that think I have no reason to talk about, think about or have any “opinions” about body, feeling well and body-weight,- but yes I have 😊.

I m in the “opposite direction ” then many others,- I m struggling with put on weight, and I feel very uncomfortable when I m ùndermy ideal-weight” ,- and have felt it this way for why to many years. So now when I m actually start feeling great about my body,- why shouldn’t I just enjoy that feeling? 😊

I has been working hard to get where I m today, and to feel great about my body and my self. One if the reasons why I’m “working-out” is just because I want to be a bit heavier 😊 ,- and muscles is heavier than fat. And other reason why Im “working-out” is because its #healthy and because its actually also is good for my mind…..and Im also getting older,- so its a bit important to “take care” about my body 😊.

An other thing,- its actually healthier to have a bit to much kilos than a to bit to less.

All in all,- as long as you are happy with your body, feel great about your self,- that the most important thing of all. #Summerbody, winterbody,- what ever,- as long as your body is working for you the way it should do,and you are happy, and you feel great,- its actually that’s whats importen,- not what other thinks about your body💛. Easy for me to say ??? – nope! Not at all – like I just told you,- I have felt very uncomfortable with my body more or lesd my whole #life. But the thing is,- its your body,- and the only person that’s need to be happy and feel comfortable with your body is actually just you!!! 💛 Your body should just “please ” you 😊.

I like my body now, its more or less a healthy “pice of art”, I have given birth to 3 lovely children with this body -, it does the “job” its created to do for me- and no one else! This body should also just do a “job” for me and no one else! ,- and my body normally “working” perfectly well just the way it is 😊.

This body is mine, and I feel great together with it 😍 ,- and have also all the reason in the world to feel great 💛 It does the job its created to do 😊

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