The “vegetables-corner” 🥕🥑🍌🐝

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛.

I have got some questions about what kind of brands Im using when it comes to “bodycare”, “facecare” and “haircare” 😊. Im probably not the correct one to ask,- but of course I happily will and can share what I doing and using 😊.

Its not a very big “hocus-pocus”,- actually 😊. Its more like a “vegetables corner ” 😅.

For my hair I mix a mask together with the meat from the alovera leaf and advocates, and some olive-oil or coconut-oil. Mix it togheter like a cream. Take the cream to the hair, wrap it in a towel for 10- 15 minutes before I wash my hair with shampoo and then conditioner. 🥑

In the summertime I do this twice a week because the sun try my hair a bit 🌞.

At the moment I m not using any brand shampoo and conditioner,- but when I find the perfect one,- I promise to tell you 😊.

For my face Im using a bit of the same. I mix advocates, some honnie and coconut- oil,- or olive-oil. 🌰

I prefer to use olive-oil in my hair and coconut-oil to my body and face 😊.

I mix this together, have it my face twice a week for 10- 15 min. before I wash it away. (Ps- be a bit careful with the pipes to the sink so you dont need to be a “plumbers” as well….I manage to sealing the pipes in my sink 😅).

I also use this twice a week now in the summertime. And I also use a “homemade” face-scrub once or twice a week. The face-scrub is also easy,- its just honnie and “squeezed” almonds togheter 🐝.

For my eyes its just a couple of slices of cucumbers 👀🥒

I use day-cream, and nigth- cream and also a cream for my eyes. Still not a brand,- but when I have found the perfect one,- I will tell you 😊.

For the body ,-its work-out,- of course 😍. Good for the body, the mind and the soul.

To give my body a “fresh” clean-up” I use a shower- soap I like,- it can be different from time to time 😊. Sometimes I actually mix sand from the beach togheter will olive-oil or coconut-oil and use is as a body-srcub. But the grains of sand here is really really small so I csn do it, and still not became a “plumber” 😅. Then I use coconut-oil as both sun-cream/oil and body oil after the shower.

I use coconut-oil as sun-oil too now, on my body,- its has protection factor 30. But in my face I normally a cream with the protection 30 insted 🌞.

I also do use coconut-oil as a “whitening” for my teeth 😁.

And,- every morning I drink a glass of collagen from

Then not forget my 10 blueberries, a carrot and a banana every day, a cup of ginger-tea from ginger-roots,- sometime with honnie, and somtimes with fresh lemon 🍋.

And the seasons fruits and vegetables 🍇🍓🌰.

Like I told you earlier in an other post,- Im also thinking about trying out face-yoga. I think its good “exercises” for the face 😊.

And I do eat the food I want,- fish or meat, chocolate or candies 😊. And drink water or coca-cola, or even a glass of wine now and then 😊.

Positive focus is a bit helpfull too, for looking a bit “fresh”,- a smile on my face feels great 😚.

Brands I prefer will comes,- but at the moment its this “hocus-pocus” Im using as hair-, face,- and body-care.

If you have some good body-care-advice,- you are very welcome to share them with me 💛.

So,- this was a bit “body-care-tips” before the weekend 😉.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛,- and Thank you so much for dropping by to day too 💛.

See you soon 💛.

The seasons berries,- healthy and sweet 😍.

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