Swimming like an indian 🍂🏹 🏊‍♀️

Hi ❣So nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Im in that #age where I have started to memories my childhood 😅. Just kidding,- but I have many nice memories from my childhood,- and one of them is “Indian-swimming”.

Now at this days I have a friend over from Norway that I have known since my/our #childhood,- and then also some #memories from the childhood is coming up when we are talking 😊. Its so nice and funny to talk about good memories, and many of the memories gives us a good laugh too 😊.

We did like to #play “Cowboy and Indian” when I did grow up in Norway. And we got most of the “#inspiration” from a cartoon-magazine called “Sølvpilen” (in norwegian, in english it will be more like “Silver arrow”). The main characters are, or was, about three Indians,- Silver arrow/Sølvpilen, Falcon/ Falk and Moonshine/Månestràle.,- and of course about cowboys too. I always did like to be Moonshine 😊. I did love her name and character as well. I wanted to be like her 😍. I have always been fascinated by the indian- culture, history and traditions 😊 🏹.

We did play in the forrest, or with the water. And one of the things we really did “exercise” on, except from trying to be good to shoot with arrow and bow, and play different “happenings” and stories from the cartoon-magazine ,- was also to learn to swim like an indian 🏊‍♀️ 🏹.

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The indian did swim in total silent. You could not hear anything from the water when an indian was swimming, not a tiny little “splash”.

So yesterday, in the pool, I actually did try to see if I still could swim like an indian, without any kind of sound from the water. Not when I went into the water, not when I was swimming and not when I was enter the water either 🏊‍♀️.

Wow,- that one I really had forgot 😅. It was a lots of “splash” in the beginning 😅. But after a while I actually did manage to swim with out any sound from the water. It was not easy, but really fun. It was not any “work-out” session for my body either, but a lots “foucs” and concentration for my mind 😊.

Have you try that? To swim like an indian?

It is not like a “ordenary” “swim-trip” because you need to move your legs like “down” in the water, nearly like a kind of walking. You swim with your arms, but in total silent under the water, and you need to have your mouth under the water too, and just breath with your nose over the water.

The indian used a a straw to breathe with, at least in the cartoon-magazine. But I didnt find any one I could use yesterday, so it was without 😊.

I m going to try it next time I m in the pool too, just because it was a but fun,- and it gave me some nice memories from your childhood too 😅.

Do youhave any nice memories from your childhood that you can try out again now when you are an adult? Like for example my “indian- swimming”? 😊

Any way,- it was nice to just “drop by” today and share a tiny memory with you from my childhood 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for reading my blogg 💛.

See you soon 💛

A bit “indian- inspiration” with the pool yesterday 😊💛.

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