Its already September 🍃🍂🍁

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you , like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

Its already #September. The days, #weeks and #moths are just “#flying” away. I feel the time goes even faster now when Im getting older,- but I don’t know why it #feels like that. Do you have the same #feeling?

In one way it is okay that the days goes fast,- special at work- even when the hours there feels like a “snail- time” to be honest 🙄. ( ufff… its not good to say this,- I know that,- but its feels a bit like “waist of time and life” to be there- for me- , but at least I get a salary- which is importen …) “-

Then it is this fast #afternoons and #weekends. The weekends go so fast, the afternoins too. I dont like that 🙄. Its so much I want ti do when Im off from work. And its so little I can do when Im at #work,- except for being a “robot”. A feeling I dont like. To be a #robot 🖨.

Its also good that the times goes fast because, maybe, Im also #closer to some #changes in my #work-situation, some changes I have not any #idea what can be at the moment ,- but hopefully closer to my “jobby” – my “dream-work” 😊. (Job + hobby = #jobby. )

Like I did mention,- when the time goes fast, my age goes fast too. I getting older so fast 😅. I m not ready for that 😅.

Well,- in some eyes, the youg ones, Im properly “old”, and in older ones, Im properly not so old, or maybe even “young” 😅. Because they are older then me 😉.

I dont feel “old”,- but when I remember my age,- I actually do feel a bit old sometimes. But most of the times I feel “mature”. I like that word so much better then “old” 😊.

An other thing is, at this point, I like that the days and weeks goes a bit fast,- then its soon time for that my mammi, my youngest sister and two of my nieces will be here. And I m really looking forward to see them again 😍. More than I can explain. Its more or less just one month intil they will be here now 😊

I need to admite that Im in one way are looking forward to that 2019 is over,- this year has been a tiny bit “challenged”,- special the first 6 months. Its in a way “remind” me about 2012,- also a very challenging year- but then in Norway,- and in a way, in two different ways- but the “feeling” is the same. #Challenged. Not much more to say about that,- to day 😊.

On the other hand,- its a lots of nice and exciting things that can happen this 4 last months of this year thats also can change my “memories” and “impression” about 2019 very much 😊. Just need to remind my self about that one 😊

So a “summary” for this year is better to take in December and not now 😉. Also because the two last months has been more okay then the 6 first one- so I know ist “room for improvement” 😉 😊.

I choose to belive its going to be a great late-summer (its still summer here in Spain 🌞) and a fantastic autum and winter in 2019 💛.

Im looking forward to “meet” September, ( and October, November and December too,- but lets start with September first 😊) .

I know I have some great things to look forward to,- like to get to know this American man better, meet my family, celebrate Natasja, and Fabian and Mathilde’s birthdays and…..writing 😍.

Yessss-, I have got some textes to write, “just for me”- and since I have been on “charging” most of the weekend,- I need to do this textes now!!!,- when I m “up and running” again and before Monday is starting ,- so I can have a tiny bit chances to get back in the “writing- business” again ,- where I actually enjoyed to be ,- and did feel more “home in” in the working-situation” then I m now 😊. And.. .maybe I can start to have students again too? That would be nice as well 😊.

It feels a bit like ” Im alive again” today- 😅 after been in bed for “charging” since Friday 😊 and its feels so good, so great. Im looking forward to get this Sunday “started”,- also because I know Fabian and Millie is coming over this afternoon 😍. They are not “back together”,- but very good friends 😊,- and its going to be great to see them both 😊.

I hope you had a marvellous weekend so fare 😊,- and I hope you have a lots of great things, events and “happenings” to look forward to in September too 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too 💛.

See you soon 💛

Lets get this Sunday started- Im so ready for it 😊, – and September month too (at leat I hope soo 😅) 😊 💛.

Warm hugs from me to all of you 💛

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