My colourful wine bottles 🍾🥂🍷

Hi❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

Well,- to drink a #bottle or two with #wine can make the #world around you a bit #colourful 😉,- or the opposite,- a bit dark 😉.I actually dont like it when it when the world became to colourful or a bit to dark,- so Im a bit careful with the alcohol and wine 😅. I like to see the world with as “clear eyes” (and head) as possible 😅.

But yes,- I really enjoy a glass or two (or even maybe 4 in special “gatherings” or partys) with a tasty good wine 🍷, and then in good company with friends 😊. Im not very good at “enjoying” a glas of wine in my own company,- but we are all different.

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Its a lots of different good wines of so many kinds and types to choose between. And like I told you some days ago,- I m not a connoisseur at all,- I do often buy a bottle of wine just because I did like the bottle or I think the #colour is #cool 😅. So its has been a bottles if not “the best” wine on my table now and then 😊.

I often do get fine wine and “bubbles” as presents and gift and I really appreciate that 💛,- its great to have some fine wine to serve my guestes now and then 🍷. But since I dont drink very much my self,- not every evening or weekend, or actually not even every month either, the contents of the bottles gradually become like vinegar 🙄.

I didnt knew that,- like I told you,- Im a very bad #connoisseur 😅. I did think that a wine became better as older it got 🍷. And yes,- for some kinds of wines thats probably true,- but for others not so much 🍾.

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Something I did “discovered” a year ago 😅.I have a small wine rack in my kitchen with space for 9 bottles. And a year ago it also was a nice “#collection” of some red wine, white wine and “bubbles” 🍾. But,- since I dont drink so much wine I actually didnt knew witch one of this bottles that was the oldest, or the newest 😅.

I did have a friend over from Norway and the plan was to share a bottle of wine or “bubbles” in the evening 🥂.

Well,- we did open the first one, and guess what 😉 ? It tasted like vinegar 😅. Well,- it was 8 more bottles to choose between…….so we did open an other one, and an other one. We did open 4 bottle with this “#smashing” taste of vinegar,- and then we just gave up,- and enjoyed some coca cola for me and pepsi for her insted 😅.

Then I did came to this #creative “#conclusion” and #idea that I could #paint the empty #winebottles, and put them back in the wine ranck and just use it as a very #nice and #colorful #deceration in my kitchen 😊.

Look at this,- it is a bit #cool, creative and colourful decorations in my kitchen 😊. Well,- at least I like it 😊.

So now my tiny little wine ranck has 9 empty, but colourful bottles insted 😊.

But I m still a bit “prepared” in case I have some guestes over and they want to drink some kind of alcohol. Its not to much to choose between 😅,- but normally I have one bottle of red wine, one bottle of white wine and one bottle with “bubbles”, and two boxes of #beer in the refrigerator 😊.

I just need to try my best and remember to not keep them to long,- in case they will taste like vinegar too 😊. So,- for not that should happen again, I bring with me a bottle of wine now and then and give to my #friends I know enjoying wine a bit more often then me 😊.

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Its also easier to buy wine here in #Spain then in #Norway. Its just to drop by a gas-station,- and there its is a nice sample of wine and other alcoholic beverages. In case I dont have any fine wine to serve 🍷. In Norway we have a own store for this called “Vinmonopolet”. But you can buy beer and cider in the food-store.

I was a bit creative yesterday too, and did paint the bottle I did open on Friday 😊. Maybe I one day will try to paint the bottles a bit more, with different dedecorations like my painting? 😊 That could be a bit cool to 😊.

I hope you had a marvellous weekend, – I did 😊,- a creative, nice and relaxing one 😊. And I hope this new up-coming week will bring you a lots of colourful joy and happiness 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛 and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too 😊.

See you soon 💛.

My colourful wine bottles 🥂🍷🍾. I think it looks cool 😍🍷.

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