So it was a bit “Friday 13th” 💚

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

#Friday 13th is for different reasons seen as an “accident day”. But like I have told you before,- #research shows that this is one of the days there are less #different kinds of accidents then during the rest of the year 😊. But that doesnt mean it still can be a “#unlucky” or “#unhappy” day.

In #Spain its Tuesday 13th thats is this “accident day” ,- so does that mean I have 2 “accident days”? Because I m #norwegian that lives in Spain? Or just one? In case,- will it be Tuesday 13th or Friday 13th that will bring me most “unhappy” “episodes ” ? 😉

Tuesday 13th of August was a very normal day as fare as I can remember. Not any big “happy news” or any “big unhappy happenings ” 😊.

And,- 13. its a bit a lucky #number for me,- evene there havent been happen any “big sparkling event” of any kind in my life with this number as I can remember. Maybe its “lucky” because its a bit “unlucky” number? 😊

But this Friday 13th was actually #mixed with both. But most with a bit “unhappiness” 😔. So probably its Friday 13th thats my “unlycky” day then?

Millie did travel back to Sweden,- and are going to stay there for a short time, before she is going to travel a bit “here and there” for the next 6 months in East #Europe where her family are from. And then…..maybe she comes back to Spain 😊.

I hope she will get a marvellous time with a lots of joy and happiness, new experience and fun ❤.

At the same time it feels a bit painful 😔. She is in a way a bit “one of mine”,- a part of the #family,- and I don’t know if she even will come back to Spain again 😔.

I wish her a lots love and joy in her life,- and it would be a bit nice if she could be back together with my son in the middle, Fabian, again 💞. But at the same time,- if their #relationship doesnt work between them it doesnt work. And then no one of them are #happy,- and I really want them both to have a marvellous life ❤.

Today I did ask for a day off from work,- I m so so tired I actually feel a bit sick. But I didnt get it ,- the day off 😔. Unlucky for me,- the luck then is that its weekend,- so I can #relax a bit 😊.

An other thing,- I dont think it will be any more “#relation” between me and this american man. I think we want different “things”. I think he are more looking for a “regular” mistress, and I want to have a relationship. For him that in a way was an relation, and thats true,- it is a kind of relation. A relation I did misunderstood. But I want to have something “more” then just a “hot meeting under the duvet” now and then. I want to meet someone I can do others things together with as well 😊.

Well,- I can have a lover, but not him,- my #feelings for him is a bit to “#emotionally” for that.

I dont feel sad, just tired 😊. But to bad for me, that we wanted different things in the “relation”. Thats life 😊.

One of the reason way I m so so tired I think, is that me, and we, Mathilde and me, havent had “our” normal life for one and a half month now. Its not easy to try to do the best when the energy is not on “tip-top”.

And of course Im tired because of #work. Its busy and long days,- and not to much time and #energy left after. But I don’t want to use to much of my energy and thoughts about my work,- its not worth it.

Well its #weekend,- hopefully a nice one too thats are in front of me,- and for you too 😊. I really hope so,- for both of us 💛. Im so ready to just relax home this weekend,-“shake a bit of me” Friday 13th,- and with not to many plans 😊. Just fell up the energy- level a bit 😊.

I hope your Friday 13th has been nice to you 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛 and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too 💛.

See you soon 💛.

This weekend is time for just relaxing a bit,- outside in our cozy outside livingroom 💛.

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