Both a bit proud and thankful today 😊💛

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,-like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today Im a bit #proud of #myself, and very #thankful for one of my #students help today 💛.

Like I have mention before, my Spanish is far away from #perfect 😅. But its one of my #goals to be better 😊.

And I don’t like to go to the #doctor,- special not here in Spain,- when thats said,- I still have gone through this mandatory breast and abdominal examinations for the woman in relation to cancer.

One of the #reasons why I don’t like to go to the doctor is all the paper-work thats “#necessary” to have and give “here and there”- related to the job and illness/sickleave,- and of course the other #reason is,- I dont understand my doctor when he speak. Not at all! I have most of the time not a clue what he says 😅.

He speaks andalucia- dialects 🙄,- and he speak sooooo fast. But he is a very #nice and #funny doctor with a good portion of $humour too 😊. But when it comes to the #professional area ,- disease,- I m totally lost 😅. He is #passionate about his profession and gets so #excited that it is completely impossible for me to #understand what he is saying 😅.

So normally I need to have a #translator with me when I have an appointment to my family- doctor 😊.

Clearance Event

But to day,- I did try to go to my family-doctor for the first time with out an translater with me 😁. Or,- thats actually not true 😊. I did have an translator “hidden behind me” in a way. One of my #Spanish students I have been teaching in #Norwegian was fantastic today (too) 😊. She is always fantastic,- but she did stood “stand by” on her phone when I had my appointment at my doctor today. She stood “stand by” for me,- so I could call her, put her on the speaker and translate for me, and maybe also for the doctor 😅,- just in case it was necessary 💛.

And I m so thankful for this,- it ment that I did had the #courage to actually try to talk with my doctor on my own, with my simple, childish Spanish today 😅. Just because I knew,- if it “all” became a big “misunderstanding mess” ,- she was ready to take over and do it correctly for me 😊💛. I feel so #lucky that have some great people, like her, around me 💛. And,- my doctor did actually understood me,- and in a way I did understood him too 😊. It was a tiny moment of a daily “#kindofmagic” 💛.

So,- yes I m a bit proud over myself today that manage to do myself understood and also did undetstand 😁, and Im thankful for the help I also did got from my student. Her psychic #support on the phone today,- just to know she was there,- in case 💛. It was so #helpful 😊. And of course I m thankful for getting better too 😊.

So,- tomorrow its back to #work again, with a new pencilin cure,- that hopefully will do “the job” better then the first one 😊.

I hope you had some daily “kindofmagic” during your day today, and something to be thankful for as well 💚,- a small moment of “magic” is magic too 🌼.

I wish you a great day or evening, where ever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much dropping by today too, and for reading my blog 💛

See you soon 💛

A #magical #sunset from our patio,’ after a day with some daily and ordinary magic,- a normal day #touched by “kindofmagic”,- and Im #thankful for that 💛.

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