He is growing up 💖

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛.

My sweet, sweet Fabian,- my son in the middle,- mammi’s little boy is #growing up 💚. And he is and always will be #mammi’s boy.

We have been very “close up to each other” the last days,- and today he is moving in to a new apartment, together with some #friends 😊.

I m so #proud of him,- my Fabian 💚. But dont misunderstand me,- because Im proud of all my 3 children,-and I love all of them so,so much ❤. But today I want to write a tiny bit about Fabian. Not much, just a bit 😊. Probably because I see a young, #gorgeous man growing up,- and because we have had some few, close days together and I have seen even more of this young, #marvellous man that is #my son ❤. I did fell so deply in #love with that #baby-boy the day he was born,- a love so deep I think only a #mammi can understand 💚.

Im also so proud,- probably because I also know what kind of #battles Fabian and me has been fighting #together. And I mean together,- not against each other. Together. Him and me. It has been #tears and #worries, and it has been #joy and #happiness. It has been days where I didnt think we would #manage “to win”,- but in some way we did 😊. Its has been days where I never thought we was going to be able to be where we are today. But here we are 😊.

What kind of battles is not #important today. But maybe they will be important to tell an other day, maybe another week, month or year. I dont know yet. But at this point I keep it just as “battles”,- because I in my own way want to #protect #my #child too. Even he soon will be 22 years old, in just a couple of weeks 🎉🎈. He is still my child 💛.

I see a young man with a big #heart. I see a young man with different and good #values in life. Values thats importen for me to know my child are available to have. Values thats are not about money and materials things,- but how to act and behave. How to be a good human and person.

I see a young man that still have strong feelings for his ex- girlfriend, Millie,- even they have choose to be apart,- maybe for a while, maybe for always. But for me, it is so good to see that he still keep her close to his heart on his own way 💛.

I see that the #relationship with Millie have been so good for Fabian. Its has made him grown in so many ways. And I aslo see that its good for him to find “the man” inside him on his own now. So he can even be a better man when it comes to relationship later in life.

And I see that his friend from #Norway that just moved down to #Spain, is doing Fabian so well, too. He has starting with #work-out again, and they are planning to start on a Spanish course togheter. It was actually Fabian that find the course. And it was even Fabian that did find their new #apartment. And they are doing things together ,- like small adventures and day-trips in the area.

Things like this can maybe for some seems like “normal action” when you are closely 22 years old,- but I know that this is #acts thats shows “#personal victory”. And that make me so proud of him💚. He is #creating a life, he is creating “him self”, #growing as a person and starting take “action” in and for his life 💚. He is more #self-esteem and #confident for every day.

He is my “#flower-power” child,- and has always been, and are probably always going to be. He has always been #well-liked from everyone. Our battles has never been about how he has been acting or behave against other people. They have been on a bit more private and personal level.

Its a #joy to see how much he has growing the last years and evolved to become the wonderful young man he is today. This 3 last year here in Spain have been doing him so well 💖.

It has been so good to have my “flower-power” child so close for a couple days,- at the same time,- its good a new chapter is starting in both his and my life too 😊,- and its great to see him growing up to be a independent, marvellous young man,- with a big and warm heart for him self, and his life,- as well as for other people around him ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much dropping by today and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 💛.

My beautiful little son in the middle,- only 3 days old. And now he is a gorgeous young man ❤. He is My heart, my joy and my proud ❤.

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