My body went a tiny bit “bananas” 🍌😅

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Im sorry I haven’t dropped by so much this week 😔. My body just didnt “handle” the last pencilin cure very well,- and I cant effort another sick- leave yet,- so here the days has just been about “bite the teeth together”, go to work, do the best, go home and sleep, and slowly recover “natural” 😊.

When I m at a sick- leave I get 75% of from my normal salary the first 3- 4 weeks here in Spain. And then 100% of your salary if you are sick longer.

Its an good arrangement if you are sick for a while. But I have been at work the last week,- so I will in a way start again at 75% of my salary if I have went on a new sick-leave now. And that one was not necessary,- then its better to get off the pencilin and recover a bit slower 😊. Insted of getting wores because of the pencilin. I did get an allergic reaction,- so I neede to stop with the pencilin anyway 🙄. I have never been allergic to pencilin before, but suddenly my body just said “no thank you” 😊.

So I have stopped the cure now, of course, and my body is a bit more “happier”,- and I m able to “do my home” a bit, and make it ready for “the seasons” / this year last guests 😊. Because this afternoon my mammi, my youngest sister and 2 of my nieces are coming for visit us for the weekend 💛. They are coming all the way from the from the West Coast of Norway to the South Coast of Spain, and actually the South of Europe 😊.

Im really looking forward to see them all again, and want to make our home as good, clean and nice as possible so they all feel very welcome 💛.

Im not sure why I got this allergic reaction for pencilin this time, my doctor is not sure either. Because I haven’t actually taken so much pencilin ( or other medicines) during the years. But okay,- that can happen. And I know,- that as more medicine, antibiotics and pencilin your body gets as higher are the risk for an allergic reaction, or that medicins of any kind dont even have any function at all any more.

So now its slowly recovering insted, and I do feel a bit better 😊. Im still eating my natural antioxidants as carrots and blueberries. Drinking my ginger- tea,- and eat a bit more fresh garlic than “normal”. And got the “nices” “breathe” in the world at the moment 😅. But hopefully it will help a bit 😊.

Im also really looking forward to start with my work-out again, but I can’t press my body on any limtid at the moment 😊. Thats the way it is,- its better to accept the facts and just “take it a bit easy ” then 😊. But yes,- its going to be so nice to do work-out, and feel how the body for “real” are getting stronger again 😊.

I think it has been “a bit” during the last year, as well as lasts years that made “my body” stopped up as it has done the last month 😊.

I know if you don’t “stop up” for a while when the “life brings you a bunch of lemons” 🍋 and you dont manage to make lemonade 🥃 of them,- there can come days long, long time after where the body try to “handle” the lemons and lemonade,- and get a bit sick insted, and goes a bit “bananas” too 🍌 😅. Just so you actually and really need to “stop a bit up” 😊.

And I know,- I didnt stop up enough at all some years ago. For example when I was just “left here in Spain” with “a couple of kids in the suitcase”. I just kept on going 😊. I didnt think to much, just tryed to create a life as best as possible,- specially for my children 😊. Well, well,- so fare so good,- in its on way 😊.

But I should probably had sort out a bit “mental reactions” at that time, but I didnt. So now insted they comes a bit as physical reactions insted,- like sickness/ illness and exhaustion. And I know it. Its in a way so very natural, some reactions will comes, sooner or later, mental or physical if you have had a kind of “traumatic experience” in life,- and I know it so very well. Im just a bit better to know it in my assistentnursery- job and when it comes to other people around me, then in my private life and for myself 😅.

So a tiny remember for today, – when your body goes a bit “bananas” ,- eat the bananas insted,- its a bit healthier 😊. And when life gives you a couple of lemons, pick them up, sort them out and then maje a fresh and healthy lemonade insted of just ” move on” 😊.

I hope this day will bring you a lots of joy and healthy lemon- lemonade 🍋😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

The bananas has gone a bit “bananas” here,- and the lemons could probably been fresher 😅. But thats life sometimes 😊.

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