A first time and a last time- around the same time 😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

This weekend has been “thouced” by some “first time” and some last time. I have probably “been through” a first time and a last time around the same time before in my life,- but this time Im a bit more “observant” then I have been before or earlier in my life about “the first time” and “the last time” 😊.

Have you ever “noties” a first time and a last time at the same time in your life?

It is the first time my mam, my youngest sister and 2 of my nieces are visiting us in Spain 😊. And it will be, as fare as I know, maybe the last time Mathilde and me are living togheter. We don’t know what “life will bring us”,-but “the plan” is that this weekend was her last time she did live together with me.

Its feels a bit strange that she is moving out,- and to be honest also a bit good, touched with a tiny “dash” off …..something Im not sure what is yet 😊.

It has also been really nice to have my family over,- and we had a very cozy afternoon yesterday evening with 10 persons “around the table” for taco 🌮.

The Sunday- market in La Cala was switched out with a nice trip at Benalmadena Marina/ Benalmadena Coast,- and a nice walk at the beach. And then, of course, the pool. My nieces loves to be in the pool 😊. And my mam and sister did enjoy the sun 🌞. It is October,- but here in South of Spain is more or less like a really nice norwegian summer at the moment 🌞.

We have been eating breakfast outside every morning, actually we have been eating every meal outside this weekend 😊. And its was great to show my family around, and give them a tiny little “insight” in our life here in Spain 😊. Its not easy to “show” them “everything” in two days, but I hope I manage to give them a tiny little “touch” off our life,- and also that they feel like to come back and visit us again an other time 😊. They are very welcome to come back again 💛.

Like I did mention,- its the first time this family- members of mine has been here and visit us in Spain. Hopefully its not the last time 😊.

Why it has been like that? Well,- I chose to call it “the life”, “the past” ,- and also some “skeletons in the closet”.

Most of us have a “past”,- and sometimes I think its best to actually also just let things be there in “the past”, and let things just “go” 😊. We can’t go back and “correct” the past anyway. Its maybe just better to enjoy the present and get a “first time” into the future, and enjoy that one insted 😊.

And “skeletons in the closet”,- thats something many families have. And also this one can actually have a much better time to just be “in the closet” 😊. Its not always good stuff you pull out of the closet anyway 😉.

“A spring-cleaning-job” its not always necessary, sometimes its much better to “just let go”, and insted enjoy “the first” time 😊. Like I have done and did choose to do with my family this weekend 😊. And thats probably my family also did choose to do with me this weekend 😊.

And its not important for me anymore to take a look at the past or the “skeletons” . The past has been a lesson, and the “skeletons”,- well,- they are actually skeletons. They are dead! We can’t do very much with either of them 😊,- and sometimes it doesn’t bring anything good to “go back there again” anyway” 😊. And “thats life” 😊.

But,- what we can do something good with is,- the new first time, the present and the future 😊.

So I hope this first visit from my mam, my youngest sister and two of my nieces not will be the last,- and….maybe I hope that this Monday will be a first time in a new and exciting chapter for both Mathilde’s and my life too.

This weekend has been a good first time and a good last time at the same time,- but in away in a bit different areas,- at the same time as “the essence” is family, the present and the future,- and new exciting chapter in our lifes in so many different ways 💛.

I hope your weekend has been filled up with joy and happiness, and maybe a new, exciting chapter in your life as well 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

The Autumn is a colorfull time, and also a time for “letting go” and make space and room for new things to grow. Its like the trees leafs that let the old one fall off and then makes space for new, fresh leafs for the next Spring during the winter- time 💛.

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