Oh,- the time just turned back a bit 😅⏳

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

When I was #living in #Norway,- and also when I did worked in the #homenursery here in #Spain I knew when we “turned back or forward” the #time on the #watch 😊. Or I actually know its the last #Sunday in March and the last Sunday in #October every year ( the night to the last Sunday). But this time I actually did #forget 😊. #Imagen how #happy I became when I did find out that I actually had an #extra #hour this Sunday 😁. It felt so #great 😊.

First I didn’t understand why some of my #clocks did show one hour, and some an hour later. But them I did #remember,- its the last Sunday in October 😊.

And then I also did understood why my brands din’t want to “hang into” my posts, and I just got “#local #chanings” 😅. This “time-switching” did “#screwed up” my blog a bit this weekend 😊. But I can fix that another #day 😊

In Norway it was “#remembering” about this “turn back the time” “here and there and everywhere”. Maybe its a kind of “remembering” like this in Spain too,- I havent just seen it 😊. But normally it was not easy to forget when we should “#turn the time” one hour one or another way in Norway 😊. But still I did #manage to forget this one time when I was living in Norway 😊.

When I was #working in the #homenursery it was a bit #important to remember this “time-switch” so I shouldn’t come to late or to early to the patients 😊. So I did remember it.

One time in Norway, many, many years ago ( even before I became a #mammi) , when I was living in Oslo and did worked at a #hospital there I really forgot all about this “#time-#switch” 😅. #Lucky for me it was not in a working-situation, but a “#dating-situation” 😊.

I should meet a #date at the #train-station at 15.00, and I did meet up at the time, but for some #reasons he didn’t 🙄. This was #before the “#mobile-time” 📞, and we just had #house-phones ☎️, or #payphone 💱. So it was not just for me to #call him or him to call me, or send an #text 😊.

I did waited for a bit, and then went back home to my apartment a bit #confused 😅. He did called me at my home later that day, and asked why I haven’t showed up, and guess what,- I did asked him the same.

We had both been at the train-station at 15.00,- but still not at the same time 😅. I was there at “my” 15.00, and he was there at “the turned back 15.00” 😊. He was actually on time, I was one hour to late 😅.

Well,- that can happen when we here in #Europe has this “turn back and forward” the time, from #summertime to #wintertime and back again 😊. And the date,- we did find an other time to meet, and that time we both did met up “at time” ⏳.

So now its “this time” for some months, before maybe, the time will be “#switch” back to the time I had #yesterday at this time 😊. I know its has been up for #discussion to stop doing this “turn back and forward the time” #twice a year,- but so fare, we still does it 😊.

I hope you had a #marvellous Sunday today, with or with-out one “#extra hour” 😊. I did really #enjoyed my “extra hour” today ⏳.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and #Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for #reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

#Summertime or #wintertime,- the #time is still the time ⏳. I did get a #nice #suprice #today, and an #extra #happy #hour today 😍 Just because I #forgot this “turn back and forward- time” 😊. I hope you #enjoyed your time today,- extra or not 😊.