Elf- socks for cold winterdays 😊❄

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

It can get a bit #cold here in South of #Spain during the #winter, and the floor is freezing cold because of the all the tiles. When the floor is cold the #feet get cold too,- and cold feet is not very good. Not in the real world, and not as an #expression rather 😊.

My #grandmam, my mams mother always said “are you warm on your feet, the rest will be warm too”,- and then she #knitting a lots of #knittingsocks to all her #children (she got 7 children…) , and to all her #grandchildren too (there are a couple of them too), and even grand grandchildren as well 😊. Unfortunately I don’t have any more of the knit socks she gave me left. And my grandmam did past away some years ago 😔.

To #knit #socks is something I haven’t done, until now 😊. I have knit a lots of other things,- like sweaters, skirts, dress, posters / pants, hats, scarves, blankets ect. Even with different kinds of patterns. But not mittens and no socks.


I did learn to knit when I was around 12 years old, it was my grandmam and my mam that teach me this great way to #create #different kinds of #clothes 😊. And I have been more or less knitting since 😊.

A #friend of my in #Norway normally comes to #visit me once a year,- and she knows I’m struggling a bit with this “socks- knitting”. The #challenge is the heels 🙄. So always when she comes to Spain she have some couples of #knitsocks to me 😍. Unfortunately she couldn’t come this year 😔. But I think she maybe are coming a long- weekend in May next year (2020) 😊.

But it’s a couple of moths to May ’20,- a couple of months with cold feet 🙄. So I actually needed to start to try to #learn how to knit socks by myself 😊. I use up a pair and three with knit socks throughout the winter, and now I have only one and a half pairs left. That means couples are pretty thin, and a bit more cold then warm 😅.

My mam did #show me a bit how to start to knit socks when she did visiting me in the beginning of October, and also did have some #knitting- #recipes for #socks that she gave me. So,- well it was just to #start to try then 😅.


Both me and my sons really like to use knit socks during the winter. My daughter is for some reason not to #comfortable to use knitting socks,- yet 😊.

I’m now finish with my first couple of #knitsocks and they are to my son in the middle,- my tiny little “test #subject” 😊. The knit socks are made from a really easy #knittingrecipe,- and have no heel 😊. I need to start onec place at the time 😊.

When my daughter was here from Friday to Saturday this weekend, I did show her the knit socks, and asked her if she wanted a couple too 😁. But she didn’t wanted to have “elf- socks”,– as she called them 😅. A very #cozy name for my first knit- socks- project 😊. The name is actually #perfect 😊. Because they do actually looks like #elfsocks too 😊.

They are fare away from perfect,- but they will at least keep my son in the middle’s #feet #warm during the winter ❄ 💛. And then its to try a couple of more elf- socks to my oldest one as well 😁. And maybe a couple to me too,- before I’m starting on the “heel”- #project 😊.

One of my #hobbies are to knit,- and it’s a nice #hobby to do,- both #creating and #relaxing at the same time 😊.

Have you any relaxing hobbies? Or maybe some creative one too ? 😊

For me some hobbies and #interests in life and in my “time off” are important 😊,- and I like to use my time on #creative #projects,- to knit as well as #painf too 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you 💛 Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛

See you soon 😊.

The first couple of #elfsocks are finish,- and ready to #warm my son in the middle’s #feet during the #winter 😊. The elfsocks are not #perfect, but warm and #cozy,- so it’s just to try to #make and #knit a couple of more 😊. Step by step, little by little 😊.