It has been some pleasant days 😊

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It has been some #pleasant days lately,- and today was also my first day in a new #job , at a new place 😊. Or,- the place is not new for me,- but the concept I’m going to #work for is 😊.

It felt great to be back ,- closely like coming “#home”- but just “home to a job” that’s not in my home 😊. That’s the way and feeling I want to have in a job that’s not are directly in my home 😊. I’m spending so many hours at a job- so for me it’s a bit important that it feels a bit “home”. A place where I belong 😊.

I got hugs and “welcome back”,- and that felt very nice 😊.

And with one day of training I’m going to start with the costumers on the phone already tomorrow 😅. Suddenly things goes a bit fast 😅. I have not a clue how many different computers system I have been working with,- but it’s a new one again 😊. And that’s the good thing to had deal with different computer system- I’m not “afraid” of them anymore 😅.

But I have had some pleasant days before today too 😊.

On Sunday I got a pleasant and #nice #surprise. I got a visit, a guest I haven’t thought wanted to visit me. A colleague from my last job 😊. I have had “a good eye” to him too 😅. But I didn’t think I had a tiny little “shot” there 😅. I’m still not sure ,- btw 😊.

For me “to have a good eye”, “have a chursh” and “be in love” are three different things 😊. I can have a “good eye for one”, that doesn’t mean I’m captivated, or have a “crush” to the same person. Or fall in love. I need to get to know the person a tiny bit first 😊. As I did on Sunday 😊.

But if or when I “fall in love”, and are in a relation, – I have only “eyes” for him 🥰. At the moment I’m single and can have a “tiny good eye” whereever I want 😊.

Anyway,- it was a very nice visit. He was here for closely three hours,- for a nice chat and some Christmas cakes 😊. Maybe I see him again? That would be nice 😊. I got a really good impression of him.

Yesterday I did write as an #freelance #writer. I need to write me a bit “up” again. Try to be at the #products- level I was and had the possibility to be at last year ( 2018) 😊. And I also did send my resume to another freelance writer job yesterday. That one have more regular tasks- and was between 30- 50 %. It had suits me to get that one too😅. But we see. It was anyway good to just write a bit yesterday,- about all different kinds of subjects 😊.

I’m going to work 70% in my new job- after my own #wish 😊. So I know I need to put the last 30- 50 % in my work from my home. But that’s also what I wanted- even I know it can be hard and a bit #demanding. It also mean I maybe need to chat a bit online in between until I reach some goals 😊. But if you want to have something “up and running” its demanding a bit of hard work too 😊. And now I have something “safe” as well.

And Natasja could tell me she have managed to get meat for me to the Christmas- dinner as well 😍. Could the days be better? 🥰 It’s the “daily event” that makes the days,- but sometimes I, unfortunately, forget that in between “all and everything” 😊. Then it’s good to have a “reminder” I have had the lasts days 😊.

It was a great end on last week and a good start on this one 😊🧡.

Pleasant days are always very welcome 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

#Pleasant days are always very #welcome 🧡,- and I’m so #lucky I have had a pleasant end of last week as well as a #good start in this one 🧡. I hope the days are #nice to you too 😊.