Santa Lucia and the Norse vet,- Lussi 🌟😊

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today is the #SantaLucia, its Friday 13. too,- and it’s the night when the #Norse #vet,- Lussi ,- went around and checked out that “all and everyone” was finish with all the big winter-prepertions, like cleaning the house from top to bottom, the harvest was finished, the beer was ready for brewing and other big Christmas preparations that should be done before the little ones could start, – customs such as cake baking and preparing #Christmas food of various kinds – the Norse Christmas 😊.

It’s the longest and darkest night in the year, it’s the time of #wintersolstice 🌕 ❄.

According to #old #legends came the evils sprits to live this night, at the same time as the beginning of the Christmas season.

The people cut off crosses at doors and windows to keep evil #spirits away. It was #decorated with spruce or pine outside the door and pine or fir tree in a nook and two in the home – to keep the evil ones away. That’s why it was #Christmasthree in #Scandinavian, – long before the Christian came on a visit and for trying Christian #Norway,- and the Christmas- three got an other, and suddenly more #religious meaning and after a while, #traditions too.

It was made cakes, lussekatter ( a traditional baked cake at this day in Scandinavian) and porridge that was placed outside for trolls, vets and not least,- Lussi. This is to please them and to get a good crop next year. It was especially important to appease Lussi – because if she got angry then there was “a storm” in both house, home and among the crop.

I følge the legends Lussi was Adam’s first wife, and the mother of all vets and trolls and “the underground people”. More importantly, Lussi was treated well. Her job was to make sure that all peoples maintained customs and customs and traditions.

Candles were lit, lots of candles – to keep #vets and #trolls away this dark, long night. As well as the evil spirits.

Such was a tiny part of the Norse #history and tradition on December 13. But then came the steadfast virgin #Lucia, born in Sicily around the 300s, and a little advanced in the Northern Lucia traditions a few hundred years later.

Lucia was a Christian virgin, allegedly told by her pagan fiancé, and she died the martyr’s death on December 13. Before entering, she had persuaded her mother to give all her dowry to the poor, and not bring it into marriage.

In the Catholic countries, especially in Italy and in Sicily, December 13 is a memorial day for Santa Lucia. But the day is also #celebrated in its traditional way in Scandinavian – even at least – until some soul will feel offended, in some way by this tradition as well. People are starting to get really “hairy” around the world, of course 😳.

As of today, in Norway, Santa Lucis is celebrated with #lightprosessions. Children from kindergarten and elementary school go on a par with a person front to #symbolize Santa Lucia. This one has a crown of light on his/ her head, while the other kids carry lit candles in his hand. They give out “lussekatter” and cakes and sing the song Santa Lucia.

We had a light projections at my work today too of kids from a kindergarden,- it was really #cozy 😊.

And it was served “#gløgg” too 😊. An Scandinavian warm drink made of red wine, juice from red berries, added almonds, raisins and cinnamon. It smells like “Christmas” 😊.

“Gløgg” originated in Germany, specifically robbed the castles in the area around the Rhine in the 140s, and has become a traditional Christmas drink. It was served to warm the heat and to stay #healthy throughout the winter months. It is added to similar #herbs, and these #vary from country to country and from place to place. Why it has become a Christmas drink is a little uncertain, but some believe it was #businessmen in the early 1900s who introduced the drink as part of the Christmas food and drink traditions in Scandinavia.

So then it remains to be seen how long this small and innocent tradition must be until someone feels #offended for it as well 😉. It seems that some have a very bad #habit to be and feels offended of “all and everything”,- special traditions, #history as well as #cultural 🙄.

Anyway,- it has been a nice day at work with a #sweet #touch of #Christmas today 🎄. And now I’m ready for an #relaxing #weekend with my own “stuff”,- maybe some “Christmas- things”,- maybe with something else 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧡. And I hope you had a great St. Lucia- day today,- and that Friday 13. was a good day for you too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A tiny bit “a little glimpse” of from my job today 😊. “#Gløgg” was served and it became empty very fast too 🍵. We got a visit from the #traditional #SantaLucia #procession as well 🌟. Its #culture and #traditions from different cultures, traditions and countries but together, – at the same time similar- just with a bit different “#history- backgrounds” 😊.