A magic dreamchatcher 🍂💮🍃

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m fine,- I’m #painting and #enjoying playing with the #colours 🎨. And my first painting for 2020 is finish 😊.

I’m actually finish with one of two #oilpaintings on a #order. And so fare I’m very #happy with the #product and #results,- and so fare “the new owner” of the painting is happy too. The owner will not get the paintings before I’m finish with both paintings, and both paintings needs to be dry as well before delivering. It’s oil painting, so it’s dry a bit slow 😊. But I wanted to show you “my last work” anyway 😊. The “new owner” of the painting has already take a tiny look,- so I can show it to you now 😊. It felt a bit more correct that the owner, the one that has order the painting, did take a tiny look before I did show it to you 😊.

It’s not easy to paint “on order”, it’s more difficult then when I’m going to paint something “for myself”. Because when I sit there with the canvas, the paint brushes and the colours, – and my #imagination about how this painting is going to be,- its still like the brushes and painting “live their own #colorful life” on the #canvas 😅. It’s difficult to explain 😊.

I do have a #sketch, a picture and #images in my #mind, and this time the one that order those two paintings also had an imagination what the #illustration, the painting should contain of both colors and object. The theme became mine,- or more correctly, – the theme and tittle on a painting normally and in general doesn’t comes before after the painting is finish. Before that I still just have a kind if illustrations in my mind about the “#feelings” that the painting will contain 💚. Still hanging there with me? 😅

I’m not going to boring you with a lots of “explanation” about “my paintings- process” more deeply,- it is what it is,- and it became what it became. The most important for me is that “the feelings, illustrations, theme and colours” in a painting “hangs together” in the ways that’s “feels” correctly for me, and that “the expression” in the painting also is correct for me 😊.

This time the painting became “A magic dreamchatcher” 🍂💮🍃.

A #dreamcatcher is a beautiful and artistic ornament, which is an #aesthetic work of #art in itself, and which originally comes from the American indigenous people 🍂. It was to capture evil dreams, hold them, and release them at the first sunlight of the morning, so that they disappeared like dew disappearing into the sun’s rays 💧.

At the same time, the dream catcher should release all the good #dreams, let them have positive leeway 💛.

In today’s society, dream chatcher are used both as decorations and aesthetic work of art in the home, and also in some context in connection with “old view tales” / “a kind beliefs in spirits with different missions in life” 🍂💛.

I hope this “Magic dreamchatcher” will bring the new owner both #happiness and #joy as art and an aesthetic decorations in the home,- as well as bring the owner magical and good dreams in life 😊.

I hope all your good wishes and good dreams will flow and come through, like the dreamcatcher let good dreams flow and have a positive leeway for the ones who believes in a “Magic dreamcatcher”.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soo 😊.

(The size of this painting is 40*40 cm. In case you wonder) 😊. ….(and yes,- you can find some more of my paintings at my Insta- account: ArtByLailaS _ if you are interested 😊).

My first #painting in 2020 are finish 🎨. It’s a “#Magic #dreamchatcher” 🍂. It’s #colours and #power, it’s #feelings, #magic and #dreams. It’s a “Magic Dreamchatcher” 💛.