Will the Three Holy Kings give carbon or gold in my shoes? 🐫🤴👳‍♂️👲🐫

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡.

This evening is the parade for the Three Holy King in Spain 👑. This tradition with the parade started in 1885 in Spain, and have become more and more popular. In the beginning it was the three sages/ wise men,- Kaspar, Melchior and Baltasar, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the Jesus Child, the animals, and the shepherd in the parade. It was to symbolize the long journey the three wise men had been riding on their camels to give gifts to Jesus Child in the hall there in Bethlehem.

During the years more and more different characters are joining in the parade. We meet both Mini Mouse, Swamp Bob and the Smurfs, and many others. And of course, – still the three Holy Kings. They became the Three Holy Kings after they had visited the child Jesus and brought him their gifts.

The Three Holy Kings from the traditional parade in Spain in the afternoon at 5. January,- every year 👑.

It’s a lots of people watching the parade and the different characters in the parade through sweets and candies to the people who watching the parade.

The sweets and candies are symbol for the gifts Kaspar, Batlhasar and Melchior had to the child Jesus.

Some of the different characters from the parade, the three kings, and of course the candy 🍭🍬.

It’s also baked a special cake for this evening,- and the cake is called “el Ricón de Reyes”. The cake is created as a ring, and its cover with sweet fruits for symbolism as diamonds, jewels and gems. The cake is a symbol for the kings crone. Inside the cake there will be a plastic figure of one of the three kings. The one who get this figure is going to be “the king” the whole day 👑.

In many ways, this tradition is reminiscent of our Norwegian tradition of almond in the porridge practice pudding 🍚 😊.

There is also a bean hidden inside the cake, and the one who receives the bean is the one to buy the cake for next year’s celebration of the three Holy Kings’ petition 🥯.

This is the “el Roscón de Reyes” cake, and one king- figure that’s hidden inside the cake 👑.

And of course the Three Holy Kings comes with gifts to the children in Spain too,- not just the child Jesus 😊. And the children in Spain send or give their wishing- list to one of the Kings. (like we do to Santa Claus 🎅).

But the gifts are not gold, myrrh and incense any longer, – as they gave to the child Jesus. These gifts have now been replaced with clothes, toys and various electronics.

The three Holy Kings are coming to the different home and houses with gifts to the childre (and probably the adults too 😊 ) during the evening and night to the 6. January.

But the children need to put their shoes outside the door so the kings can see where they are living. Then the kings put the gifts in the shoes- if the children had been a good kid the last year. If not,- the kid get carbon as a “gift” and as an reminder to be nice for this upcoming year 😳 💚.

The carbon today is actually candy 😊.

And since the kings have been on a long travel they put out water and hay to the camel and some food to the kings. 🐫 👑.

Closely like we do to Santa Claus. Have a glass of milk and some Christmas cookies ready for him,- or some porridge 😊.

And,- now at days the children in Spain get a bit bigger presents and gifts than before,- so the parents and adults “recommend” the kings to put most of the gifts under the Christmas- tree 🎄, and just “the reminder” of being nice or not nice in the shoes outside the door,- like a small gift or the carbon 😊.

The carbon is a reminder for being nice during this year then, so the kings don’t give the carbon next year, but a nice surprise instead 😊.

The 6. January is more and less like the 25. December. It’s time for open the gifts and presents, be home with the family, eat tasty food and celebrate the journey the Three Holy Kings have done 👑 🐫.

That was a tiny bit of the Spanish Christmas celebration and traditions. The Spanish ones closely starts their new year with a celebration of the child Jesus and the gifts he got from the ThreeHolyKings. The new year has just been a couple of days before this traditions and celebration starts.

This is a tradition a bit different from what I’m use to in Norway. Special the parade and the carbon 😊. In Norway “not to nice” children don’t get anything from Santa Claus, not even carbon 😔.

I hope you did enjoyed this tiny little text about the “Christmas celebration in Spain”,- that’s actually are not a Christmas celebration, – but a celebration for the journey and the gifts that the Three Holy Kings had to and did gave to the child Jesus.

And maybe it’s also a kind of explanation for why we get and give gifts during the Christmas-time? 🤔 I don’t know, – but in my mind it sounds like a good explanation for giving each other gifts to Christmas 😊. To be honest,- I’m actually not sure where our Norwegian traditions with the Christmas- gifts are from 🤔. Do you know why or where yours Christmas- gifts traditions for the 24. or 25 December ( the day depends a bit witch country you are celebration in) are from? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I was obviously not to nice in 2019 so I did get carbon in my shoes the night to 6. January 2020 😉. ( it’s was actually a good ” presentation” for my 2019 😅.) At least after the Spanish traditions and celebration for the ThreeHolyKings 😊. It’s good I have closely a year to be better, and hopefully the Three Holy Kings will bring me some gold or myrrh for next year, or maybe something else as a nice surprise? 😊.