The night’s are so “hot” at the moment 🌛🌟🌡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

This morning ( at 06.30) it was 10 #degrees (Celsius) outside🌡,- and probably it has been more and less the same temperature during the night. It’s not very #warm, and compare to what it can be during this time of the year in #Norway,- not very cold either here in #Spain in the #wintertime. And it’s “winter- time” in South of Spain now,- and it will probably “winter” for the next 3 months ❄.

Wintertime here is not snow and ice, but rain and wind, and when the rain and the wind are coming this time of the year it comes a lot 🌬. At the moment is just cold,- not windy, not rainy- just sunny, but cold.

So why I’m I so “#hot” during the night at the moment? 🤔

When I’m waking up, I’m not just warm, but obviously I have been sweats a lot through the night, because the duvet, pillow and sheets are #damp,- and yes, my #body too 😳.

Lucky for me I can dry my duvet, pillow and sheets in the sun, and my body- well,- that one I “put” in the shower 🚿 😊. But,- I still need to change the bedsheets more often then I even need to do during the warm summernigths here in Spain when it’s 30 degree ( Celsius) during the night time 🌡.

It hasn’t been like this for so many days yet,- maybe it started about a week or so, maybe a bit longer. But it’s strange,- because I should not be so warm during the night at this time of the year,- and I do #sleep with my balcony door a bit open too, and under my big, down-filled Norwegian winter duvet. I need to feel the fresh air, but still be warm in my bed 😊.


I’m sleeping very well during the night. I don’t wake up before my wake-up call is “plinging” in the morning ⏰. And its then I #recognize how warm I has been during the night 😳. How “damped warm” 🙄.

I did had this “hot” “#experience”/ “periode” in Norway for around 7 years ago. I don’t remember how long it last at that time. But the “#conclusion” I did made for my self at that time was a) #stress – I was living with “the bump” at that time,- and b) the body, on it’s own way “renews”, or in it’s on way “restarte/ recover” all the cells in the body around every 7. year.

Well,- it’s not a totally “renewed”/”recovery”/” renovation”, that’s a bit wrong words,- because them we had never been older 😅. But our different cells in our body does dies, and new are coming,- during a 7. years period. I’m not going to have a long “lecture” in that subject today 😅. It was just a tiny little explanation 😊.

For 7 years ago,- yes,- I think that “sweaty and hot” nights at that time was stress and well,- #changings in my body too.

And I actually think that’s the what’s happen with my #body at the moment as well.

I have been stressing very much with this internet in my home,- special after we turned into 2020. Now it’s more important “then ever” that the internet is stable and in function then it has been before,- special since I’m going to do a job there, on my interne, in my home, and my “plans” and “goals” are to work 25- 30 % from my home. And for me now,- no internet is no work, and as we all know,- no work- no income 💰💶.

And I also think that this “hot and damped” nights I have at the moment is “a step” into the menopause 😳. Something that is very normal and natural, – but also feels a bit scary too. I feel I’m not “ready” for this “jumping #hormones trips” 😅. And I actually don’t feel “old” enough to be in the #menopause 😅. But I don’t think must of us, in general, feel “old enough” when we are in the age of 45- 55, and the different body- changins are “showing up”,- at the same time as we in a strang way “know” “that’s life”,- we are getting older 😊.

And,- apropos the menopause, – Thank you so much for the emails I have got 🧡. I really precede them all,- and I m very sorry I haven’t been able to answer you yet,- it’s just because I haven’t been able online at the way I want and need to be 😊. Unfortunately I can’t have to many Apps on my phone- with that means- I don’t have my email on my phone- just on my laptop. But,- I am going to answer you,- as well as use the different and good information and advices I have got about menopause (and even some of the “midlife crisis”) 😊. Thank you so much 🥀.

I know “dr. Google” is not the “best” doctor to “use” when it becomes to find a “diagnos” on something,- but I need to admit that I’m using “dr. Google” now and then anyway. And I did “google” “night sweat” today. Just to “#confirm” my “suspicion” about what the #reasons for why I’m so “hot and dampened” during the nights, and what it could be.

And I did find some “good” answers that I “feel” and think are more and less correct for me. Stress and hormones changes 😊. I don’t think it’s diabetes, and I don’t feel very sick,- so it’s probably my hormones that’s changing a bit, and the stress with my online work I haven’t been able to do 😊.

Well,- that’s life,- I’m #getting #older,- my #body is #changing, – even if I like it or not 😊.

Do you have any thoughts about getting older? Good ones? Or some “not to good”? 😊

I have different thoughts about “getting older”,- and little by little, step by step, I’m going to share them with you 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I’m “#daming away” during the #nights at the #moment 🌛. Like the cloud are “damping” the water 💧. I still #sleep very well 💤,- I think it’s just a bit of my #hormones that’s #changing a bit 😊. Probably a #normal and #natural part of “growing up” and becoming “#mature and #adult” 😉😊.