An elegant and fun Wintergalla ❄👠

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday it was The Wintergalla at my job,- and that was a great and elegant party with great people, good and tasty food at a nice place at a hotel very close to the beach 😊.

It’s still winter here in South of Spain,- but in the sun it can be still very warm, – but then also a bit cold in the shadow 🌞.

We was lucky with the weather yesterday, – it was a sunny day 🌞. And very nice in the sun too,- before the sun went down 😊.

The party did started early in the afternoon and also ended before midnight. Perfect timing 😊. I like to be not to late to bed,- I’m getting older 😅. And then the next day is also not “lost” in away then 😊. I had probably went home at that time anyway, around midnight, – I like to not be to tired the next day,- and also be able to “use” my “days off” from work to “my” things like the painting or other things 😊. A nice walk or actually do some necessary “homethings” 😊.

I’m going to both write and paint to day,- and also drive a tiny trip to the airport and pick up Amir,- Fabian’s friend. He has been in Norway at holiday and visit his family 😊. And then,- I’m just going to be home I think, and relax- do what’s “dropping” into my mind. Use my day in my tempo to my things 😊.

The party yesterday started with some “mingling” and also with the possibility to take some photos 📷. Me and my daughter took a nice photo together, – but it’s in her handbag since her handbag was a bit bigger then my 👛. So maybe I show you the photo another day 😊.

After the “mingling” it was an “awards ceremony” in some different work categories 😊. I don’t remember the different categories,- and since I have just been working for this company for a month I haven’t been given any vote either 😊.

And then it was the dinner,- three-course dinner 🍲🍸. Tasty food, and well decorated at the plates too 😊.

From the tabel and three-course dinner at the Winter Galla yesterday 😊.

When the dinner was finish it was more time to mingling and chat up with colleagues and friends 😊. And also time for some dancing as well. The music was actually great,- a good mix between music from “today” as well as music from “my time” 😅. With that means, – when I was young and a bit more at parties then I’m now 😊.

I like to go party, I like to dress up,- but I actually did like it more and better when I was younger 😊. I’m very pleasant with this two parties I have been at during the last weeks 😊. I’m in away finish with parties for a while now 😊.

I need to admit that yesterdays party was a bit better then the Christmas- party I was at in the end of November 2019 (sounds like forever,- but it’s just 6 weeks ago 😊). And I don’t feel for going on a new party for a while now 😊. I’m very happy with the parties I have been at during the last weeks 😊 ,- and it’s actually enough for me for a while 😊. I’m getting older and prefer “homeevenings” 😅.

Like I did write, – it was a great party yesterday and absolutely worth to be at 😊. But I do prefer smaller “event” together with some few friends 😊. Maybe that also have something with “the age” to do? 😊 I’m getting older and prefer a different kinds of “social events” now then when I was younger 😊.

And the dress,- well I did choose a black one. A black dress is always classic, elegant and a safe choice 😊.

What about you and parties? Do you prefer big parties or smaller parties with just some few and close friends? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A #black #dress is in general both safe, #elegant and a #classic #style and #choice 😊. So my #choice became a black dress for yesterdays event, party and #Wintergalla 😊. And it was a great party with #tasty #food, #good #colleagues and good music too 😊.