I wish … my kids happiness in love 💚🍃🍀

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Mille did visit me today,- and it was so great to see her again 🥰. Really good,- and really good to see how good she is too 🥰. She did travel to Sweden in September 2019 and I haven’t seen her after that, but kept a tiny bit of the contact by chatting up now and then by Facebook 😊.

Millie is my son in the middle’ s, Fabian, exgirl friend. A really great, young girl I just wish all the best for 💚.

I did like, and still do like Millie,- and for a long time I did hope that this two young people would and should be back together again 😊. But that’s not going to happen,- and that’s actually fine too 🥰. As long as both are happy in their life,- that’s the most important thing 🧡.

I know Millie is happy now,- and that’s so good to see 😊. And I know my Fabian is happy in his place in life as well 🥰.

In general parents wish all the best for their children, also when it comes to boyfriend or girlfriend,- maybe probably special when it comes to choice of a partner? Because in a love- relationship you live so close to each other, share different things and are intimate with each other in a totally different way then what you, in general, are in a friendship or in a work related situation 😊. And when I write “intimate” I don’t just mean the sexual relation,- it’s a bit more then that between a boyfriend and a girlfriend,- hopefully 😊.

Parents want their children to be happy in their life,- and if a boyfriend or girlfriend makes one of my kids happy I’m happy too 🥰. But if my children or their partner are not very happy in the relationship it’s the best to choose different way, split apart and move on in an other direction. Happiness is more important than a halfway good relationship 🙄,- or a relationship that’s not are in function at all. But it’s not for me to tell my children how a relationship should be working,- because a relationship works differently from relationship to relationship, from person to person, – the most important thing is happiness for both partners,- and of course the respect and the accept for the difference between two people 💕. Short summary, – the the unconditional love put together respect and acceptance for one another 💕. Sounds easy and should be easy, – but if it’s not I don’t think it is “the correct” relationship, – but that’s just my opinion. And,- all in all it is a bit more in a relationship then just this 😊.

I’m seriously not an expert on relationship, – but I know what I do want and don’t want to have in a relationship where I’m hopefully are going to be one day or some day 🥰. And I do believe in the unconditional love put together respect and acceptance for one another, as well as the boyfriend brings out the best off me, as well as I actually do the same for him 🧡.

I did wish they did find back together again, Millie and Fabian, because I did felt Millie became “a bit mine”,- so “I should wish” became a bit selfish wish and act actually. Special because I know they both have it a bit better in their life now, like it is now,- apart from each other 😊.

BTW,- my oldest son, Johan, and his fiance have also split up. And to be honest, – I think and have thought that for a long time that is the best solution for both of them. (ps- I don’t “deliver” my oldest son now,- he knows my “opinion” about this, about their relation 😊).

Of course I feel and think my son is a great man, and I also did like his girlfriend, Sally,- but I also did see, as a mammi, that those two people was not good for each other 😔. Sally was a wonderful young woman that really did tried to be a good girlfriend, and my son wanted to give her “all what she deserved”. But,- unfortunately they didn’t always bring out the best in each other, many times it was to much of the opposite 😔. But,- sometimes it’s the only way to learn about “love, be in love, the unconditional love, the respect, the accept and bring out the best in each other, a relationship” to have a relationship,- and unfortunatel also a break up too 💔. Then you know a bit more how and what you want and wish in and for a relationship,- and what kind of person you want to be in the relationship,- hopefully just yourself,- and be respected just for that 🥰.

And,- BTW nr.2,- 😊,- my daughter, Mathilde is together with a very sweet, young Norwegian man. And it seems that they are enjoying each other’s company 💕.

And me,- well 😅. Obviously not a proff on relationship at all 😅. One divorce behind me, and one destroying relationship with “a bump” behind me,- and, jepp,- still single 😅. I don’t have any special “on my mind”, I still do think a bit about this American man now and then. And of course there’s a lots of great and good men “out there”,- it’s just not always easy to find the “correct conection” that makes both want to continue meeting up ,- again and again and again 😊.

So,Yes,- I should and do wish all my 3 children will meet a boyfriend/ girlfriend that’s make them happy (both ways, of course), and a relationship that brings out the good things, the best, from both of them as well 💕. And when it comes to myself, – we see,- not anymore “bumps” ,- that’s for sure 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. I hope your day or evening is filled up with love and joy 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I do wish that my children will have relationship filled up with unconditional love, respect and accept for them self and their partner 💕. And I do hope that a good relationship “brings the best out” from both my children as well as their partner 🧡.

I’m not a proff in relationship at all 😅,- but I believe in love, the unconditional love, happiness and to bring out the best from each other in a relationship 🧡. And I wish for my kids to find happiness and joy in a relationship 🧡.