Welcome February 😊❄ ,- and Thank you January 🧡.

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡,- and that January was a good month for you in many different ways 🧡

I can’t complain about how my January has been at all 😊. Special when I do take a tiny “look” back on the days, weeks and the month ❄. It has been a little bit of “this and that”, and in general in good ways 😊. In general I like to focus on the positive things in life,- but it’s not always easy. Special when you feel you stand to over your knees in old shit 😅. Well,- then it’s to start to cleaning up, – but it can take a bit time now and then,- to clean up,- fresh up the mind, change the focus 😊. But it absolutely helps a lot to change the focus in a positive direction 🧡. So I will try to “refresh” my mind in the end of every month this year,- and take a tiny look at the good things the life, the month did “give” me 🧡.

I think January actually, all in all, was very nice to me. It hasn’t been “to bad at all”,- even I became a year older, and a bit closer to both menopause and the midlife 😅. But I’m also closer to reach some different goals in my life, some dreams and wishes too 😊.

I got a banana, the fruit, to my birthday from my daughter, the best banana ever 🥰 ,- and I also got the “opportunity” to “eliminate” “away” a couple of men that wasn’t worth using to much time on 😊. Then it’s a bit more “space” to use time on someone that’s worth it, – but until he is “shows up” I’m going to use a bit of my time to focus on my work and working 💻 👗 🎧. And who knows, – maybe “he” is at my work too? 😉

I was so lucky that I got a new online-job in January. With regular shifts and fixed salary per hour I’m online 😊. Its so much easier to work with regular shifts and regular income. Its no to much payed per hour, but still more than nothing and absolutely still much, much better then be on “the other chat” 🍌 😳. The shifts are a bit to late for me, in the nights, at the moment, – but that I can change in April 😊. And I really do like my job at the office 🥰, – that’s also why I don’t write to much about it 😊. I don’t need to “comfort” myself in a text about my job, or “steam out” in away. I enjoy every day at the office, I enjoy the work, I like the company I’m working for, and I enjoy the company to my colleagues 😊. I have nothing to complain about 😊.

I was on a very nice and fun Winter Galla with my job as well ❄ 👠. And I also got a nice surprise one evening I came home from my job, and was “met” by some new furniture to my bedroom, standing straight there in my livingroom 😊. And I have a nice visit from Millie too one day last month 😊.

I have been painting,- something that is a good timeout and relaxing “area” for me 🎨. And I have started to walk to my job. Not every day, but most days. I don’t walk if I have a student after I’m finish at the office, or if it’s very windy 🌬, or to much rain ☔. My job it’s not very fare from my home, it’s 2,1 km one way, and takes around 20 minutes to walk per way. So it’s a nice “exercise” for my body and good for my mind too 😊. And in a bit, when my “exercise- room” in my home is available again, I’m very ready to do some more exercises 🤸‍♀️. At the moment that room is filled up with boxes and bags to my oldest son and his friend 😊.

I’m a bit closer to have the days, the life and the lifestyle I want, at least I hope so,- but Rome was not build on one day either 😊. And my oldest son is moving in next week, and a friend of him too, but just for a period. So there will still be a tiny “stop” in some of my plans the period they are living here. I’m not to ready to live together with him 😅,- and I don’t think he is to ready to live with me either 😅. But it will be fine,- for a period 😊. It’s good to have the opportunity to help him and his friend a bit with the possibilities I have to help him and them 😊.

And I actually did get over 1000 readers to my blog in just January 🥰. And even some new followers and a couple of likes too 🥰. That feels a bit good to be honest 😊. So Thank you all that’s dropping by my blog now and then 🧡. I really appreciate it 🧡.

I still have a bit to do with my blog,- but step by step, little by little,- the best thing for me is to keep up writing and don’t stress to much with a lots of other things. My different brands will be placed in my blog again very soon I hope 😊.

All in all, what I can say is ,- Thank you, January for nice surprises, new possibilities, new experiences and a good feeling in the end of this month ❄ 🧡. And a good start on February as well,- so Welcome cold, fresh winter February,- I’m looking forward to “meet” you 🧡 ❄.

I hope your January was a good month for you too 🧡,- and that you’re ready to meet February and the different suprices this month will bring as well,- the good ones and the not to good ones too 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡,- and I wish you a great start on February too ❄. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Thank you, January for new experiences, new opportunities, for nice surprises and for a good feeling 🧡. Welcome February- I’m looking forward to meet you 🧡.

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