Ice blue or sky blue? ❄💧

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always easy 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between I try to take a break from all the different news about coronavirus and what’s happen in Norway, Spain and Italy, and all the other countries around in the world. It’s not easy,- because it is everywhere. The virus is everywhere, and I do think about it. Not that I’m going to be I’ll,- but what if someone close to me get ill? And die? Because as many others I also have family and friends that actually can die if they get the virus 😔.

Today I have been working at the office,- it takes time to move 300 computers to more then 200 homes. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be at the office and work, but it’s actually fine to get out of the home for a tiny little while too during this quarantine time, – even I actually did felt I did something illegal when I did drive to my job today.

My plan was actually to walk to my job, but I didn’t took the chance. The police are stopping closely everyone that’s out for a walk. The exception are people that walking their dog. And I need to have my passport, my NIE, Spanish resident card and also a paper from my job with me,- in case the police are going to stop me. In the paper from my work is a confirm that I actually work where I’m working and need to go to my job.

I’m not worried to be sick from the virus, because I think if I get sick it will probably be more and less like a kind of flue for me. But I’m worried that I can get the virus and infect someone else around me where the body and immune system don’t can handle the virus very well. And I seriously don’t understand why not more people are worried about that? It seems for me that to many take this to easy,- this coronavirus and the consequences the virus can and have for so many others around us.

Like I mention, in between I try to take a “timeout” from the virus,- so I have knit a bit. A friend of my wanted scarf, hat, elf-socks in sky blue colour for the next winter. And onr evening, a while ago, we also was joking a bit about kintted bading suits, bikinis, shorts and speedos 😅. My friend, he is a male, did promise me that if I did knit a speedo to him in the colour sky blue, he was going to use it in the beach one day this spring, and also be my model for a photoshoot 📷.

Well,- the beaches are closed down at the moment, but the speedo is finish, and the shorts too, and very ready to be used 😊. And hopefully we will be able to have a really fun photoshoot at the beach in a couple of weeks then.

Free shiping over 69$

But,- my friend wanted the colour sky blue at all the items. Both the hat, scarf and elf- socks, as well as the shorts and the speedo. I did ask him what kind of sky blue he wanted because the sky can actually have different blue colours during a day 😊. And some of this colours are also very close to ice blue. I didn’t get a very good and concrete answer, – so I did made the hat, scarf and elf- socks in the colour ice blue. At least I feel it’s the colour ice blue. And I did think ice blue was a nice colour for winter items as well ❄. But at the same time this colour can be very close to sky blue too. …. in case he is not to happy with my choice of the blue colours on the different items I have been knitting to him 😊.

The speedo and shorts I think is more sky blue, and I did made that choice just because it is summer items, and summer items suits the colour sky blue a tiny touch better then winter items, – at least in this simple and not very complicated “situation” …. and in my mind as well 🌞💧. And, yes, I also did knit a cover for his nose and mouth. We are in the days we are in,- so why not 😊.

Some knit winter- and summer items to a good friend of my here in Spain ❄🌞

What do you think? Is the scarf, hat and elf socks ice blue or sky blue? And what kind of blue colours are the speedo and shorts after your mind and opinion ? Ocean blue or sky blue? 🌊 Its so many lovely and different blue colours,- and we also see the different colours combination in different forms, shapes and settings in different ways 😊. I think maybe it can be because we all have different “colour experiences” ? Different good memories to the different colours? 😊But I don’t know, it’s just a thought 😊. For me the winter items are ice blue, and the summer items are sky blue. What do you think? 😊

It is actually really good to have some other things to focus on now and then, like knitting a bit, and then have a timeout and a relaxing moment in the mind and soul for a while 🧶😊. And to be honest, – I really hope he is showing up in the speedo, and let me take some photos,- and hopefully I will be allowed to share them with you too? 😊 That could be fun too 😊.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts during this strange and surreal time we all are going through 🧡. I hope you also have something to do to take a tiny break and timeout from all the coronavirus news, a relaxing moment for your soul and mind 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

All the knit summer- and winter items made in sky blue or ice blue? 🌞❄

In between I need to have a tiny “timeout” from the different news during this days 😊. So I did knit both some summer items as well as winter items to a friend of my,- but are the colours ice blue or sky blue? ❄🌞 Need to take a better look? It’s possible in my post 😊.

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