A carefully planned shopping trip 😷🛍

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with me during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

When people in Norway are planning their picnic in the sun, and where in the park they can sample a group with friends, for playing ping-pong 😉, I’m planning my shopping trip very carefully,- alone! I’m not planning it alone because I don’t have any friends 😊, I have some great friends here in Spain, but I’m actually not allowed to be in company with anyone when I’m going outside my home, not for running some very few errand, or meet my friends or family. If I need to do something outside my home, I need to do it alone, and I need to a very good reason to leave my home too 🏡. A good reason is the food store, farmacia or a tiny walk with your, a visit to the gas station, or go to the hospital. To the hospital you are actually allowed to have “assistance” with you.

I actually didn’t need to go to the food store today, I needed to go to my daughter’s apartment and pick up some medicines to my oldest son. But how to do that when I’m not allowed to do that? 🤔 With good and careful planning 😊. And to be honest I was nervous because I just really don’t want to be stopped by the police, and of course, also because I did knew my food shopping trip was not necessary at all, but my “pick up medicine” at my daughter’s apartment was. But the police don’t care about that. It’s just not allowed to go to anyone else’s home then your own home!


My daughter doesn’t live very fare away from me. It take me maybe 7 minutes to drive to her, and around 20- 25 minutes to walk. But I can just forget about the walking now,- even it had been a very nice walk 😅. I’m not allowed to walk outside for a nice and tiny walk and trip. As long as it’s not farmacia, food store or gas station. Or the hospital.

So I needed to plan a “roundtrip” with “necessary” and allowed errands 😊, and still manage to drop by my daughter’s apartment so she just could drop my oldest son’s medicine into my car, through the car window, very fast, when I still was driving. Because she is also not allowed to go outside her apartment either.

First I went to Lidl and did buy some “necessary” food like tomatoes, red juice to my oatmeal soup, and a couple of few other things. This just so I had the recipe from my “necessary” shopping in case the police did stop me.

But,- before I could go into the shopping store I was standing in line outside the store, with 1,5 meters distance from the person in front of me. The safety guards did look after so it was not more people in the store that’s allowed. I did have my mouth and nose covered. I know it’s a smaller chance to be stopped by the police then, as well as I do wear it for safety reasons 😷🧤. When it was my time to go into the food store the safety guards gave me antibiotics over my plastic gloves, and I was allowed to go inside and buy the items I needed. Also here we are standing in line before we could pay, and the distance is 1,5 meters. In case someone doesn’t know how fare that is, it’s marked on the floor 😊.

Well, I did manage that one 😊. I got my recipe, that’s the only reason why I went to the store today was to get my recipe for my “roundtrip” with the time on when I was in the store. But I was not finish. I still needed to go to my daughter’s apartment in a kind of “allowed” way 😳.

So then the next stop became the gas station, and change my empty gas bottle to a new one, and get the recipe from the gas station too, with the correct time on.

I have two different types of gas bottles, one type for the gas oven, and one for the hot water. I can use both, it doesn’t matter what kind I’m using for the water or my oven. But one gas station have one kind of gas bottles and an other gas station the other kind of gas bottles. I needed to choose the correct gas station for my empty gas bottle…. on the way to my daughter’s apartment. And lucky for me, the gas station I needed to go to was “on the road” to my daughter’s apartment, and then I could just drive a kind of “roundtrip” from the food store, to the gas station, then to my daughter’s apartment and back home. Actually a kind of “a natural” and necessary roundtrip.

The thing is, if I haven’t been at the food store I did choose to go to, like Lidl, I also needed to use and choose an other gas station in the opposite direction from my daughter’s apartment. But as long as there are 3 different food stores in my area, and I’m “allowed” to use all of them, and I could plan my trip like I did.

I went to the gas station, did change the gas bottle, got my recipe, called my daughter to be ready. Did drive from the gas station, passing by my daughter’s apartment, slowly, she dropping of the medicine through my open window and running inside again, and I’m driving back home. Phu!

Without being stopped by the police, and if I had been stopped by the police I did have “all my recipes” with the correct time on as well. And my trip would been an allowed driving trip with one big exception, – I’m not allowed to drop by my daughter’s apartment like I did, and she is not allowed to drop outside to just drop the medicine through the car window.

That tiny little “session” went really fast, me driving very slowly up the street where she’s living, she dropping of the medicine through the window when I’m still driving. She running inside, and me driving back home. I think it took 2 seconds 😅.

An very easy map and explanation for my “roundtrip”, – but the gas station with Carrefour hasn’t the kind of gas bottle I needed. The gas station close to Mecadona has,- but then I was in the opposite direction from my daughter’s apartment. I needed to “plan” a “natural” “shoppingtrip” and get “legal” recipes with correct times 😊. In case the police did stopped me.

My son needs this medicine because he have a “bump” over some nerves in the groin on the right. The “bump” press on his nerves and he gets pain. The medicine relief the pain. He is actually going to have a surgery in the beginning of April for removing this “bump”, – but that surgery will probably be changed to an other day, week, probably month now.

His medicine was in my daughter’s apartment because….. his friend has two cats, and my son has one dog. I can’t have two young men, two cats and a dog and myself in my home. So my daughter is looking after the cats in her apartment then.

My oldest son and his friend are living together with me because they was looking for a great place to live together with their animals, and they have also found a great place too 🏡. In the mountains 😊. A perfect place for both the young men and their animals. The plan was to start moving on Sunday the 15. March, and be finish with all the moving, and have their first night in their new home in the mountains Wednesday 18. March.

Well,- that didn’t happen,- because Spain “closed down” this Sunday and we did get curfew and quarantine, all of us. But,- some days before Sunday the 15. March, my son and his friend was visiting my daughter in her apartment, she is his little sister 🥰, one day after being at the farmacia and picking up some new medicines for his nerves, and his friend was visiting his cats. And of course he forgot his medicine in her apartment. But he did still did had enough medicine in my home to this Sunday, the 22. March. But at Sunday it was empty 😔. And as a mammi it’s really painful to see your child have pain 😔. And the only “medicines” I have in my home are ibuprofen and paracetamol, and that’s not medicine for relief the press on the nerves. We did try.

So that’s why I did planned a careful, and “necessary” shopping trip today. Necessary for me as mammi and for my son so he could have a bit less pain 💙.

I was very nervous, but that because I knew I was doing something not “legal” and “allowed” at the moment. We do get punished if we break the rules, quarantine and curfew here in Spain. It can be a big fee, or actually arrested, and I didn’t want to have any of this, just my oldest son medicines.

For someone who is standing on “the sideline” of Spain this trip I did take today could seems so easy and natural, and I could just explain the police why I went to my daughter’s apartment. But that’s not the way it’s “working” here st the moment. I also could go to farmacia, but I’m not allowed to pick up his medicine on a recipe at the farmacia. It’s many “not allowed” here in Spain at the moment, and some very very few “allowed”. So,- then it became a careful planned shopping trip instead 😊.

Do you have any kind of restrictions to live by during this period we all are going through? Are there any differences between the restrictions we in Spain are living by and yours? Do you think it’s difficult to follow the rules and restrictions in your country?

At the moment I don’t think its difficult to follow the rules and restrictions in Spain, except from today and except from the tiny little fact that both my oldest son and his friend and me,- we all want them to move out from my home 😅. But that can take a bit time at the moment 😊. It’s also raining a lot here in South of Spain at the moment. The “perfect” curfew and quarantine weather to be honest, but also so good for the nature and our water tanks ☔. This winter is has been raining very little, to little,- but it seems that we get all the rain now,- and that’s good 🌧 😊.

I’m sending you all a lots of good thoughts 🧡. Take care, be safe, stay healthy and home 🧡. And I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Gloves, face mask, ID- paper and recipe with the correct time and necessary food. I use “normal” gloves and have plastic gloves over. But this is what I need to have with me for just a short food shopping trip now at days 😊. ( and of course,- money 😅)

I needed to take an extra “roundtrip” for my “necessary” food shopping,- and I needed to make a good plan in case the police did stopped me 🛍. What was necessary? And what was the extra “roundtrip”, and my good plan? You are very welcome to read it in my post 😊.

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