Trying to contact Aliens, or what? 😳👽🤭

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through, – together 🧡

My oldest son (and also a friend of him) lives together with me at the moment, it was not the plan that they was going to stay here so long,- but the day when they actually was going to move to their own home, all the people in Spain got curfew and quarantine, and they was not allowed to move 🏡.

Both of the young men are working from home, with a bit different things. My sons friend are creating something they call “pogs” online. To be honest, I don’t know what that is, even he have try to explain it for me 😅. He speak a language I don’t understand when he try to explain it for me, and he even speaks Norwegian when he are explaining, but still it sounds like a language I don’t understand 😅. I think both him and me have given up to explain and understand know. I just know he is doing something and some work online, and mainly his working time is in the evenings and nights, and that’s fine for me 😊.

My oldest son are streaming online games and also do some text- work. The streaming is mainly to USA, so he works a bit in the evenings and nights as well🕹🎮. I do understand his online work, even I’m not the biggest fan of some of the games he is streaming, gaming and playing. But,- I’m actually not sure if its streaming my oldest son are doing from my home anymore 🤔.

One day when I was back home after my weekly food shopping and errands round I did see something very strange from my oldest son’s window 😳. I had recognized that it was empty for aluminium foil in the kitchen, but I just thought the boys have been empty it for some food making or something like that 😊. They are both working in the evenings and nights, and also making some food during this time, and I’m sleeping at that time, because I’m working in the morning, in the daytime and afternoons 😊.

I’m not sure my son are streaming or do some text writing work anymore 🤭. I think he is trying to contact aliens or something like that 👽. Because in his bedroom window, there I did see all the aluminium foil from my kitchen 😳. Lined up like small antennas or something like that 🛰.

Hmmm….. I know I have been raised him to believe in what ever is correct for him, but I also know Aliens and UFOs are something I haven’t told him very much about. It’s actually not very much of my interest, and then I just haven’t spoke, or teach, to much about it either when he was a child and when he was growing up 😊. I have been spoken a bit about different religions and beliefs, also about different mythologies. And I know he was, and still is, very fascinated about the Egyptian mythology. So fascinated that we actually did travel to Egypt,- me and my 3 children for around 10- 11 years ago,- just so he could “explore” a bit of this interested and fascinating 😊. It was not just a travel for my oldest son, we all had a excellent time in Egypt with a lots of new and fun experiences 😊. But where and when did the aliens come into my oldest son’s life? 🤔

I know both of my sons was extremely busy with “Star Wars” too,- Dart Vader, princess Leia and more,- but wasn’t most boys that? And there’s no alien in there? Or did I miss something when I did try to follow my sons “classes” to teach me about “Star Wars”? 😅 I did probably not follow my sons classes very well to be honest 😅.

Anyway,- when I was back home and well inside our house I needed to ask my oldest son what was going on in his bedroom window. Because “all” the neighbour’s can see it too 😳,- that’s something “strange” is going on form that bedroom window. Not all the neighbour’s 😅, just some few, and of course all the people that walks by. But that’s not many at the moment. We are most of the time inside our home all of us 🏡.

My son’s explanation was very easy,- it was antennas he had created, but not for the aliens and UFOs 🤭. It was to get a better online connection when he is streaming 😅.

It’s strange and fascinating how many different thoughts that can cross a mind in just some few seconds, or maybe a minute and two 😅. And no one of my thoughts was correct either when I started to think about the aluminium foil antennas in my sons bedroom window 😅. I manage to think about our travel to Egypt, both of my sons fascination for Star Wars, how they did play Star Wars when they was younger and how hard they did try to teach me about Star Wars, and also about Aliens and UFOs, and that I haven’t actually told my son very much about that, and we have never spoke to much together about aliens and UFOs either.

Have you the same experience? That you see or hear something, and then it “pops up” many different thoughts in your mind, but when you get the “answer” it’s a bit different from what you did think about?

I don’t know what my neighbours do think, if they think my son is trying to get in connection with aliens and UFOs, or it’s something else that’s happening in that bedroom window 😊. As long as I know what it is, and what’s happen from that bedroom window it’s good enough for me 😊. And it is just for better online connection so my son can do his job in a better way when he is staying here 🛰.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. And I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

The window to my oldest son’s bedroom ( obviously need a bit painting too 😅, but that’s for an other day when we can be more outside😊)

My oldest son is also a creative soul too, 😊 just different creative then me. I was empty for aluminium foil in my kitchen one day, but I did find it all in my oldest son’s bedroom window 😅. I’m not sure if he is trying to contact or be connected to aliens and UFOs ….or maybe he is just trying to pop popcorn? 👽. But he has created aluminium foil antennas in his bedroom 🛰.

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