4 weeks, 5 days a week is not to bad 😊🤸‍♀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧡

I’m a bit proud of myself 😁. During the 4 last weeks I have manage to do my work out and exercises 5 days a week 😊. That’s not to bad 😊. But if the 21/ 90 rule “count”,- and 21 days are actually 66 days I have some more days left before I can “brag” a bit, snd say that work out and exercises are a part of my weekly routines, and a part of my life 😊.

I’m not sure if you have heard about or read about this “21/90- rule”? It’s “says” it takes 21 days to change a habit and 90 days to change a lifestyle 😊. Well,- when I’m thinking about 90 days and changing a lifestyle we are a “couple” of people here in Spain that’s soon closely over half way to change a lifestyle then 😅. A lifestyle I hope we not will change our life into,- and that’s “to stay home, stay inside, be inside” 🏡. In my writing moment we are in day 37 of our “lock down” in Spain 😳. And it will be “lock down” to maybe around 10. May 🌻. That will totally “count” around 57 days……that’s a “couples” of days,- that’s for sure. And then it could be, very close to change “a lifestyle” too 🤔.

When that’s said, – I don’t think that will happen, and I really don’t hope that will happen. That all the people in Spain are changing their lifestyle because of the “lock down”. At the same time,- there will be many changes for many people who have or will, or need to change their “lifestyle” just because of their different experiences in the lock down. And it’s actually not sure because they want to change their life, lifesituation or lifestyle, but because they have to, need to.

And there will be people’s lifes, lifesituations and lifestyles are changing because of the social effects the lock down has on the society. Good or bad changes and challenges? I think there will be, unfortunately, a combination of both. But this is a subject for an other day, – the changes and challenges the “lock down” will have for many people, and the society.

My subject for today’s text was more about work out and exercises, and a kind of lifestyle changing in that area …. for me 😊.

And,- as I told you,- I have been learning that it takes 21 days to change a habit…..but research “tells/says” it takes 66 days before “this” habit actually are changed for “real” 😊. But also this number 66 is in general. It all depends on what kind of habit that’s going to be change, and what kind of person and personality that’s trying to change a habit 😊. And, well,- what “time” we do live in as well….like now,- we live in a quarantine and curfew time 🏡.

At this point I’m “working” to change my workout and exercises “habit”, and with that means,- I’m trying to “put” this habit into my life 🤸‍♀️. My a bit daily life and my weekly routines 😊. I have been working out on regular basis before. Before I became a mammi ( oh my, – that’s a “couple” of years ago now…..😳) I did work out regular. Then “the mammi” took a bit over my life, and after a while, there was “just” 3 children to be a mammi for, – and the time for “me and my stuff” wasn’t my first priority anymore and not for many years either 😊. It was my children, my priority and mainly focus was my children ❤. And has been my mainly focus and priority for over 20 years now 🥰. I don’t regret that focus and priority at all,- but now it’s time to change that focus and priority to a bit more about “me”, “my time”, “my things and stuff”, and my dreams and wishes as well 😊.

I did started up again with regular workout and exercises closely 2 years ago, and then, this autumn ( 2019) “put” it a bit ” on hold” …..again…..😅. My “excuses” and “explanations” was work, job, holiday guests, and during the last months, has also been that my oldest son and his friend lives here 😊. So when they are living here with all theirs things and stuffs together with my things and stuffs it’s a bit less space and place in my home to do work out and exercises at and on. But I did find a solution on that one. A tiny solution,- but still enough space and place to do most of my different work out exercises on, at least 😊.

And,- yes,- regular workout and exercises and to get them in the daily life and weekly routines takes time, and to do the work out and exercises takes time too 😊. And there should be a tiny bit space and place to do the workout and exercises on a well 😊.

I’m “using” time on work out and exercises. That means again that I need to find time to do work out and exercises in my life, and in between other things I have in my life like my job and work, jobbys and hobbies, friends and family 😊. And then try my very best to make it all (the work out and exercises) as a part of my routines and at the same time have time to other things and stuff in my life too 😊.

In a quarantine and curfew time, a lock down time, this is not a very big issue. I’m home closely all the time anyway 😅. I can’t meet my friends and family anyway, and I’m doing all my job and work from my home too. My “challenge” will actually be to still continue to do my work out and exercises on a regular basis after the lock down. When we starts to “move out” from our home again, starting socializing again 😊. Because I like to socialize a bit as well, even I’m enjoying my time on my own too, very well 😊.

So to continue with doing my work out and exercises 5 days a week at the moment will not be the biggest challenge for me. My “challenge” will be when we are allowed to live our life outside from our home again, and then try to continue with my good work out and exercises routines 😊. I think I will manage to find a solution for that,- in general there’s a possibility to find solutions for different changes and challenges. It’s just not always easy to see them or find them ….in the beginning 😊.

The first week with work out and exercises this time, as in general for me, to start up again with the work out and exercises, was hard. My body was not in the best fit, form and shape 😅. The second week was much easier, but the third week I really needed to motivate myself every day to continue with my work out and exercises plan. And I manage to do that,- phu 🤸‍♀️. But it was hard. This last week has been easier,- and my body is also ready for some more work out and exercises challenges. I can press my body to do some more now, lift a bit more weights, walk a bit longer on my step machine and do some more and different yoga exercises too.

I will manage to both walk longer on my step machine and lift more weights, but I actually can’t do so very much more yoga exercises at the moment 🤸‍♀️. I have 3- 4 different yoga exercises that’s fits perfectly to the space and place I have to use and can use at 1,5 meter 😅. And that’s between my bed and my bathroom. What I can do is to just do the few yoga exercises I m doing at the moment a bit longer 😊.

Anyway,- my point with my text today is, – I m a bit proud of myself that have manage to do my work out and exercises on regular basis, 5 days a week during the 4 last weeks 😊. I can’t say on this point that I have manage to change a habit or put a new habit into my life. Because at the moment my life, more and less 98 % ( the 2 last % is when I m outside and in the store to shop food) of my life is in my home, every day. My changes and challenges will be to keep up my good work out and exercises routines when we are finally finish with this lock down, quarantine and curfew here in Spain. Because then I want to use my time outside to meet friends and family, and I’m probably on one point also move my home office back to the work office. That means, – there will be use time to get to the office as well as use time to get home 😊.

So,- some weeks out in June or July I probably can brag a bit more about my good work out and exercises weekly routines 😊. Because then I know how it actually will be in practice, in a bit more “normal” life. Because a “normal” life in general is not to spend more and less 24 hours every day inside your home for weeks,- like I’m doing at the moment, and many, many others are doing as well here in Spain 🏡.

So 21/90,- yes a good general “rule” for changing a habit and get a new lifestyle. In practice a bit more different because it depends on the habit that’s going to be changed, as well as on the person and personality that want to change the habit, and what “time” we do live in,- like at the moment many of us live in a quarantine and curfew time 🏡.

Have you changed some habits in your life during this quarantine and curfew time, during this coronavirus and Covid19 time? Then I mean some good changes for you, your life, mind or body? In case what kind of habit or habits are changed? And do you think you will manage to keep up the changes, to keep your good habit/ habits in your life when the quarantine and curfew time is over?

I will do my very best to keep my work out and exercises habit keep up running also in August, – and hopefully I will manage it as well. It’s just to try to do my best, and then I see what has happen when we turn to August 😊🤸‍♀️.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much to dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me after my 21 workout sessions, – so fare 4 weeks with 5 days a week work out and exercises 🤸‍♀️. Just started on my 5 week 😊

To change a habit during the quarantine and curfew time can be easy. The challenge for me, will be to keep up the good changes, to continue doing my regular work out and exercises on daily and weekly basis, for my body and my mind, after the quarantine and curfew time 😊 🤸‍♀️. So fare, so good,- but at the moment I’m home 98 % of my time 😊.

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