Isn’t dental health health too? 😁💚😷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

In this time we are in, the corona- time, a pandemi- time, the focus is about health, of course. Not the health in general at the same time, the health in general. The focus is to find a vaccine, and some kind of protect as well as a kind of cure, as well as why some became more sick from the Covid19 the others, and why some actually don’t get sick at all even they have the virus, and then again, some are actually also are immune for the coronavirus and Covid19.

My text today is not about the coronavirus or Covid19, to be honest, even there’s written so much about both the virus and the illness I still do feel I have to little fact information to write my own post about it. The reason is actually very easy,- it’s not because I don’t read about the virus or the sickness, it’s because it’s so much different information. Yes, different information. So I’m not always sure what’s true and what’s not true. But in general I think I have got the “picture” I need about the world- situation, the virus and the sickness.

Health is in away the opposite of sickness,- and I try to be as healthy as I can, in a way that feels good and correct for me, my body and my mind. I try to eat healthy and be nice with my body, and when this pandemi started I also put a new “thing” into my “healthy- schedule”,- to drink a fresh lemon juice shot with a tiny touch of honey in every morning. The reason for this is very easy,- someone told me it will improve my immune system 🍋. And during the time we live in my immune system needs all the good things I can give 😊.

Health is a bit more and different then just a virus, and also a squeezed lemon 😊. It’s what we eat, it’s about moving the body a bit, it’s about our mind. WHO’ s short definition for health is: “A perfect state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of illness, or weakness.  Health is about the ability and capacity to cope and adapt to life’s inevitable difficulties, and to live a social and productive life. ”  and an impression of what health is and involves, even though we also have different perceptions of good health.

And in this we think food and workout, medical doctors and different treatments and so on for our body as well as our mind is health,- but I just wonder where does the dental health comes in?

I wonder about this because to visit a public doctor or a public hospital is more or less free in both Norway and Spain, and even various treatments are free, although there are some deductibles here and there.  But a “public” dentist costs money, a lot of money, both in Norway and Spain.  And a private one is even more expensive.  Besides, there is not really anything called “public” dentist.  Why are there this different viewed in an economic perspective? Why is it so expensive to visit the dentist, and not a doctoror a hospital?

I have heard arguments such as suffering and expensive education, expensive extermination, danger of infection, danger of injury ect – but all that applies to a medically trained doctor too?  So still, I do not understand why it is a high financial expense to go to the dentist? Special when our physical health actually starts in our mouth and with our teeth.

How and why starts our physical (and also mental) health in our mouth and teeth? Very easy,- it’s the first stop for our food. We can’t eat if we don’t put the food in our mouth and it is a bit difficult to swallow the food if we don’t chewing the food, and to chew the food we need teeth, healthy teeth and a gum without too many inflammations.

But if something happens with your teeth or you get in inflammation in your gum it can be difficult and even very painful to eat, to chew,- and then a visit to the dentist is necessary. But,- many, including me, can’t afford a visit to the dentist because of the experiences it actually is to visit a dentist. Then what to do?

It’s many people that actually just need to try to do the best of their teeth- situation, and just can’t visit a dentist. Some are able to save up some money and can go to the dentist a bit later, and some can actually visit the dentist right away.

And if the teeths are not in the best “condition” we don’t eat the food that will be best for our health, because to eat and chew can be a bit painful process. For example to eat an apple or a hot dinner, nuts or something else can be so painful that’s its easier to eat a bit softer Big Mac instead 🍔. (It’s just an example 😊).

To cold food, or to warm food, or to hard food, or to spice food can be painful to eat, and then we find other solutions for food, and maybe not to healthy either. The solution for some can even just be eating soup after a while because of the teeths “health”.

In short version, – when the selection of foods, healthy foods are narrowed in because the food has to be adjusted to the pain levels in the mouth and teeth, it can quickly become both unhealthy food, and malnutrition – and it goes beyond both physical and mental health and well-being.

And as longer time it also goes between the dentist visit, or with the different damages in the teeths and mouth as more expensive can a dentist visit be, and more damage can be done.

Of course, we have to take care of our teeth on our own, – it’s not the dentist’s responsibility.  We have to perform good dental hygiene ourselves to minimize damage to teeth and gums.  To brush teeth at least twice daily, use toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash to maintain good dental health, but nonetheless, damage can occur, gaps in the teeth and infection of the gums can occur. What to do then when you can afford a visit to the dentist?

And if you don’t go to the dentist the infection and inflammation in your gums can be worse and even create damage, inflammation and infection in other organs in your body.

So in my mind good health in general, also, starts in our mouth and teeth, not just the food we eat. And,- even when we practice good dental care in our home every day both damage and inflammation in our teeth and mouth can happen. But because of the experiences a visit to the dentist is, many people don’t visit the dentist, even they should because of infection and damage on their teeth or gums that’s again can create badly food health,- and so on.

Let me put it this way,- we eat and drink because our body and mind need food. But we can still be sick, a virus or infection can cause illness, or we can break a leg. We go to the medical centre, or hospital, we get help and treatment and in most cases we get well, and we feel well 💚.

If the teeths and gums are infected we also should be able to visit a dentist in the same way as we visit the hospital or a medical doctor,- but it’s not like that, special because of the experiences. So with a not to good dental health the quality of food can be less, and the body health can be infected too. And another thing,- if we don’t feel comfortable with our teeth we hide our beautiful smile, or even worse, stop smiling. And to smile, give and get a smile is also health, – health in the mental area.

I’m not sure if you understand what I do mean and what I’m trying to tell you? It was so much easier to explain it all in my mind and head, then in written form and not even in my native language 😅.

Anyway,- what I want to say is that dental health and care is as important as physical and mental health because it is all linked together.  We need teeth and mouth so we can eat, and we need food for the body to function. But it’s a bit different to visit a dentist for help then visit a medical doctor, and the biggest difference is the economic expenses between a medical doctor and a dentist.

That was just some thoughts, my thoughts that there’s not to much different between the body health and the teeth health, but it is still a difference between the visit to a medical doctor and a dentist. And I just wonder why? Because in my mind dental health is health too, both physical and mental health 😁. And my experience is that to visit a dentist can be a unforeseen high costs, because it is expensive to get the necessary dental treatment.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😁

I’m trying my very best to take care of my teeth, mouth and gum 😁.

How and why starts our physical (and also mental) health in our mouth and teeth? Very easy,- it’s the first stop for our food. We can’t eat if we don’t put the food in our mouth and it is a bit difficult to swallow the food if we don’t chewing the food, and to chew the food we need teeth, healthy teeth and a gum without too many inflammations. So why is it then a difference between a visit to the medical doctor and the dentist?

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