Police violence, racism, discrimination 🚓📣🌍

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Police violence and racism are two words that has been used a lots together in the news lately, but not so much the word discrimination. I’m not sure why discrimination is a bit “behind” in the different “discussions” in the news, but it is.

There’s a lots of focus what’s happen in the USA now at days, and how the police “over there” are using unnecessary violence in different situations, and then special when it comes to people with a darker skin. When and why did the focus become “police violence and skin color”? And special who let the focus be in this kind of direction in the news? Police violence happen just not between to different skin color,- a white policeman and a darker person. Police violence happen with all kind of people, even the white ones. White against white. Colour against colour.

In this “case” I want to mention an america white, rich man, Tony Timpa, that was killed by the police 10. August 2016. It was not very much about that case in the news. Why not? But it was police violence at the same level as in the case of George Floyd. The different is that Tony Timpa’s “case” was never shared “all over the world”,- and why wasn’t it? Because he was white and rich?

My point is, – police violence happen no matter what kind of colours the skin have.

And like I did mention in one of my posts about the quarantine and curfew time here in Spain. It was not the virus I was afraid of, but the police. They behaved so badly, and used violence if some one crossed the quarantine and curfew line. Spanish police against Spanish people. White against white.

I could mention more “cases” like this,- but choose to not use more time around that. I just wanted to mention that it’s a difference between police violence and racism. It’s more about that the police are misusing their “power” in “upheated” situations, and it is about discriminating.

In my mind the police are going to create peace and order, maintain security and catch the “bad guys” ……. I thought.  But it is not quite so experienced anymore.  The police create fear because they behave terribly, many places, not all the places in the world, but many places, also in Spain, even in Norway too.

In short, police violence is when the police use violence against certain individuals or groups without any need to deal with a situation involving violent interventions. But unfortunately it has been a bit situations during the last where the police for some very strange reason choose to use violence unnecessary.

And then it is this words “racist” and “racism”. If we are agree about the fact that human are human no matter what colour the skin are,- why do we still split human into race- groups? In away “accept” the fact that we are actually from different “rases”?

In one “setting” it’s “correct” that we belong to different “groups”,- but are we different rases?

I’m a Scandinavian woman, and I can’t never be anything else. I look like an Scandinavian woman too. I can’t be an Spanish woman or an Asian woman, or an African woman either. I “belong” to the Scandinavian “group”,- but I’m not a different race. We have the same number of chromosomes, chromosomes that create us for women, for humans, but with genes that just put together a slightly different custom that we look different on the outside, and have different characteristics. At least in my mind I do think this way.

I have use the words “racist” and “racism” my self, but lately I have been thinking more and more about what the words in it’s own way stands for,- and if I look closely it “tells” me that as long as I use those words I also choose to split human into different races. And that’s not correct, is it?

If I just choose to use the words “racist” and “racism” one more time I want to say that “racist” and “racism” is not white against colours. There are people with dark skin that’s are “racist” too. There are Spanish people who are not very “happy” for people like my skin color. And both of my two youngest children has felt that “on their body” that they had a lighter skin, and the lighter colour was not very popular.

If I, with my light skin had moved, and I mean moved, not travel on a holiday, to Jamaica, I haven’t been very much welcomed, because of my skin color. Isn’t that racism too? Or is “racist” and racism” just for the one with darker colour skin then me?

Colours doesn’t matter,- we are all just different humans in different forms, sizes, shapes and colours. And racism doesn’t “belongs” to just a specific kind of colours either, racism happens all over the world no matter what colour you have.

Maybe it’s actually about xenophobia?  Fear of the stranger, the unknown, the “different” than we are used to?

And then it is “discrimination”,- isn’t actually that what it “all” is about? Discrimination because of the differences?

For example a person in a wheelchair will maybe not experience “racism”, but discrimination. And there’s a lots of discrimination everywhere in different way, level and “categories” . The young girl I told you about in my text “13 years of exclusion” what “word” can she use? A bully victim? She can’t use “racism”, because it was white against white. But still her experience has created scares on her soul at the same way as a person who experiences “discrimination” because of the wheelchair, or “racism” because of the skin color.

I think we people, we human have a “habit” to react in a negative way when we meet something new, something different and something we can feel threatened in some way, or that makes us insecure about ourselves and our own worth. And then we reacts with unreasonable actions, with fear, and fear many times cause bad actions. Bad actions like bullying, racism and discrimination.

My point today is,- police violence happen “all over the world” and has not very much with the colours to do, more about the police that’s does the violence, and about discriminating.

And when we choose to use words like “racism” and “racist”, we accept in a way that human are split into different “races”. Also “racism” it’s something that happens “all over the world”, no matter what kind of colours the skin are,- the focus is just a bit more on “white against colours” in the news, not the opposite. And to the end,- discrimination. I think that’s a good word to use,- it’s very much about discriminating, and xenophobia. This fear of what we do not have as much knowledge of, whether it is another skin color, disease, various disabilities, sexual orientation or it may be culture and traditions that are unknown. Something that makes us in one or another way feel insecure or threatened, because we don’t know, because we don’t have the knowledge.

This is just my thoughts, they can be wrong, they can be correct. It’s just my thoughts about “something” that’s happening around in the word at the moment, and also has happen for a while.

I just think we have to get a little bit better at separating some words and expressions from each other now and then, and not just putting them, and seeing them, as “selling” contexts.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

We humans are like sequins.  We come in slightly different colors and shapes, some with a little “crap” even.  And all are useful in one or another way 😊. The differences doesn’t give us the right to carry out various forms of discrimination, or even to use unnecessary police force. Xenophobia, fear of what makes one uncertain often creates conflicts between people of different kinds. Unnecessary conflicts because we don’t have the knowledge, and because we in one or another way feel threatened by “the unknown”.

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