When sweet orange creates a sour lemon 🍊🍋

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

It’s a long time, no see. This has probably been the longest time between my posts since I started with my blogging 😔,- and I need to admit that I don’t like that to much 😔. But what to do? I have been helping my son and his friend to move into my home as well as my daughter,- and then it is this “fantastic” internet 🙄. I haven’t been online for at least a week. My internet is not in function 😳. So I haven’t been able to write very much either, or even “worse”, be able to do my online work 😳. Lucky for me I could do most of my work as a costumer service agent at the office,- even it’s not the “moving- time” back to the office yet. And,- yes,- new restrictions are “popping up” here in Spain too at the moment.

The office is actually not finish,- but I needed to do some work so I got the promotion to at least do my costumer service agent job there. But all the other things, stuff and online work Im using my internet daily to, I haven’t been able to do,- not even write my blog 😔. And we do use internet daily, most of us.

My internet in my home is, again, not in function. It’s around 7 months since last time I did had this “online- challenge” in my home. The company I’m using have the same name as this sweet, orange- colour fruit 🍊,- but at the moment it feels a bit more like a sour, squeezed lemon 🍋😅.

It’s an expression that say “If life gives you lemon, then make lemonade” 🥤. But if the lemonade should taste a bit sweet and fresh, not sour, there needs a touch of sugar in it 😅. And at the moment I obviously have forgot the sugar 😅. Because it doesn’t feels like a fresh and tasty lemonade, that’s for sure 🙄.

It’s sounds maybe strange that to be without an internet and don’t be able to be online can feels like a sour lemon, but the thing is, unfortunately, that our “life” are based more and more around internet and to be able to be online. Maybe scary, but still true.

To get in touch with other people we in general use internet and then maybe messenger or WhatsUp, or maybe Snapchat or maybe even Skype or Teams. To check our bank account we do this online and our email. To read the news or even for order a appointment to the doctor we do more and more online. Or do our job and earn a salary happens for many people online this days.

So when my “sweet orange” is not in function I’m not able to do some of my work from my home, and to get income or check my bank account, or get in touch with my children, or even read the news. And some of this things has become some of my daily routines. To work online from my home, or text or even call my children by messenger and WhatsUp. Even to see the television we more and more do online. Or for just to check how much money I have in my bank account, or even be able to pay the bills…..online.

I need to admit that in my home we do feel a bit “lost” now without any internet at the moment, and yes I’m also a bit irritated at the internet company I’m using,- because so fare it has taken the company over a week to fix my internet connection in my home,- and it’s still not in function.

Or I actually don’t know if anyone has tried to fix my internet connection yet at all. I just know I’m calling my internet company every day by the “old” and ordinary phone- line and asking them “what’s happen?”, “when do I have my internet connection back”. In general I get answers like “soon” or “today” or in 72 hours 😳. But so fare, not very much has been done. And yes it is a bit frustrating, special because I need my internet connection for different reasons and things during a day. And my children need it to, to be able to get in contact with me, or even more important their jobs, and their friends.

So yes,- it feels like this sweet orange that has been in so nice and good in function for the last 7 months are more like a sour lemon at the moment 🍋.

So for be able to try to do some work, earn some money, get some income I was so lucky to borrow my friend, Natasja’s internet, and did drive to her home for staying there a couple of days for just working and working ⌨. But, “of course” my laptop stopped up, the screen went in black, and the “motor” did run “highlight and hot” 😳. I could not work on or even use my laptop 😔. My friend did then borrow me her laptop, but for some strang reasons I can’t be able to log in to my working- page 😳. I contacted the company I’m working for and they tried to help me out,- but it’s still not in function. My working- page is in function when the company I’m working for try it, even my username and password is in function, but for some very strange reason when I try to login, nothing is happening 😭.

So here I’m, in my friend’s home and writing to you instead from my tiny little mobile phone that I, of course, did logged into my friend’s internet too 😊. I thought I at least could use this opportunity to do something useful then ,- and write one post or two 😊. Try to make some sweet lemonade 😅.

But yes,- at the moment I feel a tiny little bit that the sweet orange became a sour lemon,- and the days has been a tiny bit challenginged. And that just because of the internet and be able to be online. I feel my last days, the last week has been challenging just because I’m, we are, off- line in my home. Most of all because I’m not able to do any work at all from my home, and earn a tiny bit of money, and get in touch with my children, friends or even write one post or three in my blog.

And,- yes, it did “topped” it “all” a bit when my laptop went “into black”, and I not even was able to use my friend’s laptop to be working either.

So my sour lemon then became to at least try to squeeze out some “tasty” post instead as my own tasty lemonade 🥤.

Hopefully I will be able to write post to my blog a bit more often from my own home very soon 😊. And then with a nice touch of sweet and relaxed orange instead of a sour and squeezed lemon 🍊🍋.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for your using your time to drop by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon,- hopefully 😊

Sometimes “the life” or things that happen in the life can feels like a very sour and squeezed lemon 🍋. It doesn’t even need to be serous or big things, it can just be an lazy internet out of function ⌨. But our life is very much built around the daily use of internet and to be online.

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