Strawberry blonde? 🍓 😳

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m getting older, that’s the way it is,- and in general I have no problem with that either. I just need to “process” the different changes and the “age” in my own way 😊. And one of the changes is my hair- colour. My hair is getting lighter, no doubt about that 😅. I could choose to continue colour it darker, but I am also getting a little bit lazy when it comes to use time every month for colouring my hair.

An other reason for why I also want to stop colouring my hair is actually because I’m getting older, this hair colour is me now, and a part of the “getting older” process. So why “hide it”? Why not just do the best of this “getting older” process instead? Embrace the changes in my own way 🍓,- and in a way “welcome ” a new epoch in my life,- the mature adult woman that I actually am, or st least think Im 😅,- and that also means the changes that are coming,- like the hair colour 😊. I’m still not quite comfortable with my light hair, at the same time as I, in it is own way, like the changes. I just need to be a bit more use to it, at the same time as I’m more use to it. But I have been dark coloured for so many, many years so I need a tiny bit time t get use to “the new me” 😊.

An other thing,- it’s not for all and everyone to actually get this possibility to get older 🍀💚. And I’m grateful for getting this possibility, – so then why hide it? The age, the process, the changes? It is what it is.

And I’m probably a bit more relaxed also to actually being older, as long as I can do the “aging process” a bit in my own way too 😊. And,- of course I can colour my hair darker if I want, or feel for a change one day 😊. I really did like my dark hair colour,- but okay,- changes is changes, and changes is a (big) part of getting older.

During closely 10- 12 weeks of quarantine I didn’t do very much with my hair except from washing it, and yes I did try to wash my hair with coca- cola too, just to try to get back my natural hair colour. It did help a tiny little bit, but not very much 😅. And during the quarantine my natural hair colour had all the possibility to just “dropping out”, like it also did.

I did think for a while that my hair was getting grey, but my children told me it was just lighter. I didn’t quite believe them, but I did tried my best 😅. And I have used a bit time to get use to my new and natural hair colour 😊. Ops,- I know I’m repeating my self now 😅. In my own way “comforting” my self too 😅.

1. July 2020,- my Corona- hair, and my natural hair colour is really “popping” out. This is photo is taken the day before I went to the hairdresser and mixed and fixed so my hair colour should be as natural as possible with all the dark in it.

It’s more then 2 months since I was to the hairdresser for fixing my now….oppss….and at that time, closely my 4 months of Corona- hair 😅. Like I have mention before, I’m a bit vain when it comes to my hair, at the same time as I don’t like to go to the hairdresser. I know many people like it, but I think it is a bit boring to sit for hours in the hairdresser chair.

Any way my hairdresser did fixed and mixed a lot so my natural hair colour could grow out naturally together with my dark coloured hair. And like I mention, I had have some months to get use to my “new” colour, and I’m actually starting to like it 😊. But my daughter is still not use to my natural hair colour.

Look at this, – more and less just my light natural hair colour ….with still some of the dark hair ends.

In my mind my hair colour now is a kind of dark golden gold colour,- and I did felt bit “proud” that I have a bit more “expensive” colour then silver/ grey 😅. Until my daughter suddenly called my hair colour for strawberry blond 😳 🍓. And in my mind that didn’t sound very much like an mature woman’s colour for the hair 😳. It sounds a bit “young”, closely like a “child- colour”. Strawberry blond? 🍓 What kind of colour is that?

Hmm 🤔. I was “just” starting to get use to my dark golden gold coloured hair, and suddenly its actually strawberry blond 😳. I still like my new and natural hair colour, but to be honest, I don’t like the name of it 😅. And I don’t see the colour red, from the strawberries, in my hair, but I can be a bit agree that there’s a bit blond colour effect in it 😅.

Are you agree with my daughter that my hair colour is strawberry blond? 🍓

And what about you,- are you embracing your age with letting your natural hair colour grow out? If you do,- why? And if you don’t,- why not? I’m just asking because I just wondering 😊. Nothing more, nothing less 😊.

Anyway,- it is what it is,- and I’m actually not going to colour my hair for a while, I think 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

Me and my unfixed strawberry blond hair 😅🍓. Some days it’s just okay to not be to vain either 😊.

My daughter is calling my natural hair colour for strawberry blond 🍓,- and in my imagination I thought my hair now was more like a dark golden gold colour 😅. I do like my “imagination name” for my “new” natural hair colour a bit more then my daughter’s name for it 😅. And,- btw,- you will find a tiny little photo from my Corona hair in my text 😊. A “nice” mix of dark and light 😊.

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