Suddenly I got an sleepover 🐕🧾

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Sometimes I feel a bit like we are living in a “silent war”. Because we live with different restrictions, and also here in Spain, we need to have different paper with us now and then, special when we are moving out from our city border 🧾.

Like I mention in my last text, my oldest son and my daughter has a kind of “emergency” paper they can use in special situations to get out of their city border and come “visit” their mammi. The paper is not so special actually 😊. It just tell the police or military that they, my children, still belongs to my household, even they have their own home and rental contracts for their own homes. And this paper give them a kind of “promotion” to “come to mammi in case of a kind of emergency”. And an “emergency” can be different things, it all depends how you look at it 😊.

I’m actually glad my kids have this paper, because yesterday was “a kind of emergency”. My oldest son didn’t feel very well and needed to go to the hospital. And because of this paper he was allowed to get to the hospital close to me and not in the city where he lives, and he was allowed to border the city borders between us too. I can’t be together with him at the hospital. and I can’t visit him at the hospital either, that’s a thing the coronavirus has “fixed” for us 🙄, but it’s still good to just know he is close by 😊.

And, of course, his dog needed someone to look after him when his “foodfather” and company was a the hospital 🐕. And that someone was and is me 🥰.

So yesterday I had company from Zorro, my sons dog, and we went for a nice walk in between my jobs, and he actually needed to sleepover in my home too,- both Zorro and my oldest son 🥰. A nice surprise, even it was because of sickness and a hospital visit.

My oldest son got back home from the hospital late last night, and because of the distance from my home to his home, and also the evening and night- curfew we have here in Spain, they both needed to sleep over in my home. Very nice and very cozy 🥰. And so great to see them both again 😊.

My oldest son has a kind of infection, a cycte that is growing. So he was an x-ray as well, and got some medicines too, and did take a lots of tests. And he will be back at the hospital again tomorrow. And probably have the surgery next week, if everything happen after “the plans”. But as most of us know plan can change very fast.

I’m not worried, I know my son will be well and fine again 💙. I know he is in the best hands. He was through the same infection during this Spring, and the doctors at the hospital can treat him faster this time because they know what it is 💉. So that’s good 💊.

Of course it’s not good that my children has pain, don’t feel very well and are sick 💚. But as long as there’s a treatment thing will be fine, and as long mammi is close by it seems that that’s helping a bit too 🥰. And yes,- it was very nice to get an unexpected sleepover from them both, maybe special because things are like they are in our society at the moment 😊. You learn to appreciate different things in a slightly different way than before.  At least, I do 🥰. I try to embrace the different small daily “events” in life, the unexpected,- and it feels good 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Zorro, – my oldest son dog on a sleepover in my home 🐕

I got a tiny little unexpected guest yesterday, and suddenly a big one too 😊. I learn to appreciate different things in a slightly different way than before. 🥰. I try to embrace the different small daily “events” in life, the unexpected ones as well as the expected,- and it feels good 🧡.

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