Put on you’r glasses, Laila 🤓😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Its different changes that happens in the body and mind, physical and mental, both on the outside and inside of the body when we get older. Some changes are coming slower then others, and some feels like they suddenly just “showed up” from one day to another 🌤.

I need glasses, and I started to need glasses for around a year ago, or maybe a bit more. But at that time I only needed glasses now and then when I was reading and writing on my phone, but not always, and also sometimes when I did read a book. It depended a bit on the size on the letters in the book 📚.

And when I was reading and writing on the sosial media channels like for example, Snapchat, I have in general not used glasses. It’s normally a photo and a very short text, so I have manage to both got the essence with me as well as write something back ✏.

I didn’t need my glasses when I was working on my computer, not at home and not at the office either for a while. But slowly I needed the glasses when I was working on my computer from my home, but still not at the office. But something has changed during the last weeks. Or maybe a bit longer? I just don’t want to admit it? 🤓 But I need my glasses all the time now when I’m at the customer service job too, and do my work from my office computer 🤓. I’m getting use to it, but it takes a bit time 😊.

I also have some glasses a bit “here and there” in my home, because I still forget to use them now and then. But I’m starting to be better 😊. I have also a couple of glasses in my handbag now because it’s nice to see what I order on the menu if I’m eating on a cafe or restaurant, as well as knowing what I’m shopping in the store 😊.

But still I take a “chance or two” to read a message on for example at Snapchat, without my glasses 🤓. Like for example some days ago when I got a “Snap” from a friend or my in Norway 🤭.

She did send me a Snapchat with a photo of her nails and a text about nails. A short text. I did understood it had something to about nails, and I thought she has been to a nail- designer and got some new one. Some new nails and some new colours💄.

In my eyes it all looked nice, so I texted her back and actually did write that to her as well. “Good, and your nails looks so nice and fancy now” 😍. And yes,- just in case, to “show” my friend that I ment it, I did put this face back/ behind my text: “😍”.

She replied very fast back: ” Put in your glasses on, Laila! I’m on my way to the nail- designer because the photo I did send you was not very nice and fancy at all 😳”. Ooppss….my mistake, and yes I needed to admit that I actually did read her text fast and without my glasses as well as reply and responded back to her fast and without my glasses 🤭🤓. And she “catch me”, she was so correct 😅,- I didn’t used my glasses when I did read her text, and responded 🤓.

She is a very good friend,- so I know there’s no hard feelings, but I need to admit I’m still a bit curious how the photo she actually did send me looked like. Obviously her nails was not “to good looking” in that photo 😊.

She send me a new photo after she was finish at the nail- designer, and her new nails was really nice. And I told her, as well send her a “proof” that I was using my glasses this time 🤓.

So, yep,- I obviously need my glasses a bit more then I want to admit,- and in my mind this “need for glasses” in more different settings and situations in my life did come a bit suddenly 🤓. But okay,- that’s the way it is, that’s a part of this “getting older process “. It’s probably better to except the changes then do to many mistakes 😊. And literally have a positive focus with my glasses on 🤓😍. But,- there’s still more settings and situations in my life where I actually don’t need and can’t use glasses, and I admit I’m very happy for that too 😍.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

I like my glasses better on the top of my head, but obviously the function is better on my nose and in front of my eyes 🤓.

Sometimes it’s just like the age and this “getting older process” are “sniking” in on me 😅. And when a friend of my told me to put on my glasses so I could see and read what I actually did reply and responded on, I just needed to admit that I probably need to be a bit better “friend” with my glasses 🤓.

#glasses #Norwegian #livinginspain #lifeis #gettingolder #menopause #midlife #lifeiswhatitis #changes #challenges #positivefocus 🤓

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