I just drove home instead 🚗😳👮‍♂️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Some few people are actually laughing a bit about me because I really don’t want to drive through the different city borders at the moment. There’s always someone that think restrictions are just for fun, and nothing to follow. Probably one of many reasons why the coronavirus are still “flowering” in our society.

But the city borders are closed, they are being controlled by the police and military. And you never know when or where there’s a control either. I know there’s less controls between the borders in smaller cities, but not in the city where Im living in.

When my oldest son was here last week he was very suprice over how many and how much controls there actually was and is in the area I’m living in. He is living in the mountains, and they have very few controls between the city borders “up there”. But as closer he come to the “bigger” cities in the area as more city borders controls he met.

I haven’t been stopped yet, because I’m in general very careful, and I don’t drive to close to another city border either. I have no need for that. And the controls scares me a bit, and the police and military even more. And I can’t effort a fee, that’s for sure.

Yesterday I needed to wash my car, and it’s best to wash it in a car washing machine at a gas station. I can hand wash it in the car port, but in my mind it’s easier to just drive the car through a car washing machine ☔.

I have three gas stations close by me, and in the city Im living in. I don’t need to cross any city border for washing my car.

So I didn’t had in mind that it should be a “challenge” to wash the car 🚗. But it was 😳.

At the first gas station the car washing machine was closed. I don’t know why, but it was. So I decided to just vacuum the car inside instead at that gas station. Then I drove to the next one. That one was totally closed. Under reconstruction or something like that. So I chose to try the third one in my area then.

I drive happy on the road, but suddenly it was a queue of cars in front of me,- and the police and the city border control 👮‍♂️. The road I drove on belongs to the city I’m living, but the road on the opposite side belongs to the city close by.

When I did see the police and the control I actually felt like my breath stopped, and I was a bit nervous and worried. And,- of course I had forgotten closely all my paper in my home too. My passport, my NIE number, my rental contract. After the curfew was over in the end of April I haven’t had any need to carry this paper on my. But I had ny resident card yesterday. I always have my resident card with me, at least. But now at days, as more paper to show to the police as better.

And normally when I’m driving my car I actually don’t use the mask, but yesterday I did. Phu! I used because I was to lazy to put it in/off/ on between the gas stations 😅. And that’s the only reason why. The gas stations are close by each other, and I know myself so good, that if I have remove the mask I have probably forgot to put it on.

Of course I was stopped in the border control, everyone was stopped. Lucky for me the police just asked me about my adress and where I did live. Easy to answer, but I was actually shaking. And I didn’t felt very well either. Like I have mention,- the police scares me a bit, and this worries for the police started when the coronavirus changed our society. It’s like the virus also changed the police to be some bad, sad, angry men, that just want to use their “power” instead of being nice. But this is just me, my experience and my feelings. It’s not sure the police are like that. I cam be wrong.

Anyway,- I actually did try to drive to the third gas station after the control, and the car washing machine was actually open there. But,- there was a fine line with cars waiting for washing their cars. So I did just drove home. I felt I haven’t the energy to wait in an other line, even this line was a bit different and nicer from the first one this day. The police control line 👮‍♂️.

I went home and I did hand wash my car home there in the car port instead. Something that probably has been easier from the start 😅. In my mind I thought I should do the car wash easy by using a car washing machine, instead it became a bit more “difficult” then I had in mind 😊.

I know this is small daily “challenges” during the corona- situation we all are living in,- but it still challenges that I’m not use to. I’m not use to be worried for the police, feel like I can’t breathe when I see a police man or a police car. Be worried because I have forgot most of my papers in my home. And on top of that, be happy because I had remember to not remove my mask because I was to lazy to do that 😅. It’s s “confusing” situation we are living in, and a bit exhausting too, and sometimes stressful and also a bit like “stealing” our freedom from us in its own way.

So yes,- I just drove straight home, got my breath back and started hand washing my car instead of standing in a new line.

This was just a tiny little “happening” in my day and my life, and this is actually in a way our “normal” life now at days.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me after hand washing my car yesterday. I didn’t take the chance to remove my mask- even I wanted 😷

We do met different small “challenges” under this corona- situation. In my yesterday was just a tiny little “happening” in my day and my life, and this is actually in a way our “normal” life now at days.

#mammi #Norwegian #livinginspain #lifeis #gettingolder #changes #challenges #coronavirus #curfew #restrictions #dailylife #cityborder #washingmycar #easysolution #positivefocus 🌞☔

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