Well,- I have two very well function feet 😊👣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I actually needed to wash my car this weekend because I was going to deliver it back to the company I have been renting it from, or leasing, is probably more correct.

I really need to save money. And I don’t use the car as much now at days because of the situation we live in. I more and less only use my car to the food store now at days.

I have been thinking a bit about this, to don’t have a car for a while. And how, and where to save money without working my self “to death”. Stupid expression, I know. But I’m working very much to save as much money I can at the moment, for the future, to my different goals and dreams in life. And special at the moment, – To get my children and mine things and stuffs from Norway to Spain. And that cost a bit, to be honest.

In general I used the car to drive my children “here and there”, pick them up, drop them of. But they are not living together with me anymore. So I don’t need to pick them up or drop them of for a while.

And my oldest son has his own car, my son in the middle are in Norway, and my daughter will manage the 15 minute walk from the train station to my home, as well as I will manage it when I want to visit my daughter. But at the moment we can’t meet up anyway because we live in different cities.

I used the car to drive to and back home from my job. But I’m working 100 % from my home now. So the need for a car to work is not necessary at the moment either.

I have been borrowed the car to my oldest son when he needed it, but he has his own car now. And I borrowed the car to my oldest son friend as well, but he and his girlfriend don’t need to borrowing it for a while either. They have moved to Malaga, close to her parents, and it will be easier for them to borrow her parents car them mine at the moment.

I have used the car a lot when I had guests from Norway. Visits from friends and family. Picked them up at the airport and dropped them of there as well after a nice visit. And I have used the car to drive around “here and there” in our area together with my friends and family from Norway. Showed them a bit around in my new hometown and the area in general. But this year there hasn’t been any guests from Norway. No family, no friends, and there will probably not come anyone either before maybe next summer if I’m lucky. And at that time I, hopefully can effort to have a car again 🚗.

And I used my car to drive to Natasja. My friend, my “person”. But Natasja doesn’t live in my town, she lives in another town. Something that means that at the moment I can’t visit her anyway, because I can’t cross the city borders anyway.

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So,- what’s left for the use of the car now at days for me is to shop food. I can walk to that store. Bank and farmacia,- I can walk there as well. And to get a new gas bottle now and then for the heater and the warm water. I actually can’t carry that one to the gas station and back home again. It’s a bit heavy. But I have both great neighbours who can help me with that, as well as a good friend in my town, and now and then there’s also people who comes to the door for changing the gas. So that one is a solution for too.

I actually felt s bit relieved to deliver back the car. One expenses less. And I do look forward to walk a bit more to be honest. My feet are in very well function, and it’s exercise too, to walk a bit here and there.

Of course it will be a bit strange to not have a car for a while, but it feels like a good solution for me to deliver the car back now. The situation around me and my life is perfect to not have a car at the moment, and it’s a perfect way to save some money. Sounds probably strange to find a “perfect” situation in the middle of this strange and difficult situation we all are living in. But for me it is, in its own way,- a perfect situation at the moment 😊. And I have my very well function feet too,- and will manage to get what I need by using my feet here and there for a while now 👣.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I’m ready to deliver back the car, and my feet are very ready to walk “here and there” for different errands 😊👣.

I have two very well function feet 👣, something I’m very grateful for 🧡. And believe it or not,- they are going to help me save some money for a while 😊. It’s strange how a difficult and strange situation also can, in its own way, create a kind of perfect situation too 🍀.

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