Wow,- I’ve got some “orders”, I’m not bored at all 🧶🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m not bored at the moment, that’s for sure 😊. I have got some “orders” to paint on more glass bottles. Two friends of my wanted their own painted glass bottles. It will be with oil painting this time too. Because my friends wanted it that way 😊. But I’m going to try some other kind of paintings on my next glass bottles when these ones are finished. Maybe a kind of paintings there it will be no needs for any lights in the bottle? 😊 💡

I have decided that this glass bottles are going to be gifts to my friends. And I’m really looking forward to they are finish and give them to my friends 🥰.

Just started on some new painted glass bottles. They are still under “production ” and process,- for two of my friends 😊🎨

I have been very good to sample glass bottles lately. Its difficult to paint on a glass bottle, for me at least. But if I dont “practice” it would not be easier, that’s for sure. And I also have some ideas I want to try out, when I’m finish with the glass bottles to my friends 😊.

An basket with empty glass bottles- ready for being painted one day 😊🎨

Some weeks ago my knit basket also was empty, but I did buy some new yarn and my plan was to knit something to my self this time. A a pair or maybe two long elf socks. And maybe a dress? I did started on my first elf socks pair with dark grey colour, but then I actually got an “order” from a friend of my. He wanted to order two pair of elf socks 🧦.

I did knit one pair to him this February, and obviously he liked them so much that now he wanted some more. He have actually also “order” two pair of long underwear, or more like tights but without feets in, as well. Knit underwear, or thighs. He like to use this during the wintertime, and the winter can be a bit cold here South in Spain. I know 5 degrees don’t sound very cold, but it, at least, feels very cold that’s for sure ❄.

I have actually considered to knit a pair or two of long underwear or tights to my self as well. My friend gave me that idea, so why not try it? I don’t like to be cold anyway during the wintertime, – and I think I can knit some “fancy” thigths to my self. Someone I can use under the dress I’m planning to knit to my self. At least I have a fancy idea in my head, so I’m going to try 😊🧶. But first of all I need to be finish with the glass bottles and the thigths to my friend.

And yes,- I have also started on some paintings too in canvas, just in case 😅. No one have “ordered” them, it’s just another “project under process” I’m doing for myself because I like to paint. It’s relaxing and a kind of timeout for me, even I know it could sounds s bit busy for others to have this different “products and project under process”. For me,- special now at days this is a perfect way for be to take a break and timeout and just relax a bit during busy days 🧶🎨.

Look at this,- 5 paintings under process too 🎨. It’s not strange I feel 24 hours during a day at the moment is s bit to little 😅.

The good thing is that I can do both in the same period. Because the painting on the bottles snd the canvas needs to dry some days before I can continue painting, and then I can knit a bit in the meantime 🧶. And yes,- work as well 😊. I have some work to do in between my hobbies 😅. So no,- I’m not bored even we live with restrictions at the moment 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Two pair of elf socks ready to “deliver” to my friend 🧦👣. No cold feet to him for a while 😊.

I’m not bored at the moment. I have one basket with yarn, and one basket with empty glass bottles, and some canvas too 🎨🧶😊. And I have some friends that have asked for both painted glass bottles and more elf socks as well 🧦👣. And my mind feels like popping up with different ideas at the moment to both knitting and painting 😊🧶🎨.

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