“The GoldenBlue Inspiration” is finish 🎨 😊

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧡

All is fine with me,- my paint- collection are slowly “growing”, and I can add an other new painting to my Instagram account @artbylailas_ today 😊. I try to sample my art here/there. It’s easier for me, and hopefully easier for you and others that’s maybe are interesting to take a look, or even maybe want to buy something 😊.

I have paint a bit more painting then I have at @artbylailas_, – but they are given away or I wasn’t to happy with the product so it doesn’t exist anymore 😊.

Today I’m also are going to deliver the two paintings that someone did order from me to paint for him/ her 🎨. Hopefully the new owner will be happy with the “products”, the paintings 🖼 ,- and feel the joy and happiness I did felt when I did paint the paintings 🥰.

Actually I’m pretty sure he/she will be happy with the paintings. The new owner has already told me so,- and if I wasn’t so sure, I haven’t probably told you I was going to deliver them 😊. And if I’m wrong, – well then they are coming for sale at @artbylailas_ 😊. Because I like them 😊, and I think they can bring joy and happiness for someone else then. But,- they will probably not be for sale 😊.

“Magic Dreamcatcher” 40*40 ( the orange/yellow/red one) is ready to be delivered today, as well as “A joyful Spring” 40*40 (the blue/green one) is ready to get a new home 🖼

And my last product to my “collection” is “The Golden Blue Inspiration” 🥰. It’s like a blue and golden heart flying in a blue and golden sky ☁️ 💙. And it’s not painted in the “normal” A4,- just because it’s flying.

And as I normally feel when I’m painting I also with this painting felt peace and joy, at the same time as the painting also gives me a nice reminder about the stability in life and good feelings in life. It’s a heart that’s fly in a blue and golden sky, it’s optimism and happiness.

This painting gives me an inspiration for warm and good feelings for the life like it is, and a believe in the important stability in life as well. At the same time it’s important to spread the wings and let different experiences in life give and bring joy and happiness, peace in the heart and the life, and embrace them ( the different experiences) with optimism and hope 💙. And even stability in life is important it’s also important to get new experiences. Stability and what it means is also very different from person to person 🧡.

So “The Golde Blue Inspiration” is about life, it’s about to fly a bit in life, but try to be stable as well. Get new experiences, feel the warm and good feelings in the colours and in the heart, feel joy and happiness, feel peace in the heart, and be optimistic 😊. And I hope other will feel a bit the same when they see the painting, – peace and joy, happiness, optimism and hope 😊. Maybe they will, maybe not,- because we all feel and see a photo, picture and painting differently,- but I hope my painting will give a good feeling in the heart, a bit peace in the soul and some joy for the eyes at least 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

“The Golden Blue Inspiration” , 20*20 cm- you will also find my painting at Instagram @artbylailas_ 🎨

“The Golden Blue Inspiration” is joy and peace, hope and optimism, and about to try to “fly” a bit in life at the same time as be a bit stable, get new experiences, and live and learn from the different experiences in life as well. Embrace the colours with good feelings 💙. I hope my painting will give a good feeling in the heart, a bit peace in the soul and some joy for the eyes at least 😊.

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Let’s make some spaghetti with a Norwegian tomato sauce recipe for the evening 🍝

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I like Italian food, – pasta, pizza and spaghetti 🍝. I like pizza best, special with pineapple on 😅. It’s true,- pineapple on the pizza is so tasty for me 😊. But today it’s spaghetti “on the menu”, with homemade tomato sauce from my Norwegian recipe 🍅.

I need to eat some food with protein and carbohydrates now, and also with fat. You know when a skinny body as my is freezing in to the skeleton it burns a bit to much calories and use a bit much energy just to keep it warm,- so I do, unfortunately, losing a bit weight too when it’s cold, and when I’m freezing. And as some of you know,- I dont like to lose weight ⚖. So food, carbohydrates, protein, fat,- real homemade food as good as possible are on the menu 😊.

Well,- enough about that,- this evening is time for some spaghetti with homemade Norwegian tomatoe sauce 🍅 and some of the carbohydrates that are in the spaghetti that I need 😅. By the way, – Spaghetti is an Italian word and means small, thin strings or threads.  But it’s a little better to say I should eat “spaghetti” than to say I should eat “pasta in small thin strands” 😊.

The recipe for Norwegian Homemade tomato sauce to the spaghetti : 🍅

1 1/2 tablespoons margarine for frying.  250 gr.  mince.  1 chopped onion.  1 1/2 tablespoons wheat flour.  1 1/2 teaspoon salt.  1/4 tsp pepper.  2 tablespoons tomato puree.  1/2 l broth – ie boil 1 (el.2 if you want even more flavor) dice with broth in 1/2 l water.

And approx.  250 gr spaghetti, which is usually cooked as described on the package.

1. Cook spaghetti 2. Put minced meat, onion and the tomato puree in saute pan, fry with butter.  3. Mix flour, salt, pepper and sprinkle over.  Cook well.  Boil the broth mixture.  4. Mix with the meat dough sauce.  Cook up and serve the ham with spaghetti and preferably some salad and fresh baguettes.

Like I did write,- this is a Norwegian recipe, not Italian 😊,- but you can easily change the tomato puree with some French tomatoes 🍅. And also “topp” it a bit with oregano or basilicum, or even have some garlic into the sauce,- if you want. Its “room and space” for variation 😊.

This is not very difficult to make, and yes,- it taste, of course, great 🍝 😊.

I hope you will enjoy this Norwegian homemade tomato sauce together with the spaghetti 😊 🍅 🍝. And ps – I actually do use a bit of ketchup on the top,- but that’s me 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Homemade Norwegian tomato sauce with spaghetti 🍝🍅

It’s Saturday evening and time for some tasty homemade food 😊. So what about a Norwegian variant of the Italian tomato sauce to the spaghetti ? 🍝 You will find the recipe in my post,- and it’s easy to make and it’s easy to tast 😊. Enjoy 🍅

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It is ❄, 💧, 🌨, 🌩, ⚡,- it is actually a lots of weather at the same time 😅.

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧡

All is fine with me,- but it’s a lots of “weather” “going on” in the area at the moment 😳. I actually can’t sleep very well during the nights because of all the noise 🧨, and the cold ❄. It’s snowing, it’s raining, it’s hailing, it’s thundering and it’s lightning,- closely at the same time 🌨 🌩.

In one way I’m a bit happy all this weather happens in general in the nights at the moment, because it has been a very big challenge to go to work on my feet 🥾. I’m actually not sure if I should use a swimming suit or a or life jacket 😅. One has been to cold, the other one to big and to difficult as a traing, workout and exercise- jacket 😅. On the other hand, – probably the most safety one,- and yeah,- also in away a kind of “exercise”- muscles exercises 😅, but probably a bit uncomfortable.

Look,- I have got my own swimming pool in my patio 😅.

I’m use to all this rain, storms and the wind, even the thunder and lightning during the wintertime here in South of Spain,- but not “all” at the same time 😅. And its actually the first time I have seen and felt hails here where I’m living. In Norway I was use to it, but here it’s the first time I “meet” hails on my steps ,- literally 🌨.

Not the best photo, – taken during this night,- and it can looks like rain,- but it is actually hails 🌨.

And the temperature,- well it’s actually not even close to minus degrees (Celsius). If feels like that, but it is not 🌡. And in my home,- in my livingroom it was even colder then outside,- so during the last days I needed to put on the heater.  And just let the heater stay on. If not,- it’s “never” going to be warm in my livingroom 😅. And I do my “work from home” in my livingroom so it’s necessary with some heat. And to my work sitting infront of a computer and work in 10 degrees was closely impossible ,- even with two blankets pulled around me 😅.

Yes,- you did read correctly,- it was 10 degrees in my livingroom, and it takes a bit time to “heat up” a a brick house without any insulation in the walls 🏚. Belive you me 😅. And my plan was to save a bit electricity 😅. Well,- I can forget about that for some days 😊. The heater just need to stay on now 24/7 so it’s a tiny bit heat in the home at least 😊.

The temperature this morning, – earlybird morning 😅 🐦. And it’s even my day of- at the office- not in my homejob 😊. But,’ my plan was not to wake up so early today ⚡😅.

Normally I use gas heater, because it heats up the home much faster and in more room at the same time,- but my gas is out of the box now. Not in Spain 😅,- just mine.  I have to buy another one next week. I can’t buy a new one before I get my salary 😊.

And all this thunder 🌩. That can be a bit noise when you try to sleep 💤. And the lightning,- well it just lightning up my bedroom “all the time” 😅.

The lightning is marvellous and fascinating to look at 😊. Ps- not my photo,- just borrowed from online 😊.

For the first time when I has been living in Spain I needed to use a pyjamas during the night. In general my Norwegian winter duvet filled up with soft and warm duve has manage to keep me warm during the winter nights in Spain so fare,- but not this night 😅. I also did put my Norwegian lamb skin in my bed so it became very warm, comfortable and cozy,- it was actually just the noisy weather that kept me awake and not the cold ❄.

All this weather at the same time is not very usual in this part of Spain during the wintertime,- and it’s fascinate me a bit,- even it’s a bit noisy to sleep in 😅.

The houses here in South of Spain are not built for weather like this. Brick houses with no isolation can be very cold, and also a bit “damped” during the winter too. But the wintertime last maybe 2- 3 months and then it’s starting to be a bit better 🌞. So during 12 months it’s more good weather then it is at the moment 😊. I’m very happy I’m use to the cold and snow from Norway so I know a bit about how to keep “things” warm and as try as possible,- like inside the house/ home, clothes and not at least how to dress me up 😊. Well,- I’m not very “elegant” dressed up” at the moment ,- I look a bit like a Michelin figure,- but okay,- I’m at least a bit warm 😊.

That’s also why I prefer to not have any holiday guests during this time,- because I know my Norwegian friends and family not quite do understand how “cold and damped” it can be, and how long the skeleton take to be thawed up after a cold, windy and wet day.  And it is actually a bit uncomfortable to have guests during this time,- my home is not built for it. I’m not built for it either 😅,- to be a nice hostess during the wintertime 😅. I have more than enough with myself, my freezen cold skeleton and try to move as best as I can dressed up like an Michelin figure 😅.

Its planning, how to dress, when to wash clothes, what to wash. Because I can’t wash it all,- it’s just the most necessary and important one. And the clothes need dried inside, not outside in the rain 😅.  And really, a dryer is absolutely unnecessary here 9 months in 1 year.  But drying clothes inside has to be planned a little, because of the ” water damping” in both the walls of the home and the clothes themselves.  It is not “just only” to stay in rooms for long periods of time with a lot of ” water damp” in. It’s actually a bit “planning” for very easy and normal daily things in the wintertime here South of Spain, – so I prefer to just make plans and take care for myself during this time ,and not be a hostess on top of that 😅.

Well,- I think I let my day starts 😊. I have some textes I need to correct during this weekend 📜. And my son is moving in too, so Ineed to be a bit mammi,- and ups, – his friend as well is moving in 😳. Just in case 😅

I hope it’s a bit more stable weather where you are,- and that you don’t need to dress up like a Michelin figure, – its warm, but not very comfy to move around,- and not very elegant either 😅. (Ps- I have told you before- I’m a bit vain 👗,- so to be dressed up like an Michelin figure is not “me”,- but I prefer that more than to be freezing cold 😅)

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

Hails on my doorsteps 🌨. Still not the best photo,- but still a kind of photo “documentation” 😊

A lots of weather during this night, and a bit difficult to sleep,- even I did my bed very warm and comfy 😊. Hails on my doorsteps is very unusual, and it’s the first time during this 6 years in Spain I see that 🌨.

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I just wonder a bit about …”the plastic fantastic” and the recycling ♻️ 🤔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Our environment is changing a bit, and we do what we can do for “go down” various polluting areas – such as the use of plastic, and the recycling of plastic too ♻️. But,- I just wonder 🤔 … what about the plastic “fantastic” …. abd all this different kinds of Plastic Surgery ….

All this different kinds of plastic surgery who is being operated on in people’s with free will?  Into tits, butts and cheeks.  And what about those plastic muscles that have also become so popular to operate in the stomach as a six-pack, or arms, thighs and legs? Just so they could “look” a bit “fantastic” and a bit “cool” 👑.

What happens to those who have operated in some plastic “here and there and everywhere” when they die?What happen with “the plastic” ?🤔 

How is all that plastic been recycled when they die?  For it does not rot like the rest of the body does if it is buried.  And if the body of the deceased is to be cremated?  Aren’t there different toxic gases from all that plastic? 🤔

I know some use their own body fat for various such beauty operations.  And that recycling goes by itself when a person dies – whether he / she is buried or cremated.  My question is only plastic surgery- how is it recycled? ♻️ Special after someone has died? Will there be different plastic balls with different shapes, forms and fashion underground after the decay process then? ⚾️ 🏀 🏈 🧶 And what if someone choose to be cremated,- what do they do with the gases from the plastic under a under such a “circumstance” ? 🤔. What do they do? How do they do it? How does this kind of plastic been recycling? I just wonder because I dont know.

Maybe its stupid questions, – but,- yes I do wonder a bit about this. Do you? Or do you msybe have any answers to my questions? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡,- even today it’s was just some questions I have actually been wondering and thinking about for a tiny while, – special after all the focus on all the plastic we use and the recycling process with that kind of plastic 😊.

Anyway,- See you soon 😊

Just my plastic recycling bag in my home,- I did had any better photo to use 😅

I just wonder,- what happens to the “plastic fantastic” plastic surgery plastic that are used in beauty operations? ♻️ How does that kind of plastic been recycling after a person with that kind of things in the body dies? 🤔 😊

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Oh, my! ,- It is so cold 😳 ❄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡,- and that’s not to cold where you are 😊 ❄ Because here in South of Spain it’s a bit cold at the moment ❄.

It’s actually snowing in Malaga, and it’s just 17 km from my home and the town I’m living in ❄. That’s not very usual here in the area, with snow. The last time I do remember it was snowing here was in the beginning of 2016, but then at the mountains very close to my place,- but still it was on the mountains tops, very high up. Not close to the coast and beaches like now 🏖.

I was working at the homenursery at that time,- and I remember I went into a patient in Mijas Pueblo for taking care of him for a couple of hours in the evening. Mijas Pueblo are “up in the mountains” 🗻. The weather was cold and grey,- and when I was finish with my shift in Mijas and went out the first thing that met me was snow falling down from the sky, and I did find my car covered up with snow ❄. A really strange experience for me here in Spain,- but a very normal one in the wintertime when I was living in Norway 😊.

In Malaga centre the 23.01 2020- and the photo is “cut and paste” from Facebook,- a “share- share” photo. I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the photograph- it wasn’t mention.

And of course it’s bit “writing and talking” about the climate changes and climate challenges because of this a bit unexpected weather changes in the wintertime here in South of Spain 🍂🍃. And also many other places in the world as well 🌍. I still think, believe and mean that this climate changes is a natural process, so it’s just don’t “scares” or “worried me me to much. But yes it’s a challenge with this climate changes. When that said,- I don’t mean we shouldn’t think about and don’t take care about our environment. We should absolutely try to do the best we can with that ,- a and we actually also have done a bit of that during the last 30 years too. Okay,- the CO2 the emissions have not changed much over the last 15-20 years ♻️. At the same time, there have been several different measures and improvements in terms of the environment and its preservation 💚. But ….

Like I have mention before in another post,- this weather changes and different climate challenges has happen before,- long before we, people, started “showing off” with all our “make our life easier” things and stuff. Around every 10.000 year the earth has went into a new ice- period,- and before this happens the climate changes. It gets “hotter and warmer”, “colder and wetter”, the weather changes, the climate changes “all over the world” before it gets even colder. It’s a very natural and normal process,- but 10.000 years ago we couldn’t “document” it like we can today 💻 📱 🌐.

The storm and snow on the way to Malaga. Photo taken 23.01 2020,- by me 😊

But what I believe is that we, people, with all our “clever” ideas and all the “fancy- pancy” things we have made and create during the last 100- 200 years has “speeded” up this natural and normal climate changes and processes,- and yes,- it makes “some” challenges for us all. The people, the animals, the nature 🍃🍂. But it’s not unnatural this climate changes. It’s nothing we can “stop”,- but we can try to do the best to “slow down” a bit so the earth can have a tiny bit of chances to do “this” a bit in it’s own way 🌏.

It’s to much “talk” between the politicians and to little “handlingen”. At the same time – that’s not totally correct- different things has been done for our environment during the last 30 years. I have actually heard about, read about and listen to “the climate crisis” for over 30 years now (from like Bellona, Nature and Youth and several environmentalists I don’t remember the name on at the moment), – and a lots of good changes has actually been done during this years. Step by step, little by little,- and remember, – it’s not all done in a “zip” 😊. So let’s not forget that,- there has been a lots of good changes during the last 30 years for the environment, our environment 🌎. So I m sorry to mention this too (or maybe not 😊),- but when teenagers that even was not born 30 years ago are “jelling and smelling” about “a stolen childhood” I don’t care to much at all. There’s no still no stolen childhood, nothing is stolen at all,- and that’s just because of the different changes for our environment that’s already started in the small 30 years ago 😊. Step by step, little by little,- it takes a bit time to do big changes too,- remember that 😊.

And another thing,- it’s a lots of focus on The West part of the world and “the environment”, but not so much of The East part of the world. If we take a bit better look at The East,- there’s a lots that’s need to be done “over there”. Actually a bit more then in The West. It’s water, rivers, ocean, mountains and last but not at least,- all the big cities in The East 🏯 🌇. There we “talk” environment challenges! Maybe we should try to help The East part of the world a bit too when it comes to recycling and “saving our earth”, working for a better environment? 😊

Malaga centre yesterday morning the 23.01.2020. The photo is “cut and paste” from Facebook and “share-share”,- but unfortunately I don’t know the photographer’s name 📷

I do my recycling at my home ♻️ . Take all the paper in one box, all the glass in an other, the plastics and metall in a third and “the rest” in a fourth box,- because that’s the way we are recycling in this part of Spain ♻️. But I do never think about that my car driving does to much “damage” for the environment. I don’t think that if I leave my car at home “I will save the world” 🚗. If I leave my car at home it’s in general 3 reasons for that. I’m walking to my job because of the possibility for some exercises and for saving money at gasoline,- or I’m going to have a glass of wine or two 🍷. Then I can get an argument like “what if everyone did think like you?”. Well,- I don’t think “everyone” are thinking like me in this situation. And I can’t do to much with “everyone else and their thoughts or car-use” anyway. And I don’t think the way I’m using my car or not are the biggest challenge for the environment anyway 🚗. So I use my car with very good conscience ,- even it’s a old car 😊. Because ….

….. it is also about consumption and the shopping, and here are the young people, who scream so loudly about “taking care of the climate” one of the worst one. I haven’t for example bought a lots of new clothes or other things and stuffs or accessories during the last 6 years. I can probably count most of it,- not on just two hands, but still be able to count my “big clothes shopping and shopping of other bigger things”. And I have just travel with plane 4 times during the last 6 years,- and been on a ferry two times. So no,- I actually don’t feel “guilty” at all when I use my car,- or do eat meat either 😊. It’s better I do eat a bit meat then the cows gasses are pollutes our climate.  Because a cow promp is really polluting,- that’s for sure – and that’s even a natural promp from the green grass and a cow 🐄.

And,- there’s a couple of other things that actually can destroy our eart, the world, the environment very much faster then not have the focus or to much focus on “a better environment”. There’s big possibility for different kinds of wars ,- atom, biologic, viruses ect.,- and there are different types of illness and sickness that suddenly and very fast “showing up” and actually kills. I just mention it 😉.

Anyway,- it is cold here in South of Spain at the moment, – and I’m very happy that I actually did bring with me some of my winter clothes from Norway even some souls did smile a bit about that when I did bring them with me 😊. The climate are changing, like it has done during many epochs. It is a challenge eith this changes,- of course. But I think it is also a part of a new ice- period this different climate changes. But we people have just “speed” the changes up a bit. And,- it has actually been done a lots of good changes for our environment during the last 30 years 💚.

Well,- that’s my opinion and thoughts about the different climate changes and challenges. Maybe you are agree with me? Or maybe not? Or maybe I even did “touch” a sensitive vein with my thoughts and opinions? If so,- I didn’t mean to do that, and I do apologise for that if so are the case,- this is just my thoughts and opinions when it all comes to all 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. I hope you are not to cold wherever you are ❄. And,- Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Malaga centre in the early morning hours to the 23.01.2020. This photo is also “cut and paste” from Facebook. It was a “share- share” photo. And unfortunately I don’t know the name of the photograph.

It’s cold in South of Spain at the moment ❄. It’s actually snowing ❄. Not a natural sight in Malaga 🌞- even though it is winter season.  Human-made changes, or just a part of a natural process that is “speeded up” a bit by human? 💚 Anyway it’s cold, and its snowing, and a bit stormy around the corners too. It’s a couple of more winter photos from Malaga in my post,- you are very welcome to take a look ❄😊.

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“Embrace the colours in life” 🎨 🖼

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with me 🧡

I’m finish with an other painting and I have give it the name “Embrace the colours in life”,- something that’s actually not always very easy to do 😊.

It’s a painting with colours, joy and happiness 💚 At least for me 😊. And our life has a lots of different colours during a day, a week, a month, a year,- but it’s not always easy to just “embrace” them,- special not the “dark” colours 😊. And for me the colours in this painting are also representing different situations in life 🧡. Good and a bit less good put together to a colourful, happy and joyful heart 💜. The life ❤.

And on purpose it’s painting the way it has been painted too, there is a reason why the canvas is like it is,- just because our life in general are not A4,- even many of us think so,- and of course it also feels like a life is A4 when you go to work at the same time, the same days every week and not always see the tiny small differences between the different days. Because in general not one day is the same, even it can feel like that 😊.

I feel like that myself,- that there’s to many “similar A4 days” in my life,- and I forget to look after the small differences from day to day. It doesn’t need to be very much or “big” things that “happen”,- but just a hug from someone or a smile, or a nice text are changing the colours on a day 😊. And suddenly the day became a bit more different and a bit more joyful than another day 😊. And it’s this “small” colours that’s so important to learn to “embrace” as well as the darker colours in a life 💛.

The darker colours are in way “teachers in life” that teach and learn you and me,- something about the life or something about myself / yourself 😊. It’s not always fun to meet this dark colours or “teachers”,- at least I don’t think so 😅. I prefer to have as less as possible of them in my life,- but they will drop by now and then anyway. And,- jepp,- then it’s try to “embrace” them as best as we can 😊. And try to put “it all” together to a colourful, happy and joyful heart 💛. The life ❤.

I hope you will feel a bit happiness and joy, maybe even a tiny smile when you take a look at my last painting “Embrace the colours in life” 💜. I did feel all of that when I did paint this painting 😊. For me this is : colours, and it’s joy, it’s happiness, and it’s (the irritated 😅) “teachers” that unnecessary have a habit to also drop by, – it is The life ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Ps- you will find more practical information about “Embrace the colours in life” at my Instagram account: @artbylailas_

Embrace the colours in the life” 🎨. An other new painting is finish and ready to join my paintings “collection”, and is also ready for sale 😊. For me this painting is : colours, and it’s joy, it’s happiness, and it’s (the irritated 😅) “teachers” that unnecessary have a habit to also drop by 😉, – it is The life ❤.

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I’m not ready for this at all, – to be honest 💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My oldest son is going to move in to me for a couple of weeks, – and to be honest, – I’m not ready for this- at all 😅.

I have been living on my own for around 3 1/2 month now,- and not even close to find my life routines yet , or even close to the lifestyle I wish and want to have in my life 😅. And I have starting to actually be very fine and comfortable with living on my own too 😊. And I like to have no one else to take care of, have any responsibility for or take or pay some attention to then myself at the moment 😊. And that doesn’t feels to bad at all any longer 😊. But of course that will change when he is moving in,- and of course I do say yes to him as well, he is my child, my son, he is my first child. actually the one who in a way “made” me to a mammi, gave me my first experience as a mammi 🧡 – but still I’m not a tiny little bit of ready for this “change” in my life. Live together with my oldest son for a while.

And if you think I’m “delivering” my son now,- I don’t do that at all 😊. He knows I’m like “zero” ready for this 😅. Probably he is not to much ready either for moving in back to his mammi in the age of 25 😊. But as mammi you do what you can and need to do for your children 💙. Ready or not 😊.

And of course I will help him to have a place to stay and live, sleep and eat when he is looking for something else 😊. The plan is that he and a friend of him are going to find something together,- but that’s not done in a “zip”. I know that 😊.

They also did mention another plan for me to day too,- and I was not to much “trilled” over that one either 😅. Oh my,- I’m a very difficult mammi 😳.

But he is an young adult man and it is his life 💛. And he need to find his “way” in life,- even that’s not sure is the way I wanted or do wish for him. At the same time,- I want him to be happy in his life 💚. And hopefully,- his “backpack” are filled up with a bit of “good stuff”, good “raising”- stuff from me. Like taking care of him self, survive, be honest, work, pay the different expenses, make food, be happy, be nice, be gentle and hopefully a bit more then that too 😊.

Their plan, my son and his friend, is to build one Van each,- or not built it, but buy one Van each and decorate them as a kind of a home,- and drive around “here and there and every where” on an kind of life- adventure 😳. “Gulp”,- said the mammi heart then 😳. Oh my,- I didn’t like that though very much either.

At the same time,- I know he is an “entertainer”,- and I know he likes to travel and drive. I know he is an “adventurer” as well, and also an “explorer” too. And maybe this is something that he needs to do,- for him self together with a friend? What do I know? I just know my heart skipped a beat and two with worries. But that’s also because I know him,- he can be a bit “thoughtless” and a bit “clumsy” too. And not always think everything very good through before he handles 🙄. He is a very clever young man, and have some good and wise knowledge up there in his brain,- but sometimes he forgot to use it 🙄. At the same time,- don’t we all do that now and then? And my heart also skipped a beat and two because I’m a mammi, his mammi,- and I’m just worried something not to good can happen to him “there on the roads”. And I’m not there.

He has the “streaming” and he has some other online work from home, so he can actually work more and less “wherever” in the world he want as long as he have internet,- and I know it will probably be fine. It will probably go well,- but still there’s a “gulp” inside me 😳 just a bit like this 😳. And it’s just this,- “I’m just a mammi, and I’m his mammi” 💙.

On the other hand, – it’s not sure anything of this “roadtrip” will happen,- even I actually do think so. When he had got something on his mind,- he goes for it. But, – that means it can be a bit more then a “couple of weeks” living with me. Special if they are going to decorate this cars to in a decent, safe, practical and good way too 😳. I think that will take a bit much more than a couple of weeks to be honest 🙄.

At the same time,- I get the possibility to use the “mammi- tactics” and maybe get him away from that Van- though, travel and adventure trips idea. On the other hand,- will that be correct for me to do? Wouldn’t that actually be a bit selfish? Because if I do,- I actually just do it more and less for myself to just “know” where he is, and that all is okay with him. Have a kind of “control” over him, – and that’s not correct either.

Because, – yes,- of course I’m worried, worried something not to good can happen to him on this trip and on this adventure. At the same time, – I can’t protect him for and from “the life”,- and I think this is important for him too,- this planned Van- adventure. At least to just have the dream. Maybe it will happen, – this adventure and travel in a Van,- maybe not. But when it all comes down to the end,- it’s his life, his choices , his dream,- all I can to is to be here for him. Love him, and support him as best as I can 💙. Give him some advice,- and hope he will listen to them and use them as well 😊.

On the other hand, – I did actually raise this “entertainer, explorer and adventurer”- young man. He was just 6 weeks old when he was on his first travel together with me. And I have travel with this 3 children in my car with a tent in the bagasje “here and there” in Norway on holiday- trips. As well as we have travel around in Europe too, visit different countries, met different cultures. So in on way, I did “teach” him “adventure” and the journey and fun with travelling and “exploring”.

Anyway,- one thing at the time,- my son is moving in to me next week,- and I’m not ready for that at all,- and will probably not be it either 😅. That’s a part of me “growing up” as a parent, and a part of getting ready to learn to live my life 😅. It will probably be okay,- good to have him a bit around me,- at the same time,- not the possibility to use the “time out button” when I want 😊.

What have you done in a situation like this, – used your “mammi or daddy tactic”,- and worked for another solution then travel around in a self- build Van? Or,- just wish your child the best and crossed fingers for the best too? 😊 And motivated your child to “go for his/ hers dreams”?

I know what I’m going to do,- even my mammi heart skipping a beat and two ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Me – a mammi for 3 great young adult children, – but even they are young adults and are living their own life it’s not “everything” I’m ready for 😊. At the same time,- I’m not “ready” to go back an be not just me anymore either 😅.

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