Just one day left 😊

Hi ❣ it’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Its actually just one day left at my job. The job I have done for the last 5 months, and it’s feels not to bad at all that it’s just one day left 😊.

It has been an new experience in my life, something I can use on my resume, and I have also learned a couple of things about my self. I have met some great people, even got a friend and two 😊. I’m grateful for this opportunity 🧡.

But I don’t mind to start with something new next week 🥰. I’m really looking forward to the new job and new opportunities I’m starting on at Tuesday 🧡. I have been working for that company before, 2 years actually, and it feels a bit like “coming home” to be back again 😊.


It’s a big international company with different departments, and I’m going to start in a totally new department. The department first day are on Tuesday, – so it’s a bit exciting 😊.

Last time I did work there was for a travel agency in this company,- and it was travels mainly to Turkey. So when IS started to “troubling” around in the world the sales of travels to Turkey became a lot less, and there was no job to me after a while. Then I did started to work in the homenursery for a English and a Scandinavian company 😊.

So I have been working with a couple of things here in Spain the last 6 years 😊.

I have less and less focus at my job, the work I’m doing at the moment, where my last day is tomorrow. But I’m doing my job. I like to quite innately good way 😊.

It has been strange to use so much time and so much hours on something I have never felt in a way a part of. In a way not “me”. It has been days where I needed to remember my self about to go to work 😅. Special the days when I did started at 10.00, and also days when I haven been off from my job.


It’s one man I have a “good eye on” at my job,- but……I have not any idea how to tell him 😅. I know he is single, but how to show or tell him or ask him that it could be nice to meet him…..for a coffee or a glass of wine, or orange juice 😅. I don’t drink coffee, but it’s a innocent question about asking “to have a cup of coffee together one day”. But I m not sure if I have the “guts” to ask, and tomorrow is my last chance 😊. It is not even sure he “know who Im” . I mean,- it’s over 200 people there 😊. Well,- we see,- maybe I get the guts tomorrow 😅. Or I might be a bit cowardly and send him a text message tomorrow when I come home from work 😅.

Any suggestions what I should do? Like I mention, – it’s not even sure he have recognized me 😅,- and haven’t any idea who I am ☺️.

It’s a couple of things I’m looking forward to not “be a part of” at my job anymore. That’s over 50 phonecalls straight into my head every single day, and all the noise. It’s incredibly noisy to work at a callcenter/ costumecenter with open landscape 🙄. And I looking forward to not be at work 10 hours 5 days a week 😊. Even I still need to have “the workhours” during a week,- now I can do the rest at home 😊.


I’m also looking forward to not have a “babysitter” around me, who is in his/her mid-20s and believes he/she has all the wisdom of life in the world 🙄. But that’s the way it is, – some people are just like that- and I feel really relieved to not have this person around me during the day anymore- just one more day now 😊.

There are also some persons I’m going to miss. I think some of them I’m going to meet again, because they feel a bit like friends, and some has become my friends, and some I will probably never meet again. That’s life 😊.

Anyway,- I have a good feeling in my stomach about the new job, and I don’t regret my choice so fare. It will be shorter between my home and my job, a bit shorter days too. I know I need to compensate that with doing more work from my home- but that’s also a part of what I want, and a part of my plan 😊. Step by step, little by little 😊.

If I have or get “the guts” to ask for this “coffee- meeting” tomorrow I’m going to tell you ☺️. But it’s not sure I take the chance 😅.

Are you enjoying your work? Or do you feel it’s not “you” ? And do you trust your “stomach- feelings”?

I do, more and more as older I get 😊. And, like I mention, I have a good feeling for this new job 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

It’s just one day left,- and in a couple of days I m starting in a new job 😊. This time with not so much mixed feelings as I had 5 months ago- I’m looking forward to my new job 😊.

Lucky me- I have got some nice Christmas decorations 🥰

Hi ❣ it’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have found some of the #Christmas- #decorations I have, and have been so lucky to got from other #Norwegian that so has been living here in #Spain, but moved back home to #Norway 🥰.


I feel very, very #lucky and #grateful for that 🥰. Then I can decorate my home for Christmas too 😊.

We have Christmas decorations, but all that are, unfortunately, still in Norway. And I have no idea when I can get it to Spain.

When I was living in Norway I was finish with all the Christmas- gifts at the 1. December, my children’s Advent calendar was ready too, and even our home was decorated for Christmas, except from the Christmas-tree 🎄.

I did choose to do it this way because then I had more time to enjoy the time before Christmas together with my children and do #nice and #cozy Christmas- things together with them. Like #baking Christmas #cakes and #cookies, go into the city and look at different Christmas events there, be out in the #snow or just be home and enjoy the atmosphere 🧡. And I also saved a bit money when I was finish with all the Christmas- gifts before #December 😊.

After we moved to Spain it has been a bit different,- but okay,- maybe the changes are on the way to get a tiny bit the better and maybe with a bit more of the “old” Christmas- spirit I did have when I was living in Norway ? Just in a new and different way? 😊. I dont know.


They say #changes are #good,- but sometimes it seems to take a bit while before “the good” in the changes “shows up” 😊.

I hope this Christmas will be great for both my children and me, and also for the friends I have invited 😊. I’m at least going to do my very best for all of us so it will be a nice #celebration and Christmas- evening 😊. It’s days I’m not sure how I can or will manage it,- but isn’t the Christmas-time also a time for a bit #magic? Maybe something #magical happens? 🌟

It’s a bit Christmas- #atmosphere in my home now, and I like that 😍. This time, this year, it feels nice, good, in away.

Julegavetips til dame

The homemade caramels are finish, and maybe I’m baking some cakes or cookies this weekend too? And its felt good to use my focus on the decorations in my home today, and not to much in yesterday’s “event” 😊.

Some of the vegetables I need to the Christmas- dinner are already bought in, – because they are a bit difficult to get here in southern Spain. Like for example the kohlrabi. The Spanish ones here normally don’t eat kohlrabi. They give it as food to the animals, but in Norway we eat kohlrabi as a vegetable to the dinner. We even call it “the Norwegian orange” 😅. Because it’s healthy, tasty and have a bit vitamins C.

Julegavetips til barn

I hope I manage to create a good Christmas- atmosphere this year. I’m on my way, trying and have also created a bit Christmas- decorations around in my home thanks to some great people that’s gave away their Christmas- decorations to me 🥰.

Have you started with the Christmas- decorations in your home? Do you have any special Christmas- decorations that means something special for you?

In Norway I have the Christmas- decorations my children did created to me when they was younger. They means something very special for me. I have it in a own box, actually. A box just for the Christmas- decorations from my children 🧡. And I have some #angles I really did like to decorated my home with too 👼.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

It’s starting to get a bit #Christmas- #atmosphere in my home now,- and that feels good 🧡. #Thanks to some #great #people I have been so #lucky and got some different nice, sweet and cozy Christmas- #decorations to #decorate my home for Christmas with 🥰.

Sometimes the world is just to small 😯🙄

Hi ❣ it’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m not to fine today 🙄. Sometimes the world is just to small 🙄.

“Someone” contacted me today,- and it felt not good or okay at all. This “someone” I think maybe you know who it was. I think I’m going to a) continue call it “the bump” from now, and b) not write to much more about “the bump”, just a tiny bit so I can in my own way, try to “relieve” “the bump” as best as I can from my life.

I’m not worried, yet, I just feel and felt a bit sick 😳.

“The bump” was in “the area” and wanted to meet me for a coffee and with smiley- faces 😳. I did got an email this morning- after peaceful silent for some years. I dont drink coffee, and I have no reasons to meet “the bump” again.


And I don’t think “the bump” actually understand what “the bump” did to me and my life, and how that relation affected me and my life in a negative way and direction.

And I got this really bad feeling again that I’m just a big failure in every area in life- special in the “relation- and emotional, and financial area”,- because “the bump” was a close connected to that part of my life some years ago, as you know, and “the bump” broke me so down. Emotional, mental, physical and materialistic / financial.

“The bump” I think miss a couple of “magic” words and understandings in the life, like for example the word “self- knowledge”🙄. I don’t think “the bump” have any understanding for that word….and a couple of more.

Why, for any reason in the world, why should I want to meet “the bump” again? Don’t “the bump” see or understand that at all? 😳 Dont “the bump” remember anything at all? I haven’t any reasons at all to want to see or meet “the bump” again, at the same time I have- but not for any good reasons.


I just sat down for one hour this morning, and didnt do a thing, just felt like an big ice- statue, at the same time like I got the coldest shower in the world with ice- cubes felt up with memories from “the past” 😳.

Lucky for me,- Natasja did send me a text, and “woke me up”. She didn’t know about the email, she just send me a text “How are you?” And then something in a way loosened in me. I got the possibility to put some words about how I was,- and actually manage to start my day 😊. And I did started my day,- and I’m a bit proud too, that I did manage this day without feeling to much “bumpy” and like an ice- statue. Just like an a lump of jelly for a few hours. Little by little the day got a bit “normal” and I got distance to “the bump”. I went to work, I did my job- even good too, and feel a bit like it all has been a bad dream, a kind of a nightmare.


I did choose to not answer “the bump”. Why should I answer? I have not a good word to say to “the bump”,- and then it’s better to just say nothing.

Today the world felt a bit small,- at least my world. I felt a bit like I was going to be “choked”. I felt I couldn’t breath for a while. It’s no room for “the bump” and me in the same world, not ” in my world, and my life”.

It’s like the past never goes away- let me go, let me rest, let me “get back on business “. It’s knocking on the door when I least expect it, and in situations I haven’t thought about 😳.


The last 6- 8 years has been so fucking shit hard, challenging and difficult,- but at least in their own way- the 6 last years has at least been peaceful. Maybe difficult to understand. But yes, they has been very peaceful even different challenginges has “popped up”….to much “popping up”.

Sexy undertøy

But yes I’m a bit proud too today,- I didn’t answer. I went to my job, I did my work, I didn’t cry, not one single tear, and I even was available to work 2, 5 extra hours this evening in my home with my extra job 😊. I haven’t eat to much today, my stomach is still a bit “strange”. But I still stand on my feet,- even I felt pretty small this morning,- I did manage the day 😊.

My eyes are normally blue, but for some reason I don’t know, they changed to grey/green when I’m not feeling to good emotional, like today. They can even be black, but then I’m pretty angry- and most of the time I’m not that 🥰. And you know,- “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” ,- so maybe that’s why they are changing colour? The saying means a bit more then a color- change I think,- at least for me,- it means a bit more then just a change of colours in the eyes 😊. I think I’m going to “research” why one day, why my eyes are changing colour, – but not today 😊.

Does your colour on your eyes changes in different emotional situations?

Anyway,- I hope your day has been a bit better then mine 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

I did my best to day,- even the world felt pretty small this morning 😊. My eyes are normally blue,- but today,- for some reason they change to grey/ green 😳. They do that sometimes when emotional “bumps” shows up in my life 🙄. But it’s a saying like “The eyes are the mirror of the soul”,- and my soul has been a bit “down” today, a bit “grey” 🧡.

Let’s make some soft caramels for Christmas 😊 🍬

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

One of my children’s favourite for Christmas is my #norwegian, #homemade and #soft #caramels 🍬.


Normally I make this ones to the last of my #Christmas baking,- if not there will be not anyone left for the Christmas- evening 😊. But this year I can actually make the caramels already now,- because there are no children that are sneaking in the cabinets for #candy 😅. Its just me- and I more a candy-maker then a candy eater 😊.

These caramels melt in the mouth and are very good. They are also easy to make, but it still does take some time to make them 🍬.

Do you want to try to make some Norwegian homemade, sweet and soft caramels? 🥰 Just be a bit patient- special if you want to have them as soft caramels 😊.

The #recipe for Norwegian homemade caramels:🍬

6 dl milk

3 dl sugar

2 tsp vanilla sugar (I take 4 tsp)

2 tablespoons butter or margarine.

Boil milk in a frying pan. Then turn down the heat to the lowest temperature. Add sugar and vanilla sugar. Stir at regular intervals. As the pulp begins to thicken, you have the butter and stir this in. The pulp should be golden brown and quite thick.

It has to cook at low temp between 40 min to 2 hours – it depends a bit on how your oven works. When the pulp is thick, remove it from the plate and to cool down a bit before either rolling caramel balls, – or making the pulp into small muffin forms.

Leave in the refrigerator or cool before preparing to serve.

They taste marvellous 🥰.

And this year I think I just need to make one portion 😅.

I hope you will enjoy this Norwegian homemade sweet and soft caramels as much as my children does 🥰.

And,- good luck with the cooking- just be patient 🍬.

Do you have you any favourite Christmas cakes or Christmas candy? 🍬 I have one,- but I haven’t made it since we moved to Spain because I can’t find the correct butter to use. My favourite Christmas candy cake is called Filadelfia- cake,- and it’s with a lost of chocolate 🥰. A real calorie bomb- that’s for sure 😊.


I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

#Norwegian #homemade #caramels 🍬. Soft and #sweet,- they are melting in your mouth 😊. This is one of my children’s #favourite #Christmas #candy 🥰.
Do you want to try to make them? The #recipe you will find in my post 😊.

1. December, 1. Sunday in Advent 🕯🎋

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The Christmas-time has for real started, it’s 1. December and also 1. Sunday in Advent today,- and time for the first candle too🕯. And there are lovely Christmas creations everywhere 😊 . Its really nice- but also for many- not the best season in the year.

It’s a good time for many, and a hard time for others. Probably one of the heaviest season and yearly celebrations many goes through.


It’s a difficult time for so many. That’s not a secret at all,- but the ones who have a difficult time during this season prefer to not talk to much about how difficult it’s actually are. What’s very understandable 🧡. Because this time can be really hard and very difficult, both emotionally, economical and also in different materials ways for many.

To be honest, – I prefer actually to just jump over December and Christmas- and go straight to January. But that’s not a possibility 😅.

We people in general don’t like to talk to much about the difficult time we are going through in our life. And special not about the difficult time Christmas can be- because it is a very great and good celebration too, at the same time for so many 🥰.

Christmas is about “be together”, “giving”, “peace and harmony”- at the same time a “painful” “celebration” for some. And for many it’s not a celebration at all,- just a big reminder about what they actually “don’t have” or “don’t can give”, or “be a part of”.

It’s a difficult time for some children in different life situations, as well as for grownups in their different life situations.

There are children that will get Christmas- gifts and Christmas-food on the table. Children that don’t miss a material thing in the world,- but still will have a big, big ice cube in their stomach,- because they know the adults, the parents are going to be drunk, to drunk, to many times during this month.


There are children who will not get any Christmas-gifts or Christmas- food on the table. Even the parents really wish and want to give them both. There will be no Christmas- tree or any Advent- calendar.

There are families, parents that’s working every single day during the year- just to give their children a home and food on the table every day, but still there will be no money left for any kind of Christmas- celebration.

There are people, even families who maybe don’t even have a home to be in.

There are people that will be alone during this celebration, the Christmas time. For some it’s fine to be alone, it’s not a challenge or problem, and for other this can be the loneliest time and month in the year.

I have myself mixed feelings for this time of the year. I have had that during the lasts years. I’m in general not looking forward to Christmas, but I’m trying my best to do exactly the opposite, – do look forward to Christmas 😊 . And I m going to take you with me, during some posts, and tell you a bit about some Norwegian Christmas traditions, and my and my family Christmas time as well 😊.

It hasn’t always been like this- it started “in the small” when I was in the relation with Mr. Ex,- and it has been a bit more challenging bit by bit during the years after. Before- I really did look forward to the Christmas- time 🥰.

Now it will bit on the sidelines – but that’s just the way it needed to be for me in today’s post.


The story about when I was dropped of in Spain was in a way “the end” on the story about my relation to Mr. Ex- and a start on a other story in my life. But the “consequences” that that relation had for myself and my life does still “follows” me and effects me. And it’s difficult to tell the different “stories” from the relation in a chronology way. I even don’t remember everything anymore. Something I think is a good thing. And then there are other things I do remember to well.

I did started to tell you the end of that story- and after that I m not sure how to continue to tell you what was before “the end” in the relation ,- how and why this relation did ( and still in it’s own way, does) “mess” me up, myself and my life so much. Also when it comes to the Christmas- time.

I need a bit time for that one- the stories, just to be ready to tell you some of the parts of the story so you maybe can get a tiny bit “picture” one day about why there are some tiny challenges for me in some areas in my life. But they/ the stories will probably not come chronology- and it will probably not be stories either, just parts from the past “here and there” 😊.

The last Christmas I do remember with really joy, happiness and “Christmas- spirit” was 24. December 2010,- and we did celebrate it on our “prairie” in Norway- together with my children, my parents and both of my sisters and their families 💜. It was a really great Christmas 😊.

After that- the Christmas has been a bit “comsi-comsa”.

When that’s said,- we have had some nice Christmas celebrations in Spain too, thanks to good friends as well as my childrens great attitude 💜.

Straight after the Christmas, in 2010, I did meet Mr Ex,- and the life, my life, changed, I changed, everything changed. And not to the best.

I did met a personality that I have not any professional skills to describe and no professional qualifications to describe. And therefore no right to describe it either.

I can only use my own, private and personal experiences and words to describe this “experiences/ personality”.

My best description of such a personality is a scary “control freak” , in every area in life. You know the expression – “Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. But enough about that for today 😊.

After the divorce between me and my children’s dad, 17 years ago, my children has more and less celebrate Christmas every second year with me, and every second year with their dad. So I had my first Christmas totally alone in my whole life, in Spain in 2013. I’m going to tell you about that one an other day.

This year- , this Christmas, the plan, my plan, is to celebrate in my home together with my children and some friends 😊. And I really hope I will manage to create a very good time with hopefully good and tasty food, a nice and relaxing atmosphere, maybe we can play some table- games together too? 😊. But there will be no gifts …… – this year either. And I did write “my plan” and “I hope”,- because I still don’t know.


I did read an article one of the recent days in a norwegian newspaper online. The article was about Christmas. The tittle was “Feel unsuccessful as parents”. And I did recognized myself as the parent in that article. The painful and unpleasant feeling of failure as a parent during the Christmas- time. And not at least,- the shame.

The article was about how to not be able to create the Christmas you as parents, mammi or daddy wants to create and give to your children. It was not just the Christmas-gifts, but the Christmas- atmosphere. The food, the cakes, the candles.

The feelings this gives you as a parent, when you don’t have the possibility to give your children the Christmas you really want to give them,- it’s not a very good feeling at all. It’s like your heart gets a bit to pieces for a while. And you feel as a totally failure as an parent. An fiasco. And it’s so shameful too, to not be able to create a nice Christmas celebration for your children.

So,- it’s parents too, out there, that’s actually are not looking forward to the Christmas- time, just because they can’t give their children any kind of Christmas.

There are parents out there that don’t like the question “What are you going to give to your children this Christmas?” And also “Where are you going to celebrate the Christmas?” “What are you going to have for Christmas dinner?” Ect.

How to answer questions like this? When you know you don’t feel for being honest. Not because you want to lie, but because it’s actually more then enough to feel unsuccessful as a parent already, without also read it in someone else’s eyes too.


Most parents want to give their children a Christmas with a lots of good memories, joy, love and happiness. And when you’re not able to do this- give this celebration that’s actually are everywhere, it is also like a big reminder too, everywhere, about how much you are a failure as a parent- even when you try to do your very best.

ECCO Multi-Vent - 100% vanntett og pustende.

I know there are some online group in Norway now, where parents can ask for some help- help to just create a tiny bit of a Christmas- celebration and atmosphere for their children. This parents are anonymous,- something that’s really understandable. Like I did mention in the beginning of my post, – in general we don’t like to tell about our not to good situations in life. But this parents are also so brave- and I can just imagine how much this has actually cost them, to just ask this questions, to ask for this help for Christmas, for their children.

So my candle today, the first Advent light, I do light up to these parents who are braver than many. And who actually dares ask for help in creating a Christmas for their children. I know it has cost them a lot, but their children means everything for them- and you go fare for your children 🧡. It’s not just about try to get ride of the feeling of being a unsuccessful parent.

Some will probably judge these parents too,- it’s always someone that’s needs to be a bit judgemental,- but then I just want to say,- life have obviously be very nice to you, and you have never been in a situation like this- not even close. So be happy for that instead of judging.


These parents deserve respect for their guts to ask for some help. And I really hope they will get the help they ask for, and be able to create a nice and good Christmas- time to remember with a big smile, and grateful hearts 🧡.

And I really hope you too, can look forward to the different Christmas- celebration during this month with a lots of joy, love and happiness 🎋🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by today too and for reading my blog 🧡. ( even it was a bit long today with some sidelines too 😊).

The first Advent candle I do light up to these parents who are braver than many🕯. And who actually dares ask for help in creating a Christmas for their children 🧡. I know it has cost them a lot, for just asking, but their children means everything for them- and you go fare for your children 🧡.

It’s time for some Norwegian homemade applecake before the Christmas-baking starts 🍎🍏

Hi ❣ it’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I like to bake and I like to cook,- as you probably already now 😊. And I think my #homemade #Norwegian #applecake is something you really are going to #enjoy 🍏. Most people I make this cake to enjoys it 🥰. Its sweet, and #fresh and so #tasty, and of course #easy to #make and #bake. And not expensive to buy the ingredients to either.

As a single mammi for 3 children my focus has been, and needed to be tasty, easy to make and not to expensive ingredients when it did came to the food, as well as other necessary “ingredients” in a daily life 😊. And it’s still like that- but now, unfortunately, for other reasons. It was a bit better feeling when the “reason” was my children 😊.


But okay,- hopefully that situation turns around when my focus turns around too,- and that will probably turns around when I starts to learn how to let “bumps” from the past go away 😊.

That’s not a easy “session”, like it is to making a homemade and tasty applecake 🍎, but it’s a process I have started to work more conscious with lately 😊. But today,- I will use a bit time on my homemade applecake – sometimes a baking- break is good to, to use the focus on as well 😊.

The #recipe for Norwegian homemade applecake 🍎🍏

125 g butter

125 g sugar

– stir together airy and white.

Then 125 grams of wheat flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 teaspoons vanilla sugar.

Mix with sugar and butter.

Then stir 2 eggs into the cake batter.

Butter cake mold with butter, having the dough in it. Peel and cut 2-4 apples, cut them into pieces or apple boats. (I always use 4 apples 🍎). Place these evenly in a cake batter.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar (fermented sugar if you have it).

Fry in the bottom of the oven at 200 gr for about 30 min. the cake has a nice and golden tan 🥧.

Let the cake cool down a bit, cut into pieces and serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream – or just the way it is.

The applecake also fits well to freeze, and tastes just as good as it was freshly made.


I think this is one of the cakes I have made the most, and when I worked in homenursing I often brought an applecake, a piece of the applecake with me to my patients. Just to cheer up their day a bit with something tasty, sweet and homemade 😊.

I have made this to my Spanish neighbour too,- and they really enjoy it 😊.

I hope you will enjoy the taste of my applecake too 🍏🍎. Its not just one of my favourite cakes to make, but also one of my favourite cake to taste 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

Norwegian homemade applecake 🍎🍏. So tasty, and easy to make too 😊. Perfect for the weekend- coffee, to your serve your guests, as well as put in the freezer to have for another day 😊. The recipe is in my post- I hope you will enjoy this cakes as much as I do 😊.

It was a elegant Christmas party 🍷🎄

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The Christmas-party at my job was very elegant and nice. Everyone was dressed up nice and stylish, and the place where the event was arranged was really great 🏰.

A tasty 3 course dinner was served, which consisted of appetizer, dinner and dessert with drinks 🥗


I didn’t have to much time to dress up and fix myself before the event- but tried my very best 😊. The time runs fast after work sometimes 😊. But a classic, black dress is normally safe to use.

In general I don’t feel very comfortable at big parties, or events with a lots of people around me, but as long as I can join someone I know it feels a bit “safe” 😅. It’s because I don’t feel very comfortable with a lots of people around me, special people I don’t know. I’m not sure why it is like this, and actually it doesn’t bother me to have this “habit” 😊. In general I don’t go at big events anyway 😊. And I do know a tiny bit the people I’m working together with in the department I work for. So I did knew some “souls” yesterday 😊. They’re great people, and I’m going to miss some of them when I stop working there.

Some I’m going to keep in touch with, and some I will probably never see again. But that’s the way it is. I have also got a good friend there, so her I will probably see a bit more then the rest 😊. And….to be honest….its one more from my work it had been nice to see/meet / kept in touch with, – a bit more when Im finish working for this company ,- but I have no idea how 🤭.

I don’t know how many we was at the party yesterday, but I know there’s over 200 employees at the company I’m working for, and then from 5 different countries 😊. So it was a bit of people. All very nice dressed up.

I did join my friend from work to the party. She did drive so I arrived with her both to and back home from the event. It’s good to not be to late home,- then the next day is a bit useful 😊. I like that😊.

And there was, maybe unfortunately, not to much flirting 😅. I have not a clue how to do that anymore 😅. But I had a really nice time with good friends, good colleagues and tasty food 😊. It was an elegant party with not to much of the “Viking- style” in 😊. That’s good 😊.


This day, and this weekend are going to be used to work from home, make some cakes and try to prepare a bit for Christmas in my home 🎄.

It feels great to have so much time to use- after being at a party the day before 😊. I know some of my colleagues went out “to do the city a bit unsafe” after the party, and I did consider to join them yesterday,- but now I’m very happy I didnt 😊. It has probably been very fun, but then maybe this day hasn’t been so much fun, and maybe not very useful either 😅. Now I have 2 fun and useful days- yesterday and this day infront of me 😊.

I hope your day will be both useful and fun for you,- no matter what you are going to do or use it to 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Me,- dressed up as best as I could and had the time for before the Christmas-party yesterday 😊. It was a great party, with tasty food, at an elegant place and it was fun,- and not with to munch of the “Viking-style” into either 😊. I wish you a great and useful day today ☀️.