Oppsss….a little “overeager” with my workout today 😅🚴‍♀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

It’s important to do some workout and exercises as regular as possible. Special when we are in days like we all are going through at the moment,- and we more and less are staying at home 24/7 🧡.

A happy and healthy body gives a happy and healthy mind. A happy and healthy body can handle infections and illness much better, and a happy and healthy mind can handle changes and challenges so much better. For one thing is for sure,- we all are going through as well as into new challenges and new changes in our life. And most of us don’t know what we can except for the future when everything around the coronavirus has calm down. But just let me remind you that challenges are not any negative things,- it can just feel negative because it is something new and different 💚.

One thing is the changes and challenges we have at the moment ,- to stay home 24/7, an totally other challenges and changes are when we are allowed to walk out from our home again. We actually don’t know what we can expect. But a healthy and happy body and mind can and will handle the different changes and challenges, better,- if the body and mind are strong enough. Exercises and workout does both the body and mind healthy, happy and strong 😊.

I’m not an workout guru or exercises expert,- so I will and can’t give to many good advices in this area,- except from my own experiences 🚴‍♀️. Something I can share with you an other day 😊. All I can say,- regular workout and exercises are healthy 💚. And I haven’t been working out on regular basis either for the lasts months, so I’m not good at that either,- but I’m trying and have a goal to get workout and exercises as regular as possible into my weekly life and routines again 😊. Just because I know it’s healthy for the body and the mind for several reasons 😊. But,- I was obviously a bit ” overeager” with my workout today 😅.

When I was walking and walking, listen to the music and walking a bit more on my step machine in my own perfect speed, and when I had just 5 minutes left from my “step/walking- exercises” I did suddenly heard a big crash and closely fall of my stepping/ walking machine 😅. First I was very surprised, and then a bit sad because I thought my step machine was broken 😔. But,- lucky for me it was a easy thing to fix 😊. And lucky for me I’m a bit more “handywoman” then most people around me don’t think,- so could fix this on my own 😉.

It’s a lots of things I can’t do, but also many things I can fix, or find a solution to fix. I’m a bit more practical (working) person then a theoretic person. And I also know I’m a bit vain , and I know that, so there’s some souls that think I can’t get “dirty under my nails” 😉. But my children and me did live on a farm for closely 10 year, and there was not many “helping man hands” around, except from my small sons, and my dad. But my dad couldn’t help me with “all and everything” all the time. He was travelling in his work as well as had (and still have) his own life together with my mam 😊. Then it was to just try to fix things on my own, and most of the times I actually did manage actually that, – fix things on my own 😊. I have suprices some souls over what I actually can be able to both fix, make and create some “handystuff” 😊.

If you give me the choice between building a bird- box to hang up in a tree, or find a solution for some other people (costumers/ not my own- I can “handle” them) invoices 5 years back in time, I will happily build this bird- box for the tree instead 😊.

Anyway,- I thought I would manage to fix my step machine too. Or that’s not totally true, my first thought was “Oppsss….no one are allowed to come into our home at the moment because of the quarantine and curfew. So no one can help me fix this at the moment“. Then I did take a look what’s actually had happen with my step machine, and did find out it was a easy thing to fix, special if I had the correct tools 😊. And,- I did have the correct tools, I like tools 🛠🔩.

What happened with my step machine was just that one foot blade had come out as I walked and walked, stepped and stepped, eager to get back into shape 😅. The screws had just turned out, so I actually just needed a wrench and an Allen key. Is the Allen key the correct English word? 🤔(umbraco- key). And I have them both in my home, and even a bit more tools then that too 😊. So it was a quick fix actually, and a bit relieved me too, to be honest ,- then I can continue with my exercises on my step/walking machine 😁. It hasn’t been any “problem” if I didn’t manage to fix it, I have some stairs in my home I can walk up and down for a while, in case 😊.

Just a screw that loosed a bit under today’s exercise- session. Easy to fix with the correct tools 😁.

When my step machine was finished fixed I did start over again with my “stepping/ walking”, from the start, just to be sure I got my walking minutes for the day 😊. And, of course, continue with my weights exercises and yoga exercises to the end of my today’s “workout” session 🤸‍♀️.

So today,- I had both a nice workout session as well as a bit handiwork- session. Now at days is the daily small “events”, “happenings” and “suprices” that’s count 😊. Actually it’s the small daily “events” ,”happenings” and “suprices” that are the life,- in general, not just now because we are in quarantine and curfew,- but we recognize this small, daily “events”, “happenings” and “suprices” much, much better now,- and we have a habit to forget them during our busy days and weeks…..before coronavirus made us all “stopp up a bit”.

Are you working out or do some different exercises in your home now at days? In case, is it easy to keep up the routine? And do you have tiny small “events”, “happenings” or “suprices” during your day that you didn’t give to many thoughts about before “the corona timeage”?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Tske care, stay safe, stay home and enjoy the small “events”, “happenings” and “suprices” in your home 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My step/ walking machine in my bedroom- fixed and ready for use again 😊

I was obviously a bit overerage over starting up again with my workout and exercises 😅. So my step/ walking machine did broke this morning when I was walking my in my best speed 🙄. Lucky for me it was easy to fix 🔩. A small “events”, “happening” and “suprice” during my 24/7 life at home at the moment 😊. That’s the way life is at the moment 😊.

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This “Friday- feeling” every day…… 🙄🌻

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

I’m working from my home now, 100 %, more and less. Like many other people I did lost some hours on my “online social and healthcare support job” this week. We all did. But we all still have our job, just less hours om the shifts per week. Instead of being 4 person on a shift, we are now 2 person per shift. This, so all of us still will get some hours and some income, even it’s less to share at the moment. As it are for many different companies and people now at days.

I’m so lucky and I’m feeling very grateful for having a job, actually still 2 jobs 🧡. Two different jobs, and I enjoying them both 😊. I’m doing both my jobs from my home now, and I don’t have any students either now.

I’m not allowed to have any students in my home during this time we are in, and they are not allowed to leave their home either. I’m considering online studies with some of them, but I need to get my shifts for April at my “online social and healthcare support job” ready first,- and also ask my students if that could be a solution for them to have online lessons. I see what I will do during next week 😊. I should actually been studying a bit on my own,- Spanish. But it’s a tiny bit difficult to “keep up the good focus”, when my two ” “living” together partners” are “jumping up and down, here and there ” now and then 😅. It’s probably not easy for them either, to be “locked down” together with me 😊.

To work and stay so much home as we all are doing this days and weeks gives me a kind of “Friday- feeling” closely every day. I really need to try to shake it of me, because I like to have the “Frida- feeling” just on Firdays, not every day 😊. And now at days it’s even more important then before to have good routines, and a “Friday- feeling” 🧡.

I’m remember when I was a child my mam and dad filled up the bathtub with a lots of soap bubbles and nice hot water for me and my sister in the middle, every Friday 🛁,- and me and my sister in the middle was bathing and playing together, and had a lots of fun 😊. After the bath we did get soft and clean pyjamas on, and evening food in the kitchen. We did eat something called “kavring med sukker og surmelk”/ in English it will be “dumpling with sugar and sour milk”. Every Friday the same cozy and nice routines, our lovely and homey “Fridays feeling” 🥰. Every Friday the same nice and cozy end of a week, and start on a weekend 🧡. And I really did like it, it’s a great and good memorie from my childhood 🧡.

When I became a mammi myself I did continue with “the Friday feeling” because I wanted my children to have the same cozy and nice start on the weekend, and nice and cozy end on the week as I had when I was growing up 🥰.

My children and me did eat homemade pizza or taco on the Fridays, and we did play Buzz or watch a movie together, and I did lightning up some candles too. We was sitting in the sofa together with some blanket around us during the wintertime, and also has some fire in the fireplace. In the summertime we did eat outside and played different types of games, or actually did swim in our swimming pool 😊. Yes we did had our own swimming pool when we did live in Norway at our Prairie 😊.

The summertime was in general not always so long and warm as here in Spain,- so it became many cozy and warm family Friday- feeling evenings inside our home, in our livingroom at our Prairie in Norway 🥰.

When I was a teenager I did go in a choir in a teenager club in the weekends, together with some of my friends 😊. On Fridays we had choir practice, and after that, social settings with some food and different table- games., mingling around and talking and laughing together 😊. Also a nice and cozy end of a week, and great start on the weekend 🥰.

When I became a bit older teenager, more like a young adult, at least I did think so myself 😅,- then it’s was a bit more party- time on the Friday evenings and nights, maybe even on Saturdays evenings and nights too 😊. And then I became a mammi in age 21,- and my Friday- feeling got a bit more family- focused again 🥰.

So for me this “Friday- feeling” is a feeling of time for relaxing, and a timeout from a week with plans, work and following a schedule, as well as time together with my children, family and friends with a big touch of an relaxing and cozy atmosphere in. It’s timeout, it’s time together without to much “time limit”. And for me this Friday- feeling already starts before it’s actually is the Friday afternoon and evening 😊. And I can’t have that feeling every day now, even I’m working from my home, even the days and life is different.

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Routines are still important, at least for me, and the feeling of a difference between weeks and weekends are also important for me 😊.

So fare I had been able to shake away my Friday- feeling during this week, so I can enjoy the real Friday- feeling this Friday evening instead 🥰. And I’m enjoying it with a glass of coca cola, some Spanish chocolate cake, some sweets and some nuts, and also watching a movie a comedy 😊. I have found my blanket, and lightning up some few candles and are just relaxing on my sofa this evening 🥰. I feel relaxed, and have a nice and cozy end of this week, as well as a good and cozy start on the weekend 🥰. And, – I’m available to enjoy my own company totally, create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere around me, – something that’s also important for me to do and have, also in a Friday evening 😊.

The boys/ young men/ my oldest son and his friend wouldn’t join me this Friday, they are probably working with some online stuff I don’t understand anything off any way. But I know they was a short trip to the store this afternoon, one by one with 10 minutes different between, and they did buy some coca cola, snacks and chips 😊. So I think they have a tiny “Friday- feeling” too 😊.

Do you have a kind of “Friday- feeling”? A cozy and nice end of the week, and a cozy and nice start on the weekend 🥰 ? An in case,- what’s a good “Friday- feeling” for you? 🥰

I like the fact that’s a different between the week and the weekend, but I also like routines in my life too 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. I hope your Friday will gives you a good and relaxing feeling,- even it’s a difficult lifesituation we all are living in at the moment 🧡. I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My “snacks” this Friday evening, for creating a cozy, nice and relaxing atmosphere…just for me 😊

I have had a tiny touch of “Friday- feeling” every day this week,- but I have been able to “shake it” off me 😊. I like to have the “Friday- feeling” just on Fridays as a nice end on a week, and a cozy start on the weekend 🥰,- in my own company as well as together with my children, family and friends 🧡.

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It’s just to “kick start” my body again 😳🤸‍♀️😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

Well,- obviously I can’t just “wait and wait and wait” to the “correct time” to start with my different exercises and workout again, that’s for sure 😊. So it was just to “kick start” my body again this week, and get it “up and running” agsin, moving out the different muscles here and there and everywhere 🤸‍♀️. And it was so hard 😳. Oh my 😅, but oh! So great feeling after when I’m finish “toubling” around there in my bedroom and bathroom 🤸‍♀️.

2- 3 months ago I did my exercises and workout 3 to 5 times a week, and then around 1 to 1,5 hour per time. How many times a week I did exercise did depended a bit how I was working, and some other things that’s happening in life. But when my oldest son and his friend did move in I actually did stop working out on regular basis. I started walking to my job instead.

The reason why I stopped working out on my regular basis was because my “workout room” is/ was one of my guest room. And the plan was anyway that the boys just should stay here for around 1 month. And I could “survive” one month without my “workout room” 😊.

Well, it has been a bit longer then one month 😳. I also did stopp walking to my job a bit before the coronavirus became big news in Spain, that’s because I had a couple of appointments to reach before or after my job where I did needed to use my car. Actually some “lazy” excuses, because I probably could have managed to pressed in a bit exercises and workout. Anyway,- I didn’t, and I did regret that a bit this Monday to be honest, when I did “kick start” my body again 😅. Oh my,- it was so hard to start working out again 🤸‍♀️.

I’m lucky because I have a bit workout – equipment that’s my own in my home. And now at days there’s also so many good ideas and suggestions online, both on Facebook, Instagram and more too, for how to do the workout and exercises at home….when you are in quarantine and curfew, for example 🤸‍♀️. But a tiny bit space is necessary to do some of the different exercises. And space is not to much of in my home at the moment. Just because the different furnitures that was standing in both of the guests rooms are stable a bit around here and there other places in my home, so there should be space and place to “the boy’s” different things and stuffs in the guests rooms 😊.

Now I have my walking machine in my bedroom. It was a tiny little space between my bed and the balcony door. My weights are in my bathroom, and I also need to do the weights exercises in my bathroom, and my yoga exercises,- well,- I’m doing them in between my bedroom and my bathroom. It all worked out fine, it was just me that was not quite in the same “tipp- topp quality” as I was 3 months ago 😅. I also have some stairs to go up and down too in my home, just to get some more and various exercises,- if I feel for doing that 😊.

So, yes,- it actually felt as I did “kick start” my body again after a to long “holiday” 😅. But at the same time it felt so great after, when I was finish with my different exercises. So the good thing is,- I also did “kick started” my mind again to get back in my regular workout routines 😊. And I know it will not be to difficult to get my workout routines “back on track”. It’s probably my body that’s need a bit longer time to be back on track after some months without to much exercises. At the same time, it will take shorter time to be where I was in form and shape 3 months ago, then when I first did started with my regular workout from my home for about 1,5 – 2 years ago 🤸‍♀️.

I have made a workout plan, I’m using most of the different exercises from my last workout routines and plan, I just need to start on a bit lower level then I was at 3 months ago 😊. But that’s my own “mistake”, and my own “excuses” to “wait a bit”/ “put my exercises on hold” for a while because of different reasons. I know that even if I need to put my exercises “on hold” in the future for different reasons, it’s still always some movements it’s possible to do to just “keep the body up and running” 😊. It’s better to do a bit then nothing at all. And I do work out for some various reasons.

I know to do work out will keep my weight up as long as I work out and do exercises on regular basis, – and of course at as well 😅. I do exercises because I don’t want to loose weight. I also know a strong body handle sickness much better, and also the aging process much better too 😊. And a happy and healthy body created also a happy and healthy mind. Something that’s maybe even more important during this period we all are in this days then it has been before 😊.

Monday and Tuesday this week was hard to do the workout and exercises,- but for every day it gets a bit easier 😊. And that’s a great feeling just to feel that,- okay, a couple of months without to much exercises haven’t done to much “harm” for my body, even it felt like a “kick start” on Monday and Tuesday this week. It has probably been much harder if this was my first workout sessions for much more then 3 months ago.

So fare I have managed to start up again with some of my good routines for my body, like working out and do some exercises, and hopefully I will manage to keep it this way now, even therefore different reasons will be days and weeks where I’m “out of my routines”,- but hopefully not for 3 months one more time 😊.

I have also manage to eat my 10 blueberries every day for almost a year now, as well as a carrot every day to avoid sun eczema when it is time to start sunbathing again. And this week I have also been taking a lemon shot with a bit honey every morning, as well as eating a bit oatmeal soup before my workout sessions 🤸‍♀️.

But it takes more then 5 days to work in good and healthy routines in my life, I know that 😊. So,- I can “brag” a bit more about my healthy and good routines after a bit more then a month or two, I think. If I’m then still doing my different exercises, workout and also some healthy food routines like lemon shot and oatmeal, and probably a bit more, I can “brag” a bit more over good routines then today 😊. It takes in general 21 days to change a habit, get new routines in life, and around 90 days to get a new lifestyle. This 21 days to change a habit is a thrut with modification, because research shows it takes 66 days to change a habit,- more and less.

We all have good and bad habits,- one of my “bad” habits is this “need” for a clean kitchen and bathroom 😉,- a habit I’m not going to even try to change, even my kitchen has not been cleaned up the way I wanted to have it for the more and less 2 months 😊. My bathroom is fine because I’m the only one that’s using it. I have also some other bad habits, but I think I will try to change a couple of them with put in some new and good habits in my lifestyle instead 😊. For me, as the person I’m, – it seems easier to get some new, healthy and good habits and routines in my life and then the not to good and not to healthy will actually disappear slowly just because of that 😊.

So let’s see where I’m in around 2,5 and 3 months when it comes to changing habits, get some new habits and a new lifestyle 😊. Now at days it’s difficult to plan to much anyway for most of us 💚. But one thing is for sure,- to keep our body moving now at days when most of us are “locked down” and inside our homes is more important then before, – for both our body as well as our mind 💚.

I’m going to try to do my best to continue with my exercises and workout, that also has been a big part of my weekly routines before. And I m going to do my best to continue with my morning my lemon shot, oatmeal and honey in my daily routines too. The blueberries and carrots are already a part of my daily routines for a while 😊. Then I see how the life is in around 3- 4 months.

Are you doing some exercises and workout during this time we all are going through? In case,- what are you doing in your home? And do you “believe” in this saying “it takes 21 days to change a habit, and 90 days to get a new lifestyle”? If you believe, then in case why? And if you don’t believe the saying has any function, why not? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Take care, stay home if you can- exception is life necessary work / or doings 🧡. I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Me,- after my “home workout sessions” today, – my 5. “session” so fare this week 😊

To do some workout and exercises at home are even more important now at days then before 🤸‍♀️. A happy and healthy body creates also a happy and healthy mind 😊. I did started up again with my “workout sessions” in my home this week- it felt a bit like “kick start” for my body again,- it was very hard, but still so very good 😊.

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Oh,- my “old” mammi trick does still have a function 😊🍰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

As you probably know I live together with my oldest son and one of his friends,- and it’s seems like “I’m home, mammi take care of it. I don’t have to much responsibility for to many things….like the dishes”. But,- I don’t like to have it that way at all. It’s two young men that’s lives here, they have both been living on their own, without any mammi taking care of their dish wash for a couple of years actually. And I like to have my kitchen clean, without any dish wash standing lining up for days 🙄. It’s not my plates or glasses, knives or spoons. Or,- that’s not totally true. It’s mine, but I haven’t use it. And I don’t want to have daily responsibility for someone else dirty kitchen stuff anymore. I’m very, very finish with that.

I have told them so many times- do your dishes, clean up the kitchen after use ! You are both old enough to do that! Take responsibility! Well,- it has happen two times I think, during this time they have been living here 🙄.

Unfortunately,- I do take the dishes and clean up the kitchen after a while, just because I don’t like a messy kitchen, and I don’t like to make any kind of food in a messy kitchen. And I need to eat.

I was so tired of coming home from my work to a kitchen filled up with plates, glasses, forks, knives from days behind 🙄. That one day, when I still was working at the office, I just let everything be for days….and I mean for days. Imagine how hard it was for me to not take it,- but if they should be able to make any kind of food there they actually needed to do it on their own. Clean the kitchen ! Yes,- I know I was “childish”,- but now at days when we live so close to each other there’s no room, time or space to “exploding” from my side. So after telling them, asking them so many times to clean up the kitchen after use, and they don’t do it. I needed to be a bit “childish” for at least trying to make an example.

The dishes after “the boys” have been at the kitchen, making food, eating…… Do you like to come into a kitchen like this when it’s nothing you have used of this? Well,- I don’t like it at all!

I did find my own “solution” to make food and eat, and left “their stuff” to them self. Then they actually did take the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen……but it just lasted for a couple of days 😳.

They are young adults, they have both been living on their own, they have both making food and still do, for them self. So what’s the problem with my kitchen? Why is it so difficult to clean up? It’s not just the dishes, it’s also the garbage. I really don’t understand why they don’t see that the garbage needs to be emptied? 🙄 So I was actually “childish” when it didn’t come to the garbage too,- and did try my very best to give a shit! Literally 😅.

This needs to be emptied, – don’t you think so? Well,- after my mind it does 🙄

“To give a shit” did just last some days for me and for them too, and them we was back in their bad kitchen routines again 😳. Just leave everything to mammi, she takes it anyway. And yes I do,- it’s my home, my kitchen and I want to have it clean. And I can’t through out the boys either, not in this days we are in now. I can’t “yell and smell” and ask them to move out …..now…..

Some will probably think that the boys are very selfish, but I don’t think the problem is there. They have their own kitchen routines from their own home. And I know when it comes to my son, when he was both living on his own, and also together with his girlfriend it was in general clean, and it was him self that cleaned up. His room at the Prairie in Norway, as well as here in my home are clean, so I don’t understand why it is so difficult to just continue with the good routines in the kitchen, when he already have it from his own places? 🙄

I think this dish wash and garbage “challenge” here in my home is a) his friend has some else kitchen routines then both my son and me have,- that’s for sure, and obviously something I can’t do to much with at this point. I can’t “raise” an 28 year old young man, that’s not even my child. b) my son is home, and the first weeks he was living here after the breakup with his fiance he was a bit “down” , so, yes I did take a bit care of him and c) there’s also a tiny bit “I’m home with my mammi, the kitchen is my mammi’s responsibility here in this house”.

Anyway,- I can’t make to much problems out of this,- even its irritating me so incredibly much 😤. They want to move out, I want them to move out,- but we are stucked in quarantine and with curfew. They want to have their life in their home, and I want to have my home back. My clean kitchen back.

I know some souls out there will have different opinions and “advice” to my for both why it is this way in my kitchen, and how to deal with it. I haven’t asked for any kind of advice in this kitchen-situation in my home. And I havent raised my son to “deal with the kitchen” like this when he was younger and living permanently together with me either. So why it is like this, – I m not sure, I have asked both of the boys many times, but I haven’t got any good answers.

I did raise up my children in my way,- and it’s actually seems to be good enough for all 3 of them as long as they don’t live together with me anymore. We all raise up our children differently,- so what is a correct way to raise your children is not sure is the correct way for me to raise my children. And it can also be “the situation” we all are going through at the moment that’s affecting the boys, and why it’s so difficult for them to do two things,- clean up the kitchen and go out with the garbage. The rest the manage quite okay. Like keep their room in order, keep their bathroom in order wash their own clothes, pay their part of the electricity and water bills. It’s actually “just” the kitchen that’s the “challenge”.

What I actually want to tell you what I did when my children was younger to make them clean up “here and there and everywhere” in our home. I did bake. I did promise them cake, cakes that was easy for me to make and bake, if they did their part, as cleaning up the kitchen. So I have actually started with that one again. I’m baking something for the boys, this two young men, and then they need to clean up, both after me and them self in the kitchen,- and so fare this has actually been working out for the last week. Much better then “give a shit”!

I like to bake, but I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning up,- but as long as I want and actually need to have a clean kitchen, I also know that then I need to clean it. But now, this last week, I have promise them to bake a bit if they can clean up the kitchen both after me and them self. So fare, so good. Im baking 3 days a week, they are cleaning the kitchen 7 days a week. So fare it has been working out this solution. It was obviously the best solution to have a clean kitchen when it’s more people then me that’s using the kitchen.

And hopefully they, this two yong men are allowed to move out, and into their new home in the mountains in the end of next week 😍. Then this “kitchen- challenge” is over.

We do live with quarantine and curfew until at least the 12. April, but there is always an expectation, no matter what kind of “rules” there is. And we hope we have found the exception in the quarantine and curfew rules all of us in Spain are living with at the moment. The boys/ the young men should stay in their home, something that means they need to travel to their home. And their home is not here anymore 😊. They have an rental contract for their new home, with a date… and there’s 2 policemen living in our “street” and I have asked both of them for help,- “how can the young men get to their home in this situation, this quarantine and curfew situation” ? They are going to try to help us find a solution for this so my son and his friend can move out in the beginning of April. I don’t know if we will get any solution, but I really, really hope so,- for all three of us 😊.

Any way, – on the “making baking menu” this Wednesday was Norwegian homemade waffles, and I still have a clean kitchen without any garbage 😍. Some will think and mean this is not the correct way to get the young men take the responsibility for the kitchen,- but I don’t care as long as it working for me, and us 😊.

So my “old” “mammi trick” when I wanted them to do something they didn’t wanted to do when my children was small and younger, was to bake or make something they did like, and we did eat it together and enjoyed our company together, – after they have done their different kinds of “homework” as cleaning up, vacuum cleaning, take the dishes, wash the clothes and so on. Correct or not correct? I haven’t ask for any advice, it did work out then, and it does work out now at days,- and that’s actually the most important at the moment,- for all 3 of us 😊.

If you want to make and bake some Norwegian homemade waffles you will actually find the recipe under the category for homemade Norwegian food and recipes 😊. There you will also find some others different recipes for homemade food from the classic and traditional Norwegian kitchen 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts during this different and difficult time we all are into, together 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

Norwegian homemade waffles as an “clean up the kitchen” medallion to the boys now at days 😊.

Correct or not correct….I actually don’t care …… I’m anyway so very tired of a messy kitchen and other peoples dishes …. so I now at days Im using baking as a trick to keep my kitchen clean. It did work out when my kids was younger, and it seems to still have a good function 😊.

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A carefully planned shopping trip 😷🛍

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with me during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

When people in Norway are planning their picnic in the sun, and where in the park they can sample a group with friends, for playing ping-pong 😉, I’m planning my shopping trip very carefully,- alone! I’m not planning it alone because I don’t have any friends 😊, I have some great friends here in Spain, but I’m actually not allowed to be in company with anyone when I’m going outside my home, not for running some very few errand, or meet my friends or family. If I need to do something outside my home, I need to do it alone, and I need to a very good reason to leave my home too 🏡. A good reason is the food store, farmacia or a tiny walk with your, a visit to the gas station, or go to the hospital. To the hospital you are actually allowed to have “assistance” with you.

I actually didn’t need to go to the food store today, I needed to go to my daughter’s apartment and pick up some medicines to my oldest son. But how to do that when I’m not allowed to do that? 🤔 With good and careful planning 😊. And to be honest I was nervous because I just really don’t want to be stopped by the police, and of course, also because I did knew my food shopping trip was not necessary at all, but my “pick up medicine” at my daughter’s apartment was. But the police don’t care about that. It’s just not allowed to go to anyone else’s home then your own home!


My daughter doesn’t live very fare away from me. It take me maybe 7 minutes to drive to her, and around 20- 25 minutes to walk. But I can just forget about the walking now,- even it had been a very nice walk 😅. I’m not allowed to walk outside for a nice and tiny walk and trip. As long as it’s not farmacia, food store or gas station. Or the hospital.

So I needed to plan a “roundtrip” with “necessary” and allowed errands 😊, and still manage to drop by my daughter’s apartment so she just could drop my oldest son’s medicine into my car, through the car window, very fast, when I still was driving. Because she is also not allowed to go outside her apartment either.

First I went to Lidl and did buy some “necessary” food like tomatoes, red juice to my oatmeal soup, and a couple of few other things. This just so I had the recipe from my “necessary” shopping in case the police did stop me.

But,- before I could go into the shopping store I was standing in line outside the store, with 1,5 meters distance from the person in front of me. The safety guards did look after so it was not more people in the store that’s allowed. I did have my mouth and nose covered. I know it’s a smaller chance to be stopped by the police then, as well as I do wear it for safety reasons 😷🧤. When it was my time to go into the food store the safety guards gave me antibiotics over my plastic gloves, and I was allowed to go inside and buy the items I needed. Also here we are standing in line before we could pay, and the distance is 1,5 meters. In case someone doesn’t know how fare that is, it’s marked on the floor 😊.

Well, I did manage that one 😊. I got my recipe, that’s the only reason why I went to the store today was to get my recipe for my “roundtrip” with the time on when I was in the store. But I was not finish. I still needed to go to my daughter’s apartment in a kind of “allowed” way 😳.

So then the next stop became the gas station, and change my empty gas bottle to a new one, and get the recipe from the gas station too, with the correct time on.

I have two different types of gas bottles, one type for the gas oven, and one for the hot water. I can use both, it doesn’t matter what kind I’m using for the water or my oven. But one gas station have one kind of gas bottles and an other gas station the other kind of gas bottles. I needed to choose the correct gas station for my empty gas bottle…. on the way to my daughter’s apartment. And lucky for me, the gas station I needed to go to was “on the road” to my daughter’s apartment, and then I could just drive a kind of “roundtrip” from the food store, to the gas station, then to my daughter’s apartment and back home. Actually a kind of “a natural” and necessary roundtrip.

The thing is, if I haven’t been at the food store I did choose to go to, like Lidl, I also needed to use and choose an other gas station in the opposite direction from my daughter’s apartment. But as long as there are 3 different food stores in my area, and I’m “allowed” to use all of them, and I could plan my trip like I did.

I went to the gas station, did change the gas bottle, got my recipe, called my daughter to be ready. Did drive from the gas station, passing by my daughter’s apartment, slowly, she dropping of the medicine through my open window and running inside again, and I’m driving back home. Phu!

Without being stopped by the police, and if I had been stopped by the police I did have “all my recipes” with the correct time on as well. And my trip would been an allowed driving trip with one big exception, – I’m not allowed to drop by my daughter’s apartment like I did, and she is not allowed to drop outside to just drop the medicine through the car window.

That tiny little “session” went really fast, me driving very slowly up the street where she’s living, she dropping of the medicine through the window when I’m still driving. She running inside, and me driving back home. I think it took 2 seconds 😅.

An very easy map and explanation for my “roundtrip”, – but the gas station with Carrefour hasn’t the kind of gas bottle I needed. The gas station close to Mecadona has,- but then I was in the opposite direction from my daughter’s apartment. I needed to “plan” a “natural” “shoppingtrip” and get “legal” recipes with correct times 😊. In case the police did stopped me.

My son needs this medicine because he have a “bump” over some nerves in the groin on the right. The “bump” press on his nerves and he gets pain. The medicine relief the pain. He is actually going to have a surgery in the beginning of April for removing this “bump”, – but that surgery will probably be changed to an other day, week, probably month now.

His medicine was in my daughter’s apartment because….. his friend has two cats, and my son has one dog. I can’t have two young men, two cats and a dog and myself in my home. So my daughter is looking after the cats in her apartment then.

My oldest son and his friend are living together with me because they was looking for a great place to live together with their animals, and they have also found a great place too 🏡. In the mountains 😊. A perfect place for both the young men and their animals. The plan was to start moving on Sunday the 15. March, and be finish with all the moving, and have their first night in their new home in the mountains Wednesday 18. March.

Well,- that didn’t happen,- because Spain “closed down” this Sunday and we did get curfew and quarantine, all of us. But,- some days before Sunday the 15. March, my son and his friend was visiting my daughter in her apartment, she is his little sister 🥰, one day after being at the farmacia and picking up some new medicines for his nerves, and his friend was visiting his cats. And of course he forgot his medicine in her apartment. But he did still did had enough medicine in my home to this Sunday, the 22. March. But at Sunday it was empty 😔. And as a mammi it’s really painful to see your child have pain 😔. And the only “medicines” I have in my home are ibuprofen and paracetamol, and that’s not medicine for relief the press on the nerves. We did try.

So that’s why I did planned a careful, and “necessary” shopping trip today. Necessary for me as mammi and for my son so he could have a bit less pain 💙.

I was very nervous, but that because I knew I was doing something not “legal” and “allowed” at the moment. We do get punished if we break the rules, quarantine and curfew here in Spain. It can be a big fee, or actually arrested, and I didn’t want to have any of this, just my oldest son medicines.

For someone who is standing on “the sideline” of Spain this trip I did take today could seems so easy and natural, and I could just explain the police why I went to my daughter’s apartment. But that’s not the way it’s “working” here st the moment. I also could go to farmacia, but I’m not allowed to pick up his medicine on a recipe at the farmacia. It’s many “not allowed” here in Spain at the moment, and some very very few “allowed”. So,- then it became a careful planned shopping trip instead 😊.

Do you have any kind of restrictions to live by during this period we all are going through? Are there any differences between the restrictions we in Spain are living by and yours? Do you think it’s difficult to follow the rules and restrictions in your country?

At the moment I don’t think its difficult to follow the rules and restrictions in Spain, except from today and except from the tiny little fact that both my oldest son and his friend and me,- we all want them to move out from my home 😅. But that can take a bit time at the moment 😊. It’s also raining a lot here in South of Spain at the moment. The “perfect” curfew and quarantine weather to be honest, but also so good for the nature and our water tanks ☔. This winter is has been raining very little, to little,- but it seems that we get all the rain now,- and that’s good 🌧 😊.

I’m sending you all a lots of good thoughts 🧡. Take care, be safe, stay healthy and home 🧡. And I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Gloves, face mask, ID- paper and recipe with the correct time and necessary food. I use “normal” gloves and have plastic gloves over. But this is what I need to have with me for just a short food shopping trip now at days 😊. ( and of course,- money 😅)

I needed to take an extra “roundtrip” for my “necessary” food shopping,- and I needed to make a good plan in case the police did stopped me 🛍. What was necessary? And what was the extra “roundtrip”, and my good plan? You are very welcome to read it in my post 😊.

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A curfew,- does it mean gate forbidden or forbidden gate? 🤔🚪

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

It’s different understanding and also practice of the word “a curfew” around in the world. For me it’s most natural to take “a look” at the different understanding and practice between Norway and Spain, because I’m from Norway, but I’m living in Spain 🌻. And a curfew is a bit different from Norway and Spain.

In Spain is actually mean “you are not allowed to go out your gate or home except from in some very few and important cases or situations“. But in Norway I think it’s more like “I have a gate, but it’s forbidden with a gate, so I open it, and go out for a while. If my gate is open it’s more and less the same as not having a gate”.

So,- obviously – curfew is still practiced differently in different countries, and the penalty for breaking a curfew also varies greatly. Or it’s different understanding about what a curfew is?

In Norway, someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection and who has been sentenced to 2 weeks at home quarantine, but breaks this and goes out will, now, be punished with a fine of 2000 euros.  Apart from that, there are not many penalties for breaking a quarantine. But is this a curfew? Isn’t this a quarantine?

I’m reading about curfew in Norway through various media channels, both through news and different social channels, I even see pictures how the curfew is practiced in Norway, and how some Norwegians, use the word “curfew”. And it is very different than in Spain.  I’m not really sure if those who live in Norway really have a curfew, but just like to use the word?

In Norway they have people in different 2 weeks quarantine,- but do they live with curfew in Norway? Or is a quarantine and a curfew the same?

The impression I got through. to talk to family and friends in Norway, and through various channels is that the quarantine rules works in this way in Norway: a) self-elected / self-imposed quarantine home for 2 weeks for various, private reasons b) forced home quarantine by the state for 2 weeks after entering Norway  from abroad c) 2 weeks at home quarantine after coronavirus has been detected in the body, – or d) hospitalized because of the Covid19 disease. Something that is actually not a curfew! You need to be at the hospital if you get really sick from Covid19. But are a), b), c) (and d) a curfew? All the rest of the people who are not in the a), b), c) or d) group,- do you live with curfew? Do you actually have curfew?

Schools, kindergartens, universities, several different shops, companies, bars and restaurants, hairdressers and so one are closed in Norway.  Many have a home office now in Norway, and even more are without a job, or have been temporarily laid off in from their jobs.  This is still not a “curfew”. Or is it?

People are travelling to their cabins, are outside in the park for picnics, playing ping-pong in the park, and eating close together in groups. They are drinking a cold beer at restaurants or bars, even eat some pizza ….. before 21.00 in the evening. But that’s because the bar or restaurant are closing at 21.00 in the evening. People are going to the mountains in big groups for skiing. Kids are playing in the streets together. And so on….and they are actually doing a bit more then this together too….. in groups, outside their home,- so I actually don’t understand where the Norwegian “curfew” is? What are you, up there in Norway taking about when you say or write that you have “curfew”? When do you need to be back home from your picnic in the park? Or your jogging trip? Your skiing? Your walk? And so on…

The thing is, – many are also very good to “document” what they are doing outside their home with different photos at Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook, – so they can’t actually say “Oh, but I’m not doing this things“…..they just put a picture at Snapchat from great walking trip to the mountains together with friends…..and others just put a photo from their nice jogging trip into the forest, – and then at the same time use the word “curfew”. I really don’t understand 😳.

This is the general definition for what a curfew is,- and I have read it in both Norwegia, English and even translate it from Spanish so I should be as sure as possible to understand “curfew” as correctly as possible. But I can still have misunderstood the whole curfew definition 😳. A curfew is per definition is :”a ban on the civilian population from being outdoors at certain times wonders about unsettling circumstances in society, such as war, pandemics, state of emergency, or for other reasons. A curfew is declared by a government or public authority.  A curfew requires certain or all persons to return to their homes after a certain time or time period.  Persons who defy the curfew may be arrested by police, military or other law enforcement.  Violation of the curfew is punishable by fine or arrest.  A curfew is introduced to regain peace and order in society after unrest.” And like I did mention,- this is the general definition for what a curfew is. But,- like I did mention, – I can still have misunderstood what a curfew is.

So,- Im asking again, – what time does the Norwegian needs to be home? When can you take your jogging trip, or your walk at the mountains? What time do you need to be home from your picnic in the park or after your nice cold beer on a bar or restaurant? Ect.ect. And what are the “punishments” if you’re not going home at the time you should be home? Oh,- that’s correct, – there’s no time …..you can choose when you want to have your picnic in the park, or when you want to take your jogging trip, or your walk at the mountains….or play ping-pong the park with your friends……isn’t correct? Or did I miss or misunderstood something? …. I’m still confused about the Norwegian “curfew”.

Like I have mention before, – it is not all people in Norway that’s lives like this in the time we are in, many people stay home, they stays inside, they are following the norwegian government “recommendation” (ps– recommendations….) , – but many behave actually like this. Do what they want, when they want, where they want,- and in the same sentence use the word “I have curfew”.

Let’s try to not mixed the words “curfew” and “quarantine” to much – even it can be understood as the same thing. And also not mix in the word “recommendation” in this. Because my question is actually very simple when it all comes to all. But the way I see it and understand it, without living in Norway, – just by reading news, watching news, talking with family and friends in Norway, and take some looks at all the great photos and pictures many are posting at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat you are not living with “curfew” in Norway. You are just using the word “curfew” in different forms, settings and situations.

Well,- that’s my personal and private opinion, and how I do understand the “curfew” situation from standing outside from “the curfew situation” in Norway. I can be wrong, of course,- because like I mention, – I don’t live in Norway,- I’m watching “all this from the outside”,- and can have got a totally wrong impression of the “curfew” situation in Norway.

I just know that “the curfew” here in Spain are being practice very different from the impression I have got for the different “information channels” about how “the curfew” is practicing in Norway.

That being said, I know that various municipalities in Norway have introduced their own rules, independent of the state, and also despite the state’s recommendations, closed municipal boundaries for both entrance and exit.  As well as set out different injunctions that the inhabitants of the municipality must adhere to to limit the transmission of the corona virus, and it has worked.

Another thing, – my text talks about curfew and what it means, the understanding, and how the term is used in Norway, and how the term curfew is put in the same context as the picnic in the park. 

I do NOT write about the risk of infection or quarantine, or coronavirus or Covid19 today, the main emphasis and main factor in my text is the use of the term “curfew” put in context with practice in Norway – simply because I see, hear and read quite a lot about the curfew  in Norway.  A Norwegian curfew that I haven’t quite understood yet …..

So,- my questions are “Do you have curfew in Norway?” Or do you just like to use the word “curfew”? “Have you been living with curfew during the last weeks?” My question is about curfew, not quarantine. And in case, there’s curfew in Norway, – “How is it practice then?”

I know many lives in quarantine in Norway for various reasons, and I know the government in Norway “recommends” people to stay and be home, – but is that a curfew?

Let me put it this way, – Does your joyful jogging trip ending with your hands in the police handcuffs, then straight into the police car and you get a big fee or even be arrested for this tiny little jogging trip? And do you have a time when you can be outside for a jogging trip? Or if you are buying just some beers in the food store, will you then get a fee at 600 euro because only the beers alone was “No Reason” to go to the food store? Does this happen in Norway? Or if you take a swimming trip in the public pool will the police be swimming after you just because it’s actually not allowed? Does this happen in Norway? Do you need to have all your ID documents with you, like for example passport, when you are at the food store in case the police are going to stopp you? Do you need to show the recipe to the police after being shopping in the food store? Can you be more then one person in your car? I’m still just asking……. just because I don’t understand the Norwegian curfew…..and it’s the Norwegian ones that use the word curfew for and at their life situation….in Norway…..it’s not me,- then I haven’t needed to ask …. 😉

My gate into my home,- and I m just allowed to go through this gate in special situations and for necessary needs like go to the food store 🛍

I do understand what a curfew means in Spain, and I do understand how to practice the Spanish curfew. But I’m not sure what the Norwegian curfew is…. I do read and hear about it,- but I still don’t understand the practice of it ….. in Norway…..

Oatmeal soup and squeezed lemon with honey 🍋🥣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

When I was given birth to my children at the hospital in Norway I always got oatmeal soup after the birth as well as together with the breakfast every morning 🥣. Oh,- I did really like that sweet soup, a tiny bit warm and so tasty 😊. I did like it so much that I made it to myself also when I got home from the hospital 😊. But I haven’t actually made this soup after we did moved to Spain.

The last days there has been raining here in South of Spain. So after some warm and sunny days there is a bit cold and wet now, and a cold and the flu easily can “drop by”. The cold and the flu is something we don’t want to have, special not now at days. So this weekend I did made oatmeal soup for me, my oldest son and his friend 🥣.

The oatmeal soup is a perfect soup for the health and body. And it’s so easy to make, so tasty, healthy and you can also drink it cold, and have it in the fridge for an other day 😊. You can eat it to the breakfast, launch, as a meal in between or for the evening 😊. Or to “restart” your body a bit before exercising 🤸‍♀️.

Oatmeal soup it’s so easy to make, and it’s cheap too.

The recipe for a Norwegian homemade oatmeal soup 🥣( for 2 persons)

5 dl water, 2 dl juice of red berries (preferably without sugar) 1 dl lightly cooked oatmeal (possibly 1 cinnamon stick) and some raisins if desired.

Here’s how: boil water, juice, oatmeal and possibly cinnamon and raisins.  Simmer for 10 minutes.  Then server.  The soup can also be served a little chilled, and stored in the fridge for a few days.

I didn’t had any raisins home this weekend, so I did use some blueberries instead. I didn’t boil the soup with the blueberries, but I did have them into the soup after. And blueberries are so good and healthy too, with a lots of antioxidants in 🍇. Something we need a bit of, not just now, but in general 😊.

Norwegian homemade oatmeal soup with some blueberries in 😊

I did also pressed some lemon and gave all of us a tiny lemon shot with a bit mixed honey in. Good for the health as well 🍋. And actually something I think we should try to drink every morning as a tiny “kick- start” for the body 🍋

Lemon is not the sweetest fruit 😅,- so a tiny little soon with honey did absolutely “freshed” up the lemon shot. A lemon shot every morning does very well for your body 🍋🍀. It’s a lots of vitamins C in a lemon, something that makes the immune system stronger, and it’s antioxidants in the honey, something that also are very good for the immune system as well 🐝. I use one lemon. One squeezed lemon gives you a tiny little lemon shot, and the honey I take a tiny little teaspoon 🐝.

It’s not just now at days it’s important to take care of the health, but a bit extra focus for what’s good for the health, body and mind now at days doesn’t do any harm at all. It can help build up the immune system, and a strong immune system handle illnesses much better,- for must of us know 😊💛

I’m going to use the rest of the oatmeal soup for breakfast this week, or as a tiny meal before I starting with my work out (from home).

Its actually easy to try to live healthy. At the same time so easy to forget, special when the days and weeks are heavy. Some fruits and vegetables during the day, a healthy soup and some small exercises can do a big change for both the body and the mind 💛.

Do you have any small and easy “health- tricks” you are using on daily basis? 🍋

I think I will try to put a lemon shot into my morning routines. It’s not the biggest change to do,- it’s just try to remember the “squeezing” of the lemon 🍋,- something I can prepare a day and two before. You know,- it’s not always easy to “squeeze” in a new routine, even it’s just a squeezed lemon 🍋. And when the life gives you lemon, try to make some positive out of it,- like a healthy lemon shot with a bit of honey in 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Take care 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Fresh lemon shot with a tiny bit of honey- a good and fresh start on the day 🌞

It’s not always easy to “remember” all the healthy advice and small tips for better health and a stronger immune system 😊. But a fresh lemon shot with a tiny bit honey, and a sweet and warm oatmeal soup is two easy healthy tips 🥣🍋.

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