Coca cola glass bottles with a touch of our memories 🌞❄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Early this year I got a painting-“challing” from my daughter- to try to paint on different glass bottles. And she gave me some glass bottles too, even some coca-cola glass bottles 🥤.

It’s not the easiest thing I have done to paint on coca- cola glass bottles, and I have just painted two so fare. But in some way I did manage it 🎨. But I’m not sure if I’m going to do that again 😅.

At the first coca- cola glass bottle I did painted snow flakes in the colours of blue, white and with a touch of silver and gold sparkling. I painted it when my oldest son was living together with me, and for some reason the “illustration” on the bottle both remained me about him, and our tiny little family, and the Christmas- time as well as wintertime in Norway when we did live on our Prairie 🥰❄. And he was actually agree with me. He got the same memories as me, as well as the same “Christmas- and wintertime”- feeling from our time on the Prairie. So it became very natural for me to give this bottle to my oldest son then 💙. Lucky for me his colours is a mix between blue and violet, so some of the colours at the glass bottle are in away “him” as well.

And then I wanted to paint something “similar” to my son in the middle as well. His “colours” is red and black, I know he likes coca cola as much as we all do in my tiny little family, and I know he also have some great memories from our time at the Prairie 💙. Both during the summertime as well as the wintertime 🌞❄.

It’s not easy to get the feelings and memories from the past “into” a coca- cola glass bottle 😅. But – in some strange way I did manage it this time too,- our feelings and memories 🥰. I know that when other people see the bottle they don’t see or feel what we do. And that’s fine,- because this is and was something personal to my son from his mammi 🥰.

The coca- cola glass bottle my son in the middle got from me 💙

The blue colour is for both the summer, the sky, the beach and fun with friends, as well as for the wintertime, cozy and warm evenings at home and sleepovers together with friends in our basement 🌞❄. The red colour is the colour my son in the middle prefer and like best, and the flowers are when he was playing football in our garden together with his friends, as well as evenings with barbecue together with friends and family 😊.

It’s summer, flowers and sun, and it’s winter, joy and happiness. It’s our good memories together at our Prairie in Norway many years ago 🥰.

The coca cola glass bottle my oldest son got from me,- and he has put it on the top of his fireplace 🥰.

It’s fun to try something new, and one of my followers, a blogger I’m following as well (Zoewiezoe) , gave me inspiration and an idea for something I’m going to try to paint on my nexts glass bottles 🎨. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet,- but no matter how the results will be, I’m going to show you when it’s finish 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

And here you can see the bottle be turned around 😊.

The painted coca- cola glass bottle to my son in the middle 💙. A touch of summer and winter memories from our years when we did live on the Prairie in Norway 🥰. Our great memories just we can see during the painting on a tiny coca- cola glass bottle 🧡.

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Fun with glass bottles, and art “under process” 😊🎨🍾

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I can’t focus to much on the “corona- situation” ,- not either in my paintings 😊. Because it’s not very much I can do with that situation anyway, except from follow the different restrictions. So then I try to focus on “my art” with “happy colours” instead, and the tiny little “challenge” I got from my daughter earlier this year 😊. And that’s challenge is to paint on glass bottles.

It’s not the easiest “product” I have done, but it’s fun, and I’m learning by doing and doing by learning 🎨. It’s a process, that’s for sure, and it takes time 😊.

The bottles I have been painting and that are finish so fare, I have given away as gifts to my friends and also my children. Or most correct, so fare it’s just my two sons that have got one glass bottle each. I still have to create and paint something to my daughter 😊. And maybe special her because I got the challenge from her 😊.

So fare I have painting 5 and half glass bottles. Five bottles are finish and one is still under “process” 🎨. Two winebottles did “travel” to Sweden, one I gave away to my friend, Natasja, and two coca cola glass bottles to my two sons.

Natasja did have some lights in the painted winebottle she got from me, and it was pretty cool with lights in. The colours became a bit different, but I also recognize a couple of things I need to do better on my next bottles I’m going to paint on 😊. Learning by doing and doing by learning 😊.

The painted winebottle with lights in.

The lights in the bottle creates a kind on “magic” and cozy atmosphere, at the same time as I see next time I need to be better with the different colours. It’s not easy to see when there’s no lights inside. But with lights some colours become a bit like “transparent”.

The same winebottle without any lights

As you can see the blue colours are in it’s own way a kind of “transparent” with the lights, but without the lights it seems like all the colours are “covering” the bottle. I’m not sure how to make this different, because some colours “behave” different under different surfaces. But I know that next time I can try out a finish painted winebottle with lights and see how the different colours “behave” 💡. And then continue working and try to change it a bit. Until I’m happy with the result 😊.

I have more bottles to paint on, and I’m looking forward to continue the “painting challenge” I got from my daughter 😊. Lucky for me she didn’t but a deadline on the challenge 😅. It’s take some time to do, and I also need to use my time to some other things then painting 🎨.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Empty glass bottles ready for being painted on….one day 😊

I got a “painting challenge” from my daughter earlier this year,- to paint on different glass bottles 🎨. It’s not easy, but it’s very fun, and I learn a thing and more under the painting- process too 😊

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Oops,- my knit basket is empty for yarn 🧶

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through 🧡

I like to knit, and my favourite is actually to knit from “leftover yarn” 🧶. I have some friends in Norway that always brings with “leftover yarn” to me when they are visiting me here in Spain. But this year it has been a bit “lack” of guests and visits from Norway,- and then also a tiny bit of “lack” to get “leftover yarn ” too 😔. The reason for this is called “coronavirus” 😳. A virus that has managed to “stop” a lots of things in the society and the world for a while,- also visits from my friends and family from Norway.

I’m not sure why I actually like to knit from “leftover yarn”,- but I like that so much more and better then go to the store and try to find colours and yarn to a product and project I have not a clue about what is or should be 😅.

I think I like to knit best from “leftover yarn” because I can be creative in a very different way then when and if I use a knit recipe 😊. For me it’s a bit like when I have a white and empty canvas in front of me, my paintbrushes and color tips. It’s in a way the same when I have a lots of “leftover yarn” in many different colours and my knitting needles in front of me, and I can just start to create 🧶. But now my yarn basket is empty 😳. It hasn’t been empty for many years, and it feels a little bit strange 😅. I’m not sure what kind of knit product or project I’m going to start on, or buy yarn too, or where to start? Start to find the yarn first? Or start to find a product or project first?

I like to knit during the autumn, wintertime and Spring, and I like to knit when I’m watching the TV or a movie 😊. During the summertime it’s actually a bit to warm for me to knitting here in Spain 🌞.

I’m relaxing when I’m knitting, and I’m actually not use to have a totally empty knit basket 😅. I think I have been knitting since I was 10 or 12 years old. So a empty knit basket is very new for me 🧶.

During the last month I have knit a nice jacket or more like a tunika jacket to myself, and I have been knitting 4 par of elf socks to myself as well.

I need elf socks for the wintertime. The houses and floors are very cold during the wintertime, and I really don’t like to walk around with cold feet, both literary and “mental/ in my mind” 🥿. And now when I m going to spend most of my time at home, because Im working from home and because of the different restrictions we have here in Spain at the moment, I do need some extra good and warm elf socks to walk around in my home and on the freezing cold floors 🧦.

My 4 par of elf socks- so I’m not going to be freezing on my feet during the wintertime 🧦😊❄

The tunika jacket is also good to have, it’s nice and warm. I can use it in my home to keep myself warm, or as a jacket over some tops or blouses, or just like a nice Spring- and Autumn jacket 🧥. And it’s more and less created by my mind with just a tiny little help from a recipe to just know how many yarn mask I should use at my knitting needles. And to be honest,- I m very pleased with the result 😊. One of kind,- that’s for sure 😊. And I really like the tunika jacket too,- it fits to dresses, shirts and trousers. I like the colours too,- even it’s a mix of leftover yarn 🧶.

My tunika jacket- I know I should been taken a photo with me wearing it,- but I’m to lazy today for taking photos of myself 😅

But now I have not a clue what kind of knitting products or project I’m going to start on 😅. Not what kind of colours either 😊. But I do know, I need to have something to knit😅, and I know I need to buy some yarn, probably just some random yarn I will find in the store, and then see what’s “jumping” from my knitting needles after a while 😊.

Maybe I knit something more to myself, or maybe I knit hats, scarf and elf- sock to someone who need it. I don’t know. I think I just see what kind of yarn and colours I find in the store next time I’m there. I just know I need to have something on my knitting needles and something to knit during the winter 😊🧶.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My closely empty knit basket, it’s just some knitting needles that are waiting for some new “work” to do 🧶😊.

It’s the first time for years that my knit basket is empty from yarn as well as any kind of knitting products 🧶. Normally it’s filled up with different “leftover yarn” from Norway, in different colours 🎨. I’m actually not sure what to do or where to start. This is something “new” for me 😅. Start to find a new knit product, or start to buy different yarn and just see what’s happen between my knitting needles 😊 ? Ps- you can see some of my finish knit- products in my post, if you want 😊🧶.

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Feeling of discouragement 🥀😌 in a “new normal”…

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through 🧡

The infection of the coronavirus and the illness Covid19 continues to increase, in Spain, in Norway, in France, in Sweden, more and less all over the world 🌏. Some countries look down the borders again, and introduces curfew, others new and stricter restrictions.

People losing friends and family. People losing their jobs and income. People losing their homes and safety net. People are losing their hopes. It’s a feeling of discouragement 😔.

People can’t meet up with their family and friends like they want to either. In Spain we are just allowed to be maximum 6 person in a group… at the moment, butvthst can change from one day to another. We need to be home at 23.00 in the evening. Or actually I think this will be changed to 22.00 very soon. The police and military are looking after us so this restrictions are followed. We need to use masks all the time when we are not in our home 😷.

People can’t, or are recommended to not travel outside a country’s border, for visiting families and friends. In Andalucia the borders to other provinces are closed down at the moment.

The coronavirus and Covid19- situation are more and less the same all over the world. Some places less, some places more. And then this feeling of discouragement on top of it.

I have friends that haven’t seen their children and grandchildren this year. I have friends that are struggling with keeping their cafe “up and running”. I have friends that have lost their jobs. I have friends that have started to find daily peace in a bottle or two of wine. I have friends that are struggling with moving their butt from the sofa. I have friends that think they would not survive the virus or the life situation they are in. And I can really understand their feelings of discouragement.

How to manage keep the discouragement away in a situation like this? How can this be a “new normal”? It’s nothing “normal” with this situation.

Paiting nr 1: I did paint this in March 2020, and I did title it “From clear winter to growing Spring”. I thought maybe that was an possibility when I painted it in March. (The painting is 20*24 cm)

I did paint two paintings in March 2020. My plan was not to create them so colourless, and on top of that with sad colours too. But I didn’t manage to find the colours inside me. I tried to find hope and peace, but there’s a good touch of discouragement in both my paintings. I don’t like them very much, because they have the colours they have, and because they are a kind of a reminder about the start, the beginning of a difficult situation for so many people. The start and the beginning of “the corona- time”. And,- the colours in the paintings are not even “me” or “normal” for me and my paintings either. I even did try to title my paintings with a touch of hope, but they both should probably have a title with a touch of discouragement in instead.

I’m based in my home now at days. And Im very fine with that. I like to be home. I only goes out when I need to shop food or other necessary things. And now and then, not very often to meet some friends, or my children, but I actually prefer to invite my friends and children over to my home for a nice and cozy time instead. And I feel grateful, for in general I manage to keep this feeling of discouragement on distance. I try to focus on other things in life. Easy? Of course not,- the life, the society, everything around me, us all, reminds me and us, about the coronavirus, the Covid19, the difficult situation, the situation in the society and in the world.

I try my best to avoid to be infected by the coronavirus. I don’t want to be sick, and I don’t want anyone around me to be sick either.

But the whole situation feels unnatural for me. And I can’t see or understand that “this” will be “the new” normal. I don’t even know what “this new normal ” is. A feeling of discouragement can’t be a new normal.

Is using mask “all the time” a new normal? Or be sent home to bed at 23.00 in the evening? Or not hug the people you love? Or not be able to have a bigger “celebration” of any kind with more then 6 people? Or go around with a feeling of discouragement more and less all the time? Is it illness and sickness, worries and struggles, sadness and anxiety that are the “new normal”? Is changing of culture and traditions a new normal? Or not to be able to make plans? Just some few, small daily and maybe weekly plans?

I don’t hope so. I don’t hope this is the new normal. I hope that this “new normal” is something that will pass away, and bring us into a “normal” where there’s less of this different negative things and more positive directions for most of us 🍀. And much, much less feeling of discouragement for most people.

I’m not sure if I had this feeling of discouragement during March this year. I think I felt more unsure about the whole situation, the corona- situation, and the curfew, and the quarantine, and all the restrictions then discouragement. I did try to find a kind of hope in my paintings at that moment, instead I see today that both of my paintings actually reflects more discouragement then hope.

Hopefully there “something” good in thise two paintings, in one or and other way. Maybe at least in the wings and the titles? Maybe the wings fly away with the feeling of discouragement? I hope so 🧡.

After the rain comes the sun. I choose to believe that ☔ 🌞. I need to believe that 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are, – and I really hope you manage to remove the feeling of discouragement, even I know it’s difficult 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

Painting nr 2: I did title this painting “From colourful Autumn to shiny winter” ( size 18*24 cm). Can that be a possibility during this seasons? I’m not sure.

In the beginning of March we was suddenly in curfew and with very strict restrictions here in Spain. Our life was “turned” a bit “upside down”. I did paint two paintings in the beginning of the curfew. In my mind it was for hope. But now I can see it was a feeling of discouragement instead. I just didn’t knew that at that time. And ps- its not very often I say I don’t like my paintings,- but to honest I’m not the biggest fan of this two paintings at all. You can see the other painting in my text.

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Oh,- I’m back in “my corner” again 😊💻

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m back home in “my corner” again, and it feels so great to be able to just work from home again- all the time, just not part time 😊.

I did work from home during this Spring too, because of the quarantine and curfew in Spain. But at that time it felt a bit different then now. This Spring didn’t quite felt the same way as it was for around 2 years ago either. When I also did work from home, in my homeoffice- corner as a freelancer writer 😊.

I did like to work from my home, in my corner two years ago. It was just a tiny big challenge in the end,- it was not to much freelance work to get over a longer period. And with no work there are either no income. So then I needed to find another job. Salary and income it’s a bit important as we all know. Food, electricity, water and a place, hopefully a home, to sleep and stay costs money.

During this Spring when we “all” from the office was moved home to work from home, because of the quarantine and curfew, it felt a bit different to work from home. It was still good to work from home, but different.

My oldest son and his friend also was working from home, in my home, at that time. Because we all lived together at that moment. And our “freedom” to be able to go outside was very “amputated” too. The situation felt differently at that time. Probably because it was a new situation, and also not a choice. We didn’t had any choice. We was not allowed to move outside except for buying food, and a very few other situations. And it was the same with the work- situation, we was not allowed to work at the office under the curfew and quarantine.

I did work at the office one week under the curfew and quarantine. The first week, and it felt a bit like freedom to just be able to go to work, go outside the door for a tiny little while. So the freedom to work from home now and during this Spring are a bit different, because the situation is different. I’m working from my home, there’s no one else around me, just me 😊.

During this summer we was moved back to the main office, and it was great to meet and see my colleagues again 😊. But the office environment was a bit noisy to work in,- so I didn’t enjoyed it to much to be back at the office, except from meeting my colleagues 😊.

Now it feels like freedom to be able to work from home again, in my lovely working corner in my livingroom 😊. Its nice, its cozy and its silent,- so it’s a bit better and easier to get the correct focus on my job, and the different taskes that needs to be done, instead of being disturb by a lots of noise 📢.

And,- I also need to admit that, even I when I really like most of my colleagues, there are some “souls” that’s fine to have a distance to, and now I have 😊. We are all different, and there are some people we do connect better with then others, and that’s the way it is.

I have more time too, now when I’m working from home, and I like that 😊. Even I need to be on the phone and online during my schedule working hours, I still have more time. I don’t need to drive to work and back from work, for example 🚗.

The atmosphere is more relaxed and then I get more relaxed too, as well as I slowly feel like I get more energy back 🤸‍♀️.

It feels also like freedom to be able to do closely what ever I want after work as well. No one else to be responsible for then just myself, no kids that needs to be “picked up” “here and there”. But there are still some restrictions to follow,- like I need to be home before 23.00 and Im not allowed to move out from the provincen Andalucia, and I need to remember to use my mask. I can meet friends in the area, go to the store or just a nice walk in the park if I want 😊. It’s a good feeling, this “freedom- feeling”. At the same time as I’m very careful now at days to move to much around, because it’s high positive “corona- numbers” here in Spain at the moment.

I’m not sure for how long we are going to work from home this time, but because of the coronavirus and the corona- situation in Spain, the high positive corona- numbers and also high numbers of the Covid19 illness, I think at least we are going to be working from home for the rest of this year. This strange 2020 year. But I don’t know. Things can change very fast.

I hope I can be in “my home office corner” for a while now. I like to work here, it’s peaceful, and I also don’t need to be exposed for the coronavirus to much either when I’m working from home.

I do follow the different restrictions like wearing my mask, are home before 23.00 in the night, I don’t travel out of Andalucia province when Im not home, but I don’t visiting to many different places at the moment, just the necessary ones 😊.

All I can say, one more time,- it feels great to be back in “my corner” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me ,- enjoying to be back home in “my corner” 😊

The corona- situation in Spain are not good, the infection continues to increase, and we are back to the home office again 🎧. I’m very happy to be back in “my corner”, my own home office in a corner in my livingroom 😊.

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