Police violence, racism, discrimination 🚓📣🌍

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Police violence and racism are two words that has been used a lots together in the news lately, but not so much the word discrimination. I’m not sure why discrimination is a bit “behind” in the different “discussions” in the news, but it is.

There’s a lots of focus what’s happen in the USA now at days, and how the police “over there” are using unnecessary violence in different situations, and then special when it comes to people with a darker skin. When and why did the focus become “police violence and skin color”? And special who let the focus be in this kind of direction in the news? Police violence happen just not between to different skin color,- a white policeman and a darker person. Police violence happen with all kind of people, even the white ones. White against white. Colour against colour.

In this “case” I want to mention an america white, rich man, Tony Timpa, that was killed by the police 10. August 2016. It was not very much about that case in the news. Why not? But it was police violence at the same level as in the case of George Floyd. The different is that Tony Timpa’s “case” was never shared “all over the world”,- and why wasn’t it? Because he was white and rich?

My point is, – police violence happen no matter what kind of colours the skin have.

And like I did mention in one of my posts about the quarantine and curfew time here in Spain. It was not the virus I was afraid of, but the police. They behaved so badly, and used violence if some one crossed the quarantine and curfew line. Spanish police against Spanish people. White against white.

I could mention more “cases” like this,- but choose to not use more time around that. I just wanted to mention that it’s a difference between police violence and racism. It’s more about that the police are misusing their “power” in “upheated” situations, and it is about discriminating.

In my mind the police are going to create peace and order, maintain security and catch the “bad guys” ……. I thought.  But it is not quite so experienced anymore.  The police create fear because they behave terribly, many places, not all the places in the world, but many places, also in Spain, even in Norway too.

In short, police violence is when the police use violence against certain individuals or groups without any need to deal with a situation involving violent interventions. But unfortunately it has been a bit situations during the last where the police for some very strange reason choose to use violence unnecessary.

And then it is this words “racist” and “racism”. If we are agree about the fact that human are human no matter what colour the skin are,- why do we still split human into race- groups? In away “accept” the fact that we are actually from different “rases”?

In one “setting” it’s “correct” that we belong to different “groups”,- but are we different rases?

I’m a Scandinavian woman, and I can’t never be anything else. I look like an Scandinavian woman too. I can’t be an Spanish woman or an Asian woman, or an African woman either. I “belong” to the Scandinavian “group”,- but I’m not a different race. We have the same number of chromosomes, chromosomes that create us for women, for humans, but with genes that just put together a slightly different custom that we look different on the outside, and have different characteristics. At least in my mind I do think this way.

I have use the words “racist” and “racism” my self, but lately I have been thinking more and more about what the words in it’s own way stands for,- and if I look closely it “tells” me that as long as I use those words I also choose to split human into different races. And that’s not correct, is it?

If I just choose to use the words “racist” and “racism” one more time I want to say that “racist” and “racism” is not white against colours. There are people with dark skin that’s are “racist” too. There are Spanish people who are not very “happy” for people like my skin color. And both of my two youngest children has felt that “on their body” that they had a lighter skin, and the lighter colour was not very popular.

If I, with my light skin had moved, and I mean moved, not travel on a holiday, to Jamaica, I haven’t been very much welcomed, because of my skin color. Isn’t that racism too? Or is “racist” and racism” just for the one with darker colour skin then me?

Colours doesn’t matter,- we are all just different humans in different forms, sizes, shapes and colours. And racism doesn’t “belongs” to just a specific kind of colours either, racism happens all over the world no matter what colour you have.

Maybe it’s actually about xenophobia?  Fear of the stranger, the unknown, the “different” than we are used to?

And then it is “discrimination”,- isn’t actually that what it “all” is about? Discrimination because of the differences?

For example a person in a wheelchair will maybe not experience “racism”, but discrimination. And there’s a lots of discrimination everywhere in different way, level and “categories” . The young girl I told you about in my text “13 years of exclusion” what “word” can she use? A bully victim? She can’t use “racism”, because it was white against white. But still her experience has created scares on her soul at the same way as a person who experiences “discrimination” because of the wheelchair, or “racism” because of the skin color.

I think we people, we human have a “habit” to react in a negative way when we meet something new, something different and something we can feel threatened in some way, or that makes us insecure about ourselves and our own worth. And then we reacts with unreasonable actions, with fear, and fear many times cause bad actions. Bad actions like bullying, racism and discrimination.

My point today is,- police violence happen “all over the world” and has not very much with the colours to do, more about the police that’s does the violence, and about discriminating.

And when we choose to use words like “racism” and “racist”, we accept in a way that human are split into different “races”. Also “racism” it’s something that happens “all over the world”, no matter what kind of colours the skin are,- the focus is just a bit more on “white against colours” in the news, not the opposite. And to the end,- discrimination. I think that’s a good word to use,- it’s very much about discriminating, and xenophobia. This fear of what we do not have as much knowledge of, whether it is another skin color, disease, various disabilities, sexual orientation or it may be culture and traditions that are unknown. Something that makes us in one or another way feel insecure or threatened, because we don’t know, because we don’t have the knowledge.

This is just my thoughts, they can be wrong, they can be correct. It’s just my thoughts about “something” that’s happening around in the word at the moment, and also has happen for a while.

I just think we have to get a little bit better at separating some words and expressions from each other now and then, and not just putting them, and seeing them, as “selling” contexts.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

We humans are like sequins.  We come in slightly different colors and shapes, some with a little “crap” even.  And all are useful in one or another way 😊. The differences doesn’t give us the right to carry out various forms of discrimination, or even to use unnecessary police force. Xenophobia, fear of what makes one uncertain often creates conflicts between people of different kinds. Unnecessary conflicts because we don’t have the knowledge, and because we in one or another way feel threatened by “the unknown”.

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Traditions in different cultures changes a bit 🏖🦋

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It’s San Juan in Spain today, and together with the Easter traditions and celebration, San Juan are one of the biggest celebrations and traditions the Spanish people are celebrating. But this year the celebration of San Juan will be different from the “normal” Spanish tradition, like the Easter celebrations became too. And the reason why it will be different,- the “new normal” is different because of the coronavirus and Covid19.

San Juan, or as we callthis day in Norway, Sankt Hans, has been celebrated for many years.  Both in Norway and in Spain 🔥.

Before the christening of Europe this was a celebration of the summer, and that the sun was turning ( the sun is still turning it was not just “before” 😊).  After the christening of Europe, San Juan / Santk Hans became a religious celebration and a celebration for the birthday of John the Baptist. So this celebration has been a cultural and traditional celebration for many, many years both in Norway as well as in Spain. Even before the christening of Europe.

But we celebrate Sankt Hans / San Juan it a bit different in Norway then in Spain.

In Norway, friends and family gather for bonfires, barbecue sausages and slightly different social games and plays.  Where possible we gather at the beach.  I was raised with bonfire in my grandparents’ garden or we celebrated by the beach.  The celebration is quiet and calm, cozy and social, and it is only the bonfire we have left from the old traditions in Norway.


In Spain, families and friends also gather to form the beach wherever possible, but there are many, many more people who narrow down.  The beach fills up very early in the afternoon with people.  Many have small bonfires by the beach, and these are used for various rituals.  The fire is to ward off evil spirits, as well as to burn things from last year on it.  Burn bad memories you don’t want to bring into the new year.  Some also jump over the fire, and this should bring them happiness and fulfill desires.

Some also throw coins over the shoulder and into the sea with best wishes for the new year.  And around midnight, people are wading backwards into the sea to clear themselves of the bad events of the past year and leave them in the sea.  They purify the soul on the way in and are ready to enter a new year of new opportunities. At 1am, fireworks are sent out, with wishes for a Happy New Year.  In many ways, a San Juan is a New Year’s Eve, a fresh start.

But this year they aren’t allowed to celebrate in big groups, and needs to keep a 2 metre distance as well as following the different restrictions at the beach. Thing will be a bit different.

Spain is fond of traditions, small and large, and they often gather in larger groups, and greet each other with kisses and hugs. There is a kiss on each cheek as well when they are leaving as when they are coming.

This greeting with a kiss on each cheek is a cultural tradition in Spain.  A tradition that they can not practice nowadays, and maybe it will never come back again?  Who knows? And who knows how long this 2 metre distance and use of mouth and nose cover is going to last? Or the different restrictions on the beach will last?


The Spanish Easter celebration was also quite different from what has been carried out over several generations. This year was the first time there was no parades of any kind. And normally its different and big parades several days in the Easter week here in Spain.

So how will the culture and traditions celebration of San Juan be this year in Spain? People will probably be one the beach and follow the different restrictions, but it will much, much less people the beaches then on a “normal” San Juan celebration in Spain. And…. there will also be people how not follow the restrictions….as it always are….But I hope people think about the possibility of infection even we are in phase 3 here in Spain. The country is fare away from recovered from coronavirus and Covid19.

I’m not going to the beach today and celebrate San Juan, I went a tiny trip last year. This year I’m going to stay home, and reorganize my home so it’s ready for 3 young adults to move in, instead. And this Spanish way to celebrate San Juan is nothing I’m use to do either so I don’t feel I “miss” anything, even it has been very nice to see and experience how they celebrate San Juan in Spain 🔥.

One thing is for sure,- our traditions as well as culture are changing. It doesn’t matter what culture or traditions we had or have. It is changing,- and that’s the fact. And the changes goes a bit faster now at days then cultural traditions often does. And that’s because of a tiny little virus has “created” so many changes and challenges both when it comes to traditional culture celebrations as well as our society in general.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Have a great San Juan or Sankt Hans if you are celebrating 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

I wish you all a great celebration of San Juan/ Sankt Hans today 🔥🌭. Traditions in different cultures are changing, and it’s a tiny little virus that’s the reason for this changes 🍂. Take care today, and please follow the different restrictions for a safe celebration 💚.

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We can’t change the history or the past 📚🌏

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

It has been a little quiet from me this past week, because I have both been working quite a bit (around 70 hours 😳), but also because I have been a bit of a spectator of things happening around the world nowadays.  Watching through news on TV and by reading various news updates online.

People “all over the world” seems angry, frustrated, worried, scared, violent in various ways. And of course I in one way really and seriously do understand. We are all going through a strange time, even we go through it differently.

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Many are losing their safety net, their love once, jobs, homes. It’s illness and death. It can seems that “the world are falling apart”. But it doesn’t, it can just look like that because we are in a very strange and new situation for all of us.

Of course there are a lots of people around in the world where “the world are falling apart” for real.


My thoughts this week has anyway more been about our history and past. Something we can’t change, and something that has teach and learn us a lots of different things as well as creat “us all” in one or another way. If it’s a good “creation” or not depends on how we choose to look at it all.

In our past and history it’s stories and happenings that has happen for different reasons. If the different happenings has been correct or wrong, we can be proud of them or not,- well,- I think that’s depends if what way we are looking at the history, and how we do understand it. And we do this differently. Look at it differently, understand it differently.

Now at days it’s up for both discussions as well as actions to try to “remove” different things that has happen in our past and history. Remove a bit culture as well as history. But it is actually not possible to do that. So I don’t understand why so many people are trying to do this so very hard ?

And what I do think about when it comes to our past and our history is different books, especially fiction to be removed and destroyed if possible, different movies to be removed and destroyed if it’s possible, parts and contents of series to be removed and destroyed if its possible,- yes even different children’s songs must be removed, and other songs as well….. and its also very important to remove and destroy different statues and other types of “memorials” from the past,- because they are racist, because they contain racism of different kinds, because the history and past have one or another kind of racism context.

I can understand why many people see this different things this way, and yes it is also correct,- there are many kinds of context from the past, from the history with more then even a tiny touch of racism in. But it’s past, it’s history even we like it or not. And I don’t say it’s a good history or a good past, or that the different histories or past did created a good future. But it is still in the past, something that’s not possible to change. And shouldn’t we be able to learn a bit about this instead of trying to destroy something that’s not possible to change or destroy?


We can destroy books, movies, statues, songs and so on,- but for what and why? The history and past will still be there. And shouldn’t it just be there as an reminder? Instead of creating so lots of anger and frustration?

We are talking about stories that may have created xenophobia and the concept of “different race” among people, human. Yes, maybe history and the past have created it, maybe not.  I choose not to think or discuss so much around that at this point. It’s for me anyway something I can’t change. It’s past. It’s history. A good one? A bad one? It actually doesn’t matter so much,- because it’s still something we can’t change.

But there’s something we can try to change and that’s the future,- and how and the way we are “looking at each other”. The way we look at the different the pigment strengths in our skin are.  These pigments that makes us have different color on our skin.  We can also stop looking at these different colors of the skin as “raging” in humans.  We are all one and the same race, the human race, at least in my eyes.


My opinion is that just leave the books, the movies, the status, the part of different series, the art, the songs. Don’t destroy it, don’t remove it. It is what is was, history and past. We do not have to be so hairy, or feel so oppressed for something like that.  Memorials are memorials although it may not remind everyone and everybody in the world of something positive and good,- it’s still history, it’s still the past, it’s still something we can’t change.

And,- yes,- I think some people “here and there” in the world now at days are a become bit “hairy”. Soon we need to remove the cartoon Donald Duck too, because maybe the “normal” ducks feel offend that we humans laugh and have fun at the expense of an unlucky duck like Donald Duck.  Yes, – I know I’m really putting it on the lead now with Donald Duck as a stupid example.  But a lot of this “remove this and remove that” is about feeling offended because of old history and the past. Something that has happen, something we can’t change. And it will not be changed even if we remove “offended” art of any kind either, I think. What we can change and do something good, create something good in, is with is the future.

Like I mention in the beginning of my text, this is my thoughts, my opinion,- and its not sure it’s correct, and it’s not sure it’s wrong either. It’s just some of my thoughts about what’s going on in our world at the moment. And my words are not ment to offend anyone,- it’s just my thoughts written down in my text.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

We can’t change the past and the history,- even when we try to remove different types and kinds of “memorials” like statues or books, songs or art. The history, the past will still be there. But we can do a lots of good things with the future, if we want.

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Is the earth in crisis? ☀️🌎🌛

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

For years it has been “talking” about, written about, discussing about, arguing about the climate crisis, changes and challenges, and that our earth is in crisis 🌎. But is our earth actually in a crisis? Or are the world, the society and human that’s are in crisis?

The world and the earth are in my mind two different things. The earth is our globe and the world are the different societies, countries, people and cultures and more, that live and exist on the globe. And if I choose to look at the earth and the world in this two different perspective,- is then the earth in crisis? 🌎

The earth ( and the universe as well) don’t need us, human and all our different creatures,- but we, human really need the earth and all the earth’s incredible creatures 🌎.


The earth don’t need me at all, but I need the sun and the rain, the threes and the flowers, the fruits and the vegetables, the meet and the fish. I need this to survive. I need the air, I need the food, I need the water and I need the light 🌞. But the earth, the water, the sun, the flowers, the threes, fish, vegetables, animals and fruits actually don’t need me so very much. If we take this in a holistic and short version perspective. I need them and this, they don’t need me.

The climate crisis is something we human has created, at the same time the climate and the climate crisis has always been there, and changed natural “all the time” during thousands of thousands years. And during this changes also the evolution comes in. Plants, threes, animals on the earth as well as in the sea, flowers, vegetables and fruits, vegetables and so on has going through different evolutions during thousands of years. Some evolutions has been “helped” by human, special during the last thousand years, but in general the evolution is something that has always been there as long as the earth has existed 🌏. Evolution is natural changes in a natural cycles, also the climate changes.

I have mention this before,- every 10.000 year the earth are going into a new ice- period or ice- age, if you prefer. From 1645 to 1715 we did had a mini ice- age, and it can seems that we are “on the way” to a new mini ice- age again, or, maybe a bigger one this time ? ❄☃️

In my view, there is no reason for any “doomsday prophecy”, as this is a completely natural process for the globe and our universe.  But we live in an age where all news is spreading quickly, worldwide, both good and bad news, true and false news. It wasn’t like that for 2000 or 7000 years ago. We didn’t even knew what they was doing, or what was going on the other “side” of the world. Now we knows “everything” that’s happening “everywhere”. And even in just a second.

In 1645 we didn’t had all the different things and stuff we have now, not either all the, for example plastic garbage or CO2- emissions and so on,- still there was climate changes and challenges as well as climate crisis, but the climate crisis was more and less just for the human. Remember that the animals, both in the ocean as well as on the land are better to survive with out us than with us. And if, for example a dog can’t survive without a person it’s because the human has created the dog to be a part of the human- life 🐕. This was just an example, maybe for some a stupid example, but it’s still an realistic example.

For at least the last 10- 20 years, we, the world over, have experienced various natural disasters, natural disasters for humans, but that is not to say that it is a unnatural disaster for the earth.

There are famines and droughts, floods and losses of crops, storms and forest fires (and yes, a forest fire is not necessarily caused by humans, but simply a completely natural phenomenon), cyclones and tsunami, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Processes that are natural to the earth, also a form of evolution, change, but destroy for us humans.

Last year and this year, 2020, it has been discovered that the sun has gone to sleep, it is less active than it has been before.  It is about as active as it was in 1645 🌞. Could our human activity be the cause of it?  If so, how?  Could the cause be all the spacecraft and satellites we shoot up there in the universe?  At the same time, in 1645, the universe was not full of voyages, rockets and satellites, so why was the sun dormant then?  In my mind, because it is a natural process.


Despite the fact that there is much less CO2 emissions now after coronavirus and Covid19, and land borders are closed, aircraft are put on the ground, trains are stopped, cars are parked in the garage, factories have had to close, cruise ships no longer sail  and so on, the North Pole and icebergs continue to melt.  Despite a minimal emission of CO2 than just 3 months ago.  Why?  Why do icebergs and the North Pole continue to melt?  Shouldn’t this have stopped up a tiny little bit during the last two months? If it is not a natural process for the globe, then? ❄☃️

As the earth moves towards a new ice age, it first gets warmer, and many different natural disasters happens, before it actually gets colder, much colder.

We humans have not treated our earth with respect, we have created and organized many different things to make OUR lives easier and more comfortable.  Mother Earth gives us what we need, – but Mother Earth manages perfectly without us humans.  In fact, we were the last creatures washed up by the sea.

Of course, our people’s bad habits have accelerated a natural process in relation to climate change and climate crisis, climate crisis for humans themselves.  But climate change will happen and come whatever we humans are trying to do to prevent it.  Maybe we should instead prepare for how to “survive” and deal with the various climate changes? Because one thing is for sure,- we can’t actually not stop it,- the earth is much, much stronger than us humans.

Of course, it is good that we humans have managed to reduce CO2 emissions, and that we recycle our waste.  At the same time, – were we humans getting the CO2 emissions, or the earth itself?  It is a small virus which is why there is less CO2 emissions now.  Whether or not this coronavirus is menaceous I will not go into today, nor either to much about the coronavirus and the world situation due to coronavirus and Covid19.  I can write about that another day. But a virus is a virus, and there has been and are still going to many different viruses. And it is a virus that’s the reason why the CO2 emissions is much less the just for two- thred months ago.

What I can say about the pandemic that is raging in the today’s world community is, yes – it is, as far as we know, the first pandemic that has shut down our whole world.  At the same time, in 1347 to 1351 when the Black Death ravaged, and in 1918 to 1920, when the Spanish sickness ravaged, we did not have these open borders between countries as we have in 2020. It was not possible to fly a virus from a country or continent in just hours.  Or send the virus lightning fast across borders, or leave it on hundreds of cruise ships.  First, we were living in a completely different world community now than in both 1347 and 1918, and we were the smaller number of people who could be affected. So to close down the whole world was not necessary in the same way as it in now in 2020. Mankind has been exposed to pandemics many times, although it is the first time an entire world is closing its doors to avoid the transmission and transmission of coronavirus and Covid19.  One of the reasons is because the virus has a much greater chance of spreading in today’s society than 200 years ago. And it did and it still does,- because of our different “travel- habits” that we didn’t had for 200 years ago.

Heite Kampanjer Hos DX

Climate changes, climate challenges and climate crisis was in fact in focus many years before the coronavirus and Covid19 “dropped up” like it has done this year, in 2020. My focus today is, – is the earth, our globe in a crisis? Or is it we, the human that’s actually are going into different climate crisis because the earth just “lives out” it’s natural process? And isn’t the humanity that actually are going through a “climate” crisis just because of all our different creatures during so many years? Different creatures created by humans and for humans just to make our life in general a bit more easier and a bit more comfortable for us self? But are so bad for us at the same time.

We should continue treat our earth, Mother Earth, with respect, and continue to recycling our garbage. But Mother eEarth will still go through the nature natural cycles and processes as it has done during thousands and thousands of years. Maybe we should think a bit more about how to survive and prepare us for the climate changes and climate challenges that will comes? Because we can’t stop them, the earth, the globe, is so much stronger than the humanity, and the earth don’t need us, but we really need all the great and incredible facilities the earth and the globe give us 🌏.

This is just some thoughts, my thoughts, in a time when there’s a lots of changes and challenges in our society, as well as a lots of focus on the humanity and the climate changes, climate challenges, of course climate crises, and our Mother Earth, that’s will continue to do what it’s doing for so many, many years 🌏.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Is our earth, our globe in a climate crisis, or is it just a natural cycles and process Mother Earth has been through during thousands and thousands of years? 🌏

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The Norwegian Constitution Day 🇧🇻🥂

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today is The Norwegian Constitution Day. In 1814 on this day the the Norwegian constitution was finalized and signed, and not least so Norway also got its own king, – Prince Christian Frederik 🤴.

The celebration Norway have for this day didn’t start before in in the late 1800s.  The day is celebrated with the Norwegian flag swaying on flagpoles and in children’s hands, and of course also in adults hands too 😊.  Children and adults go in different parades, and many people dress up in the costume that is the Norwegian national costume called “bunad”.  There are several different bunads in Norway from the different districts and municipal offices in Norway.


There are various events at schools and country houses across the country.  There are speeches and various activities and competitions at the various events in the whole country 🇧🇻.

There is sale of ice cream, soft drinks, sausage in bread and cakes.  Many also have family and friends gathering at home in the afternoon 🥂🥮.

Many people in Norway, and even if they don’t live in Norway, but are Norwegian, they like to celebrate this day in the country they are living in, and course in Norway too😊. People that’s not are Norwegian or live in Norway are a bit fascinated over the Norwegian celebration for the Norwegian Constitution Day. The Norwegian has a habit to celebrate this day BIG 🇧🇻🥂. My short summary over the Norwegian celebration is a very, very short summary 😅. But there are a couple of reasons for that 😊.

When I was a child I did really like to celebrate 17. May and Norwegian Constitution Day with my family 🧡. Also when I was a teenager I enjoyed this celebration together with my friends 🥂. Even the first 10 year as a mammi for my three children I did like the celebration for this day together with my three children and my family 🧡.

But then, when my children was 10, 7 and 4 years old, this day became so busy for me as a single mammi for 3 children at school that for me this day totally lost the joy and the charm. At it just continue to be a day I didn’t enjoy very much during for closely 10 years.


This day became the most busy day during the whole year for me,- and I did have very busy days in general. But for me the celebration of Norwegian Constitution Day felt like a very busy week pressed into 24 hours 😳. But when that’s said,- I really tried my very best to create a nice and joyful celebration for my children,- and I also think they had a great celebration too 🧡. I at least hope so, that they have some good memories from the celebration of this day in Norway, -that they don’t have to much of my memories, experiences and feelings from this day 😊.

The planning for the celebration of May 17, the Norwegian Constitution Day, started a while in advance.  There was planning for an event at the elementary school, baking cakes for sale at the elementary school, ironing clothes, and not least the bunad shirt, which is not so easy to iron.  And do some shopping for different accessories on the occasion, and of course ironing the Norwegian flag too, – or for my part – many small Norwegian flags 🇧🇻.

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The day itself started early with breakfast, making sure we all four ate enough, because it would take a few hours for food to be available again.  Then help one and one child with suits and dress.  Finally dress myself, – bunad.  A great outfit, but demanding outfit with fifferent great silver stuff, and a bit heavy to wear for many hours 🇧🇻.

And kids are kids so, especially my boys, jumped and jumped like kangaroos as I dressed up in my costume, the bunad,- and were curly in their suits long before we got out the front door 😅.

When we were all dressed up, the real race started with or against the clock 🕰. I’m still not sure if it was with or against the clock 😅.

  First I had to deliver one or three cakes at the elementary school, and of course, it was difficult to find parking space, because it was not only me who delivered cakes.  Then we had to get to the village house in the village, where there would be the speeches and the children should entertain a little.  When that was finished I had to get my 3 children into the parade they were going to go with their classmates. 

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Three different places in the parade, and not always as easy to find the right place to the correct child among the ridge of people.  When the kids were finally in the right place in the parade, I had to find a place along the road so I could stand and watch them, wave to them, take a picture of them.  Then I had to get back to school, preferably before the parade came to the school.  If not, there was at new “public chaos” 😅.

At the school there were new speakers, corps playing and information about events at school.  Such events are jointly created, which means that parents from different classes were responsible for different activities.  Some sold cakes and coffee, others arranged various games, and some sold lots and tombola.  With three children in primary school and in different grades, I was almost always on one of the activities.  I either sold cakes, or arranged sack races, or spun the raffle wheel, or something else.

Fortunately, my parents were at the school events too, so I was helped to look after my children, help them, take care of them,- when I did do my “duty” as a parent on the celebration for the school events at the 17. May 🇧🇻 🎈.

When the event was finished at the elementary school, we, parents had to “clean up” the school again, throw garbage, cost the school yard – simply make the school clean and ready for new school days after a party and celebration day.  Once again, – thankfully, my parents helped me again, and took my 3 children home while I cleared away the school schedule after another May 17 celebration.

When I was done cleaning, I picked up my kids in my parents home, ate a delicious brunch that my mom had made, before heading off to the next event in the city center.  There we would watch 2 new parades, along with thousands of other people.  And I who don’t like to be at such big events with many people around me, close in close, – had it all day through May 17th.  It probably made me tired too.

When these two parades were finished we either ate at a cafe or restaurant in the center, or we went home and ate a light and tasty dinner – more sausages in bread 🌭 😊.  We often went home simply because both the kids and I were tired then – even though it was late afternoon. It was maybe 6 pm in the evening, and the day in general started at 6 am, or before.

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This was my 17. May “traditions” and “celebration” for over 10 year in Norway 🇧🇻. A tradition and celebration that was, in it’s own way, nice,- at the same time it did take my breath away 😅. It was stress, stress, stress. I’m not going to continue with this celebration, and haven’t celebrate 17. May very much during the 6 last years either. Both because I have been in Spain during the 6 last years, as well as I still have had this “rushing through the day” memory in my mind and my whole body.

If I could choose “my own celebration” for this day I have chosen to just be home, and instead invite my friends and family to my home for a nice brunch with tasty food and sweet, homemade 🇧🇻.

This year I know the celebration in Norway for the Norwegian Constitution day is different from all other years since late in the 1800s. The reason is very easy,- the world situation, the close down and the consequences of the coronavirus and Covid19.

We,- me and my children are not celebration the Norwegian Constitution day at all today. The reason is the same as in Norway, just with a bit more restrictions. We are still in phase 0 in South of Spain,- but not for very long 😊. Tomorrow we are going into phase 1 🥰. Something that means we are allowed to meet our friends and family in smaller groups in a “legal” way in our home or even at a cafe or restaurant 💛. So my suggestion to my children was that we actually can celebrate phase 1 next weekend together instead 🥂. At the moment and with the very strict restrictions, quarantine and curfew we have been living with for 2 months here in Spain, it feels for us much more natural and important to celebrate phase 1, then the Norwegian Constitution day 🥂.

Sounds maybe strange for some,- but for us it feels a bit more natural at the moment 😊.

I have no idea what will happen next 17. May, 17. May 2021 and the celebrationof that day,- no one does,- something I think most of us have been learning during the first part of 2020. Things in life and our life situations can change very fast.

I don’t know if I will get some new traditions when it comes to the celebration of the Norwegian Constitution day,- but I know I’m not going to “go back” to the old ones I had in Norway 😊. Except from one,- spending the time together with my family and friends in some or another way 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

Congratulations to my family and friends in Norway with the Norwegian Constitution day today 🇧🇻. A day with a bit different celebration from what you all are use to,- but I still hope you all have a fantastic day in it’s own way 🥂🇧🇻.

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