My dreamhome, my “spanish prairie” 🏡 -but it’s good to have dreams 😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Yesterday I did “found” my #spanish “#prairie” 😍. Well,- that’s not totally true,- I was actually not looking for or after anything special, just dropped by my Facebook page,- and there it was- “my spanish prairie” , my #dreamhome 😍. Just “popped” up by #coincidence 😊. And, yes,- I did “fall in love” with the place, the house, the area,- at least by the photos on the #property- page 😊.

It’s just a couple of tiny little #challenges,- I can’t buy it – there’s no room or capital for that 😊. Maybe one day, maybe never. But I can keep it in my #dreams- and my dreams no one can take away from me 😊.

And its was maybe a bit fare away from the #ocean. On the other hand,- maybe it was possible to see the sea from the #view up in the #mountains. I do not know. And I don’t know how the public- traffic are raither. But,- at this point it’s not important 😊. It’s not a #reality for me anyway. It’s just a very nice and cozy dream 😊. But its good to have dreams too 💛.

Do you want to take a look at the “spanish prairie”? My “dreamhome”? 😊. Here is the link:

Beautiful country cottage close to the coast of Mijas and Fuengirola

Im a #dreamer,- as you probably maybe already know 😊. And I m trying to #reach some of my dreams and #goals as best as I can. It’s not #easy,- it’s a lots of hard work, and learning by doing, and learning by doing mistakes “on the way” as well 😊. And I also need to have a regular income in the #process for reaching my dreams and goals too 😊.

It’s days where I just want to give it all up. My goals and my dreams. But then I m thinking “what can happen to everyone else also can happen to me” 😊. With that means,- there can and will be a tiny #possibility for me to reach some of my goals and dreams too, or even most of them. Its just to #continue working for them 😊. But yes, I get tired, very tired and I really hope its “worth the work”, “the struggling”- because its also a lots of “struggling”, and sacrificing too. Not just a lots of work behind “the scenes”.

Anyway,- “the spanish prairie” was so “#me” ,- at least at the photos I did see on the #webpage 😍. I could easily imagen myself making food in the small kitchen. Have my paitings outside in the sun, or upstairs when it was raining. Read a book in the livingroomarea, take a walk in the garden, planting flowers or have barbeque togheter with my friends and family 😊. It was so easy to imagen a life on this “spanish prairie” 😊.

Its not sure that’s the photos at the webpage tell the whole reality. I will probably never know- because I m not going to see it in the real life, the reality. But its nice to have something nice on the #mind, in the #imagenation, and to think about now and then, its good to feel and be able to create good imagenation anyway 😊.

Its good to have dreams and goals- even its hard work, struggling and sacrificing for try to reach them😊. And,- many times dreams comes through too 💛.

I hope you will reach every little and big dream and goal you have in your life- without to much hard work, struggling and sacrificing 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

Look at this,- “a #spanish #prairie” 😍. A “prairie” that’s looks a bit like “#me” 😊. I did fall a tiny bit “#inlove” with this place 💛. It’s good I can have my dreams and #imagenations- so maybe my #dreams and #goals also can and will be a #reality one day? 😊

It’s raining ☔

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

It’s raining today, a lot,- and it’s not my favorite weather, but absolutely necessary for both the people and the nature here in South of Spain,- as well as, of course other places around in the world too 🌏.

The good thing is that’s it’s not windy,- becasue then the rain comes in “everywhere” in the houses 🏡.

But since it’s brick house without any insulation it get a bit cold and damp inside anyway. But fortunately not wet 💧.

The water tanks here need to be filled up, nature needs water, and people need these vital drops as well. And I – I really want to be home, listen to the raindrops that fall and paint 🎨.

But, believe it or not, my income is just as important and vital to me (and to most of us) as the rain is to life to grow. So I probably have to get out in the rain anyway 😊 ☔.

I know I need to be early in the road today,- because the roads gets very slippery in the rain, – and the Spaniards are not very good at driving on slippery roads 🚗. So good time in traffic is important, as well as slow pace, so that I get to work, and not least home again. Without any kind damage 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. With sunshine, snow or rain ❄ ☀️ 🌧. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 😊.

See you soon 😊.

Water, rain,- these vital drops fall straight from the clouds here in southern Spain today. Wish you all a great day – with rain or sun, snow or wind 💛

Chocolate sauce with churros at work today ☕

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

All countries have different kinds of #traditions, also during the different #seasons, and also when it comes to #food 😊.

A cozy #winter- #tradition here in #Spain is warm chocolate sauce with churros ☕. I was not the biggest fan of this when we did moved to Spain 😊. The #warm #chocolate sauce was different and stronger then I was used to from #Norway, and the #churros is a kind of cake I did taste first time in Spain,- and needed to be used to before I actually did enjoyed this to “#consept” together. But now,- I can easy #enjoy a cup of spanish warm chocolate #sauce and some churros dipped in the chocolate too 💛☕.

We use a lots of warm chocolate to drink in Norway too during the winter months ❄. So Im very use to that,- we just make it a bit different then the spanish warm chocolate sauce, its more like a #drink then a sauce. And we eat the #norwegian #chocolate #Kvikkluch and oranges to the warm chocolate,- not the cake churros 😊. The norwegian warm chocolate drink is a bit softer and #sweeter at taste then the norwegian warm chocolate,- and also a bit thinner,- not like a sauce 😊.

A churros is a Spanish pastry. It is made from a deep-fried dough consisting of wheat flour or potato. The cake is long and star-shaped, and either straight, bent or round. Churros may be reminiscent of American donut. And as you know – it is served with hot chocolate sauce. It can also be filled with chocolate cream, vanilla cream or caramel sauce. I have just tasted it with warm/ hot chocolate sauce 😊.

Maybe I find the #recipe for churros and try to make them my self on day ? 😊

Of course, there are several #different #varieties of churros. I took a short and simple “explanation” now. Such as the perhaps historical background of the churros are.

There is a story that tells of a shepherd who cared for a sheep breed called churro did made a sausage-shaped dough and fried it on the fire. Then he sprinkled a little sugar and had a simple and tasty pastry to enjoy in the “mountainhome”. According to the story further, in Madrid, for the first time, churros were dipped in hot chocolate sauce on cold winter days.

I don’t know if its true,- but thats the story that was told me 😊.

Today we did got warm chocolate sauce and churros at #work. A very #nice and #cozy #gest from the kitchen- staff 😊. And a #perfect day to get this too. Its getting colder and more winter- time also here in South of Spain now ❄. Today at has even been a bit windy. But with a cup of warm chocolate sauce and a couple of churros it was a bit of touchy cozy #atmosphere at work today 😊.

I hope your day has been nice and maybe cozy on its own way 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛

See you soon 😊

#Warm #chocolate #sauce and #churros at work today ☕. A really #nice #gest from the kitchen- staff on a cold winterday in South of Spain ❄. #Tasty and #cozy, #traditions and #culture, and a tiny bit of #history too 😊.

Mothers Day and Fathers Day 😊

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

After I did #moved to #Spain I became a bit confused when to #celebrate both Mothers day and Fathers day. In #Norway I was used to that Mothers day was celebrated 2. Sunday in February and Fathers day the 2. Sunday in November. And I did think that all countries had the same Sunday to celebrate those days on – but thats not the way it is 😊.

It was a bit confused,- because in Spain their celebrate Mothers day 1.Sunday in May, as well as they do in Denmark. And in the U.K. the celebration is the 1. Sunday in the Christian Fast-period. And different countries around the world have different Sundays to celebrate Mother day.

Its the same with Fathers day. In Norway I was used to that this days are celebrated 2. Sunday in November, but in Spain its the first Sunday around 19. March. Denmark has the 1. Sunday in June, and U.K. its the 3. Sunday in June. And also here, different Sundays in different countries around in the world.

When I was #growing up I did never think to much about when this days was celebrated,- the stores and shops did “helped” me with #remembering this days for me any way, with different kinds of #advertising what you could buy for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

I have probably heard the #history- background for the celebration for this 2 Sundays, but I was probably not paying to much #attention in the teaching lesson 😊.

Unfortunately you also become be a bit “lazy” to use your head and mind in this “technology world”,- then you also not pay to much attention to for example remeber “all and everything”, like when the Mother or Father Day is 😊.

But I became a bit #curious for both why the same kind if celebration are on different Sundays around the world, and also why we actually do celebrate Mothers and Fathers day.

I did celebrate my parents because I love them and I was use to that they did celebrate their parents this Sundays,- it became a kind of #tradition 😊.

The Sundays celebration of my mammi or my daddy we normally went to visit my #grandparents, mostly my mammi’s parents, because they both did lived closer to us, as well as lived a bit longer then my dads parents. So I do remember this celebration at my mammis parents best. I dont remeber so many at my dad’s parents. And it was a tiny bit travel to them too 😊.

We did buy flowers and created #homemade #cards to both my parents as well as our grandparents 😊. We did eat cakes and nearly the whole family was together. My mammi have 3 brothers and 3 sisters thats also have partners and children too, so it could bit a people “around the table” sometimes even when not all of my mammis sibling with families was visiting my grandparents on this Sundays 😊.

Next Sunday its the celebration of Father day- in Norway 😊. And its a #history behind the celebration of Father day too. The first tiny one was celebrated in the town Monogah (USA) 5. July 1908 after an big explosion in the town. 360 men died, and 210 of this was fathers.

The Father day was then #created as an #comforting for the once that had lost their daddies.

The idea of celebrate the fathers did also “grow up” from the idea of the celebration of the Mother day.

The idea of celebrate fathers spread further, not only in the United States, but also to Europe and other parts of the world.

Spain is a catholic country,- so the celebration of the father day is connected to St.Josef because he is the fathers guardian angel.

One of the reason why we do celebrate father and mother days in different Sundays around the world is because we have tried to connect the celebration a bit into some kind of a #religious #perspective as well as whats #natural for the different countries #history, #traditions and #culture.

Mothers day have also a history and #background, and started around in the same periode as the Fathers day.

The tiny start for #motherday started after the American Civil War, and the first small celebration was 12. May 1905, but the first real official celebration day was 10. May 1914. And slowly it was #spread around the world like #fatherday. And the reasons why mothers day are celebrated a bit on different Sundays around the world is more and less the same as for the same reasons as Fathers day,- the #connection to different traditions, culture and history in a country.

The Mothers Day is for #honor all the mothers work, and like founders of Mother’s Day said “Mom is a person who has done more than anyone else for you”.

This was the very #short #version of the #history of the #founder for mother and father day 😊.

I did have a #great #childhood with #growing up with #my #parents,- and I have a lots to be #grateful for, for all they have done for me during the years, as well as the #great #grandparents they are for ny #children 💜. But, unfortunately, its not all the children thats are so lucky as me and as I have been with my parents,- and for this children this days can be a bit though to both celebrate and “stand for”. A tiny little thing to remember inbetween the celebration of the parents, and Mother and Father Day. Its not “all and everyone” thats are as lucky with growing up with parents like mine 💜.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

Next Sunday its the #celebration of #FatherDay in #Norway 😊. I still have the tedday-bear my #daddy gave to me around my birth 💛. It has been with my “everywhere”,- even to Spain 😊. The celebrations of Mothers Day and Fathers Day are not at the same Sunday around in the world. And its not for everyone to be as #lucky as me to #growing up with #parents thats #care 💛.

The All Saints Day 🕯☄

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today its a #Holyday in #Spain 🕯. Its the #celebration of all The #Saints 💛.

What means that closely everything is closed like shops and offices. The train and busses goes, but not at their regulary week timetable, its the weekend- table thats count today, but not totally that one either 😊.

It also means that people goes to the #cemetery with #beautiful and #colorfull flowers to their #loved once that has passed away 🥀. Its #silent in the #areas,- even at my job it is a tiny bit more silent today because the spanish and french have this day off from work.

In #Norway its a #normal #workingday, and since Im working for a #norwegian #company I dont have this day off from work,- but Im on #holiday #tomorrow 😍. Im not going to work this Saturday,- there was no work because the one thats take care of the Saturday- working is spanish and have a “long-weekend” off from work 😊.

The #church is open in Norway this day, ( well,- its open all days mostly, not just always at Mondays ), but #worship in the Norwegian churches for this day is normally the first Sunday in November 🕯.

In Norway its a #memorial worship for #saints and #martyrs in the #Christian #religion. But its also some #old #traditions about how the #weather was going to be in the close futher. For example some places in Norway they did belive if it was raining 1. November it was going to rain the next 7 weeks. And other places it was about the snow. If it did snow this day it would be a late Spring.

Other places they did belive that if the sun was shining it would be a good year. And also,- this night you would be true dreamed,- the dreams you had during this night would happen to you. Hopefully they would had some goods dreams then 💛.

There are really 3 different celebrations during this period in november. The Saints Evening, Halloween and The Saints Day.

The Saints Evening is, from the year 800 at the 1. November, and 2.November then became The Saints Day. But this is in Scandinavia. In southern of Europe its 31. October and 1. November. Or in the #religious #perspective, in #Scandinavia, the celebration of the Saints and martyrs are the first weekend in November.

#Halloween, on the other hand, it is a #festival of #pagan #roots, and based on the #Nordic #traditions, this #celebration comes from the #Celtic roots, which have recently been “stitched” together with the Mexican and American traditions.

So The Saints Day is with an religious perspective an celebration to saints and martyrs,- thats are dead. And Halloween its a celebration for the dead once like family and friends. And in the #celtic #traditions also for the spirits. And its also about that the people that had past away actually did visit their living families the evening at 31.November.

So,- its a bit the same, but still a bit #different,- its still celebration for the dead once,- family or saints, friends or martyrs, or even some spirits too. In religious perspective, or with pagan roots.

Well,- this was today’s “#lection” in both a bit #history, #culture, #traditions and #believes🕯. But just a short one 😊.

I hope your celebration of The Saints Day will be #great and #peaceful,- even its in the religious perspective or paga perspective,- or non off them 💛.

And I also wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

An #cemetery in #Spain 1.November, #decorate with #flowers to #honor their #family and #friends that has past away 🕯. The #Saints #Day is #culture and #traditions, #belives and #fait, #history, as well as the #past #together with the #presents 💛. I wish you all a #lovely The #Saints #Day 💛.

And then it was Halloween again 🎃

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Its already #halloween again 🎃. I feel the last one was just a couple of weeks ago 😊. The time goes by, and it goes fast too 🚀.

I did not grow up with the #celebration of Halloween in #Norway. There was no “#natural” celebration of that at that time, “in the old days” 😅. I dontveven think we knew what Halloween was 😊. It is only the last 10, maybe 15 last years that this has become a #popular “celebration” in #Norway. So Im actually not use to celebrate Halloween, my children are probably a bit more use to it 🎃.

Im not sure if I can call it a “celebration” in Norway either, because its havent been a natural part of #traditions or the #culture. Well,- a celebration it is 😊. Because a kind of #party-time it is, and also an good “excuse” to #create a #party 🎃. Its nothing wrong with that,- but, like I mention, its not a part of the natural and “#original” #norwegian #culture and #traditions. Its more an #adopted culture for #fun and party from the USA 😊🎃 (and probably a bit for the #business as well 😊).

Halloween is actually coming from long #traditions from the culture from South of America. They celebrates their loved once, #friends and #family that has past away. For many it can seems like a bit #morbid tradition because the people in South of America put out #skeletons as #symbols for their dead family- members and friends. And then they in they our own way, celebrating life and dead togheter with them- the skeletons, their dead family and friends 😊.

They set out rice on their graves and drink wine, sing and plays all night long. Its not a sad celebration, its about good memories 💛.

During the years many people moved from South of America to North of America, and they did bring with them their traditions and culture,- and some of this was the celebration of Halloween. Or like its actually called “The celebrations of the dead once” 💛🎃.

After a while the traditions got adopted and created a bit into the culture in North of America. And little by little the traditions “moved” to Europe too 🎃.

Its nothing wrong with adopted other traditions and create them to your owns. Its natural,- we live so close to each other in this #online #world that it had probably been a bit more strange if we didn’t get a bit #influenced from other traditions and cultures 😊.

Im not sure why and where this “#trick or #treat” became a part of Halloween. I could easily found out if it,- but at the #moment its not to importen for me😊.

When I did #grow #up we in away had something a bit #similar, but just a bit.

In the time between #Christmas and #New year we did #dressed up as #santa of #different kinds and #types, and went from door to door in the #neighbourhood. Knocked on the doors and waited. When someone open the door we started to #sing a #Christmas-song, and after the #song was finish we did hope and wish for some Christmas-#candies in our #santa-#bag 🍭🍬🍫. Of course we nearly always did get some #candies or christmas-cookies too 😊.

I did like this #tradition when I was growing up,- but for some #reasons it has slowly did #disappeared. We did called this “#event” for “to walk Christmas- buck”. The #norwegian #word is “Å gå #julebukk”. My #children have never done this,- but okay,- they have Halloween insted 🎃. But I need to #admit that I did like this #tradition between Christmas and New Year,- it was #sweet and #innocent, and a part of the Norwegian traditions and culture 😊.

So,- now its Halloween again, and I think it is a couple of things its good to remember in this “#scary” Halloween day and night 🎃. The first one,- be #nice to this small, sweet children, even you dont like Halloween. For them this is a fun celebration and also a celebration thats starting to be a #part of their culture and traditions 🎃. And the second one,- please #respect the once that doesn’t celebrate Halloween and doesnt like it. Halloween has not been a natural celebration in their life,-so please,- don’t bother them with this “celebration” they don’t want to be a part of with knocking on their doors 😊.

This year I m not going to celebrate Halloween. For me its not a natural #part of #my #life, #traditions or #culture. But I have been “#celebrated” Halloween a couple of times. Sometimes with “dressing up” at work in Halloween- #costume, other times “#dressed up” and went to a #party with #friends in the evening. It has been fun,- both to dress up at #work as well as go to a Halloween- costume- party 🎃. But I dont feel any “missing” parts in my life to not celebrate it this year 😊.

I hope you get a #funny Halloween,- even you are celebrating or not 🎃. Its a tradition thats are probably going to stay for a while 🎃.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

#Me as the #sweetest #dark #witch you ever have #meet 😅. Just kidding 😅. But its me #ready for #celebration of the #Halloween last year 🎃. A #new “#tradition” Im not used to yet 🎃😊. But any way, #Happy #Halloween to you all,- and be #scary in a #nice way to each other 😘.

Oh,- the time just turned back a bit 😅⏳

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

When I was #living in #Norway,- and also when I did worked in the #homenursery here in #Spain I knew when we “turned back or forward” the #time on the #watch 😊. Or I actually know its the last #Sunday in March and the last Sunday in #October every year ( the night to the last Sunday). But this time I actually did #forget 😊. #Imagen how #happy I became when I did find out that I actually had an #extra #hour this Sunday 😁. It felt so #great 😊.

First I didn’t understand why some of my #clocks did show one hour, and some an hour later. But them I did #remember,- its the last Sunday in October 😊.

And then I also did understood why my brands din’t want to “hang into” my posts, and I just got “#local #chanings” 😅. This “time-switching” did “#screwed up” my blog a bit this weekend 😊. But I can fix that another #day 😊

In Norway it was “#remembering” about this “turn back the time” “here and there and everywhere”. Maybe its a kind of “remembering” like this in Spain too,- I havent just seen it 😊. But normally it was not easy to forget when we should “#turn the time” one hour one or another way in Norway 😊. But still I did #manage to forget this one time when I was living in Norway 😊.

When I was #working in the #homenursery it was a bit #important to remember this “time-switch” so I shouldn’t come to late or to early to the patients 😊. So I did remember it.

One time in Norway, many, many years ago ( even before I became a #mammi) , when I was living in Oslo and did worked at a #hospital there I really forgot all about this “#time-#switch” 😅. #Lucky for me it was not in a working-situation, but a “#dating-situation” 😊.

I should meet a #date at the #train-station at 15.00, and I did meet up at the time, but for some #reasons he didn’t 🙄. This was #before the “#mobile-time” 📞, and we just had #house-phones ☎️, or #payphone 💱. So it was not just for me to #call him or him to call me, or send an #text 😊.

I did waited for a bit, and then went back home to my apartment a bit #confused 😅. He did called me at my home later that day, and asked why I haven’t showed up, and guess what,- I did asked him the same.

We had both been at the train-station at 15.00,- but still not at the same time 😅. I was there at “my” 15.00, and he was there at “the turned back 15.00” 😊. He was actually on time, I was one hour to late 😅.

Well,- that can happen when we here in #Europe has this “turn back and forward” the time, from #summertime to #wintertime and back again 😊. And the date,- we did find an other time to meet, and that time we both did met up “at time” ⏳.

So now its “this time” for some months, before maybe, the time will be “#switch” back to the time I had #yesterday at this time 😊. I know its has been up for #discussion to stop doing this “turn back and forward the time” #twice a year,- but so fare, we still does it 😊.

I hope you had a #marvellous Sunday today, with or with-out one “#extra hour” 😊. I did really #enjoyed my “extra hour” today ⏳.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and #Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for #reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

#Summertime or #wintertime,- the #time is still the time ⏳. I did get a #nice #suprice #today, and an #extra #happy #hour today 😍 Just because I #forgot this “turn back and forward- time” 😊. I hope you #enjoyed your time today,- extra or not 😊.